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Naked Hairy Hunk Stretches, Nothing Left Up to the Imagination: NSFW

Naked Hairy Hunk Stretches, Nothing Left Up to the Imagination: NSFW

    KALTBLUT MAGAZINE: Carl Vanassche is an inspired photographer who loves clear lines and shapes. He creates strong and beautiful photographs using as little clothes as possible and plane backgrounds, so that the nude body and it’s natural lines prevail. Till now he’s had several exhibitions (November 2012 Barcelona in Gallery Antinous, December 2012

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Accidental Bear Interviews NYC Musician Yuzima: Video

  Check out my newest interview with NYC musician Yuzima who I bumped into at a coffee shop in the West Village in New York City Follow Yuzima on: Facebook:  

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Arshad’s “Someone You Love” Sales to be Donated to the “Straight But Not Narrow” Campaign

  All iTunes sales will be donated to the “Straight But Not Narrow” Campaign. To build anti-bullying awareness programs around the world. SBNN is a non-profit anti bullying organization that strives to positively influences the perception and behavior towards LGBTQ peers. SBNN was founded by Avan Jogia, Heather Wilk, Josh Hutcherson, and Andre of Cause Creative

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Mobile Gay Porn Star Karaoke For Your Entertainment: Video

I really enjoy posting videos like this just to see the comments that follow. People get so angry and strongly opinionated about and bunch of fine men having a little fun and goofing off (right after getting off on camera). Typical topic that comes up is masculinity. “Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek had just finished

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100 Patrons + 100 Original Works of Art = Artwork for Everyone: Indiegogo Project

To find out more about this project and to contribute head on over  HERE 100 Patrons from Randy Grskovic on Vimeo. Short Summary My name is Randy Grskovic and I’ve been an artist for nearly my entire life. From a young age, I was encouraged to pursue my talent; family, teachers and strangers alike have


Hi-Fashion Wardrobe Made of Hair: Pants, Tank Tops, Suspenders, You Name it!

“Hairwear”   Photographer Hermano Silva Model Tom Peters wears a range of hair designs by Michael Käpernick which includes shorts, top, tank and suspenders.

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Big Dipper is a Skank, and We Know You Like It: Help A Skank Out Here: Kickstarter

  Support queer music and see how you can help worlds biggest naughty sweetheart, Big Dipper, make his nect video that will be titled Skank. Donate to Big Dipper’s Kickstarter project for the SKANK music video. KICKSTART HERE Only a few days left to make all your hairy sweaty dreams come true. Follow Big Dipper


Hair Ball of the Day: Bacon and Ice Cream


Hair Ball of the Day: Kitten Surprise




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Icons of NYC Street Photography Gather for Documentary ‘Everybody Street’

Street Photography marches onward, a medium that just never runs out of steam. Reflecting the everyday as well as influencing it, a chance for the photographer to break free from the four walls of the studio, making the world and its interesting characters the point of focus for their lens. ‘Everybody Street‘ delves deeper into

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Skateboarding in India Presented by Levis

“We joined the Holystoked skateboarding crew from Bangalore and the 2er building crew from Hannover, along with 24 skateboarders and builders from around the world to build the first, free public use skate park in India. Professional skateboarders Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lennie Burmeister, and Rob Smith all joined in on

Grungy Gentleman

Grungy Gentleman 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook: Video

  “Fresh off its collaboration with illustrious rapper Nas on the HSTRY line, New York fashion imprint Grungy Gentleman present the 2013 fall/winter collection with a lookbook that highlights its sophisticated riffs on contemporary ready-to-wear. Collaborations run rampant this season including Eton, Cohesive, Muttonhead and KIPDXTR. Here, button-up shirts sees dapper iterations with plaid, stripes and denim embellishments adorning

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“Wonderland”: A Short Form Documentary on Creative Commerce

“In Spring 2013 we set out for a month to make a short educational piece providing a glimpse of what it is like to work in the creative industry. The idea was born out of our own questions and struggles on how to deal with things that may seem out of your control. The themes

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Where The Bears Are – Season 2: Episode 14 “Bear on a Stakeout”: Watch

