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Boxing – “WTF is Mike Doing Now!?” with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar | 2018 the Year of Adventure and Service

Mike Enders has decided that 2018 was going to be his year of adventure and service. He has set out to try new things, push his boundaries, get his ass off the couch and build community outside of the internet. Mike tells us that he sees far too many people only living life and communicating […]

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WTF is Mike Doing Now!? | Queers 4 Animals, Mike Rowe, Beach Clean Up SF

Our very own Mike Enders is back! Mike took a break from making videos for a while to regroup and reimagine his dreams. But he is back strong and coming in hard to 2018. With his new video series ‘WTF is Mike Doing Now!?” the new year looks like it’s shaping up to be all […]

Queer News This Town Vodcast Videos

Naked Tub Interview with Sexy Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo | Video

Mike Enders brings his popular Tub interview series from the dead to chat with Italian Artist Mattia Caracciolo. Mattia has been dreaming about San Francisco for years. You know him from our past collaborations, Ginger Rocker and the wildly successful Merman Hug. We see a life time of collabs together to come. We play a little […]

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Watch Interview with 73 Yr Old Gay Punk Rock Country Singer, Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

When I think of punk rock, two things come to mind, the “look” or the punk mentality. I much prefer the punk mentality always over the kids these days with their one stop shop Hot Topic punk looks. The forward thinking, let’s change the planet, DO SOMETHING and lets start a revolution is pleasing for […]

Queer News This Town Vodcast Videos

Watch My Chat with Legend Peaches Christ | “She-Devil,” “Showgirls the Musical,” Pooping Drag Queens ….

On this episode of “This Town: San Francisco” I chat the trailblazer, legend, OG drag queen Peaches Christ! Topics include: Her new show, “She-Devil,” debuting July 9th (3pm & 8pm),  “Showgirls the Musical” (Premiering Aug. 10th), meeting her heroes, celebrity friendships, pooping drag queens, Ptown, my love for Jinkx Monsoon, in-depth details of Jinkx Monsoon’s pooping […]

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Tub Talk with Dr George Forgan-Smith: PrEP in Australia, Men’s Health, Mental Health Stigma, & Much More | Videos

Tub Talk with Dr George Forgan-Smith. Topics: PrEP, availability of PrEP in Australia, sex education, communication, LGBTQ or LGBTQIAQ or… other?, how to talk to your doctor, sex shaming, random questions brought to you by Mike, anal leakage, mental health, anxiety medicine and ejaculation, normalizing mental health, and much more! For the first time I […]

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Meet Tattooist Micah Perry: Penis Art, Cruising LA, Golden Gate Park, Yay or Nay… |NSFW Video

Watch an all new “This Town: San Francisco” — A walk in San Francisco’s  Golden Gate Park with tattooist Micah Perry. Pissing in the woods, like friends do.We chat about Micah’s tattoo style, his erotic paintings of erections, dating/having sex with clients, hookers in Honolulu, tattoo laws, “hyper-masculinity”, gay guys who think being an ASSHOLE […]

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Naked Tub Chat with Singer Brendan Maclean: Polyamory, Gay Baiting | This Town Vodcast # 4

  This week’s “This Town: San Francisco” Vodcast went down in the bath tub. Special guest this week is the talented Australian singer Brendan Maclean. Steamy Topics: San Francisco in broken, polyamory, valuing the queer artist, playing into the gay community standards, Gay Baiting, relationship dependency, poop, #GrowYourPubes, death, and more….. Brendan wants to write […]

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Mike Enders Visits Sex Positive Community, Wildwood Retreat Center | New Travel Alt-Gay Travel Segment

  Mike Enders travels to Northern California for a new alternative gay travel segment. Landing at Wildwood Retreat Center in Guerneville, CA Mike shares the property with the 10th Annual Men’s Festival. “Wildwood is a sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation and spiritual growth.” I have traveled to Guerneville, CA a dozen […]