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Courtney Love Has Just Launched a YouTube Channel: Watch


Madness, I tell ya’, it’s going to be madness and I cannot wait.

 “Courtney Love has just launched a YouTube channel, where she promises to “show you all the things I’m passionate about.” Love has just posted her first vlog, and while it’s short and light on actual content (and heavy on hashtags appearing onscreen), it marks the beginning of what could well be an entertaining endeavor. On the downside, this seems to be professionally edited, which means there’s probably some sort of gatekeeper involved, and someone is bleeping her cusswords, which means the experience is something like hearing a Dr. Dre beat with no drums. I could be wrong, but part of the video seems to capture her ride to the courthouse, where she’s being sued for Twitter libel. ” www.stereogum.com


Courtney Love writes:

I’ve said “no” so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything.

There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love- from all the weird and fringy stuff, to the fun over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers. From cool Fashion chick’s videos and makeup tutorials, to some amazing discoveries in new music and art from all over the world.

So follow me and subscribe to my new channel and watch me dive into the wild world of YouTube… and watch me have fun showing you all the things I’m passionate about!




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