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CHAV – “Patient Zero” (feat. Brett Castro) Music Video

The more you know. CHAV shares catchy as fuck new track, “Patient Zero,” and hands out some knowledge to the children.

“For those less familiar, the term “patient zero” was often used by some in heteronormative society during the crisis as a way of placing blame on the LGBTQ community for the virus’ rapid spread. As Chav sees it, those kinds of derogatory remarks should be weaponized by queer people as a means of achieving self-confidence. “All the things that society calls us, to make us feel less than, to deny our credibility, are truly the things that make us the great all powerful beings that I know we are,” they tell Billboard. “So you can call us what you like, but we will always fight for our place, because the global truth is that it belongs to ALL of us, even our captors.” -Stephen Daw, Billboard Magazine via

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