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Chicago Songwriter Andrew Sa Releasing New X-Files Song with Music Video, “It Can’t be Samantha”


“To celebrate the final episode of the series airing on Monday, Chicago singer-songwriter Andrew Sa (of Andrew Sa & His Organic Sound) has released his new music video today for the new X-Files inspired song “It Can’t Be Samantha.” Following the search for the real Samantha Mulder, the song features memorable characters from the show such as John Lee Roche, Jeremiah Smith, and the Smoking Man in addition to Fox Mulder’s wisdom, “A dream is an answer to a question we haven’t learned how to ask.” “


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Andrew Sa is a Chicago folk pop singer-songwriter who tells the stories of humanity. According to Bau Graves, the Executive Director of the Old School of Folk Music, Andrew sings with the “voice of an angel.” He has played across Chicago, from the Hideout to Wang’s Bar. Andrew Sa & His Organic Sound recently released their debut EP, For Tonight. Chicago-based folk band Sons of the Never Wrong called the album “glorious” and “perfection.”

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