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New Music: Clubfeet – “Cape Town” : Official Video

New Music: Clubfeet – “Cape Town” : Official Video

New to me! Taken from ‘Heirs & Graces’ LP – out now in Aus, NZ, Japan, South Africa / out worldwide Aug – Sept 2013. Shot in Cape Town by Kyle Lewis and Ali Watcher for Dirty Soul Productions. Clubfeet on Facebook Clubfeet on Twitter  


Women Turn Dick Pics into Art as Part of the Event “Explicit” at Morgan Avenue Underground Studios: NYC

  Hmm, obviously applies to heterosexual world. Gays love dick pics sent to them! “Four artists interested in feminism, the internet, sex, porn, and power have decided that the dick pics they’ve gathered are important enough to share with the public. Over 300 men who have engaged in a little harmless online exhibitionism sending this

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Benefit Cosmetics Put Men’s Crotches as Star of Commercial: Watch Video Celebrity Crotch Cameos

Remove from crotch and sniff! Whoa. Nice package, fellas. “They’re real! mascara gets in-your-face gratuitous with your fave celebrity packages (wink, wink) – including Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino, Simon Rex (Dirt Nasty) & a special cameo from Vine funny gal Brittany Furlan. benefit cosmetics

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Magic Beard Has a Life of Its Own: Video

  Mmm beard salad! Youtuber  Ben Garvin says: Never let a good beard go to waste. I knew this video was a hit when I showed it to my 7-year-old son for the first time. He laughed so hard a small puddle appeared at his feet afterwards–a high bar! I built this stop motion video over

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Experiment with Other Guys in a Straight Way, No HOMO: Steam Room Stories

  No HOMO is kind of played out, right? But sexy guys in the steam room never is! “The guys prove how not gay they are. You can experiment with other guys in a STRAIGHT way, right? Playing “tug Tommy’s tube-steak” is TOTALLY something straight bros do all the time!” Gwist

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Pavel Petel Makes Video for His Haters Called “Oh my God. So what?”: Watch Here

  We are all about Pavel Petel. He cannot do wrong. After getting much shit from people for displaying his awesomeness publicly, he made this video for his haters. (Thank you Google Translate).   ” “Oh my God. So what?” – This is a video response to all haters and people who give meaning to the

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Richard Simmons Official Lyric Video for His Song “Hair Do”: Watch and Love Here

  Somewhere under the rainbow this is happening. Check out the official lyric video for Richard Simmons’ new single, “Hair Do”! Richard just announced on Twitter that the official video will be out on Friday! <holding my breath until then> “Hair Do” – Richard Simmons Lyrics below.   short, long, straight, or curly get something

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Portraits of Nude Men Captured in the Classical Tradition of Mythologized Heroism by Paul Freeman

“Heroics 2” by Paul Freeman    A collection of over one hundred and eighty fine art nude photographic portraits of men captured in the classical tradition of mythologised heroism and the sometimes grandiose and dramatic poses that entailed, shot in an array of contemporary, post-modernist, neo-classic and painterly environments, in both colour and warm toned black

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New Music: Starred – “LA Drugs” – Cameos by Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema: Video

  Thank you for the acid flashback. A pair of puppets get high; Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema make cameos. pitchforktv


15 Penis Facts

  PENIS FACT #1 Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you don’t care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the li’l guy. PENIS FACT #2 Doctors can now

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Mykki Blanco’s Happy Birthday Song to Madonna is Fucking Scary: Watch

Scares the shit right out of me! “To celebrate Madonna Louise Ciccone’s 55th birthday, NOWNESS presents a very special message from notorious Harlem rapper and performance artist, Mykki Blanco. The Lil’ Kim-inspired alter-ego of Michael David Quattlebaum Jr., Blanco is the hyper-sexualized, underground hip-hop siren who counts a film collaboration with MOCAtv and a book

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“Eat Your Money”: A Slap in the Face of the right Wing Swedish Government: Video

”Politics overrides everything” HENKE WERMELIN & NATTSKIFTET (swedish for The Nightshift) release their second video from debut album The New Black Is Blue out on Sweet Baby Jesus records May 2013! The antagonistic song Eat Your Money is a slap in the face of the right wing Swedish government lead by Fredrik Reinfeldt. The video is a farse in honour of Benny

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Mister Chase Turns Bonnie McKee’s Song “American Girl” into a Male Anthem: Video

Mister Chase ft Collin Marrero – “American Boy Cover” (American Girl by Bonnie McKee) Free Download HERE  

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Two Jasperjohns Release Season 3 “Personal Wealth”!!! Watch All 6 Episodes Here

