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2 Tops Don’t Make a Bottom: Check Out “Squared” Trailer Here

2 Tops Don’t Make a Bottom: Check Out “Squared” Trailer Here

A one night stand gets competitive when two guys find out they are both tops. A wrestle off might be in their future. Check out trailer below for the film “Squared.” Join this films FACEBOOK PAGE HERE     Squared (2013): Director’s Note: Squared is a short film inspired by the racist experiences I have

All Out Raises Awareness About Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws: #LoveAlwaysWins Video

  Russia is in the midst of a violent crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people – fueled by laws that make it a crime to be open about who you are and who you love. The Olympic games are our best chance to end to Russia’s outrageous anti-gay laws — but to do

3 Gay Men in Drag Attacked on Halloween in Portland Fight Back With High Heel

  KATU reports:   PORTLAND, Ore. – Three gay men who dressed up in drag on Halloween night say they were beaten up, punched, yelled at and dragged by their hair by a group of people who didn’t like what they saw. It all happened around 2 a.m. along the waterfront in downtown Portland. The

Bulk: The Series Premiering Final Season on December 9th: Watch Trailer Here

BULK: THE SERIES PREMIERING FINAL SEASON ON DECEMBER 9TH Fans Fund Season of Popular Dramatic Bear Webseries Via Kickstarter Campaign Co-Executive Producers J. Julian Christopher and D.R Knott will release the first episode ofBulk: The Series’ second and final season on December 9, 2013. A Kickstarter campaign for the season raised $12,000 with contributions from viewers. http://vimeo.com/78466861 Season one

Kids React to Gay Marriage: Watch Priceless Video

Oh geez! My heart just got a little bit bigger! How will these kids react to gay marriage proposal videos? Video by TheFineBros

WTF Video of Day: “Late For Work” , No Clothes Necesary

I don’t know what to say. Why does this make me feel uncomfortable? Video by David Lewandowski

Jared Leto Directs Thirty Seconds to Mars’ “City Of Angels” Music Video = Outstanding!

  If you watch just one video today, make it this one. Directed by Jared Leto “City of Angels” a short film by THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS, featuring Alan Cumming, Ashley Olsen, Corey Feldman, James Franco, Juliette Lewis, Kanye West, Lily Collins, Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Wilde, Selena Gomez, Shaun White, and Steve Nash. Buy  Thirty


Rebels with a Cause: Bears Go Baby Face Men’s Health Movember: Meet Team Stachekrieg

  Movember means business! We have watched it’s movement, with the mission to Change the Face of Men’s Health, grow over the years and pleased to see the worlds response. What is even more encouraging is seeing men from all walks of life, gay/straight/bi/ you name it, come together for one single cause, men’s health.

Morning Star5

Oh My! Fuzzy Model Dusty St. Amand, Photographed by Charles Quiles

Model Dusty St. Amand Photographer:  Charles Quiles Source: homotography

Igor Dewe3

Igor Dewe in All His Glory Photographed by Clément Louis (NSFW)

We have named  artist/dancer/singer Igor Dewe as one of the most fascinating people to come into our radar in 2013, and he keeps on making us intrigued. www.igordewe.com / Igor on FACEBOOK   Photo series by  Clément Louis    

Ricki Hall Featured in Short Film for Maharishi and G-SHOCK – “Pacifist Preppers”

  Beard wonder, and one of our top favorite male models, Ricki Hall, is feature in this short film titles “Pacifist Preppers.” “Maharishi presents a short film directed by Norbert Schoerner exploring the concept of the modern day pacifist prepper, a visionary group who prepare for a future where our basic food and energy needs may


Beardy Model Steffen Makes Us Feel Moist Down There!

This exclusive for Fucking Young! Online titled “Dry,” makes us wet. Model: Steffen at VN Models Photographer: Thanos Poulimenos styled by Yorgos Mesimeris  

Mike Enders Will Enter the Gut of HBO’s New Gay Series “Looking” Based in San Francisco

by Staff Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders, is over the moon excited to be asked by HBO to collaborate with them to generate original content to help promote their much talked about new gay series “Looking.” The new series, “Looking,” revolves around three thirty-something men exploring the highs & lows of contemporary gay life in San

Matt Alber

Singer Matt Alber Visits: All Proceeds from New Single Will Go to Larkin Street Youth Services

    Singer Matt Alber stops by Accidental Bear Head Quarters to chat about his new single/video “Tightrope” being released and ALL proceeds going to Larkin Street Youth Services, Halloween and his upcoming gig at SF’s Bear Pride on November 8th. Find information for that show HERE! Snag the single on iTunes & Google Play now: https://itun.es/us/3ySIP Proceeds benefit

Colby Keller3

Hair Ball of the Day: Colby Keller as Muenster Cheese

We love every last bit of Colby Keller. Follow his fine as, cock and balls at Big Shoe Diaries. We choose Colby to be our trick or treat this year.

