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SCRUFF Shares Video of first ever Delhi Bike Pride: Rain, Rainbow Colors, a Set of Wheels and a Strong Message of Equality

(Delhi, India) – The global dating, traveling and networking app SCRUFF has just released a dynamic new video of Delhi’s LGBTQIA community at the very first DELHI BIKE PRIDE – the first of its kind for both city and country.  July 2 is recognized as an important date for the LGBTQIA community in that region, as it […]

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Metallic Gold, Brass & Silver Mini Skateboard Fidget Spinners

Stupid is as stupid does, but cashing in on stupid is hella smart. Parisian imprint colette is milking the fidget spinner trend. Having released a slew of versions including a Marvel-inspired series, colette is now selling mini skateboard fidget spinners in three color options: metallic gold, brass and silver. Each skateboard hand spinner retails for […]

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Sasha Velour Examines Queer Family And Community In New Artsy Drag Magazine

  “Sister” is the latest issue from the “Drag Race” winner’s magazine. Finally some creativity coming out of the crown winner. VELOUR: The Drag Magazine (known in early stages as “VYM“) celebrates the art of drag through fine art,  poetry, and interviews! Edited and designed by Brooklyn drag legend Sasha Velour and her partner Johnny, each issue pairs […]

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Watch Interview with 73 Yr Old Gay Punk Rock Country Singer, Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

When I think of punk rock, two things come to mind, the “look” or the punk mentality. I much prefer the punk mentality always over the kids these days with their one stop shop Hot Topic punk looks. The forward thinking, let’s change the planet, DO SOMETHING and lets start a revolution is pleasing for […]

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Queer Men of Color Launch Stunning Body-Positive Fashion Photo Project | The EveryMan Project

  The EveryMan Project (created by fashion photographer Tarik Carroll – The New York Times, NYLON, Paper, Complex,Vibe, MTV.com) is a fashion-photo series that’s challenging hyper-masculinity head-on while also bringing body-positivity to the forefront, and celebrating cis and trans men of all backgrounds. And it’s not just about the photos, it’s about the stories, something Tarik is sharing in a photo book and documentary. […]

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Dutch Designer Announces Limited Edition Tee to Benefit Tiger Protection

I am sitting here with my lap top open on my lap with about 10 different windows open looking at images tigers and thinking how I need to contact my friend who works with big cats because I’d love to raise awareness and funds for an organization helping world tiger populations and… BOOM this comes […]

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“The War Within” | Gay Muslim Man’s Struggle and Journey to Love and Accept Himself

We Are One+Together is proud to premier “The War Within,” a short film by Zaher Saleh, in honor of Pride Month around the world and in support of our Mr. Gay Syria asylum efforts. “The War Within” tells a personal story of a gay Muslim man’s struggle to reconcile his sexuality with his faith, his longing […]

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#SmartSexyStrongSilver Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi is Burning Up the Internet Today

Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi has caught our attention before with his goofy dancing videos, check out his Instagram. Today he is burning through the internet like a fire in the wind. What can we say, some times we’re thirsty too. Nothing remotely interesting going on, just Gianluca enjoying a day at Miami beach with all eyes […]

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Brad Guy Flirts with Nerds at Comic-Con Melbourne | Watch

Brad Guy, squeezed into a yellow Kill Bill jump suit and visited Melbourne’s Comic-Con, “looking for all the lovely freaks and geeks that the event is known for. You’re going to see some whacky cosplay, nerds upon nerds and plenty of semi-naked adults showing off cleavage.” Follow Brad Guy on Youtube

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Portraits of Mexico’s City’s Young Creatives

Dazed reports — You can find creativity anywhere in the world. Just ask Victor Barragán – the 25-year-old designer from Mexico City who lives in NYC and shows at New York Fashion Week. Despite now living far from his roots, he’s not cut himself off from the people back home – and his latest project spotlights six of them. […]

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Tom Bianchi’s Fire Island Pines: Polaroids 1975-1983 | NYC

From June 29 till Sept 16, the Thorckmorton Fine Art gallerie will host the Fire Island Pines Polaroids 1975-1983 exhibition by photographer Tom Bianchi. The american writer and photographer who specializes in male nude photography is about to share with us images he took of gay men paradise in the 70’s: Fire Island Pines. “The […]

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Cave Homo | Skateboarder Brian Anderson Launches New Zine

