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SF |”The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Musical” with Julie Brown, Drew Droege, Sam Pancake & More | SF Sketchfest 2015

SF |”The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Musical” with Julie Brown, Drew Droege, Sam Pancake & More | SF Sketchfest 2015

 Get on this people before tickets sell out! Saturday January 24, 2015 7:00pm – 9:00pm Brava Theater Center (2781 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110) Julie Brown’s ‘The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Musical’ with Julie Brown, Drew Droege, Sam Pancake, Craig Taggart, Chris Pudlo, Jaci Pund, Cole Gerdes, Natalie Lander, Beth Crosby and Marsian De Lellis.

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Shia LaBeouf Mostly Naked in Sia’s New Video for “Elastic Heart” | Watch Here

Damn, Shia LaBeouf is becoming quite lovely! And those moves. The official video for “Elastic Heart” directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler. Download Sia’s new single “Elastic Heart,” follow up to the 4 time Grammy nominated hit “Chandelier,” on iTunes http://smarturl.it/SiaElasticHeart


Futuristic Office Concept in Amsterdam Doesn’t Have Chairs or Desks | Love This!

I cannot lie, I love this. Often, this is how I lounge around my house. “Upon first glance, the new conceptual office by Dutch design firm RAAAF resembles an obstacle course made of concrete blocks; however, the number of professionals sprawled across or leaning against these blocks tapping away on their laptops suggests the real function


Sam Smith Stunning on Cover of V Magazine | “Some of These Pop Stars Are Just Awful”

Sam Smith showing some scruff and saying what I have been saying for years. Sam Smith is putting some music stars on blast! In the new issue of V magazine, the 22-year-old “Stay With Me” singer bonds with music icon Chaka Khan while also calling out some of today’s younger industry acts. “Even when you meet them—I won’t name names—but


Man With 2 Penises Tells All In New Memoir | |Double Header: My Life With Two Penises”

In early 2014, a man who said he has two functioning penises due to a rare congenital condition known as diphallia “came out” in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” A year later, he’s written an e-memoir. This man, who identifies as bisexual and goes by Diphallic Dude or DoubleDickDude (DDD), is using his memoir, titled Double Header: My

Florida Marriage Equality is Still in Jeopardy | Marriage News Watch with Matt Baume

Marriage is starting this week in Florida. So why are our opponents saying it’s not? We’ll take a look at what’s really going on, and how they’re still trying to stop the weddings. Also this week: oral argument in Louisiana could get pretty heated. Another Supreme Court conference. And some surprising polling. Video from American Foundation


India Has Elected its First Transgender Mayor

 New Dehli Television reports: A transgender today scripted history by winning the mayor’s election in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh Municipal Corporation, defeating his nearest rival from the BJP. Independent candidate Madhu Kinnar won the Mayoral election of the Raigarh Municipal Corporation by 4,537 votes against BJP’s Mahaveer Guruji, an election official said. Madhu, 35, belonging to Dalit community,


Hairy Gorgeous Men “Solos” Art-Porn | New Film by Antonio Da Silva | NSFW at All!

Sit back and enjoy, or however it is you “enjoy.” SOLOS by Antonio Da Silva SOLOS portraits a diversity of characters expressing themselves sexually. They speak about their fetishes, connection and fantasies. Underwear, leather, rubber, jeans, socks, boots, big penises, tattoos, hairy, extended ejaculations, ropes, childhood memories and more. Some take this opportunity to express their exhibitionism

Andy Warhol2

Andy Warhol & Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection Preview

In commemoration of Andy Warhol‘s famed artwork, Converse will be releasing the Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol collection. The limited-edition series of sneakers will feature a number of Warhol’s work — such as the iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans — printed across the Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s silhouette. In the ’80s, Warhol’s artistic foray saw him silkscreen his own pair of Converse


Wish List | Nasa-Inspired Apollo 8 Conical Light by Woodlabo

Must have! “A French design company with its sights set on the stars, Woodlabo base their entire ethos on the ambitions and achievements of 1960’s NASA. While advancing space travel and designing wooden lighting systems may not seem like parallel pursuits, “meeting the challenge, practising the highest standards, savoir-faire, rigour, innovation and perseverance” are described as their common

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian | Best of 2014 Video

  Betty please marry me, you are the perfect woman, and I may or may not want to skull fuck your brilliant mind! Video from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Accidental Bear’s 2014 Highlight Video! Cheyenne Jackson, Tub Interviews, #SupportQueerArtists

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone that made the year a little extra special! And always thank you the readers for all of your support! 2015 is going to be a blast!!!