Matt Alber’s “Tightrope” Video Will Get You on Your Feet and Seeing Quadruple! Watch Here

Sexpot singer Matt Alber lets loose in his new music video for his song “Tightrope.” Matt takes control of 4 different characters all while displaying some fancy footwork. His vocal as usual, are smooth and solid. Alber tells us that all the proceeds from the single will go to San Francisco’s Larkin Street Youth Services. The mission of Larkin

Where the Bears 9

Halloween Photo Shoot with the Cast of Where the Bears Are by Dusti Cunningham

Where the Bears Are shot some wicked sexy Halloween promos for their Season 2 DVD. On the Where the Bears Are Facebook Page they wrote, “It’s Joe Dietl’s Birthday today. I’m sure he would love it if you all bought a Season 2 DVD.” Order your Season 2 DVD HERE See more photos from this shoot


Modern Bear Spoofs Classic Hollywood Horror Films: The Birds, King Kong, and Baby Jane Oh My!

By Modern Bear & HIM Magazine, Photography by John Paschal For more information about this fun shoot, head on over to him-magazine.com Follow Modern Bear on: FACEBOOK, Twitter and modernbear.net     Catch them at Palm Springs Pride on November 3rd and then in San Francisco on November 7th for Book Signing of “Guide for the Modern Bear”

OMG! M is for Masticate Music Video: Bath Salts are Bad Kids!

  Such perfect timing for Halloween! And if any of you get excited about his pee stained underwear, we are over, OVER! Written & Directed by ROBERT BOOCHECK Video by Robert Boocheck     Starring PAT DANIEL , JOE O’DELL, KESTRIN PANTERA-GRUBB, ROB LAMORGESE, BRITTANY NOEL, ROB D’ALOSIO, ANTHONY NUCCIO Executive Producer CHRIS CHO Producer WADE

DC’s 2013 High Heel Race: Watch Here

“The drag racers, and the otherwise costumed,  were out in force for the 27th annual 17th Street High Heel Race Tuesday, Oct. 29, marking its first year of live video feed courtesy of Pacers running stores. And for a second year, it’s hats and heels off to Inertia, aka Dennis Williams, who repeated her 2012

Guys Blow Bottles to the Tune of “Under The Ocean” in the Pool: Watch Video

  Ok, this video’s description is in French (I think). With help from Google translate: Group of young people who take a famous song from Disney’s Little Mermaid (Under the Sea) with bottles. Video by jimmy tip top Thanks to our reader Fox Pan for the tip!

Logan Lynn Finds Himself in a Pickle in New Music Video for “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”

Logan Lynn states on his website: It’s Halloween tomorrow and my new video “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” is being released for those of you on my e-news list now before everybody else gets it tonight at Midnight! “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” is the title cut from my record by the same name and is the 4th and final

Nicola Formichetti Talks About Diesel and the #DIESELTRIBUTE Collection

Diesel’s newly-appointed artistic director Nicola Formichetti breaks in his new position by exploring and paying tribute to the brand’s heritage in his first capsule collection. #DIESEL TRIBUTE is sourced from a 35-year old company archive and will be composed of garments painstakingly assembled by hand with parts constructed in Italy. For his inaugural collection, Formichetti

David Bowie Previews New Song “Atomica” in “The Next Day” Extra Video

David Bowie has shared about half of a new song, “Atomica,” in a video showing the contents of his forthcoming release, The Next Day Extra. The mid-tempo, guitar-driven rocker opens with the words, “I’m just a rock star, stabbin’ away,” and finds Bowie singing, “Let’s get this show on the road,” in the chorus. It’s one of five new

Luscious Jackson – “#1 Bum” : They Got Your Back! Watch Video

Luscious Jackson will release their new album Magic Hour on November 5th and in anticipation have dropped the visuals for LP cut “#1 Bum.” “The bassy song flips catcalling on its head and the grainy David Franklin-directed video features a legion of women ogling a purple shirt-wearing guy as he passes on the street. Check it out

Room Service : The Sextape pt. 5 : ‘The Werk Out’: London’s Sexiest Party

    This should  wake you up! Watch party promo for ‘London’s sexiest party.’ Room Service The Sextape pt.5 : ‘The Werk Out’ By Thomas Knights + Jodie Harsh Music Mariah Please by Kris Di Angelis – available now on iTunes For more info on the club brand Room Service and it’s record label visit:


Frontiers Announces Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day Competition in West Hollywood

All I can say is wake me up before you go-go! Accidental Bear does have a pal in the competition and nudge you to vote for Daniel Blair. Our favorite LA fire crotch, the carpet matches the drapes!   Frontiers Announces Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day Competition in West Hollywood VOTE HERE Southern California’s LGBT publication of


Gay Couple Hits the Streets Alabama and Mississippi with Some PDA: Watch the Results

    There is hope for the human race. Last Gay Standing by thedailyshow.com Al Madrigal travels to Alabama and Mississippi to see which one of these backwoods, inbred, homophobic states will swim longest against the tide of history   The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook


1 Flannel Shirt, 7 Halloween Costumes by Art of Manliness

For more information check out the incredibly awesome site The Art of Manliness.   