    Alert! You nee to call in sick to work and watch this Season 3 of Two Jasperjohns right now!  twojasperjohns.tumblr.com NEW YORK, NY, August 19, 2013 ­ Sad Sack Productions is pleased to announce “Personal Wealth,” the third season of the original webseries Two Jasperjohns. All episodes are now available on YouTube (YouTube.com/twojasperjohns)


Portraits Claim to Capture The Feminine Side Of Masculinity

  Nir Arieli‘s portrait series “Men” places men in traditionally feminine spaces and postures, illuminating the human characteristics that have, over time, become decidedly feminine traits. The following male muses are making us wish men felt free to explore their feminine sides more often. Behold, 11 reasons men should get in touch with a softer

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Art: “Each Line, One Breath” by Netherlands Based Artist John Franzen: Video

  www.johnfranzen.com My first thought.. Omg tweaker art! But it couldn’t have been farther away from the truth. Meditative art is a better descritption of John Franzen‘s line art. “In his series of drawings titled Each Line One Breath, Netherlands-based artist John Franzen creates textured drawings remeniscent of wrinkled fabric or waves of water by drawing tediously placed

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Holy Shit! Sharon Needles and Alaska “Pure Camp”- Trailer Video

  Yes, yes, yes! Looking forward to this more than my next solid bowel movement! “Hiiieeee!! America’s favorite drag-couple, Sharon Needles and Alaska are taking their relationship to the next level, the Great Outdoors! Watch as the queens fiddle with their equipment to try and pitch a tent, rubbing sticks to build a fire, and

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Too Many Cocks in the Kitchen: Broke Foodie Releases Loads of Kitchen Safety Tips: Video

Time for some kitchen safety with Joel and the gang! Broke foodie feeds the twinks, all along releasing loads of safety kitchen tips. My new favorite web series!     For more on Joel and Broke Foodie check out the links below: http://www.TheFoodBoner.com http://www.Twitter.com/TheFoodBoner http://www.Facebook.com/JoelKahnsFood… http://www.Pinterest.com/TheFoodBoner/ http://www.Instagram.com/JoelKahn1


Weeks Video Re-Cap: Hairy Dudes Twerking, Selfie Tutorial, “Meat Grindr,” NEW MUSIC and More

  Welcome to this weeks Accidental Bear Weekly Video Re-cap! Featured this week: Stephen Leonard, Chris Munro, Big Dipper, Jipsta, Dusti Cunningham, hairy dudes twerking, selfie tutorial, “Meat Grindr” and much More!   Music: New Music “Wanting It All” by Stephen Leonard is Swoon Worthy: Watch Video Pop Singer Chris Munro’s New Music Video “Go”

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Men at London’s Party Little Gay Brother Are Extraordinarily Rugged-Handsome! Photos

  Little Gay Brother Presents A queer club experience from the model, the dominatrix, the DJ & the Unicorn. Little Gay Brother Presents Facebook Page  Portraits taken at Secret Garden Party by Savvas Stavrou. (www.savvaspictures.com)  

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Russian Exile and Gay Artist Slava’s Homoerotic Protest Photography

Russian exile and gay artist Slava Mogutin on his Lost Boys and bigotry   “Earlier this month, Russian-born artist Slava Mogutin opened new show In The Name of Love at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Once a writer in Moscow, Slava was forced to move to NYC in 1995 because of persecution for his gay activism, and was granted


Art in Wurst (Bratwurst)

  Yummy art with a retro vibe. “It all started with ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. During running errands at a supermarket Karsten Wegener, Silke Baltruschat and Raik Holst discovered the face in a piece of packaged ham at the refrigerated counter. The shape of the ham, the arrangement of egg, cucumber, carrot and the packaging was perfect. Once you discover


Hair Ball of the Day: Ben Cohen Says Some People Are gay. Get Over It!

  From Ben Cohen’s Facebook Page   I stand up against bullying. Will you? Asks Ben Cohen. Find out more about ben and www.standupfoundation.com      

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Breaking Bad as a Gay Romantic Comedy (Snap!): Video

  A re-edit of Breaking Bad as a modern romantic comedy.  


Artist Ushio Shinohara Punches Huge Canvases with Boxing Gloves Dipped in Paint

Ushio Shinohara is best known for his “boxing paintings” — performance pieces often created for an audience, in which he strikes at his canvases with gloves dipped in pigments — and for his fanciful, brightly coloreds culptures of motorcycles adorned with all manner of extras. Fun read!   NPR Reports: Japanese painter and sculptor Ushio Shinohara

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Bro! Phone Etiquette In The Gym: Video by Bro Science (Totes Legit)

Bro Science #27: Do’s and Don’ts of swell phone usage by Bro Science Life Whatever Bro wants, Bro gets!


