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“Dirty Laundry” with Underwear Designer Andrew Christian’s Soccer Team in States of Undress (Video)

I am going to take the words out of our mouth,”Why the fuck does this never happen to me?” Underwear superstar designer Andrew Christian has been making playful videos promoting his goods and the or love of the male physique. Just released today  Christian’s new video”Dirty Laundry,” a scenario we have all played out in our head while we sit at the laundromat and watch our wash go round and round. Scene: Enter soccer team <undress>




Watch the Uncensored “To Hot For YouTube” Version & Behind The Scenes Video at:
Find the hidden links for even more hot extended scenes.

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Download the Music:
“I Wanna Be Your God” by Pravda:http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/pravda/id4406248


Richie Nuzzolese-Team Captain
Ryan Moore-Mr. Green Eyes
Jason Medina-Mr. Beautiful Smile
Brandon Howell-Talk Drink of Water
Jose Parra-Pec Bouncer

Jessica & Hunter-Best Friend Duo

Nicole Vail-Hot Girl #1
Nora Merschel-Hot Girl #2
Detox-White Trash Lady
Michael Piper-Younie-Conservative Man
Constance Brenneman-Conservative Woman

Director/Producer-Shawn Adeli
Producer/Assistant Director/Director of Casting-Brad Hammer
Set Director/Producer-Erica Dorsey
Still Photographer-Gregory Frye
Behind The Scenes Videographer-Alex King

Special Thanks To:
Jeff White, Louie, Lea Coco, EarnieClark, Kristopher Zello and the La Fiesta Coin Laundry at 1548 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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