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Conner Habib Talks No Sex With His Ex, Singer Jeb Havens: “Don’t Have Ex Sex!”

Conner Habib is back giving you the sex and relationship advice you cannot live without, and this week he has a very close friend helping him out — his ex Jeb Havens.

“Well friends, Conner is talking about maintaining a relationship with your ex after you have both gone your separate ways, and confirming what we all know yet so often fall prey to — never have sex with an ex.”

Watch Conner and Jeb break it down above, and be sure to tweet Conner your sex questions or head on over to his blog. And check out some of Jeb’s music here and his amazing board game Mother Sheep. Or just follow him on Twitter.

Raise your hand if you still want to see these two have ex sex? Wow, that’s a lot of hands.


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