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Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage Leopard Head Oxford Shirt: Bearded Ginger Model Alert

Gitman Vintage Leopard Head Oxford Shirt: Bearded Ginger Model Alert

“Go leopard head with the latest print oxford shirt from Gitman Vintage. Against the white backdrop, the leopard heads pattern off like any other all-over print but with the sly advantage of taking the animal form to new ground. Not too dissimilar from Levi’s Made and Crafted horse-head print from a season or two past.

New Music: Hand Job Academy’s “Pop (Tumblr Bitches)” Video

  “Hand Job Academy has released the video for their first ever single, “Pop (Tumblr Bitches)”. Based on the current Tumblr porn phenomenon/scandal (depending on whose side your on), these risky, young, Brooklyn girls parody today’s obsessive need for “friends” on social media sites such as Tumblr through parading around personal sexual content.” Hand Job Academy


Aiden James Covers “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Nails It: Watch Official Video

It only makes sense that singer Aiden James would cover  Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” because they share the same birthday. Aiden says, ” At age 4 I would grab a hairbrush & sing along to this song with my radio growing up in my aunts hair salon. miss u whitney.” I think this would

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Hair Ball of the Day: Clinton Eastwood’s Smoking Hot Son Scott: Photos

Notice those fuzzy forearms!    

“Unhung Hero”: Cockumentary” Asks “Does size matter?” Watch Trailer Feat. Dan Savage

A “cockumentary” that asks, “Does size matter?” Including an appearance by Dan Savage. Lead guy is freaking adorable!   The pic following a man who launches an investigation to see if size does matter will open in limited release in the fall. Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to Unhung Hero, which premiered at


Joyce is a Delicate Little Rosebud: “Bad News” and “Kitchen” Laughter: Videos

Joyce is such a delicate little rose bud. Joyce learns something awful about her future. Starring and written by Cole Escola. Directed by Daniel Rampulla. Sponsored by UTZ pretzels. Cole Escola THE FIRST GAY PRESIDENT: http://cole.brownpapertickets.com/ Wed. 9/25 7pm @ The Duplex NYC     Cole Escola is The First Gay President Internet comedian and downtown

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army: Video

Cats love to attack paper. Today, paper fights back. Video by Adam Cox


DJ Chipmint Shot by Photographer Alex Girard: An Accidental Bear Exclusive!

  We are excited to share with you A/B’s first editorial shoot that was a joyful collaboration between photographer Alex Girard, the colorful Kevin O’Connor aka Chipmint, and Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders. Magic happened this day, and we guarantee much more to come. If you missed Chipmint’s Tub interview CLICK HERE. Model: DJ/Producer SF/Ptown Chipmint  Find

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Hair Balls of the Day: Estonian Metal/Punk Band Winny Puhh

Never say you have seen it all before…..   Winny Puhh is an Estonian metal/punk band formed in 1993. The founding members, Ove, Indrek, and Olavi knew each other from their school (Põlva Gymnasium). In 2009, the drummer Olaf Sander (Olevik) temporarily left the band and was replaced by Kristjan (Väikepax). Later however Olevik returned and the band has two

Andrés Velencoso6

Andrés Velencoso By Terry Richardson For Sergio K.

“After booking heavy hitters such as Marlon Teixeira, Tony Ward, Jon Kortajarena, and Sean O’Pry, designer Sergio K. tapped Spanish model Andrés Velencoso for the his new spring/summer ad campaign. The campaign was photographed by Terry Richardson at his old studio in New York, making this his ninth consecutive season working with the label. Art

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Watch: “It Gets Better: A Message For Single People”

Funny or Die, thank you for this. by Nice Piece Productions Being single isn’t so bad. Brought to you by Nice Piece Productions – see more HERE   It Gets Better – watch more funny videos

CAFFEINATION: San Francisco Episode: Video

  Those of you who know me well, know that I am made of about 95% coffee and not often seen without a coffee attached to one of my limbs. “The first stop on the Caffeination Road Trip brings The Pancake Epidemic to San Francisco, one of the most caffeinated cities in the United States.


