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Conner Habib Gives 3 Simple Rules To Love the Body You’re In Including Walking Around the House Naked: Watch

Conner Habib Gives 3 Simple Rules To Love the Body You’re In Including Walking Around the House Naked: Watch

This is what I have always thought as well, confidence is the most sexy feature a guy could have. Conner Habib’s newest Sexpert video for NewNowNext talks a lot about loving the body you have instead of getting stuck in the trap of ‘perfect’ body image that are stuffed down our throats in most gay-centric papers,

A memorial ceremony for the victims of Bar Noar shooting, September 2012. Photo by Daniel Bar-On

Hired Killer Opened Fire at Tel Aviv Gay Youth Center

Sometimes we forget as we sit here in our comfortable safe lives, that our brothers and sisters are getting killed for doing the same thing. Food for thought, that we all need to harvest into a plan to make the whole world safer for the LGBTQ community. www.haaretz.com reports: Although most details of the investigation into

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‘I’m Having a Lesbian’ Billboard Launched for Gay Marriage Campaign in Australia: Video

A PREGNANT woman who is “having a lesbian” stars in a provocative new billboard to promote gay marriage. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays spokeswoman Shelley Argent said the campaign was designed to garner support from mainstream families for gay marriage, on the grounds that gay children were “born that way”. “Being lesbian or


Deconstructing Rapper L1fe: Photographs by Matt Lambert for Platinum Love Magazine

  The latest issue of Platinum Love is filled with moody and sinister photographs of rapper Le1f by Matt Lamber. The feature is titled Deconstructing L1fe. Follow Le1f on FACEBOOK for all of the latest news. More photos by  Matt Lambert   Source: homotography

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You Looking For Quality Meat? “All natural Brah, All naturaaal!!!” : Video

Sometimes I’m speechless, sometime. Enjoy this video that I borrowed from  Bodybuilding Till I’m Dead FACEBOOK PAGE  

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“Butt Drumming” Madness! Are Those Drums Male or Female? Watch Video

So many butt banging jokes to be made, so I will let it go. So, what do you think of those drums. Are they dudes or chicks? You’ll have to watch video to see! This video was uploaded from an Android phone by vietdash405

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Macklemore Played Host to a Lesbian Marriage Proposal: Watch Video

Video has given me goosebumps and tears= awesome! Check out the video below that was shot  backstage  of a  proposal between two adorable lesbians at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show in Omaha, Nebraska at the Sokol Auditorium. The band and their tour manager, Tricia Davis (Macklemore’s fiance) and Ray Dalton (singer), helped them  orchestrate


Well Strung: All Male String Quartet Have Quite the Sex Appeal & Good with Their Fingers: Videos

  One Direction step aside, there’s a new kind of boy band on the circuit. The all-male string quartet Well-Strung features classical musicians who sing putting their own spin on the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Rihanna, Adele Lady Gaga, and more! Their debut show sold-out Joe’s Pub on May 1st, 2012 in New York after

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Homo or Hetero: Who Pays for the Check on First Date? “Check Script” by The Discipline Committee

  Does who pays for the dinner check on the first date directly correlate with getting nookie? See what the  The Discipline Committee has to say about the topic in video below. For more on The Discipline Committee follow them on FACEBOOK or here www.thedisciplinecommittee.com  

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AIDS/LifeCycle – 20 Million Miles to End AIDS: Creative Video to Celebrate

For the last 20 years, thousands of heroic people, supported by hundreds of volunteer roadies, have collectively ridden 20 million miles in the fight against AIDS. Register to join them at www.aidslifecycle.org/registerr ©2013 AIDS/LifeCycle Video produced by TrimTab Media: http://trimtabmedia.tv  

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Rhea Litré “America’s Next Hot Bottom”: Porn Studio Releases Song with a DVD: Video

  For the FIRST TIME EVER! A Porn Studio releases a song with a DVD! Read more about that HERE. Rhea Litré serves us up “America’s Next Hot Bottom: Theme Song” Official Music Video Follow Rhea Litré on TWITTER and FACEBOOK New from Jet Set Men! A new Chris Steele XXX Gay Porn Parody starring Jet Set Exclusive


Infographic: Top LGBT Sports Cities

On May 27th, Robbie Rogers, playing as a substitute for the Los Angeles Galaxy, broke yet another pink ceiling as he became the first openly gay man to compete in a well-known North American professional league. The LGBT community and the sports community are often thought of as mutually exclusive but that is changing rapidly thanks to

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Seeking Out A Same Sex Partner | Dan Savage: American Savage | TakePart TV

    Take notes folks because some of you a very clumsy in this department. “How do you identify if someone is gay and ask them out? Dan Savage gives a few tips on finding that special someone. ” TakePart Take the Marriage Equality Pledge http://www.takepart.com/actions/love-… Subscribe Now!: http://full.sc/SwIjS1 Watch More American Savage: http://bit.ly/REEREi About American Savage Author,