The Scruffy Men of Accidental Bear 2014 Photographed by Mike Enders

  Happy New Year all! In 2014 I crossed paths with so may amazing people, dusted off my camera and took some shots. Thank you to all of the A/B men listed here for offering up themselves to me, we are forever bonded. What a handsome year it’s been! All photos taken by Mike Enders / Accidental

The Big Chill

The Beardy Big Chill | Photographs by Leigh Keily for Jón Magazine

Photographer Leigh Keily and stylist David Bartlett teamed up to capture this editorial for the December 2014 issue of Jón magazine.


Photos from Seattle’s Party Arf! by Matt Baume | Woof

Some photos to feast your eyes on from Arf! Seattle, Hosted by Nark Magazine Matt Baume Photography

Bruno Gagliasso

Bruno Gagliasso by Gustavo Zylbersztajn for L’Officiel Hommes Brasil

Those eyes! Brazilian actor Bruno Gagliasso captured by Gustavo Zylbersztajn and styled by Paulo Martinez, for the latest cover story of L’Officiel Hommes Brasil.

Ana’s Story: Transgender in Cuba | The New York Times

The New York Times reports: In Cuba, street marches have historically been government-orchestrated events or dissident protests that are swiftly crushed by the authorities. So it was downright startling when, in May 2007, Fidel Castro’s niece sauntered down the street with a small army of drag queens waving gay pride flags. Long before the Obama

Jared Leto18

Jared Leto So Cute We Want to Eat Him | Pics by Terry Richardson

I want to spend a day with Jared Leto, shooting hoops, playing guitar, getting couple’s massage, you know, bro stuff. Terry Richardson shoots Jared for a Christmas inspired shoot. Follow Terry Richardson: terrysdiary.com  


UnMask Displays Facial Expressions From Behind the Mask | Video

The UnMask is part of a series of experiments of fictional products that we (Simone Rebaudengo simonerebaudengo.com and Paul Adams ) started in Shanghai this last October in collaboration with Xinchejian (the Shanghai Hackerspace, xinchejian.com/) We are interested in exploring the intersections between mundane and affordable technologies with whatever happens around us in China. Read

The Year of the Daddy | Interview with the Hunky CEO of Daddyhunt App Carl Sandler | Video

Mike Enders interviews the hunky Carl Sandler, the CEO of Daddyhunt. Why a new dating app and what’s different about Daddyhunt than other apps? Is 2015 going to be the year of the daddy? P-town Daddy Days and More! I have to say I think I saw this coming, the rise in popularity of older

Puddles the Clown Performs “Oh Holy Night”

Puddles never lets me down. ” “O Holy Night” (“Cantique de Noël”) is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem “Minuit, chrétiens” (Midnight, Christians) by a wine merchant and poet, Placide Cappeau, a professed anticlerical and atheist. Hmmm.” Video from  PuddlesPityParty


All Accidental Bear Wants for the Holidays is For You to Buy This One Song for Boy Battling Leukemia

This is all I want for the holiday everyone! My good friends Laurian Rhodes and Sluggo Cawley‘s boy Blixa has been battling Leukemia for 3 years now. The strongest little booger I have ever witnessed! Their family has taught me NUMEROUS lessons over these years, and their ability to stay strong and positive through all of Blixa’s insane

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Yanis Marshall Heels Choreography to “Shake It Off” Featuring Arnaud & Mehdi

YANIS MARSHALL are back and working it out to “Shake it Off.”

Happy Holidays from Our Friends at Steam Room Stories.com | Video

  Happy Holidays from the men from Steam Room Stories The holidays 2014 are a time for giving, giving bjs in the steam room. www.SteamRoomStories.com

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FCKH8.com 2015 Charity Calendar and Sexy/Informative Video | Watch

Straight and Gay Hunks Get Naked Together, Lowering Their Underwear to Raise Awareness and Funds with 2015 HIV/AIDS Charity Calendar FCKH8.com Teams Up with Photographer Justin Monroe and Jack’d Social App to Combine Their Efforts to Create Sexy Poolside Photo Spread fckh8.com Find calendar HERE


Calum Best Reveals Gay Times UK New Naked Issue | Out January 2015

To download the issue, with which contains 19 videos of the guys who took part in Gay Time’s latest naked issue go to www.gtdigi.co.uk now. Read interview with Calum Best at gaytimes.co.uk Find out more about Calum at calumbest.co.uk

