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Watch LIVE FEED Outside Kim Davis Hearing at Ashland Courthouse

Watch LIVE FEED Outside Kim Davis Hearing at Ashland Courthouse

  Wait, remind me, this is happening in USA? Crowds are gathered outside the Ashland County Courthouse awaiting Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who has a hearing before U.S. District Judge David Bunning. Davis will be in front of the judge and be held in contempt for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in

Warwick Rowers

Taking It All off With the Warwick Rowers Photoshoot | NSFW

Wow! Who knew the  Warwick Rowers, famous for their naked calendars, look great with clothes on as well. “Meaningful discussions about homophobia and bullying are few and far between in the world of organized and professional sports. Despite a handful of professional athletes coming out in recent years — and straight players speaking out as


Accidental Bear Reveals Next Location for New Travel Segment | Wildwood Retreat, Guerneville, CA

Accidental Bear’s own Mike Enders has announced his next destination for a new travel segment. He will be just hop, jump and a skip away, not far from his home in San Francisco and be visiting The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center in Guerneville, CA Sep 15 – 20 2015 “The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat


Put Greg Louganis on the Wheaties Box | Sign Petition

  As a young queer growing up in the 80’s I looked up to Greg Louganis, not because I knew he was gay, or that I was yet for that matter. I looked up to him as a man who excelled at a sport that wasn’t baseball or football, the ‘macho’ sports that I was being


“The Missing Generation” | Show Giving a Voice to Long-Term Survivors of HIV

  Two years in the making, a breathtaking new show is giving voice to long-term survivors of HIV. hivplusmag.com reports: People just disappeared. Survivors say that was one of the most disconcerting things about living through the early days of the AIDS epidemic. “Girls were just disappearing,” recalls Cheryl Courtney-Evans, the Atlanta-based transgender activist who


Beardos Who Use The Groomed ManCo Beard Oil Are Total Studs | Picture Proof Here!

For Daniel Mahony, the founder of TheGroomedManCo., his story dates back to the Stone Age, when prehistoric man would maintain their beards using seashells, rocks and other ambiguous paraphernalia. Or, as reality might have it, 15 years ago when he started growing facial hair. Whilst holidaying around the USA with a freshly grown beard, Daniel

Kim Davis Spoof Video “Clerks And Recreation” Feat. Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman

  “Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She’s just lucky she doesn’t have to answer to Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope.” Thank you Funny or Die for shedding some light on the matter. Video from Funny Or Die

Adorable Marine Asks Singer Steve Grand to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball | Video

  How could anybody say no to this face. Adorable. Come on Steve you know you wanna! Video from Tanner White An interesting addition to story is that Tanner calls himself “Your favorite positive (HIV+) Marine.” Check out his other videos and subscribe to his Youtube Channel HERE Tanner White has a great platform here through his story to break

Traveler Digital Camera

Artist Takes A Nude Self-Portrait Everyday, Challenging the Concepts of ‘Maleness’ | NSFW

Everyday in 2015,  artist Varian Viciss takes a naked selfie in the name of art. “It is all radically me,” Viciss explained of his work in an email to The Huffington Post. “But at the same time the essence of all of my experiences is very deeply human — just like nudity.” Are you beginning

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is ‘Macbeth’ | Watch Trailer

    From the producers of The King’s Speech comes the feature film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Scottish play about General Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) whose ambitious wife (Marion Cotillard) urges him to use wicked means in order to gain power of the throne over the sitting king. Oh how we love Michael Fassbender. Out on December 4,

“Man Bun” – New Steam Room Stories Video

“Hair knots are hot. No one can resist a man with a top knot.” Steam Room Stories      

Girlfriends Describe Their Boyfriends’ Penises To A Police Sketch Artist | Video

  Words not necessary, just watch. Distractify Video


Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis’s SCOTUS Emergency Stay Request Denied

  Ding dong the wicked witch is almost gone. The stay on the federal order expired today, August 31, 2015. What will Davis do? Personally I’d love to see her physically dragged out of there in handcuffs. #SCOTUS denies #KimDavis application for a stay pic.twitter.com/LDLzlmHVMd — Equality Case Files (@EQCF) August 31, 2015 Kentucky station

“Danton Abbey” | Ep 2 “NOT LOOKING” Season 2 | Watch Video

    Who needs enemies when you have friends like these, right? Watch below the second episode of “NOT LOOKING” from Season 2. Just a few words: death by butter knife, TMZ not wanted, gay friend make-overs is what friends are for Dionne Warwick! Watch Season 2 Episode 1 HERE Watch all episodes and Season 1 at www.funnyordie.com