Bill and John’s Bittersweet Love Story Through Seven Decades: Video

Oh my heart can barely take it. So much love spilling all over the place. It gets better and worse back and both, but you alway can persevere through it! William Campbell and John Hilton were never able to be legally married, but that didn’t stop them from a dedicated life to one another for


“Chozen” An Animated White Gay Rapper Is Coming To TV

  Now this should be entertaining! Notice I didn’t say good. I hope I am proven wrong. Huffington Post reports: FXX, the new sister networks to FX, has announced its first original series,” Chozen.” The animated comedy from the creative team of “Eastbound & Down,” centers on a gay white rapper who’s just gotten out


Study Reveals Terrifying Statistics About LGBT Youth And Suicide

  Source: Huffington Post     Each year, one out of every three gay or lesbian students in the San Francisco Unified School District reportedly attempts suicide. For transgender students, that number jumps to nearly one in two.   These statistics were captured in a 2011 survey of nearly 5,000 SFUSD middle and high school students developed


MEAT ZINE SF Launches in Both London and San Francisco: Details Here

meat is a quarterly gay pinup print zine, published by London photographer Adrian Lourie, which showcases portraits of amazing men. The pictures are not retouched and are pretty much un-styled.  Most of the shoots take place in Adrian’s kitchen which lends an air of relaxed confidence to the portraits.   meat is published quarterly and

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New Music: Stripmall Architecture Features Local San Francisco Drag Star, Raya Light

From the album, “Suburban Reverb.” Released June 18th, 2013. Song by Stripmall Architecture Starring Raya Light A FeatherFilm Production Styled by John Skinner stripmallarchitecture.bandcamp.com/album/suburban-reverb stripmallarchitecture.com facebook.com/stripmallarchitecture  


Watch the Girls of CSS Give Bearded Bandmate a Makeover: Video

Only one week away from release, CSS’s Planta straddles the line of pop, dance and punk while never losing energy or edge. But if you can’t wait that long, the album will be streaming for the next seven days courtesy of Pitchfork Advance. Listen to it HERE. Also available for the first time today is the first of three

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Microfilm’s New Album ‘AggroPastels’ Pre-Release Sale is Now Live!

The Pre-release sale of Microfilm’s new album ‘AggroPastels’ is now LIVE! You can purchase the 14-track album now for $9 and instantly download 1) ‘Romeo Rorschach (Pastorale Digitale), the beautiful orchestral re-work of the single ‘Romeo Rorschach’ by the brilliant film score maestro Andrew Edwards; it’s an exclusive download to the Bandcamp release 2) ‘Romeo Rorschach’, the


The Face of Furry Creek Parodying Every Reality Show From Housewives to Dance Moms

MKW Productions with the participation of OUTtv Network and the Bell New Media Fund, are pleased to announce the release of television series and online companion project The Face of Furry Creek beginning Monday, June 3rd, 2013 9pm ET/PT on OUTtv Network and www.faceoffurrycreek.com. Parodying every reality show from Housewives to Dance Moms, the financially-troubled citizens of Furry Creek, all played by Mark Kenneth Woods, Michael Venus, Amy Goodmurphy and Ryan Steele in multiple roles

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Buck Angel’s Magic Muffin (Recipe): Empowerment Fitness Video

I think as each day that passes, I fall more and more in love with Mr Buck Angel, and now I want to eat his muffin! Check out the fab video below of Buck and his wife as they magically combine ingredients to produce The Angels’ Magic Muffin. For more information on Buck Angel’s Fitness Empowerment

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“Sad Dog Diary” Video Will Make You Enjoy That You Still Have Your Nuts: Watch

File this under WTF and thank you! “As requested… the sad thoughts of sad dogs ” zefrank1 Music : http://bit.ly/1479bzw Sad Cat Diary :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKffm2…

Eric Himan

New Music: “Red Hot Tears” by Eric Himan (Picture Preview Video)

  Super star, singer-song writer Eric Himan has given us another peek into his full album, “Gracefully,” which will be released on June 25th! A few weeks ago he gave us the single, “Running,” which I literally have been running to every since. Today he offers this treat, “Red Hot Tears,” a new single to download.

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YouTuber Tackles Butch Lesbian Stereotype In Hilarious Watermelon Video

“Lesbians get asked all sorts of silly questions.  One of them is, “If you love women so much, how come you don’t dress like one?” In the video above YouTube user Hartbeat offers a hilarious (and brilliant) response.”  hartbeat Want more from Hartbeat? Follow her on Twitter.