Watch Trailer for Upcoming Novel by Christopher Rice, Openly Gay Son of Anne Rice: Directed by Jasun Mark

  “In a city fighting for its future, a dark truth will be revealed and a power will be unleashed…” This suspenseful and cinematic trailer gives you a peek inside THE HEAVENS RISE, the first supernatural thriller from CHRISTOPHER RICE, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers. The book goes on sale October 15th. But

Daft Punk Releases Video for “Lose Yourself to Dance” Feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers

Music video by Daft Punk performing Lose Yourself to Dance

Belstaff House - Opening Event

David Beckham for Belstaff’s Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

“David Beckham was on hand in London to open Belstaff House at 135-137 New Bond Street. The event, which was celebrated with a motorbike parade down New Bond Street, also marked the announcement of Beckham as the face of the brand’s spring/summer 2014 advertising campaign. Beckham will be photographed by the legendary Peter Lindbergh for images inspired

New Documentary: “Pier Kids: The Life” – How Black LGBTQ Youth Utilize NYC’s Christopher Street: Video

  The story of how black LGBTQ youth utilize Christopher Street as a primary identity location. This story is told through the experiences of four Pier Kids Krystal Dixon, Desean Leviticus, Casper Thorne, and Elegance Bratton. First-time director Elegance Bratton has created a documentary about the unique struggle of black LGBT homeless youth in New


“The Humping Pact”: Art Project with Lots and Lots of Naked Men Occupying Spaces and Humping Them: NSFW Videos

  Monday has just been and already complete after viewing this project! The Humping Pact is a project by two friends who made a pact to occupy spaces humping together. We share the perversion of multiplying our two naked bodies and spread them all over the frame and beyond. The spaces that we find for

Farm Kings0

Men From TV Show Farm Kings Are Something to Look At, Yowza! Photos & Video

The TV show “Farm King’ is new to me as of about 10 minutes and it’s new favorite show without ever watching. Hmmm, how could that be? Well just scroll through these photos for a taste. No this is true use of the term ‘corn fed.’ I wonder what there spunk tastes like? Was that my


Bearded Elegance: Body & Soul Model Stanislav Shot by Sam Scott Schiavo

Body & Soul Models newest arrival, STANISLAV, on location in magical Budapest shot by Sam Scott Schiavo. See more of Schiavo’s work at samscottschiavo.com


“Grindr Connection”: Cute Puppet Parody by Paige Turner

Something tot chew on! “Showbiz Spitfire” Paige Turner of New York City is known for her over the top performances and show stopping theatrics! She sings live, lip sincs and is the ultimate Barbie who will give you banter for days! Here she performs Grindr Connection, a parody of Rainbow Connection with an homage to


Underwear Models Asked Atypical Questions at 2014 Calendar Shoot: Skid Marks Addressed and More! Video

  Mike Enders with Accidental Bear Website asked a handful of male models from the Austin Wondolowski’s 2014 Calendar photo shoot a couple of atypical questions regarding: Skid marks, trying on women’s underwear, purposefully leaving your underwear at a tricks house, favorite underwear style and More! It was a very playful groups of men. Keep

“Damn Hipsters” – 100th Episode Special from Steam Room Stories: Video

  Hip hip hooray! Steam Room Stories has hit 100 episodes. Join them on FACEBOOK   

Waste a Minute with Pavel Petel – “YASSSS” Video

  No explanation. Follow: http://pavel-petel.tumblr.com/ http://vk.com/pavelpetel

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Male Model Tightie-Whitie Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Parody: Watch

  This video kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. Another Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Parody.” Just watch and quit complaining. And how me both hands, we wouldn’t want any hands wandering under the table while watching this video. Video by Bryan Hawn who said, “For everyone emailing me about my workouts, I put a link in video details


San Francisco: Jackie Beat in “Parts of a Girl” October 6TH

JACKIE BEAT in PARTS OF A GIRL   TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!   Drag legendJACKIE BEAT is taking a break from writing for Ross Mathews on his new hit TV show “Hello Ross!” to put her signature spin on some of the most fascinating celebrity scandals… And take down a few sacred cows. Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus,

Lady Bunny

San Francisco: Lady Bunny in “That Ain’t No Lady!” October 4th and 5th

  Come out and see this dirty whore and show her some love, after all she has been around for decades, we are talking living legend folks. See you there!   TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!   The raunchy, demented drag diva of Wigstock fame presents her first San Francisco full-length one wo-man show in almost a


Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s Junk Portrait by Jason Mecier

Feast on this people!   San Francisco based pop artist Jason Mecier creates a portrait of Long Island Medium’s star Theresa Caputo made out of her junk! Theresa mailed the artist 3 vintage cassette recorders, 2 cassette tapes, 3 cans of hairspray, 2 self tanners, 1 necklace, assorted make-up, cosmetics, and an electric blue Conair

Camplin & Vietheer

Hair Balls of the Day: You Will Go Nuts Over Camplin & Vietheer’s “Daddy Issues”: Listen

