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Gay Bars Can be Mind-Bogglingly Racist | Fucking Talk About It

Welcome to 2017. You still need to have conversations about gay bars and communities being racist as fuck. Denying it with silence doesn’t make it not exist. Mikelle Street reported for VICE:  We decided to take a look at how unsafe “safe spaces” have been in the last 12 months. Last weekend, Rebar went from being […]

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Chechnya President Vows to Eliminate All Gay Men by the End of May

  Chechnya’s president has vowed to ‘eliminate’ all gay men by the end of May. Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic, threatened to rid the area of homosexuality ‘by Ramadan’. Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, begins on 26 May this year. Speaking to Gay Star News, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson confirmed these claims. […]

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53 Men Arrested in Nigeria for Celebrating Gay Wedding

  NBC News – 53 men have been arrested in Nigeria for celebrating a same-sex wedding. Nigerian police confirmed they had arrested the group of young men for “belonging to a gang of unlawful society”, according to Associated Press. The men were arrested on Saturday (April 15) in the northern city of Zaria during a […]

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Andy Cohen Calls Out Chechnya’s Leader Over Torture & Murder of Gay Men | Video

Let me remind this is happening now, 2017! Andy Cohen called out Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov over social media Wednesday night amid allegations that gay men are being rounded up, imprisoned and tortured in the southern Russian republic, holding the Chechen leader responsible for these “crimes.” “Imprisoning people for who they love is inhuman,” Cohen told his […]

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Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya Speak to CNN About Being Abducted & Tortured | Watch

Finally some large scale media coverage of what is happening in Chechnya “… Just being outed as gay is a death sentence…” CNN’s Russian correspondent Matthew Chance turned in a report on the detentions, torture, and murder of hundreds of gay men in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya. Chance spoke with gay Chechen man, one […]

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Human Rights Group Hopes to Evacuate Gay Men From Chechnya

A group is hoping to start a “rainbow railroad” from Chechnya to Canada. Advocate  reports — A Canadian human rights organization that assists LGBT people in escaping places where they face persecution is launching a campaign to help gay men get out of Chechnya, the semiautonomous Russian republic where at least 100 gay men have been arrested […]

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#SAGEtable – Build Intergenerational Connections in the LGBT Community | Get Involved!

  Break Bread, Make Connections On May 18, SAGE and AARP are launching a movement to build intergenerational connections in the LGBT community. On that day, we are inviting LGBT people and our allies to break bread in homes, workplaces and community organizations. Together, we will explore what caring for one another will look like […]

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Chris | #SmartSexyStrongSilver Burning Up the Internet in New Shoot by Mike Enders

Chris modelled for us in our collaboration with ABETTERBUZZ Brand and was so superbly popular, we brought him back to model some AXXIDENTAL new merch and our #SmartSexyStrongSilver Campaign tee shirt. We also wanted to bring to your attention SAGE’s upcoming event SAGEtable on May 18, 2017: On that day, we are inviting LGBT people and our […]

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Exploring China’s Skateboarding Scene with Wang Huifeng from VICE

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ they head to Shenzhen, where Wang Huifeng is tearing it up as a professional skateboarder for Vans. The strictly-street skater takes us to his favorite spots in the province, and tells us what’s keeping China’s skate scene from taking off—along with what he’s doing to help it flourish. Video […]

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New Activist Video Series Features LGBTQ Puppets & Puppeteer – “BreakthroughU”

  NEW YORK — A new video series, “BreakthroughU,” is tackling complicated social issues, like gender-based violence, intersectionality* and culture change, issues that are at the heart of the work that Breakthrough has been doing for over 17 years. The videos employ an unusual approach — puppets. A cast of rainbow-colored puppets represents a range […]

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Hundreds Protest Against ‘Gay Concentration Camps’ in Chechnya Outside London’s Russian Embassy

  The Standard Reports — Hundreds of people descended on the Russian Embassy in London to protest against the reported torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya.  Russian media and human rights groups have been reporting that homosexuals in the Russian region are being “rounded up” and taken to “concentration camps”.  Up to 100 […]

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SCRUFF Releases Dynamic New Video from Delhi’s First Ever Public LGBTQ Dance | Watch

