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“In Few Words” François Sagat’s Retirement is Officialized at the Magic Kingdom: Watch Video

“In Few Words” François Sagat’s Retirement is Officialized at the Magic Kingdom: Watch Video

Short and sweet, unlike his big fat money maker. I personally like him better in his fun art projects and wacky films with Bruce LaBruce like LA Zombie “It’s been almost 2 years that Francois Sagat has been retiring from porn after his last Titan Project INCUBUS, that was shot in summer 2011 … but


Hunky Zookeeper Goes Naked for Tiger Charity at London Zoo: Pics

Hunky zookeeper Grant Kother has stripped naked in a bid to encourage people to take part in a naked run in London Zoo this summer to raise money to save the dwindling number of Sumatran tigers. Kother posed for a series of saucy snaps, with just a bucket protecting his modesty, as he carried out his duties

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Brilliant Idea: Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment #FitchTheHomeless

    I am so fucking in live with this idea! Buy Abercrombie & Fitch (Saying the name alone makes me gag) from thrift stores and give it out to the homeless population! Watch video to find out why.

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Fuzzy Male Model DW Chase Makes Us Weak in the Knees: Loads of Photos Shot by Carl Proctor

Sometimes I am just so happy to be a big homo. And it’s photo shoots like this that remind me of it.   “DW is 29-years old and flew from Texas to Georgia for the shoot. It took place in the world’s largest automobile junkyard. We’d totally hang out in junkyards if hotties like DW

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“Missing Husband”: Married Bi-National Couple Fighting DOMA: Watch Video

“David and Jason are a married bi-national couple fighting the Defense of Marriage Act which denies gay Americans over 1100 federal rights. This includes preventing gay Americans from gaining green cards for their foreign born spouses. Since meeting in the Spring of 2007, Jason has returned to LA over a dozen times for expensive lengthy


Richard Branson Does Drag After Losing Bet: Video

(CNN) — The pictures might be NSFW — at least if you’re looking at them over lunch — but Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson was certainly working it on Sunday. Donning red lipstick, a flight attendant’s skirt and high heels, the maverick businessman served drinks, made intercom announcements and chatted up passengers on an AirAsia

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“Papa Warrior” Sizzling Hot Tel Aviv Pride Promo Video Featuring Eliad Cohen

Eliad Cohen Presents: PAPA WARRIOR! “PAPA PARTY returns to Tel Aviv for the biggest Tel Aviv Pride launch event so far!!!” PAPA TLV Pride: June 6, Thursday 10PM – 6AM Comfort 13 Club For more information check out their FACEBOOK PAGE  

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For the Love of Aaron Eckhart: Creates His Own Memes with MadeMan.com: Video

“Aaron Eckhart talks about  his new movie Erased, Heath Ledger as The Joker, and joining Twitter.” Made Man Dot Com    

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Office Funny Guy Song (Suit & Tie Parody): Video

It’s amazing that people took the time to actually make this video, and here I am posting it. Things that make you go hmmm. “A Justin Timberlake tribute to the guy you wish you didn’t sit next to.” college humor See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW  on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com  

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Changes Ahead for Marriage Fight: May 13 Marriage Equality News Watch with Matt Baume

Matt Baume is the bomb! “More victories as a marriage bill clears hurdles in Minnesota. And there’s progress appears likely in neighboring states as well. But soon, constitutional amendments in 30 states could delay any further success for years to come.” American Equal Rights    


New Music: “Navy Brown” Music Video by Gentleman Reg

“A music video for the song Navy Brown, made as part of the as yet unreleased short film “My Bloody Melody”. Gentlemanregblog Follow Gentleman Reg on FACEBOOK  


“Half” Photography Series, Before and After Portraits of Drug Users by Roman Sakovich

The attached portraits are part of London-based photographer Roman Sakovich‘s project, “Half,” which highlights the drastic physical effects of substance abuse. Sakovich has created split images that simultaneously portray an individual prior to and post addiction, leaving the viewer with a stark visualization of the damaging effects of drug use on our bodies.

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Listen Story of Allen Rosenthal, a Survivor of NARTH’s Ex-Gay Therapy: Video

“It’s like forcing an introvert to be the life of the party.” Allen Rosenthal is a researcher at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. who speaks in video below of his experience with ex-gay therapy.  

