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Take the Color Test | Will This Trick Your Brain? | Video

Take the Color Test | Will This Trick Your Brain? | Video

Your eyes and brain are pretty amazing! New video from AsapSCIENCE

Antonio Da Silva

New Explicit Film, “Brazil Solos” by Antonio Da Silva | NSFW Videos & Images

From the moment I finish watching one of Antonio Da Silva’s film, I am already aching for his next. Always skating the line between porn and art and always turning me on. TMI? I make no excuses for being a perv and you shouldn’t either. See the delicious posts of his we’ve previously posted HERE. All

Give Yourself a Rainbow PRIDE Beard | Video

This…. and these guys….. “This week, in true gay beards fashion, we celebrate PRIDE month with rainbow beards! Watch us take a colorful swing at putting together the most colorful beards west of the Mississippi, and most importantly, we reveal our secret success to getting it all out when the festivities come to an end.

State Rep. Brian Sims Demands: “Stop Discrimination Against LGBT Community” | Video

“Pa. state Rep. Brian Sims stands with Gov. Tom Wolf and other advocates to call on the legislature to pass equal protections for LGBT citizens. In Pennsylvania, members of the LGBT community can still be denied employment, housing, and other basic rights afforded to others in the general population. Sims is co-sponsoring the Pennsylvania Fairness

​SF Gay Men’s Chorus Presents “Heartthrobs: Biggest Boy Band Ever” feat Well Strung

June 24 – 25, 2016 at Nourse Theater SAN FRANCISCO – In celebration of San Francisco Pride, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) and Dr. Timothy Seelig, Artistic Director, announced the program for the final concert of the 2015/2016 season – Heartthrobs: Biggest Boy Band Ever on June 24 – 25 at Nourse Theater (275 Hayes Street, San Francisco). Guest artists Well-Strung, the singing string quartet, join the Chorus for Heartthrobs.

Donald Trump is Like a “Frat-House Rapist” According to Rage Against the Machines Tom Morello | Video

  You can stand up against Old Man Trump too by streaming and/or downloading Ryan Harvey’s track “Old Man Trump”. Spotify and at iTunes/Google Play Read more at Spin

Corey Johnson Shuts Down ‘Gays for Trump’ Chris Barron in CNN Debate

Chris Barron’s creepy smile and awkward laugh says it all, pure evil. New York City Council member of District 3, Corey Johnson, shuts down Chris Barron, founder of the gay conservative group GOProud, who this week launched a “gays for Trump” campaign and once, as Johnson points out, called Trump a “sociopath” on Twitter.   “I think it’s funny

Participants staged a die-in outside Trump Tower in memory of all the lives taken by homophobia. ACT UP NY along with leaders from Muslim, Latinx and LGBTQ organizations will rally in front of Trump tower in New York City against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's use of the recent massacre at a gay bar in Orlando to polarize Americans.

ACT UP Targets Donald Trump with Massive ‘Die-In’ at Trump Tower | Video

ActUp Protest of Donald Trump outside Trump Towers in New York City, NY June 21st 2016. “The action began with a march from a block away as they marched they filled the street in-front of Trump Towers, Mr Trump himself had to leave though the side exit to avoid the protestors.” Mark Apollo “The activist group

Watch Trailer for “Looking: The Movie”

Looking: The Movie premieres Saturday 7/23 at 10PM on HBO. Learn more: http://itsh.bo/23iirPJ

London Traffic Lights Get a LGBT Makeover for Pride

    Pink News –Pedestrian lights in London are getting a makeover for Pride with LGBT symbols being added to the traditional “green man” design. Around 50 lights at pedestrian signals at crossings around the iconic Trafalgar Square will be installed temporarily. The lights are inspired by a similar project which saw lights in Vienna transformed last

‘Guardian Angels’ Block Westboro Baptist Protestors at Funeral Service for Orlando Victims

Gay Star News reports: A group of guardian angels descended at a funeral service for the Orlando victims to protect mourners from hateful Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) demonstrators. Around 200 people had formed a human chain on the the main street of downtown Orlando outside St. James Catholic Cathedral to counter-protest WBC’s picketing on Saturday. Among the crowd, members of the Orlando

The Transgender Bathroom Song – “When I Unzip My Fly” |Official Music Video from Funny or Die

#humor “In the wake of North Carolina’s bathroom law, Funny Or Die presents a song about a real man’s poop and pee.” By Funny Or Die The Transgender Bathroom Song – When I Unzip My Fly (Official Music Video) from Funny Or Die