Calgary Humane Society Sell Pre-Owned Cats Like Used Cars and It’s Hilarious | Video

  Prrrrr-fect. “We’ve got bouncy castles, cotton candy treats, frozen drinks, crafts, face paint, balloons AND adorable adoptables – spin the wheel of deals to see what your reduced adoption price will be! Not in the market for a new fur baby? That’s OK! come down to our CAT-TASTIC PAWTY this Saturday, August 22 for

Carrie Brownstein Announces Book Tour Featuring Questlove, Amy Poehler, Dave Eggers & More

  Carrie Brownstein soars and now will be sharing details and stories in her memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. Out October 27 2015 “On October 27, Sleater-Kinney‘s Carrie Brownstein will release her memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl via Penguin. Today, she’s announced a book tour, spanning dates at venues across the country. Each event will feature a guest interviewer, including Questlove, Amy


Ireland President Signs Same-Sex Marriage into Constitution

  ‘Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex’ Irish President Michael Higgins has signed gay marriage into the constitution. The amendment, which states ‘marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex,’ was signed on Saturday (29

The Horrible History of “Ex-Gay Cures” by Matt Baume | Video

    “Did you know people have tried to cure homosexuality with forced cuddling, horse stroking, and monkey testicles? Let’s take a disturbing tour of the last hundred years of insane ex-gay cures, some of which are still being practiced by quacks to this day.” Video from Matt Baume

Kentucky Clerk Cunt-Face Kim Davis Issued a Marriage License to a Trans Man Without Knowing | Video

Stupid is as stupid does. I’m sure simpleton Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis can’t even comprehend this. courier-journal.com reports: MOREHEAD, Ky. A transgender man and his wife stepped forward Saturday with paperwork showing that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis apparently issued them a marriage license in February even though she has blocked forms for same-sex couples over the past

Daily Testosterone | Group of Adorable Guys Go on “The Great American Road Trip – Utah Salt Flats” | Video

  You most likely were introduced to the High On Life guys from their viral dancing video, see at bottom of page. Since then they have gone on the create an exciting and successful Youtube Channel full of adventures, and yes a lot of shirtless activities. They are as charming as they are sexy. High On Life guys have shared their


UK Rugby Player Sam Stanley Comes Out With the Support of His Team

Sam Stanley has been trying to figure out how to come out as gay over the last 14 months. With the support of his team, he now comes out publicly. OutSports reports: “I’m a professional rugby player in the UK and also gay. I’m not out and struggle a lot with it. The lies and

Meet The First Openly Trans Man In The U.S. Military | Video Interview

Raymond Braun says, “I was honored to interview Sergeant Shane Ortega, an advocate for transgender rights and the first trans man to serve in the U.S. military.” Video from Raymond Braun FindShane Ortega on the “Trans4Trans” group on Facebook Shane’s advocacy organization with Kristin Beck and Sean Sala: www.militaryfreedomcoalition A note from Shane: “I’m part of the Gay

The Try Guys Try Extreme Skimpy Swimsuits | Video

  My nerd boner is huge right now. Good on you guys for trying on these suits. To think some guys actually pick these out on purpose. Video by BuzzFeed Video

The New Girlfriend

Watch Trailer for Francois Ozon’s “The New Girlfriend” | Video

    Opening in limited release in the United States Sept. 18, 2015. Loosely adapted from British detective fiction writer Ruth Rendell’s short story of the same name, The New Girlfriend is a new film from noted French director François Ozon and featuring arthouse star Romain Duris that manages to bend genre as much as

Bryan Hawn Raised a Pet Spotted Hyena, Revisits Him at the Zoo! | Tearful Video

I ‘work out’ to Bryan Hawn‘s parody videos normally. Bryan has shared his newest video with us and it’s first time I’ve cried during one of them. He has shared this very personal story of his friend Jake, the spotted hyena. Bryan Hawn told me, “The song is “Locked Away” and is dedicated to my pet spotted hyena that I


Donald Trump is a Big Piece of Shit, See Here’s The Pic Proof by Hanksy

 A pic speaks a thousand words. In this case Donale Trump is shown for what he is by artist Hanksy

Underwear 101: Jockstrap | Video

What do you know about the jock? Besides the guys being a total fox and and SEXY voice, I actually learned a few things from the video. Video from The Underwear Expert


