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Checking In with Extraordinary NYC Artist Scooter LaForge and a Friendly Game of Mad Lib

photo: Devin Elijah (polaroid out take)

As an attempt to keep up with some of our favorite stars, we have decided to do quick check-ups and entice them to play with us by using good old fashioned Mad Libs. Multimedia artist Scooter LaForge, who we always have one eye on, is our first victim. I asked Scooter to give me : 6 adjectives, 2 celebrities, 1 animal, 1 verb, 4 nouns, 2 body parts, 2 adverbs, and 1 person in the room (male). I was waiting for the answers like a catcher at a baseball game, waiting for that fast ball, while I was holding the Mad Lib key titled “My Dream Man.”

This is what happened:

My “Dream Man” should, first of all be very large and hard. He should have a physique like Jodie Foster, a profile like Johnny Depp, and the intelligence of a Monkey. He must be polite and must always remember to bites my bed, to tip his books and to take my hands when crossing the street. He should move quickly, have a soft voice, and should always dress eagerly . I would also like him to be a small dancer, and when we are alone he should whisper purring nothings into my feet and hold my Mammoth Bears. I know a bees is hard to find. In fact the only one I can think of is James Franco

 Check-Up: Pants down, look to left, cough

Scooter and Nicki Minaj

We have recently spotted Scooter LaForge getting very comfortable with the amazing Patricia Fields and most recently, a to die for picture of him and Nicki Minaj. We asked Mr. LaForge to give us a quick rundown of some projects he is currently working on.  Scooter says he will be teaming up with acclaimed designer, stylist David Dalrymple to create the label Dalrymple Laforge. “Where art and fashion crash!”

He then let me in on a little secret. In October 2012, Scooter will be having his first solo show of his paintings in NYC at the
Munch Gallery.

Keep on rocking Scooter. Your Check-Up receives an A+ and two snaps in a circle!


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