Watch Seth Rogen’s Animated Movie “Sausage Party”

Seth Rogen FTW. Not what you first had in mind I bet. Seth Rogen talks with Jimmy Kimmel about his R-rated animated movie he has coming out called “Sausage Party.” Jimmy Kimmel Live

Henry Rollins Reads and Deconstructs Dr. Seuss | Video

  Henry Rollins reads and deconstructs the children’s book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by the acclaimed children’s author Dr. Seuss and points out that maybe one of the places Dr. Seuss needs to go is the 21st century. Check out Henry Rollins new film THE LAST HEIST is in Theaters, on VOD and iTunes

Watch Short Film About How Gay People Find a Safe Space in the World | “Golden”

Golden is a short film by Kai Stänicke about how gay people find their safe space in the world. The film has been making the rounds at European festivals. Last year it won the OUTtv Audience Award at Holebifilmfestival Vlaams-Brabant and Best Short at the Florence Queer Film Festival and the Audience Award for Best Short

“A Life and Depression” | Heartbreaking Video by Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey

“There is nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad.” Depression affects most of us yet we’re too afraid to talk about it when it’s hard to explain why we feel so down with no logical reason. In this video, I talk about the struggle with depression and what we can do.


Angels Being Made to Block Westboro Baptist Church’s Protest at Orlando Memorial

More of this please. “Angels really do exists – at least in Orlando. When the reviled hate group, Westboro Baptist Church announced that they would be picketing the funerals of the victims of the Orlando gay bar shooting tragedy, a group of actors decided to fight back in a decidedly heavenly way. “ “Per American Theatre, the Orlando Shakespeare

Human “Chain Of Love” Blocks Westboro Protesters From Orlando Victims’ Funerals

  The Westboro Baptist Church was barred from protesting the funeral of a victim of the Pulse nightclub massacre this week, when a human chain of counter-protesters formed to drown out their nonsense. The notorious hate group vowed earlier this week to picket funerals of the victims but an organization that gathered on Facebook, called

Men Kissing Men Encourages Hateful Comments to Raise Funds for Orlando

    It has been reported that the animal that did the Orlando shootings was ticked off after seeing two men kissing. SeriouslyTV has turned hateful comments upside down and a way to raise money for the OneOrlando Fund. “This is a video of men kissing men. People who have a problem with this probably already stopped

Make America Gay Again – Justin & Nick for American Apparel | Video

  Cute beardy guys and a cat talk about LGBT topics for AmericanApparel. I’m not sure what Make America Gay Again means, but I like it.


New Exceptional Film From Naked Sword’s NSFW Independent Film Division “Nova Dubai”

“This is a political film that isn’t shy about sex. … This is no time to self-censor.” NS Film Works Debuts Gustavo Vinagre’s “Nova Dubai” Vinagre’s sexually provocative festival hit tackles gentrification, sexuality and love in a rapidly changing Brazil landscape SAN FRANCISCO — NSFW, the independent film arm of NakedSword.com, will debut Nova Dubai, the

For a Good Time Watch “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” – Episode 4

  This series, “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo,” truly is full of joy. Watch episode 4 below and please share the shit out of it because it is good stuff. The series is brought to you by comedian Brian Jordan Alvarez who brought us other hit videos like The Gay Age Gap and When your gender


“Big Gay Musical” Creator Takes Own Life After Posting Suicide Note to Facebook | “I am finding peace”

  Playwright, director, and producer Fred Caruso took his own life this week after posting a note to Facebook that The Washington Post described as “chilling and heartbreaking in turns, filled with dark jokes and heartfelt observations.” Towleroad  The WaPo adds: Caruso, who was openly gay, wrote — and often directed — several LGBT-themed films, including “Go Go Crazy” and “A Four Letter

Stephen Colbert Draws Diagram Explaining Baby-Poop-Pants Trump’s Response To Orlando

When I hear media reporting on Obama and Trump being in a heated back and forth and arguing about topics it makes me laugh. I don’t for one second think of it as a legit debate, my eyes see it as Obama being the adult and poopy pants baby Trump getting scolded. They are not

The Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. Here’s why | Owen Jones talks After Storming Out of Tv Interview | Video

Journalist Owen Jones stormed off Sky News after Co-Hosts deny Orlando was an attack on LGBT people in an interview earlier this week. He just posted this video to his Youtube Channel explain why the Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. “The terrorists in who carried out America’s worst ever shooting iin Orlando will fail just

