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Damiana Garcia Tears Up the Red Carpet at Outfest 2012: Video

Oh the joy Damiani Garcia brings us. We want to crawl up in the blonde bob and take some notes on her red carpet magic.

Lady reporter Damiana Garcia delighted in hobnobbing with the fabulous people on the Outfest 2012 opening night red carpet. In addition to the night’s Achievement Award honoree John Waters, Damiana also chatted with Lance Bass, Haley Joel Osment, Justin Vivian Bond, Diane Ladd, Craig Chester, James Preston (starring in the new queer James Dean biopic Joshua Tree 1951), opening night film Vito director Jeffrey Schwarz, wowlebrity Glenn Gaylord (director of the new drama I Do) and his film’s co-stars David Ross and Alicia Witt, and many more.  


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