The man was raped, beaten and killed during the attack, which was referred to as a homophobic hate crime

Russia: Tortured and Killed Gay Man Was ‘Raped with Beer Bottles’

Pink News reports: A gay man from the southern Russian city of Volgograd who was tortured to death in an apparent hate crime, was sexually assaulted with beer bottles, and had his skull “smashed with a stone”, authorities said on Sunday. The death of the man has concerned activists, who say prejudice is becoming more


Prince Harry Rolls Around on the Ground with Wounded Veterans Playing Volleyball: Photos

Is it possible for Prince Harry to be our President? He’s got my vote. “Britain’s Prince Harry plays sitting volleyball with the United Kingdom team at a visit to the Warrior Games opening, Saturday, May 11, 2013 in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Warrior Games is a Paralympic-style competition featuring injured servicemen and women from the

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Commander Chris Hadfield Returns to Earth a Web Celeb with Bowie’s “Space Oddity”: Video

Ok, this is totally major! Commander Chris Hadfield will be coming back to earth a web celebrity. He has been aboard the International Space Station educating the public about various things that happen in space: how astronauts sleep, what happens to tears when you cry (see below), and much more. Enjoy below a revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity,


Hair Ball of the Day: Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right” Music Video

    ….Or if your mom is a total bitch, call her up and tell her why you think so. Thank you Matt M. from Portland for this joyous tip.

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“Guardians of the Golden Gate”: Modern Fictitious Superhero Characters Photographed by Jamil Hellu

Wow! These photographs by Jamil Hellu make my imagination run wild and touch on all of my senses. Get familiar with them, dive into the rich color and depth of each character portrayed. For heaps of  more photos from this series CLICK HERE Jamil Hellu states on his website:   With my series “Guardians of the

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Potty Mouth Brooke Candy’s “I Wanna Fuck Right Now” Official Music Video

  Brooke Candy’s official video for “I Wanna Fuck Right Now” Follow Brooke on: Twitter Tumblr Photos shown by Terry Richardson at TERRYS DIARY

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Scouts For Equality Rally For Inclusive Boy Scouts Of America: Video

I give thanks to all of these folks standing up for the rights of gay scouts. It takes some serious balls. “May 10, 2013 Scouts for Equality rally at the National Capital Area Council, BSA in Bethesda, MD.” Think Progress Read More    

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D8Starter: Web Video Interview Dating Series: It’s Like Jump Starting a Car, But for Dating

You must applaud these guys for putting it out there on the table, VERY publicly. This project is brand spanking new so we will have to watch it evolve together. Check out new video web series by David Laflamme, who you may recognize as the mobile dating App Scruff’s Original model, video interview series featuring Jason (Seattle, WA) to

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WTF Music Moment: Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Smurfy” Video

LSD not included, but may be necessary to enjoy this video. “To celebrate GLOBAL SMURF DAY on 22nd June, iconic band RIGHT SAID FRED have Smurfed-up their massive global hit I’M TOO SEXY as I’M TOO SMURFY! On its original release, the song was a huge hit and spent an incredible 4 months in the

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“Gay Sex With Straight Men” – Steam Room Stories New Video

Wishful thinking men. This sounds more like a pity fuck. What, and no mention of beer? “Ever wanted to know how to hook up with a straight guy? Steam Room Stories gives gay guys the low-down on the perfect hook-up game-plan!”   Subscribe to Gwist for a new episode every week HERE Get the Steam

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Is Sad Music Actually Sad? | Idea Channel | PBS Video

“Be it Elliott Smith or Queen, classical or dub step, there’s usually a clear understanding that some songs are sad, and some songs are happy. But what is it about the music that makes us feel these feelings we’re feeling? You might think it has something to do with the notes or how our brain’s


Walter Pfeiffer on Porn Saturation: Has Internet Porn killed Our Imagination?

  Food for thought. Dazed Digital reports: The iconic, highly charged photographer Walter Pfeiffer on why internet porn has killed our imagination. Since the early seventies, Walter Pfeiffer has teased out the sexiness of his subjects. His portraits of young boys – many cast from the streets of Zurich, are often homoerotic, highly-charged and fuelled by a certain

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Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and His New Band Chelsea Light Moving Are Dynamite!