When Wood (Joe Dietl) tags along on a stake out with the detectives who hope to locate the elusive personal trainer Turbo (Shannon Ward) and haul him in for questioning regarding the Elliot Butler murder, Wood’s cluelessness finally exposes the fact that he is sexually involved with both Detective Winters and Detective Martinez, who are

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Ants in Pants Richard Simmons Challenged to Stay Completely Still For 60 Seconds: Watch Video

  Oh ants in your pants Simmons, I love you! “Buzzfeed challenged perpetual motion machine man, Richard Simmons, to keep completely still for 60 seconds. This is the result…” Buzz Feed  


For Starters, Boycott Russian Vodkas

“Seattle’s bars, gay and straight, must dump Stoli. Seattle’s drinkers, gay and straight, must dump Stoli. Some are arguing—based on Stoli’s outdated Wiki page—that Stoli isn’t a Russian vodka. ‘Presently the internationally distributed version of Stolichnaya is not a Russian vodka but is distilled and bottled in Latvia,’ Stoli’s Wiki page reads. ‘In 2009, William

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How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios Video

Smart = hot! “We all love broken things. WAIT WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly. You may have noticed this thing called “glitch”, where people purposely push machines to malfunction, creating fascinating “mistakes”. But instead of being frustrated and disdainful of these errors (like we usually do when our technology fails mid-workflow, grrr) we find

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New Music: Infinity Ink’s “Aya” Music Video

Click here to download Infinity Ink’s ‘Aya’ for free HERE Follow Infinity Ink and find out more on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and SOUNDCLOUD.          

Coppini Twins

The Coppini Twins Photographed By Henrique Padilha

  A test shoot with twin brothers Lucas and Luís Coppini by Henrique Padilha exclusively at Made In Brazil.

Rafael Lazzini 2

Rafael Lazzini Photographed by Nicole Heineger for GQ Style Brazil #2

Rafael Lazzini styled by Thiago Ferraz and photographed by Nicole Heineger for GQ Style Brazil #2. Source: Made in Brazil

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Beardonna Parodies Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” with “My Belt Won’t Reach”: Video

  On no (s)he didn’t! Oh yes (s)he did! “BEARDONNARIZED parody of “Papa Don’t Preach.” Starring BEARDONNA, GIO DELL II & SHERRY VINE as BEAR MAMA . “My Belt Won’t Reach” tells the story of Beardonna’s life long addiction to creamy snack cakes and delicious desserts.” BEAR DONNA Follow Bear Donna on FACEBOOK  

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Seattle Based Boylesque Troupe Does a Sexy Parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”: Video

  <Beating dead horse. Enough with this song already!> Mod Carousel, a Seattle based boylesque troupe, does a sexy parody of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video. “It’s our opinion that most attempts to show female objectification in the media by swapping the genders serve more to ridicule the male body than to highlight the

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Watch: Frankie Morello Men Spring/Summer 2014 Casting | Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV

fashion tv presents Frankie Morello Men Spring/Summer 2014 Casting | Milan Men’s Fashion Week   “MILAN – Get an inside look at what goes on before the show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Watch male models getting cast for the Frankie Morello men’s show. ” fashiontv Appearances: Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, Maurizio Modica CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV

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Watch: “Panty Raid” by Steam Room Stories

  “Boxers or briefs? Find out what kinds of panties the Steam Room boys put their pleasure plumbs in!” Gwist Subscribe to Gwist for more great videos delivered right to you.   Sign up for our newsletter and see what’s new with Gwist!http://eepurl.com/rY6Zj Buy the Steam Room Stories song on iTunes!http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stea… Connect with Steam Room Stories!

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Pandora Boxx & Adam Barta – “Knew You Seemed Shady!” Official Music Video

“Knew You Seemed Shady!” starring: Pandora Boxx & Adam Barta

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New Music: George Alley’s – “Smoke”: Powerfully Artistic Video

    “Smoke” was written and performed by George Alley and produced by Sy Boccari Beautiful. Masterful and exquisite! Now Available on iTunes and Amazon retailers iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/smo…. Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Smoke-Undivided…

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Autoheart -” Moscow”: Russian Men Kissing Of My! Music Video

Wouldn’t it be amazing if one day everyone all consenting adults could be free to love who they want to without fear of persecution? Taken from Autoheart’s debut album ‘Punch’. Listen to clips from every album track HERE or via iTunes . Get a Free Download of ‘Ordinary Fool’ HERE ‘Punch’ is released digitally worldwide on 15th July


