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Defying Court, Kentucky Clerk Denies Gay-Marriage Licenses ‘Under God’s Authority’ | Video reports:

MOREHEAD, Ky. — Citing “God’s authority,” Kim Davis, the elected clerk of Kentucky’s Rowan County, refused to issue marriage licenses to several same-sex couples Tuesday — just hours after the Supreme Court ruled against her request to be excused from issuing such licenses.

April Miller and Karen Roberts were the first couple through the courthouse door — and the first to be rejected.

They were followed by David Ermold and David Moore, who have been rejected multiple times in Rowan County.

“I feel like I’ve been humiliated on such a national level,” Ermold told the Associated Press.

Davis did not make an appearance at the counter as the first couples streamed in, leaving employees to deny the licenses on her behalf. A woman at counter said Davis was “doing reports.”

When Davis emerged, she declared that she was not issuing any licenses.

“Under whose authority?” she was asked.

“Under God’s authority,” she said.

Amid competing chants of “Do your job!” and “Praise the Lord!” Davis asked the rejected applicants to leave the courthouse.

The AP reported that another couple, James Yates and Will Smith Jr., were “red-eyed and shaking” as they left Tuesday morning, after being denied a license.

Rowan County Sheriff Matt Sparks told the couples there was nothing he could do, saying the matter was in the hands of the federal courts.

“She will likely be found in contempt, as we know,” the sheriff said.

As The Washington Post reported Monday night, the high court turned away a request by Davis, who faces fines or even jail time if she doesn’t begin issuing marriage licenses Tuesday.

Davis, an Apostolic Christian who opposes same-sex marriage, has argued that doing so would violate her religious liberties. Her husband, Joe Davis, also visited the county courthouse Tuesday, and told AP that his wife was “standing for God.”

“I’m an old redneck hillbilly, that’s all I’ve got to say,” Joe Davis, who said his wife has gotten threats against her life, told AP. “Don’t come knocking on my door.”


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