Hot damn this is dynamite! “Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and his new band Chelsea Light Moving wrote a song while warming up in the KEXP studios, with a little inspiration from a DJ and her candy bar. Watch the result, which Moore calls “The Ecstasy.” ” “After nearly 40 years in music, Thurston Moore can still find


Alex Minsky is An Afghan Vet Turned Underwear Model : Photographs by Gabriel Gastelum

See more photos of Alex Minsky take  by photographer Gabriel Gastelum exclusively for The Underwear Expert  HERE. Be sure to read his engaging interview and story HERE

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A Romanti Lip Sync-Off with Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski: Video

I will call this, When Beards Touch. I felt the magic, did you? “Jimmy and John Krasinski take turns lip syncing classics from Katy Perry, Boyz II Men and others.”

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“The Right Time” : Cute Animated Coming Out Short

  From Hamish Steele “When is the right time to tell someone a secret? This is my coming out story. I voiced the blonde one, my friend Jonny Vaughs.”  

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Beards, Skateboards & Tattoos: Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic 2013 Recap Video

Over the weekend of May 3rd – 5th, thousands of skaters, rock fans and spectators flocked to the small town of Varazze on the Ligurian coast for a taste of the Californian lifestyle, as the Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic celebrated its 5th year anniversary. Already infamous for some of the best miniramp skating

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Meow! Chloe Loves Nostalgic Peeps in New “Pets” Video

Mee-ow! Get you’re grooming basket! Chloe explores the world of Pets! Staring Drew Droege, Directed by Jim Hansen

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Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: James Franco

  Zach Galifianakis sits down with James Franco to have a normal, everyday, run of the mill interview. We thank Zach for asking James, “Your face resembles James Deans, is it safe to say your sausage resembles Jimmy Deans?” Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: James Franco from Zach Galifianakis

Image by Floria Sigismondi

David Bowie’s New Video for “The Next Day” Features Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard : Watch

  David Bowie’s new video for “The Next Day” was directed by Floria Sigismondi, and features Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman.

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Jonny McGovern aka Gay Pimp Joins LA Leg of the A.B. Queer Music Tour to Benefit LGBTQ Mental Health Services This July!

  Jonny McGovern aka Gay Pimp joins the line up for the LA leg of the Accidental Bear Queer Music Tour to Benefit LGBTQ Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Services at Los Globos on July 7th. The hilarious Jonny McGovern will no doubt add some spice to the show and has generously donated his time and performance

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“Queen of the City” Joshua James Cover by The Hangover Brigade: Video

Somebody please sign these guys ASAP! Hangover Brigade write: “We’re a huge fan of Joshua James, and cover him from time to time, but this song of his latest album, From the Top of Willamette Mountain, is especially overtaking. Take a listen to this song & then do yourself a favor & go seek out more Joshua

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The DOMA Project: Our Faces – Families Fight to Defeat DOMA : Video

17 years ago today, the Defense of Marriage Act was introduced to Congress. (http://www.domaproject.org/2013/05/ma…) Since it was signed into law by President Clinton it has caused immeasurable harm to lesbian and gay Americans and our families. It has destroyed marriages, torn apart families, depeleted savings, forced us to defer plans to start families, to buy

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François Sagat Gets Artfully Jizzed On With Paint For PANTEROS666’s “Hyper Reality” Official Video

I saw thus floating around the web a couple of weeks ago but never clicked on it. Damn, now I wish I had, it’s totally tubular  and a shit load of fun. #tardytotheparty Published on Apr 9, 2013 Directed by Panteros666 & Ines Marzat Starring : François Sagat Assistant Camera Operator : Raphael Lopez    

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Edgy, Dandy & Corporate Hollywood Talent Agent : The Way I Dress Video

“The dapper Hollywood Talent Agent, Mr Andrew Weitz,  takes us through his style choices.” MR PORTER Like what you see? Shop the video HERE

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The Punk Music Scene in China and a Visit from John Lydon: Video

  When the Sex Pistols were singing God Save the Queen in 1977, China still banned most forms of pop music, and Mao ruled supreme. Nearly 40 years later, punk is alive and kicking in Beijing. Source: Crane.tv  


Rica Shay Drops New Track Today “Model (Click Click Click)” : Free Download!

Our guys are prepping hardcore for this summers Accidental Bear Summer Tour & Benefit for LGBTQ Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Services. Check out this track released today by Rica Shay , “Model (Cliclk Click Click).” And yes it will get stuck in your head. Check it out and download for FREE HERE http://t.co/KXJhY6wjvO   Come