Tom Ford Cares About Your Manly Skin: Debuts Male Skincare and Grooming Line

  “Designer, film director and general luxury lifestyle legend Tom Ford has announced a new line of nine skin care and grooming products, set to hit stores in the autumn. ‘Tom Ford for Men’ was fêted in London at the closure of the city’s menswear fashion shows with celebrity guests including Colin and Livia Firth (Ford directed


Fantastics Magazine Features Spanish model Jonathan Guijarro “Gloss Black”

  Spanish model Jonathan Guijarro stars in Gloss Black, a new Darren Black editorial for Fantasticsmag. For the full Fantastics spread click here. Source: myportiswaspsays.com   Follow Fantastics Magazine on FACEBOOK

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Watch: The Gay Dad Project: Conversations Around a Parent (or Spouse) Coming Out : Video

  “We, Amie and Erin, want this website to be a place for conversation about families. WE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE TO FAMILIES WITH GAY DADS. We aim to connect with other children and families who are going through – or have gone through – having a parent come out. We hope everyone will feel comfortable

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WTF Video of the Day: Santa, A Raccoon, And Hannah Montana Shampoo: Watch

  No words. If you want to know what the hell this is all about go here: Swamp Music 12. You thought dogs were a mans best friend? Think again.  

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Support Big Dipper’s “Skank” Music Video – Mmmm… Bacon Scented: Video

Big Dipper is taking over the world with nothing more than a dream and a suit case of bacon. This is why he needs a little support for his new video Skank! <Wait, what did you call me!?> Learn how to help support Big  Dipper here and be part of his next MAJOR project here: DONATE

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Garek – “Save the Queen”: Small-Town Boy from Wisconsin Finally Brave Enough to be Himself: Video

A year old, but new to me! Check out this eclectic artsy video by Garek titles “Save the Queen.” Dare I say boy-Gaga? Small-town boy from Wisconsin finally brave enough to be himself. Find out more here: WWW.GAREK.TV

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“Women’s Rights” by Full Frontal Freedom: Video

“A role-reversing political parody based on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, inspired by the women of the Texas legislature – Wendy Davis, Judith Zifferen, Leticia Van de Putte – and their allies, like Cecile Richards. We #StandwithWomen in the fight for rights in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, and everywhere.”  FullFrontalFreedom·   Check them out at http://www.fullfrontalfreedom.com and


SF: Dr. Zebrovski’s “Hour of Power” July 26 – 28!

July, 26, 27, 28  The re-visioning of Dr.Zebrovski’s Hour of Power! Get your tickets HERE. They sold out last year! Starring Kevin Seaman, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Ben McCoy, Nahid Elgadiand Rotimi Agbabiaka. Directed by Beatrice L. Thomas!Get ready to be spellbound by our award winning cast. This witchy extravaganza of dance, performance art, drag, improv, storytelling, comedy and song will explore the

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Where The Bears Are – Season 2: Episode 12 “Jail Bears”

I have a confession to make. I have not watched any of season 2 yet because I want to wait until all episodes are out and watch them all at once. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. When Nelson, Reggie and Wood are arrested and booked for breaking and entering, frantic calls to Todd go unanswered and

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How Do You Know You’re Gay? Gay On Gay Stereotypes Getting Stale! Steam Room Stories Video

I totally love these guys but I must admit the material is getting stale. “The boys figure out what exactly it is that makes you gay!” Subscribe to Gwist for more great videos delivered right to you!     Connect with Steam Room Stories! http://facebook.com/steamroomstories http://twitter.com/steamrmstories   Sign up for our newsletter and see what’s

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Porn Actor Colton Ford Makes Music Video Rolling Around in Bed Naked: “All My Love” Video

  Questions for thought: Porn Music? If wanting to be taking serious as a musician as a porn star, does one do it by rolling around naked in bed?  

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“On My Sleeve” – Aiden James’ Strictly Acoustic Series: Video

  Check out this video by Aiden James from his series he just began titled Strictly Acoustic. Aiden James says, “Hope you enjoy it. ” Follow Aiden James on FACEBOOK and TWITTER