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Issues Statement of Solidarity Following Orlando Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO (June 14, 2016) – Today, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) issued a statement of solidarity for those affected by this past weekend’s mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Read the statement below.   Additionally, the Chorus offered a video of solidarity, filmed during last night’s SFGMC rehearsal. The Chorus sang “Dedication,”

Anderson Cooper Confront Florida AG Pam Bondi Over Her Hostility To LGBT Rights

  Get her Anderson! Cooper: “I Will Say I Have Never Really Seen You Talk About Gays And Lesbians And Transgender People In A Positive Way Until Now” From the June 14 edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin: ANDERSON COOPER: I want to ask you, I saw you the other day saying that anyone


“KUMALICIOUS” |Art Show Celebrating Queer Bigger Men of Color Inspired by Gay Japanese Manga | San Francisco

   KUMALICIOUS, a commissioned art show by the Queer Cultural Center. On exhibit at SOMArts Cultural Center from Tue, June 14th to 21st, 2016. SOMArts Cultural Center, Cartoon Art Museum, Massive Goods & Queer Cultural Center present: KUMALICIOUS is a visual arts exhibition celebrating the allure and beauty of Queer bigger men of color inspired by Gay Japanese

Inspiration | Street Workout with Brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo

  Brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo always inspire me and make me laugh. Video from Al Kavadlo Get the new ebook STREET WORKOUT by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo: www.dragondoor.com

James Corden and Red Hot Chili Peppers Shirtless Wrestling Match & Carpool Karaoke | Watch Video

Now this made my day! This James Corden character crept up on me fast. A few months ago I didn’t recognize his name but now we are all falling in love with his humor, talent, and his overall cuteness. James invites Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to

Why Do We Still Have Pride? The History of Pride from Matt Baume | Video

Matt Baume lays out the history of Gay Pride and why we still need it. “Given what just happened in Florida, it’s an important time to ask: why do we have Pride? Well, just as there was 40 years ago when Pride began, there’s violence today that pushes people into the closet to protect themselves; there

Angry Pastor Steven Anderson Celebrates “50 Less Pedophiles in the World” After Orland Attacks

It’s important to show you that these types of maniacs still exist in the world. Someone with so much hate in them that they have to lash out with such anger when tragedy hits, you have to wonder what kind of dark secrets he has in his closet. This guy definitely has body parts in his

Jimmy Somerville Shares Powerful Message About the Tragic Events in Orlando | Video

 Full body goosebumps. Watch the message from singer Jimmy Somerville about the tragic events in Florida at the weekend that was posted to his Facebook Page

Journalist Owen Jones Storms Off Sky News After Co-Hosts Deny Orlando Was an Attack on LGBT People

  Thank you Owen Jones Guardian journalist Owen Jones walks off the set of SkyPapers, a show which digests headlines from around the world, after his co-hosts would not acknowledge that the attacks on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub were specifically targeted at LGBT people. Wrote Jones in The Guardian: I am reluctant to dwell too much on my appearance

Meet Kitty Princess Cheeto and All of Her Looks

My life is now complete after meeting Princess Cheeto. “Since Princess Cheeto came into my life, nothing has been the same. I had just moved to New York City from California without knowing a single person. When I got her everything sort of fell into place. She has been a symbol for my new beginning and

Hundreds Gathered At Stonewall to Mourn Orlando’s Dead

  NEW YORK — Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside Manhattan’s historic Stonewall Inn on Sunday evening for a vigil honoring the 50 people killed and 53 injured in the massacre that occurred at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning — the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. “Pulse was not just a gay

“For Your Gods” Featuring Brian Maier | New Film from VENFIELD8 | NSFW

Watch the new film “For Your Gods” from the mysterious and outstanding V E N F I E L D 8. The film features model/DJ Brian Maier sweating and let’s just say having a moment. The video gives me mixed emotions. I’m turned on and I also want to run in to help him.What kind of

Naked Figure Models Life Drawing at Tom of Finland | Cute Interviews

“Boxers or Briefs”  from theThe Underwear Expert hit up some naked figure models for a life drawing class at Tom of Finland this week. Video from The Underwear Expert

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.35.41 PM

“Hostage” | Beautiful Dance Video Reveals the End of HIV | Narration by Julianne Moore

  Narration by Julianne Moore, Choreography by Ryan Heffington, Score by Lucian Piane, and Directed by Blake Martin. HOSTAGE takes the viewer inside the fight between HIV and the immune system, and offers a potential solution, a new E-vaccine to #endHIV. More information at www.endhiv.com Featuring Riccardo Battaglia, Lauren Cox, Stephanie Crousillat, Logan Schyvynck, Ryan Spencer,