  VICE reported — Professional skateboarder Brian Anderson posted a video to his Instagram account announcing the launch of an ominous project titled Cave Homo. The blinking loop offered little more than an @ mention directed towards an account that had a few tiled pictures of Anderson, including him taunting the camera, with his tongue […]

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Eighteen LGBTQ Groups to Lead 2017 NYC Pride March as “The Resistance”

LGBTQ Groups Vow to Fight Trump & GOP Attacks, Invite Others to Join  Inspired by the defiant spirit from which NYC Pride was born, 18 diverse LGBT community organizations will march together at the front of this year’s NYC Pride March on Sunday, June 25. The allied “Resistance” was formed in response to the attacks […]

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Andreja Pejic Lands Two July Covers, Not Labeled as a ‘Transgender’ Model

As a supermodel and the most prominent transgender model of our time, ANDREJA PEJIC has hit another significant milestone. The supermodel lands two separate covers for the month of July; Harpers Bazaar Serbia and Glamour Spain. This marks the first time a transgender model has landed the iconic cover of any Harpers Bazaar cover in the world, and this one hits home […]

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“After Louie” with Alan Cumming and Zachary Booth – Movie Trailer

AFTER LOUIE A Feature Film
 by Vincent Gagliostro Written by Vincent Gagliostro and Anthony Johnston Starring: Alan Cumming and Zachary Booth Vincent Gagliostro is a New York artist known for pushing buttons, especially as an AIDS activist in the 1980s and ’90s. At the centre of his debut feature is Sam (Alan Cumming), whose life […]

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New Book | “Blind Item” – Hollywood Scandals Told by Hollywood Insiders Kevin Dickson & Jack Ketsoyan

No one knows her name, but now everyone wants to. As an assistant publicist in Hollywood, Nicola spends her days (and nights) sweeping up the scandals of singers, movie stars, and TV actors. Fresh from Ohio, she’s rapidly discovering the real Hollywood is rotten under its glittering skin. Everyone is a hustler with a hard […]

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Hilarious Trump Presidential Twitter Library Opens in NYC

A presidential twitter library might only last for a weekend, reminded Daily Showhost Trevor Noah tonight, but tweets? They’re forever. LA Times reports — Donald Trump has only been president for five months, but he’s already got a presidential library. Sort of. This weekend in New York, “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” is presenting a […]

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Nyle DiMarco​ in His Underwear, Jumping on a Trampoline, That is All | Watch Video

  For shits and giggles. One of our favorite models, Nyle DiMarco​ in his underwear, jumping on a trampoline, that is all. Paper Magazine wishes you all a  Happy Pride 🌈 Find Nyle DiMarco on Instagram   Join us at PAPER in June and July as we celebrate Pride online with a series of digital-only covers, features, and […]

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San Francisco Watch 30 Plays In 60 Minutes with the Neo-Futurists | “Infinite Pride” Edition

  The San Francisco Neo-Futurists present their fourth-annual PRIDE SHOW, Infinite Pride, a very special SF Pride edition of The Infinite Wrench! I had a chance to catch their show last weekend and I had no idea how much fun I was in for. It had been explained to me ahead of time how the […]

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Gays and That Summer Body Goal | Watch

I think I may share a brain with Michael Henry. The angle of humor in his videos, poking fun at the community, is right on the money. In his latest video, Michael  asks, “Would you go this far for a summer body?”   Written by: Michael Henry Directed by: Paul McGovern Jr. Edited and DP by: Paul […]

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“Political Animals” | A Portrait of 4 Defiant CA Politicians, All Out Women | Award-Winning LGBT Documentary

New, award-winning LGBT knockout doc POLITICAL ANIMALS will release on DVD and digitally on June 6th in the U.S. and Canada via Gravitas Ventures. Documentary POLITICAL ANIMALS is an inspiring portrait of four defiant California politicians – all out women – who bravely fought hatred and homophobia through pioneering legislative efforts in California to make political history, paving the […]

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Anything Goes The Pink Panther Social Club in Cape Town

ANYTHING GOES was started by Nash Mariah and Mavuso Mbutuma. It happens once a month on First Thursdays in Cape Town, at The Pink Panther Social Club. “With ANYTHING GOES we wanted to create a gay-friendly space where anyone could go and feel free to be themselves, whatever that might be” – Mavuso Mbutuma, co-founder […]

