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    • Accidental Bear said:

      Sweet words and ice cream will get you anything with me. Let me drink my coffee and then get back to you about marriage proposal :)

      XOXO to you

      • Chris said:

        ahahah well, then I’m going to buy 100 ice creams and use them to write sweet words and my proposal outside your house :D xoxo

  1. scott said:

    Just found out about your site from a friend on fb. I’ve looked into other online beard sites, and have posted pics to one….

    It’s great to see another online presence that celebrates a man’s facial hair!

  2. Tiny-Bear said:

    Hey, just was referred to your website by some friends; great blogsite and interviews! Would it be possible to feature you on my website, and you do the same?

  3. Stephen said:

    Hi there, I’m stephen tunney from the latest article on your site.

    Thanks a million for posting my album on your website, I really appreciate this.
    One thing however, the album name is ‘In Search of Home’ and the band name is Retreat From Moscow.
    I’m not sure if you can edit it now or anything, just thought I’d let you know.
    Thanks again,

  4. Accidental Bear said:

    My apologies. Seeing that you had your name stamped on each of them in bottom left corner I thought it was covered. Usually with snap shots from a party we don’t do more than that. Problem fixed.

    Be well.

  5. João said:

    Hello boy,

    id like to say a quick hi n let u know I read ur blog since it was on wordpress n I do like it. so now that I have created my own blog, I thought Id link ur address up there ok ;-)

    take care.

  6. felipe said:

    I’m also a big fan of your blog, and i follow this since wordpress,
    i’ve been seeking for this man, i thinks he was a post in your blog, i’ve been looking all the post back, august through december 2011 searching him but i could’nt find. Please, do you know some about him ?
    i just know that he lives in San francisco and his is a nudist man ,he also has a blog that i cant remmeber the address

    here is the photo in my tumblr :

  7. JD said:

    I was just watching one of you “tub interviews” and heard you make some comment along the lines of “if you’ve been living under a rock….or in the midwest….”! Why do people on the coasts not think that LGBT people are not comfortable, informed, vibrant or even exist in the midwest? Some of us decide to live in the midwest to embrace, inform and fight for equality, everywhere. Not only where it is easy or comfortable to do so, ie San Fran., LA, NYC etc… Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis just to name a few,…(all midwest cities) have strong and vibrant and proud LGBT communities.

  8. Jared Hylton said:

    If you’re the Accidental Bear, I must be the Accidental Twink. I don’t want to be a Twink, and I don’t like Twinks. I want Bears, and to be a Bear. Can we switch bodies? LOL

  9. ernie said:

    Love your site.I check in everyday.I think you have one of the top sites.I really enjoy your bathtub interviews,especially the one with Jake Deckard.I still can’t believe you pulled that off.Great!You got any tub interviews in the works?Take care of you.

  10. Fred said:

    Love your site. However, had a problem trying to purchase your tees. Clicked on “Buy” and it took me to PayPal but it didn’t show anything there to purchase. Help!

  11. WhyteeDan said:

    Hey Mike you should add Niagara falls usa to the tour and find a venue near it

  12. BurningMan said:

    How do I get less posts in my email or a daily or weekly aggregate. I appreciate your excellent blogging and energy but WAY too many daily posts for me!

  13. Jason E. Loper said:

    Hey, with the craze of “Twerking” all over the place.. have you considered doing an article/pics/video about it? I think it would be an interesting thing to do on here :)

    Woof N Tugs Mr. Purdy Mouth!

  14. Ramin Medhat said:

    Hi Mike, Love love love your blog. Keeps me updated, truly enjoy that. I’ve been watching your Tub videos, it’s fresh and fun…btw, that’s one of my favorite pastimes. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a bath, plus taking a bath and enjoying it with another person. May I make a suggestion? My dear dear friend, Jinx Titanic, would make a great bathing partner/interview. He’s a brilliant artist/performer. I think you’d enjoy him tremendously. Check him out…Jinx Titanic and the Lady Killers.

  15. Jose said:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but you walked into my Levi’s in Castro about a month ago and I helped you. I just found the stick you gave me and got on here. Checked out your blog, and I gotta say I love it. Good job! Keep it coming. Too bad I’m only in there once a week now. I’d tell you to come by more often. You are soo sexy! Just sayin. ;-)

  16. Glenn said:

    Very nice to meet you Mike(s) today at little beach…Hope you have a great experience on the big island! Look me up if you’re ever north of the border.

    Love, Glenn from Vancouver aka naked guy (only sometimes tho)!!

  17. John said:

    Just found your site and love what you are doing.
    Do you post poetry?

    J Bata

  18. Don said:

    Loved the P-Town Bear Week review on Joemygod today- as a matter of fact, the song ‘Handsome Man’ (Matt Alper) putme on an e-mail search and I ended up here- but the song attributed to the video Handsome Man is actually House on Fire- Just thought I’d give you a heads up
    Any idea where I can find ‘Handsome Man’?

  19. Joey Robles said:

    Hey came across your site in my search for an agency that takes in bear men for modeling, most places i came across they always want me to shave and THATS not gonna happen. so i was wondering if i can get in touch with anyone to get more info.

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