Chef Wears Ingredients from His ‘MENU’ on His Face for Self-Portraits Series


MENU – The craft behind the project.

A dinner through the eyes of a photographer and a chef.

Concept and art direction – Robert Harrison and Robbie Postma
Production – Robert Harrison and Robbie Postma
Photography – Robert Harrison

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With this series we want to take the viewer to the origin of a menu. Not serving a beautiful dish on a plate. But raw, unprocessed ingredients. Served, the closest you can get to a chef’s mind, on his face.

In creating these photos we stuck to the same principles and values a chef would when creating a menu. Paying a lot of attention to details, composition and preparation. Considering the sequence of serving and keeping each ‘course’ exciting and surprising. To respect the art of craftsmanship every ‘dish’ was created by hand, without the use of digital manipulation. Just like you would in a great restaurant.

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