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Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Sweatshirt

Vision all-over print sweatshirt

Chloë Sevigny’s fourth oc collection gets real with vision street wear. chloë tapped the cult classic brand to supply reissues of their heritage footwear styles and resurrect some of her favorite street wear pieces. vision led the pack with skater fashion in the early 90s, making the collection’s cropped tanks, sweatpants, and pink denim genuine stoop classics. accessorize with fanny backs, baseball caps, and bonafide-90s gator-print berets.


This is a technically a streetwear piece but you know the drill by now, the lines are blurring, it’s all one jumble, yada yada. This Sevigny/Opening Ceremony/Vision Streetwear collaboration is basically the ’90s distilled into a single garment. And like Chloe Sevigny, it looks a bit odd but it works. Opening Ceremony has it.


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