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Comic Fined for Lesbian Insults

Moral of the Story, Don’t Fuck with a Lesbian.


By Advocate.com Editors

Guy Earle Lorna Pardy X390 (SOURCED) | ADVOCATE.COM
– (from left) Guy Earle and Lorna Pardy

A Canadian comic has to pay nearly $16,000 to a lesbian he heckled during a stand-up act at a Vancouver restaurant three years ago, according to  The Vancouver Sun.

Guy Earl was ordered to pay the money to Lorna Pardy for harassing her and her girlfriend during his act. The restaurant owner was ordered to pay Pardy $7,500.

Earle says he plans to appeal the ruling, saying all he did was insult audience members who insulted him first. He said Pardy threw a drink in his face before he insulted her, and he denied much of what he was accused of saying.

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