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Conner Habib is New Resident SEXpert for NewNowNext: Lack Of Sex Drive Conundrum (Video)

Conner Habib tackles sex questions straight on as well as on a philosophical and psychological level. Conner will often turn the mirror back on the person asking the sex question to get the bottom of things. Smart SEXpert, knowledgable and lots of fieldwork, Conner Habib is the right man for this job.


NewNowNext’s Renaissance Man of a Sexpert, Conner Habib, is coming at you today with the first installment of his new sex advice video series. This week, he helps out a woman whose partner is finding it difficult to maintain an erection.

If you want Conner — writer, lecturer, gay porn star, former college English instructor and NewNowNext Sexpert — to answer your sex question, feel free to post them on the NNN Facebook page or send them to under the cover of dark. via 


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