CRICKETS Album Out Today feat. Roddy Bottum, JD Samson & Michael O’Neill | Listen Up!

Above photo by A.F. CORTES

Listen up, stop whatever you are doing and listen to this premiere album by the Crickets which are three peas in a pod, Roddy Bottum, JD Samson & Michael O’Neill. Unless you’re scroll through porn pics, don’t stop. Keep scrolling and blast this sharpe and potined new record. It’s proving to be quite the pleasurable experience for me right now. Being huge fans Roddy Bottum, JD Samson & Michael O’Neill, them coming all together like this is a musical organism. And thank you, I needed that.

Roddy Bottum shared this on his Instagram this morning, The CRICKETS record comes out today on Muddguts Records and I couldn’t be prouder. JD Samson and Michael O’Neill and I created this labor of 100% love and emotional restraint last year. With the help of Alicia McCarthy who made the beautiful artwork for the album and Mark Cross and Lyla at Muddguts who painstakingly silk screened the covers and folded the inserts for the vinyl we are finally here on the day of release. It’s been a journey and I’m so excited to share. The beautiful vinyl is available through my profile link. Beautiful day. Power to the people. Strength to the uprising.”

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