Danzig Shares First Album of New Material in Seven Years | “Black Laden Crown”

Danzig, is back with his first album of entirely new music in seven years. Out now, Black Laden Crown. 

In an interview with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire), Danzig discussed the long gap between albums and how he works on no one’s schedule but his own:

“You know what? I know that bands put out records now every year just to stay on the road. But I don’t give two … Let’s say, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I’ll change it up.


I just start recording and writing and I do it at my own pace. And when it’s ready to come out and I’m happy with what I’ve done then I set a release date. It’s my label. I can do whatever I want.”

he new Danzig album “Black Laden Crown” featuring the single “Last Ride” is out now! Get it in physical, digital, or streaming formats HERE