Photographer Nik Pate Re-Defining Beauty and Camp: Photos

Photographer Nik Pate is part of an elite group that is changing the face of beauty and pushing the envelope. Keep your eyes peeled as Nik Pate will be one of Accidental Bear’s new contributors! For now feast your eyes on this new project Nik is working on. I cant help but to think these photos are a


Besties Victor & Noel Photographed by Drew Kamp

  Porn director Noel Hortas photographed with his best mate Victor by Drew Kamp Find Noel Hortas’ work here www.noelalejandro.com and check out his short film here  www.eloiandbiel.com Find more photographs by Drew Kamp here drewkamp.com


“Modern Jesus” by Portugal. The Man: Official Music Video is Superb

  “Portugal. The Manshare the video for ‘Modern Jesus’ from album Evil Friends, produced by Danger Mouse. Directed by the prolific AG Rojas, a videomaker who has worked with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Jack White and Spiritualized, collected scenes from the bands past year of travelling in what certainly isn’t just another lazy tour

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We Demand HBO Show More Dong!: Video

We want premium penis. Equality for the penis, because everyone is tired of boobs. HBO’s female viewers argue for a little more genital equality. collegehumor.com CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos


Visible Bodies: Photo Exhibition Features Transgender Narratives Retold By Wolfgang

    “Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold” is a San Diego-based photography exhibition that seeks to rewrite the way that stories are told about transgender, gender-varient, and gender non-conforming individuals. “Visible Bodies,” having completed its 30-day exhibition, is now attempting to raise funding to extend the project into Minneapolis and Portland.          

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Are Cats the Official Mascot of the Internet? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios Video

Me-ow! “I think we can all agree that the Internet has an intense, borderline obsessive, appreciation for cats. With felines as its spirit animal, the internet can even seem cat-like in personality. Where does all this kitteh love come from? Humans made the internet, and humans have had an affinity for cats for centuries. But


Naked-Bearded-Horny Clown Photographed by Dusti Cunningham: NSFW Rad Photos!

Gorgeous new addition to your “CLOWNS” series Dusti Cunningham! Not like we’d expect anything less from an extraordinary talent like yourself. Photographer:  Dusti Cunningham – Follow on Facebook, Tumblr and dusticunningham.com Model: Brenden Shucart See more from the “CLOWN” series HERE 

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Bro Science #26: How To Take A Selfie: Video

  Bro Science #26: Photograph your favorite subject, yourself by Bro Science Life   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BroScienceLife T-shirts: http://www.kottonzoo.com/list/search/… Twitter: https://twitter.com/BroScienceLife Internet: http://MikeandGian.com/


Adam Boehmer, Artist, Musician and Writer, Photographed by Alex Girard (New A.B. Contributor!)

  Hello all you lovely people! I am very excited to introduce to you the work of Accidental Bear’s newest contributor, photographer Alex Girard. Find out more about Alex and feast your eyes on his work here Alex Girard Photography Enjoy some new shots here  by Alex Girard of Adam Boehmer.     Adam Boehmer is an artist, musician and

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High School Reunion in the Steam Room: Video

Things that make you go hmmm… “Ben figures out how to be SEXY AS HELL at his high school reunion. Who needs fancy cars and stable jobs when you’ve got a torso like that?” Gwist   Buy the Steam Room Stories song on iTunes!http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stea… Connect with Steam Room Stories! FACEBOOK and TWITTER  


New Music: NYC Rapper Jipsta Releases Sophomore Album: “Turnt Up”

NYC rapper Jipsta releases”Turnt Up.” Find it on iTunes! Head on over, preview the tracks, and please support the album HERE. You may remember Jipsta from his hit video “Too New York” released last year (See below). Follow Jipsta on FACEBOOK, Youtube and Soundcloud   

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Sexy Hairy Dude Learns to Twerk in a Thong and Tail: Video

Check out this hectic video where Anton Taylor learns how to twerk. Once you are done here head HERE to check out Anton Taylor‘s Youtube Channel.     Anton is: South African. Former International Man of Movember. Co-creator of Jozi Shore. Considered by some as South Africa’s Van Wilder. Hoping to constantly improve my videos and myself. That really is

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“Broseph”: Artsy Video Containing Shirtless Ginger, Beard, Freckles and a Care Bear

  A film by  Jaime Carrera Starring Ryan Nicholas Solem. Music by Ghostband. Film maker Jaime Carrera tells Accidental Bear, “This short film was commissioned by artist Anna Marie Shogren for an event she curated at Loft 594 in Brooklyn called Asshole In The Gallery. It premiered in June & was just recently screened here in


Meet Irresistible Artist Justin Sears & His Captivating Drawings of Bearded Men

I will have one of each! One Justin and one painting, to go! Justin Sears is a 23 year old painter and designer living in New York City. Please check out www.JustinSears.com for more examples of his work. Justin’s Biography: My goal as an artist is to continue working larger and larger, while practicing and developing my