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Fun Chit-Chat with Jackie Beat: “Parts of a Girl” One Night Only San Francisco: Oct 6th!


Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, what are we going to do with you, you naughty minx! For starters San Francisco is going to welcome you and your show, “PARTS OF A GIRL,” with open arms (and legs!). Scroll down to read our  fun Q & A with Jackie Beat, where NOTHING is sacred. You have to love Jackie’s raw honesty. See everyone Sunday at Rebel!


What: Jackie Beat in “Parts of a Girl”
When: OCTOBER 6th, 7PM & 9PM, ONE NIGHT ONLY Where Rebel, 1760 Market Street, San Francisco, 94102 TICKETS HERE www.brownpapertickets.com $25.00

Drag legend JACKIE BEAT is taking a break from writing for Ross Mathews on his new hit TV show “Hello Ross!” to put her signature spin on some of the most fascinating celebrity scandals… And take down a few sacred cows.

Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, Paula Deen, Michael Douglas, Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Putin, Joan Rivers, Robin Thicke, Johnny Weir, Kanye West… NO ONE IS SAFE.

After 4 sold out shows in New York City’s famed Times Square, Jackie is now bringing the show to San Francisco for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Get your tickets NOW.

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Here’s what NY audience members had to say about the show on social media:

“Amazing! In perfect form!”
“Another hilarious night with Miss Beat!”
“Awesome show!”
“Brilliant, talented and hilarious… I haven’t laughed so hard in years!” “Jackie Beat is a comic genius!”
“My favorite moment? When she rhymed ‘retarded’ with ‘sharted!’” “Jackie Beat’s show was incredible and hysterical!”

Q & A:

Accidental Bear: How are you recovering from hip surgery? Back to doing high kicks?

Jackie Beat: I never did high kicks.  I leave that to the less-talented queens who aren’t funny and can’t sing.  God, I’m a bitch.


A/B: First thing that pops into your mind when someone mentions San Francisco?

Jackie: AIDS? Kidding. Please DO NOT send me cards and letters saying you’re offended.  I will simply frame them and I honestly have no more room on my walls for poorly-written complaints.  All joking aside, when someone mentions San Francisco I usually think of freedom.  I mean, we’re talking the Haight Ashbury in The Sixties and, of course, The Castro.  Gotta love hippies and homosexuals, right?


A/B: What is the most crude / amazing moment of your career thus far?

Jackie: In NYC when I sang my parody of Bryan Adam’s “Heaven” as “Seven” about dating a 7 year-old and some man in the audience not only stormed out, but told the venue’s management that it was illegal for me to sing about such things and that he was calling the police!


A/B:  Next, describe dignity?

Jackie: I’m in show business. There is NO place for dignity in show business, trust me.


A/B: What does a young drag queen have to do to stick out in this day and age with so much more visibility of queens including shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Jackie: Be talented? That’s always a nice change, right? Case in point: Jinkx Monsoon.  Sometimes talent actually pays off. Even in 2013.


A/B: What will you be serving up at your show here in San Francisco? Should the audience worry about getting wet?

Jackie: I have cut the part where I smash watermelons with sledgehammers because I was sick and tired of paying for the front row’s dry cleaning. This show is my take on all things pop culture of late: Michael Douglas’s oral sex-caused throat cancer, Kim and Kanye’s publicity stunt AKA baby North West, Miley Cyrus trying to prove she’s all grown up by acting like a retard, the sorry state of Gay affairs in Russia, the total train-wreck known as Amanda Bynes and much more.


A/B: What percentage of your act is song, dance, comedy and fallatio?

Jackie: You misspelled fellatio so I think I’ll skip this question.  But I will say this: My fellatio is 100% comedy.

OOOOPS, true story, we misspelled fellatio, but Jackie’s answer was too good to leave out question. Damn, called out!


A/B: The first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning?

Jackie: My precious dogs, Lil Sister and Miss Toni. Oh, and then my crack pipe.


A/B: What would you do if the man you were having sexual relations with had longer hair on his knuckles than that on his head? Yay or Nay?

Jackie: Honey, at this age I will take any man who will have me. Okay, except Heklina.


A/B: Any fun extravagant winter plans, new songs, records, jail time?

Jackie: My winter plans this year are the same as every year: Scarfing down fattening food, shoplifting gifts for my friends and touring with my annual holiday show so I can take a big chunk of The Gays’ disposable income.  Ho ho ho.



What: Jackie Beat in “Parts of a Girl”


Where Rebel, 1760 Market Street, San Francisco, 94102

Tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com $25.00


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