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New Music: “Turn Me On” Official Lyric Video by Rowsy Bosch feat. Jeb Havens: Video

Help support queer music ! Enjoy the Official Lyric Video for the new single “Turn Me On” from Rowsy Bosch feat. Jeb Havens DOWNLOAD this song now on iTunes HERE   www.rowsybosch.com Rowsy Bosch on FACEBOOK  Jeb Havens on FACEBOOK “Corralitos” EP, available on iTunes HERE Jeb’s YouTube Channel HERE

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Double Duchess Creates a Full-Length Record “So Lets Dance!” : Get Down On it People! Kickstart Here

San Francisco’s queer electro-hop duo, Double Duchess, needs to finish recording, mixing, and mastering their first full-length record. KICKSTART HERE With big beats and playful narratives, San Francisco’s Double Duchess transcends genres and genders through its live experience and high-energy delivery. Krylon Superstar’s mesmerizing voice and performance art genius, coupled with davO’s emceeing and production

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“Hipster in Stone”: Photographer Dresses Stone Statues Like Hipsters: Photos

Retouching : Alexis Persani Photography & conception : Léo Caillard – www.leocaillard.com  

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Sex Ed In The LGBT Community | Dan Savage: American Savage Video

Dan Savage discusses the importance of sex education for the LGBT community. Tell Congress to Require Comprehensive Sex Education. http://www.takepart.com/actions/absti… Subscribe Now!: HERE Watch More American Savage: HERE   About American Savage Author, columnist, TV personality, and co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage brings his unique voice and advice to TakePart TV. Engaging all

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New Music: Matt Fishel’s “When Boy Meets Boy” Superbly Animated Music Video

Super cute! I also have a feeling that the yellow graphics that block out the boy parts may turn on those in favor of golden showers. Hey, I’m not complaining, just observing! Check out  this just released  video from Matt Fishel called “When Boy Meets Boy” From the album ‘Not Thinking Straight’ – OUT NOW on CD, iTunes and Amazon. Hot from

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Watch Exclusive ‘Where The Bears Are 2′ Interview with Third Rail Media: Video

“The Bears are back! Third Rail Media catches up with the cast of ‘Where The Bears Are’ as they prepare to launch their second season of their wicked, sexy, comedy web series. Reporter Karamo gets the guys naked in his quest to find out who the killer really is in Season 2.” Third Rail Media US

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“Care with Pride — Become A Hero”: Johnson & Johnson Once Again Team up with PFLAG: Video

  The Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is once again teaming up with PFLAG in “Care with Pride,” an innovative program to fight bullying and make schools safe for all students. Watch and see how you can join us to help to stop bullying. And help spread the word by sharing this post!

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You Will Fall in Love with this Man, Bike and His Ball and Gag: Jaw Dropping Photographs by Alex Girard Photography

All photos in this series are by Alex Girard at  Alex Girard Photography. Alex tells me that he and the model Brian (DJ Brian Maier), “are friends , and the shoot was silly and fun, and all about black vs. white.” Want more click here and be sure to √ like on Alex’s FACEBOOK PAGE and follow


SF: Folsom Street Events Announces Special Concert with Bright Light Bright Light & Slow Knights with Honey Soundsystem!

An evening at Public Works highlights up-and-coming queer artists as a warm up to Folsom Street Fair. Well, you all know where I will be on Thursday, June 27TH at 9:00pm, screaming like a little girl and moving my money maker to the sounds of Bright Light Bright Light and Slow Knights at  Public Works in San Francisco. BUY TICKETS


Headmaster No. 5 New York Launch Party

  image | Slava Mogutin for Headmaster No. 5 Celebrate Father’s Day With Headmaster Headmaster is just tickled to announce that Sunday, June 16th, we will be in New York to celebrate the new issue, featuring no less than three New York-based artists: Slava Mogutin, Ross Bleckner and Chris Bogia. The party is taking place from 6-9pm at No


Photographer Darren Ankenbauer Skates the Fine Line Between Art & Porn: NSFW Photos

Oh how we love skating the fine line between art and porn. Photographer  Darren Ankenbauer , owner of Handbook Zine, does this perfectly. Check out this collection of photos Darrenan shared with us. The black n whites are from my zine Handbook. The color images are portraits shot for my photo website. Check out handbookmen.com for more images.  handbookmen.com darrenankenbauer.com     About Photographer Darren Ankenbauer “I


Mens’ Sweat Pheromone, Androstadienone, Influences Cooperation In Other Men

  Food for thought.   By Paul Gabrielsen at Huff Post Take a whiff, men. A chemical component of other guys’ sweat makes men more cooperative and generous, new research says. The study is the first to show that this pheromone, called androstadienone, influences other men’s behavior and reinforces the developing finding that humans are

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Obama, Biden to Host Mental Health Conference

Posted by CNN Political Unit (CNN) – President Barack Obama kicked off the White House’s National Conference on Mental Health Monday by saying he hopes the event will elevate the conversation on mental health to a national level by “bringing mental illness out of the shadows.” “There should be no shame in discussing or seeking help


Hollywood Man’s Face Beaten in Savage Anti-Gay Hate Crime in : Video

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — The family of a man hospitalized after being beaten by a group of men say their brother was the victim of a hate crime. Victor Diego, 22, was leaving his job at Beso Restaurant in Hollywood Thursday night when his sisters say he was attacked on Hollywood Blvd near the Metro station. Diego,

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Grandmother Sings Song About Marriage Equality She Wrote for Her Lesbian Niece: Video

  Love grandmas shirt, Straight But Not Narrow. Listen to grandmother Sherri Gray’s heartfelt song about marriage equality that she wrote for her lesbian niece, called “What If We Are Just Like You? Shannon and Lisa’s Song)”