Watch: James St. James and Mathu Andersen: Transformations – Halloween Edition

  Ladies and gentlemen, Mathu Andersen, bow down!   “It’s the last of our Halloween Spooktaculars, with beloved frequent collaborator Mathu Andersen BACK AGAIN to help turn me into a creepy skeleton. And it’s just gorgeous. Third time’s a charm! Be sure to check out new episodes every Tuesday for new episode on WOWPresents” Video by WOW

Michael MyersXL

Michael Myers Portrait Made Out of Assorted Halloween Candy by Pop Artist Jason Mecier

We can say for the first time ever, we just want to eat the spooky Michael Myers bit by bit. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter’s horror movie classic Halloween, pop artist Jason Mecier created this portrait of Michael Myers made out of assorted Halloween candy! Fun Facts: 1) This candy portrait took over

The Hinterlands

“The Hinterlands” – Episode 01 is Now Live: Growing Up Gay in the Middle of Nowhere is the worst

To my surprise, because I am bitter, I quite enjoyed this and look forward to more. Meet Paul. He’s 16. He’s into theoretical physics. He lives in the middle of nowhere. And he’s gay. Being a scrawny, queer science nerd practically makes him a bully magnet. But life’s not easy for anyone in The Hinterlands.

“SHALLOWEEN” Feeling Overwhelmed with Gratitude: Amazballs Video

    This might be my favorite thing ever in history of life! Video by CLAY WEINER (Ha Ha you said wiener!)

Movember Jeans by 7 For All Mankind Campaign Video

    Oh how we love MOvember time of the year. People have asked why we don’t team up with some of the teams. We like to stay neutral so we can promote everyone involved in such a great cause! 7 Mo Bros face off while wearing 7 For All Mankind’s Movember Jean to show


10 YEAR PLAN: A Gay Romantic Comedy: Indiegogo Project

A new gay romantic comedy about falling in love with your best friend. From the creator of IS IT JUST ME?, eCUPID and STEAM ROOM STORIES. Read more about this project HERE Their Story:  Cinema175 states: Hollywood doesn’t make gay love stories…but we do! We are Cinema175 – two guys from West Hollywood, California (actually we are NY transplants)


San Francisco: HOLY F*LK! Concert Featuring Michael Van London & More! Nov 8th

  We are thrilled to catch wind of this concert happening in San Francisco on Friday November 8th featuring featuring one of our all time favorites, Michael Van London. Michael Van London was just awarded the 2013 Alternative Album of the Year, “American Blood & Guts” at the Malibu Music Awards. Other performers will be Tom luce, Jeff Campbell, Robin Galante &


The German Answer To Brokeback Mountain “Free Fall”: Watch Trailer

“Free Fall” is Stephan Lacant’s first feature film. It tells the story of Marc who has a promising career and a baby on the way. When he meets a fellow policeman named Kay, he experiences a sense of ease and effortlessness he’s never felt before. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc find his

Virgin America Safety Video is Super Jolly and Hi-Energy Feat. Todrick Hall: Watch

  American Idol finalist Todrick Hall, who released a new video yesterday,“Spell Block Tango” a Halloween Video Feat. Adam Lambert and more, dominates the new in-flight safety video for Virgin America. So jolly! “Buckle up to get down. We’ve enlisted the help of Virgin Produced, Director Jon M. Chu, Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott, Virgin America teammates,

New Erasure Video: “Gaudete” From their New Album “Snow Globe” Out November 11th

Ok, here is my 2 cents. I can’t stand when bands do holiday albums. I think it’s always cheese-cheese-cheesy and I start wondering if their career is doing well or not. Ok, I got that off my chest. “Gaudete” is taken from the new Erasure album, ‘Snow Globe’, which will be released on November 11th


Gay Zombie Love Mix “Things That Go Bump In The Night” by Brendan Velasquez

Brendan Velasquez’s new single “Things That Go Bump in the Night” is pop-rock that’s dramatic and emotional enough to make even a zombie’s cold, dead heart race. Find out more about Brendan Valasquez at www.brendanvelasquez.com