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Conner Habib Gives 3 Simple Rules To Love the Body You’re In Including Walking Around the House Naked: Watch

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This is what I have always thought as well, confidence is the most sexy feature a guy could have. Conner Habib’s newest Sexpert video for NewNowNext talks a lot about loving the body you have instead of getting stuck in the trap of ‘perfect’ body image that are stuffed down our throats in most gay-centric papers, magazines and websites.

Conner is a real straight shooter (pun intended), and spills the beans to his viewers that he himself likes men with a little extra padding and reinforcing the idea the beauty really is in the eye of the beholders “Hint: It’s not about training your body, its about training your mind.”

This great advice comes just in time for pride season, where shirts most likely will come off and hit the floor.

3 rules: Have confidence, get used to your body and stop comparing yourself with those around you and walk around yourself naked, and ‘perfect,’ low body fat, and six pack abs are not the same thing as sexy.

Watch, learn, take notes and share with everyone you love!

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