The Warwick Rowers Holiday Sing-A-Long for World of Wonder | Video

They could also give up rowing and do porn for Bel Ami or underwear model for Andrew Christian. Celebrate the holidays with 5 hunky crew members from the Warwick Rowers! Purchase their revealing 2015 calendar and support their cause through Sport Allies. A program that reaches out to young people challenged by bullying, homophobia or

Glove and Boots Get Gorilla to Sing “Oh Christmas Tree” is Adorable | Watch

Official music video for Gorilla’s rendition of “Oh Christmas Tree.” Buy on iTunes HERE

Swedish Synthpop Project Eurotix | New Video & Christmas Song “He’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Swedish synthpop project Eurotix is back. The brand new EP “Are You Strong Enough?” features four synthpop songs, including the title track, a powerful synth-ballad. Check out the official video for it, directed by Israel Benavides. Eurotix are ready to put the “pop” back in synthpop. Members Dennis Alexis Hellström (vocals) and Larry Forsberg (keys

Daniel Franzese Shares “Just Bring You (Maybe Some Weed)” X-Mas Song and Melts Many Hearts No Doubt | Watch Video

Triple threat, Daniel Franzese, has shared new video for the song “Just Bring You (Maybe Some Weed).” You don’t need to smoke weed to get the meaning. Damn Daniel, you got some soul! A big shout out to Mr. Franzese for bringing us much joy this year and a big ‘break a leg’ for the Season 2

Big Dipper Gives a Steamy Thank You, “F*ck Me!” to His Supporters | Watch Video

There is nothing about rapper Big Dipper that is basic. And how he thanks his supporters is spectacular. Big Dipper writes: “THANK YOU to all of the amazing Kickstarter donors who supported the VIBIN music video project.” Follow Big Dipper on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  and www.bigdipperjelly.com KICKSTARTER PROJECT: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/…


Holiday Party World of Wonder Style with Lady Bunny, Sharon Needles, Mike Enders and More! | by Dusti Cunningham

A party like no other! World of Wonder Productions turned it out! All photos from Dusti Cunningham Photography Check loads of more pics HERE

Festivus Video for the Rest of Us from Tom Goss & Amber Ojeda | Watch Here

Pull out your pole! Dust off those grievances! Be prepared the feats of strength! It’s time for Festivus — the holiday for the rest of us. A new music video releases today from recording artist’s Tom Goss, Amber Ojeda and their dysfunctional family, to celebrate the holiday that is quickly becoming a cult favorite. Every

Candy Ass #13, Oreo  2014  V E N F I E L D 8

“Candy Ass” | Photographer Venfield 8 Sweetens Up the Holidays | NSFW

Moving from Designer Dicks to Candy Asses, photographer Venfield 8, spices up the holidays with a new series of plump butts covered in a variety of tasty sweet goodies. See more Candy Ass at venfield8.tumblr.com and Follow Venfield 8 on  INSTAGRAM | TUMBLR  

Derek Mangabeira para

Naked Thick Bearded Runner | Photos by Derek Mangabeira | NSFW

Eat it up men. by Derek Mangabeira |  I Hate Flash H/T Sissydude

Gay Porn Stars Read Mean Tweets – Christmas Edition Video

So here we are again, our favorite time of year, Christmas… That magical time of Santa, gifts, trees, tinsel, elves, Rudolph, carols… and MEAN TWEETS! Watch some of Men.com‘s porn actors react to the meanest tweets about themselves on this Christmas spirit infused video!

Things We Said In 2014 | “You’re Basic” & “Literally I Can’t!” | Watch Video

#Whatever, You’re Basic, Literally I Can’t and More goodies from 2014. Video from BuzzFeedYellow

Are You Sitting Too Much? | New Asap Science Video

Food for thought. Is sitting too much killing you? And tips in bottom video how to counteract the problem. Video from AsapSCIENCE  

A Very Merry Christmas from The Bottle Boys | Watch Video

Just imagine the power of these guys’ lips! We love every song the Bottle Boys perform. Their charm overflows. See more Bottle Boys

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Rue & Achilles Photographed by Mike Enders | Oh My!

My two little elves, Rue and Achilles came over to film a Christmas video a few weeks ago, and before I let them put their shirts back on we snapped a few fun shots. Follow Rue: Instagram Follow Achilles: Instagram