Photo above by www.savvaspictures.com Christopher Camplin is no stranger to us here at Accidental Bear. We have praised him as model, dj and surfer. He now is teamed up with Terry Vietheer on a new adventure, stay tuned for more info. In the meantime you can find Camplin at Little Gay Brother Presents. Follow these two on


Andrew Christian’s Underwear Models Twerk Off & Tutorial: Watch Video

No words necessary. www.andrewchristianshop.com 

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An Unserious Look at Serious Subject of Circumcision: Pigs Without Blankets: Kickstarter

  Pigs Without Blankets An unserious look at a the serious subject of why we circumcise our kids; two short comic films that poke fun at American secular (non-religious) circumcision.  The first short film is for current or expecting parents and will be a comical depiction of birth rituals around the world. I want to


The Man & The Beard – Gregory Broome: Photographs by C. Louis Creative

Dude is seriously beard-i-ful! “Downtown LA photo shoot with Gregory Broome. Not only is Mr. Broome an attractive man, but he is equally kind and funny. It’s such a pleasure working with people who are as uninhibited in front of the lens as I feel behind the camera,” Says photographer C. Louis Creative Gregory Broome is

New Music: Gay Jewish School Boys on a Sensual Journey – Potpourri of Pearls’ “Island”

“Jewish boys on a sensual journey – “Island” First video from Potpourri of Pearls’ forthcoming album – Out winter 2014 Synthpop group, Potpourri of Pearls from Philadelphia can be described as: “Since its inception, Potpourri of Pearls has been a union of distinctly different artists committed to common goals. Bate, Brody, and Allingham each have separate interests

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Mystery Artist Venfield 8 Publishes Dark, Provocative and Sparkly Shorty Film (NSFW)

   VENFIELD 8 is a pseudonymous  la based artist and known for his full frontal photographs with strategically placed luxury item logos. Check his work out HERE The mystery still remains, who is VENFIELD 8? Frankly we don’t give a damn, as long as he keeps producing amazing, provocative art. Watch short film below from where we

Naked Guys Recreating Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

Check out Youtuber King The Kid‘s  cover of  Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball”, with and without clothes. Yeah, this will probably be a “thing” now for a while.

Alaska Bears All & Poops in The Woods: Sharon Needles and Alaska’s Pure Camp Web Series

I hell I love poop jokes. “Hieeee! Dieeee! It’s a brand new episode of Pure Camp! This week, Alaska paints her nails, does some exploring in the woods, and encounters a bear! But where’s Sharon? You’re going to have to watch to find out! New episodes of Pure Camp every Thursday on WOWPresents.” WOW Presents

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NSFW A/B Naughty Bits: Shawn Wolfe Named Raging Stallion Man of the Year

  We are howling at the moon for this babe. Whatever Shawn Wolfe wants, Shawn Wolfe gets! Wolfe has been named the Raging Stallion Man of the Year, one of the top honors in the gay porn world. Wolfe became a Raging Stallion Exclusive last year and he has quickly become one of the most popular stars

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“Poppin’ Bottles” by Jonathan and BPro featuring Hamm Samwich

Hell to the yes! Check out this new video dropped by Jonathan and BPro featuring Hamm Samwich called “Poppin’ Bottles”. I am picking up what you dropped Yo! We double-dog-dare you to stand still while watch this video. Find out more at jonathanandbpro.comm Soundcloud and on FACEBOOK  

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Hunk Gets A Strangers Face Tattooed on His Bum: Watch Video

  Oh and what a fine bum it is. On August 28, 2013, Joey Jordan became the first ever Selfless Portraits participant to get a permanent tattoo of his randomly assigned subject, Amarildo from Brazil. This short piece captures Joey’s story and reveals the process behind his getting a tattoo of a complete stranger. Go


Book: Boystown Mystery Series Comes to Audiobook!

  by Marshall Thornton   The first book in the Boystown mystery series, Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries has been release as an audio book available at amazon.com. The four other books in the series will follow in short order with all five books being released by the end of the year. The popular series has been a finalist for the


Book: “Regret”: A Murder Mystery About by a Religious Group ‘Curing Gays’ by Brad Windhauser

  “Regret” by Brad Windhauser “The bodies of gay men are turning up all over Philadelphia. Detective John Thompson is determined to find out who is behind this string of murders before it is too late. A character-driven murder mystery, Regret follows a religious group that decides that God’s “ways” are working too slowly in “curing”