“Hard Decisions” to Launch in the Fall of 2015 | Watch Teaser Video

Drag Queens, Dress-up, Alien Invasions, Tinfoil Hats, and MORE. The highly-anticipated gay-themed, choose-your-own-adventure movie HARD DECISIONS is coming to YouTube in the Fall of 2015. Written and directed by Eli Rarey (The Famous Joe Project, Outfest 2012 and That’s Fashionz!, Oaxaca Film Festival 2012) this interactive movie is sure to reach and entertain a variety


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Laura Jane Grace on Caitlyn Jenner “She Hasn’t Got a Clue!” | Listen to Podcast

  Dazed has reported in on the wannabe trans queen Caitlyn Jenner and add wise words in podcast below. Caitlyn is like an empty envelope, nothing to put inside to qualify her as the trans spokesmodel. When Caitlyn Jenner had the most glamorous coming-out moment of all time via the cover of Vanity Fair, it marked a historical moment for many reasons. Not

Angelo Garcia Pops Up on Episode of Tosh.0’s CeWEBrity Profile | Video

  Former member of Menudo, Angelo Garcia, plays the lead in Daniel’s new LGBT-friendly musical. Video Comedy Central

“Mentionables!” New LGBTQ Music, F**k Mayor Lee, Rentboy.com, Video Recap

    Check out this week’s video Recap of local and national LGBTQ news and featured LGBTQ musicians, new music and videos! Hosted by Mike Enders. News: San Francisco mayor Ed Lee wants homeless people to go away during the Super Ball festivities. Rentboy.com gets raided. Musicians featured this week: Tom Goss, Peaches & Kim

Kentucky Clerk Defies Court Again, Turns Away Same-Sex Couple a Third Time

    This officially makes no sense and we live in a lawless country. It is beyond me that they are not dragged out of there. There MUST be some law still protecting them as they so arrogantly refuse to give out marriage licenses to gay couples. This morning for the  third time, Kentucky couple James

Luigi Brugnaro has banned Pride in Venice

Venice Mayor Says Pride Not Welcome, Calls it a ‘Joke, the Ultimate in Kitsch’

  Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has called it a ‘joke, the ultimate in kitsch’ Pride is not welcome in Venice, says the mayor. ‘There will be no gay pride in my Venice,’ Luigi Brugnaro has said, describing the event as ‘farcical’ and ‘kitsch’. He is still claiming he is not homophobic, saying he has friends who


Gender-Neutral Title Mx Added to Oxford Dictionary

    Oxford Dictionaries has added the gender neutral title Mx, as well as ‘pwnage’, ‘butthurt’, and ‘awesomesauce’. The honorific of Mx, given to those who do not want to be referred to as Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs, was added to reflect ‘today’s more thoughtful conversations about gender identity’. It is defined as ‘a


Antigay Kentucky Clerk Loses in Federal Court Again

    Some Kentucky county clerks are still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but one suffered a major blow in her legal fight today, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Advocate reports: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit rejected Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’s request for a stay of the federal

Transgender in America

Dr. Drew “Transgender in America” Tonight and tomorrow at 9 pm on HLN

    Tonight and tomorrow at 9 pm ET, HLN will present “Transgender in America”, a special two night event with Dr. Drew examining issues facing the transgender community. With a studio audience comprised entirely transgender people, things get emotional as Dr. Drew about their lives, loves and discrimination. Drew’s guests tonight include trans comedian and “Transparent” actor Ian Harvie, Dr. Marci


Justin Bieber “Look-Alike Who Went Missing Found Dead in Hotel Room

  Yikes! Whatever the circumstance, sad. TMZ have reported: Toby Sheldon — who became famous for spending more than $100k to look like Justin Bieber — has been found dead … TMZ has learned. We’re told Toby’s body was found in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley on August 21. He has been reported missing since

Straight Educators for LGBT Students #SE4LGBTS | Video

  It takes a village to keep all of ‘our’ kids safe. Video from Nicholas Ferroni

Rentboy CEO: “I Think We Do Good Things for Good People” | Video

    The CEO of Rentboy.com has been charged with “conspiring to violate the Travel Act by promoting prostitution,” acting U.S. Attorney Kelly T. Currie said. Read story we posted yesterday here: RentBoy CEO and 7 Workers Arrested in Raid of Escort Service and at What the Rentboy.com Scandal Means for Sex Workers


What the Rentboy.com Scandal Means for Sex Workers

  An interesting read. Press release from US Attorney in rentboy.com  Raid: http://ge.tt/7Yx7ToM2/v/0?c  By Siouxsie Q wrote for the SF Weekly: Just days after five of the country’s top LGBT advocacy organizations echoed Amnesty International’s recent declaration of support for the decriminalization of prostitution, seven employees of the popular gay male escort advertising platform, rentboy.com, were arrested this morning in New York