4 Responses to “Did Ke$ha Rip Off Queer Rapper Mc Crumbsnatcher’s Ideas and Art? Watch Interview”

  1. ke$natcher says:

    If this talentless hack thinks someone just as talentless as him is stealing his ideas…. this bitch need to get his head checked. His music and this video are cheap jokes which I suppose is Ke$ha’s esthetic. Not only did she rip off a shitty video but those underproduced average songs sound similar in the way that they both SUCK. Unfortunately Ke$ha has a better flow than this “rapper”. Stop flattering yourself that people are stealing your ideas because they aren’t even original/good to start with.

  2. AmyK says:

    I would like to say that when I first saw the C’Mon video for Kesha I immediately thought “This is a LOT like the Crumbsnatcher video”. However, I also reminded myself that there are many video’s with costumes and I moved on from the idea. However, now that I have become aware of the ‘Get Sleazier’ remix and the fact that she HAD Crumbsnatchers CD with his (which I have heard and it is awesome), I now think that maybe she (or someone she works with) has their eye on Crumbsnatcher to see what else he is doing that can inspire them. It is all very interesting. Keep up the good work Crumb and if Kesha’s team IS using your idea’s to create new ones, that is perhaps one of the biggest compliments for a super fan.

  3. Rob says:

    How can Crumbsnatcher say that he thinks Ke$ha is “genius” in the same breath that he accuses her of stealing his ideas? Ever stop to think that if she’s stealing his ideas then she’s probably stealing ideas from other people too?

  4. emanuele says:

    Continuate così, bravi!

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