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Checking in with Drew Droege, Future Plans for Chloe, and a Quick Game of Mad Lib

Keeping up with the fast paced entertainment world is like jumping onto a treadmill that is going full speed. We have an elite list of celebrities that we consider ‘our VIPs,’ that we like to keep a close eye on. Some of them we inject with a micro-chip, via blow dart while they walk the red carpet. The hard working Drew Droege, the master mind behind the lovable and sophisticated Chloe, is one of those we like to keep a short leash on, and has bee darted (shh, he doesn’t know).

We tracked him down for a quick check-up and to play a hardcore game of Mad Lib. We gave Drew our list of nouns, verbs, verbs ending in “ed,” verbs ending in “ing,” places, numbers and a person in the room that we needed. We frantically  did our calculations and entered Drew’s answers into the Mad Lib titled, A Man of Many Things. We couldn’t help to think that he may have been channeling Chloe. This is what happened:

Once apon a time, there Blanched in Cameroon a man named Barnacle. He was the Disco-Fuck guy. He could Disco-Fuck the night away, but then one day he got into an accident and lost the ability to Disco-Fuck ever again. He was flinging when it happened. A Shelley Long came out of nowhere and flanked him. He was in The River Styx for month(s) to recover. Then he went to Wetzel’s Pretzels to become the first ever happenstance. But after 44 week(s) he was fired. He met Nicol Paone. They then got married. Pi day(s) later they adopted Oodles! kid(s).
(Mad Lib by Nathan Langrehr)



A B: What are you working on right now? Stage, film, internet?
Drew: I’m doing a stage show with Sam Pancake called “Strong Choices”, in which we play horrible life coaches who grope, offend, and castigate our audiences in an attempt to help them. I’m also playing 4 different mothers in a new musical called “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Karen Carpenter”, and directing “Jersey Shoresical” in Los Angeles. I’m working on an indie film called “I’m Afraid Of Virginia Wolf” this week, and making as many different Internet videos as I can.
AB: Up coming projects?
Drew: I’m in a new movie, “Sassy Pants,” which just premiered in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, as well as an upcoming episode of “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central. Plus Jim Hansen (Chloe director) and I have some new projects, which should be online soon. 
A B: Anything you of Chloe would like to Share with your fans?
Drew: There will be a new Chloe vid in March, plus she’s making appearances across the globe. Hopefully, she’ll be in Sa’Frisco soon!

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