(Delhi, India) – The gay dating app SCRUFF presented DANCE FOR PRIDE: BREAKING THE STEROTYPES, last Saturday and won the hearts of thousands in Delhi when they did. LGBTQ volunteers came together to Hauz Khas Village to dance to the indigenous beats of Dhol that made the atmosphere euphoric. This video perfectly captures the essence of […]

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Check Out “Male Pipedream” Issue #1 | New Male Photography and Gay Art Digital Zine (NSFW)

Pineapple Blog presents they first digital issue with a wide variation of male photography and gay art. The issue shares new sets of 9 photographers, Male Pipedream photo series and feature 2 artist’s work. The digital is 130 pages with not mainstream storys, to stay true to the idea of ‘Pineapple Blog’. Including interview both […]

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Chechnya, Russia Has Opened Concentration Camps for Gay Men

Above photo: Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo by ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images) This story should have you all in rage and being shared and posted about MORE than Drag Race. Pink News Reports: Gay men arrested in a ‘purge’ in the Russian region of Chechnya are being held in concentration camp-style prisons, reports have alleged. Early reports […]

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Stop the Killings and Persecution of Gays in Chechnya

On 1 April 2017, Novaya Gazeta reported that more than 100 men have been arbitrarily detained and at least three have been murdered by Chechen authorities for their alleged “non traditional” sexual orientation. Independent sources have confirmed the mass detention, described acts of torture, and suggested that the number of men killed may be as […]

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Weinstein Company to Protest the MPAA R Rating of Transgender Film “3 Generations”

April 6, 2017 – New York, NY — The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today plans to challenge the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) decision to assign an “R” rating to its forthcoming film 3 GENERATIONS. The film, which stars Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, and Susan Sarandon, provides an authentic and sensitive portrayal of what it means […]

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Russia Bans ‘Extremist’ Image Of Putin In Makeup

Above photo: A demonstrator holds a poster depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin with makeup outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Madrid on September 3, 2013. And that is why we should post and share the fuck out of images of Putin In Makeup Huffington Post reports — Russia has added a digitally altered image […]

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Barry Manilow Comes Out as Gay (Duh!)

People report — Pop legend Barry Manilow opens up for the first time about coming out, finding love, and surviving showbiz for 50 years. Subscribe now for his exclusive untold story — only in PEOPLE. For decades Barry Manilow gave the world timeless hits, while keeping his own world a total secret. Now at 73 years old, the music legend is […]

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Skateboarding with a Prosthetic Leg, How This Paralympic Athlete Does It | Video

#hero #inspiration Oscar Loreto Jr. was born with a defect that prevented development in his arms and legs. Despite the limitations of his prosthetic leg, Oscar has become an incredibly talented skateboarder, traveling to events, and skating at the Paralympics. Oscar knows that skating has changed his life and put him on a great path […]

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Chechen Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says

First, two television reporters vanished. Then a waiter went missing. Over the past week, men ranging in age from 16 to 50 have disappeared from the streets of Chechnya. – New York Times Authorities in Chechnya have arrested more than one hundred men, with reports three dead. Chechen authorities are posing as men looking for dates […]

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Creator of the Rainbow Flag, Gilbert Baker, Has Died at 65

  Very sad news, Gilbert Baker, the creator of the rainbow flag, has died at 65. Baker created the flag for the 1978 Pride march in San Francisco, known then as the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Activist Cleve Jones posted the sad news to Facebook, writing: “I am heartbroken. My dearest friend in the […]

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Transgender WWII Veteran Comes Out as a Woman at 90

So much love for Patricia! NY Post reports this fantastic and beautiful story – A transgender World War II veteran proves it’s never too late to live life truthfully. Patricia Davies, from Leicestershire, England, didn’t decide to transition into a female until she turned 90 years old. Davies — born Peter — has known she […]

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New Media Network for the Black Queer Community | Slay.

Above photo: Sean Torrington and his husband, Terry are co-directors of the global media network SlayTV. Slay | slaytv.com | was founded by Sean Torrington, a former Goldman Sachs project manager, and his husband Terry; after Torrington lost his job in 2010 , he decided to follow his passion for filmmaking by creating some YouTube web series based […]