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I have started looking for a new therapist and it’s brought up a lot of memories and experiences from the past. I can now look back and laugh, but I can you that I wasn’t laughing then. Comment below your therapist experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to share my experience […]

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kathy Griffin Held Bloody Beheaded “President” Trump, Pressured to Say Sorry

    IMHO, it’s beautiful art. And any sane person completely understands where kathy Griffin was coming from while posing for pic. I’m only sorry that she was forced by pressure to say sorry. This picture makes Kathy Griffin a hero to me. Trump as “president” is just this frightening and scary. People need to […]

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Gay Men’s Health Crisis to Open New Mental Health Clinic in New York

  ‘Now, more than ever, HIV is a significant mental health issue’ Gay Star News reports — Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) is putting the final touches to its new mental health clinic in New York City. The Carl Jacobs Mental Health Clinic will be launched with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday. It’s located at […]

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“Coy Mistress” | Bi-Sexual Photographer Points at the Dual Lives of Gay Men in India

Photographer, Amit Bittoo, from Kolkata, share shoot rich in context and color. This photo series narrates the life of LGBT people in India. Traditional marriage still rules the land. Photo series address gay men marrying women as an obligation, and their desire for other men. The series was named, Coy Mistress “The photographer of the series, Amit […]

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“Room to Grow” – New Family Docu-Series About Today’s LGBTQ+ Teens & Their Allies

Room To Grow is a new family docu-series currently in production chronicling the joys & challenges facing today’s LGBTQ+ teens & their allies. The series offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of young people and families today on their search for identity & healing. With your generous support, season one will begin streaming freely […]

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Noel Alejandro’s New Erotic Film “Trivial” is Rock Solid | NSFW- Adult Content

As a connoisseur  of porn, I can say that Noel’s Alejandro’s beautifully and intimate shot films push all of my buttons to the very end, if you know what I’m saying. His newest erotic short, Noel’s Alejandro is rock solid. After watching I got a serious case of FOMO! BRUSSELS​ – Erotic film enthusiasts can already watch […]

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I’ll Never Be A Popular Gay! | Do You Feel Represented by the LGBTQ Media?

  I’ll never be one of the most popular media personalities, Youtube, or Instagram gays. And that’s a GREAT thing. I explain why. We’re not all young, white, rich kids. Gay popular media lacks diversity of all kinds. Do you feel represented by the LGBTQ media? Video from AXXIDENTAL ZINE founder Mike Enders Follow on […]

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People with HIV, LGBTs, Black & Latino People Would Disproportionately Lose Health Insurance Under Affordable Health Care Act

BOSTON, May 26, 2017—On May 24, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that the amended American Health Care Act (AHCA), which narrowly passed the U.S. House on May 4, would result in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance by 2026 as compared with what would be expected under continued implementation of the 2010 Patient […]

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A Groundbreaking Transgender Documentary – “Finding Kim”

Los Angeles, Calif, — May 2017 – FINDING KIM, an honest, intimate and inspiring documentary that follows three years of a transgender man’s journey as he transitions from female to male, makes its highly-anticipated debut on Digital platforms on June 6, 2017, from Random Media.  The groundbreaking film showcases the incredible and honest story of […]

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Crowd Cheers as Two Men are Caned for Gay Sex in Indonesia | Disturbing Video Shared

Above photo: A Sharia law official whips one of two men convicted of gay sex during a public caning outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Associated Press reports — Two men in Indonesia’s Aceh province were publicly caned dozens of times Tuesday for consensual gay sex, a punishment that intensifies an anti-gay backlash in the […]

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26 Men Have Now Been Killed in Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Purge, According to a Russian Newspaper

  The death toll of gay and bisexual men who have been detained and abused in Chechnya has gone up. Gay Times  reports –Russian newspaper Novaya Gazetta – who initially reported the three deaths of gay and bisexual men by authorities in the region back in March – has now said that that total has risen to […]

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Can Gay Men still say Faggot? Or should nobody be saying it?

  Personally I love to use the word faggot. Because I’m such a faggot. And you’re not the boss of me. What do you think? Remember the controversy about the word “tranny” ? OGs don’t seem to mind, it’s the young kids that identify as queer that have their panties in a bunch. Nonetheless, great […]