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A World Naked Gardening Day with ‘Plant Geek’ Hunk

Michael has been involved with gardening and plants since he was just five years old. He is a self-professed Plant Geek, and was listed in the Sunday Times top 20 most influential people in the gardening world, thanks to his plant hunter role at Thompson & Morgan. Michael was responsible for new plant introductions such […]

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Unlikely, Untested, Unprecedented Presidential Campaign #Proud

Time reports – As Pete Buttigieg addressed supporters off a back porch in Marshalltown, Iowa, the Devil was whispering his name. “Pete,” the Devil hissed into a microphone. “You’re sooo smart, Pete.” Buttigieg ignored the heckler, plowing forward with his stump speech about American decency as his husband Chasten looked on. “Pete,” the Devil whispered. […]

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Featured Artist – Anthony Iacono

Anthony Iacono was born in 1987 in Nyack, New York. He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2013 and was a resident artist at LMCC Workspace in 2018. […]

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KFC Chickendales Mother’s Day Performance #WTF

Instead of using a young guy with dyed hair, surely they could have found a fine older dude to fill the role perfectly. Smart advertising KFC. It’s got people talking. And here we are giving KFC free advertising. Win-Win Make a custom Mother’s Day video for the mom in your life at CHICKENDALES.COM. Then head […]

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Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Recreate “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” Music Video

Jimmy and Paul Rudd do a shot-for-shot remake of the classic 1985 music video for British band Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” And I’m living for it. Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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New Release from Shamir is Stunning | Listen

Alas, new music from the one and only Shamir. His unique voice soars in his new release, Be the Yee, Here Comes the Haw . Check it out below, but more importantly support the artist by buying the music through Bandcamp. Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe […]

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Representative Brian Sims Plays the Harmonica, We All Fall in Love | Video

Representative Brian Sims, brains and talent! This man I believe will single handily save the world. Brian already has a captive audience with his outspoken activism for the LGBT Community women and minorities. I’m sure he deflects daily wedding proposals. We ❤️ you Brian. Proud to have you as my #1 role model. You just keep on […]

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Okilly Dokilly Releases New Full-Length Album, “Howdilly Twodilly”

I was just asking for new music from Okilly Dokilly, one of my most listened to bands in the last year, and ta-dah, Bam!, a full length new album has arrived, “Howdilly Twodilly”. And I’m living for it. Ask and you shall receive . Howdilly Twodilly by Okilly Dokilly Okilly Dokilly is the world’s only […]

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This Transgender Soldier Has No Plans Of Leaving The Military | Video

Senior Airman Sterling Crutcher is married, has a seven-week-old daughter and has been in the United States Air Force since 2015. He began openly serving as a transgender man when the Obama administration changed the rules in 2016 while he was serving at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA. “I ended up coming […]

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Two New Books for Kids & Teens that Celebrate Being LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈

According to the recently released Top 10 Banned Books in America list compiled by the American Library Association, five out of those ten books have been banned because of LGBTQIA+ content.  Books for children by queer writers or featuring queer characters are being removed from shelves all over the country which makes it more important than ever […]

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Instagram Furry Hunk Reveals All | NSFW

We’ve been following this sexy fur ball, Weho Dude, on Instagram for awhile now. He is always pushing the limits of Instagram’s nudity standards and teasing the fuck out of us. We have to wonder no longer what is stuffed into those trousers. Who else wants to take a nap on his furry belly and […]

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More Than One-Third of LGBTQ+ Adults Have a Disability: Netflix’s Special Paves the Way for a More Inclusive Future

Los Angeles, California, April 12 – Today’s release of Netflix’s new series Special is earning widespread praise for its authentic depiction of gay disabled life. People who are LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities has been severely underrepresented in the media and the fact that the show’s creator, Ryan O’Connell, is a gay man with cerebral palsy is […]

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THE SHIT! An Opera | Video

Anything with a talking shit and I’m in! After a particularly impressive trip to the bathroom, Frankie is inspired to bottom for the first time. Sounds logical. Video by Kevin Rios PREMIERED ON DIRECTOR’S NOTES: directorsnotes.com/2019/04/04/kevin-rios-the-shit-an-opera/ Iris Prize Nominee 2018Programmer’s Award @ Bushwick Film Festival 2018Best Screenplay @ Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival 2018

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Dr Drew & Billie Lee: “Being Transgender” Series

“We are excited to have transgender activist and reality star, Billie Lee contributing to this new series.  With her input, we hope to educate, create awareness and inspire open-mindedness and acceptance of a population that has historically been misrepresented, misunderstood and mistreated. “ *     *     *     *     * In a world where people are routinely defined by societally […]

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Ben Platt and James Corden Bromance Journey in Song

Starting out at the bus stop as young boys, James Corden and Ben Platt tell the story of a life-long friendship using 9 different sets and 12 carefully curated songs all captured in one take. I am ridiculously behind the times with falling in love with Ben Platt. The rock I’ve been living with must […]

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Trans Docu-Series AMERICA IN TRANSITION Premieres on Revry on International Trans Day of Visibility

In honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, global streaming network Revry will premiere the award-winning, Sundance-backed documentary series America in Transition (AIT), a Revry Original that explores the community, family, and social issues of trans people of color across in the United States – capturing real life for a veteran turned activist, an immigrant seeking home, a woman […]

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Hilarious & Sexy Comedian Wants To Be The Face Of Speedo

We fully support this. Comedian Bert Kreisher’s energy is contagious. He also makes me pee myself laughing. Hot, right? CONAN Highlight: Bert loves Speedos so much, he pitched himself as a spokesman. Speedo responded to Bert’s pitch with a cease and desist order. Via Team Coco

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London Underground Ad with Shirtless Silver Fox, 58, Banned ‘for objectifying’

Am I a terrible person for hoping I’m still desirable enough to be objectified in my fifties? The Standard reports : An advert featuring a topless model in his fifties has been banned amid  claims it sexually “objectified” him. The dating app campaign showed  58-year-old Paul Orchard, wearing just braces, holding a phone with the tagline: […]

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Inside Spain’s First LGBT Retirement Home

We need to take care of our own at every stage of their lives. Lead by example. Pink News reports:  Federico Armenteros Avila, a well-built man in his mid-sixties, removes heavy padlocked chains from the door of a large, abandoned building in Madrid. It’s set to become Spain’s first LGBT+ retirement home. Once inside, we find […]

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Gay Wrestler Dave Marshall Films Homemade Porn to Fight LGBTI Suicides & Awareness

Above image: Gay wrestler Dave Marshall with his ex-boyfriend (left) and during wrestling match (right). | Photos: davemarshall89 and pix.photography / Instagram I mean, it’s for a great cause, I guess I’ll watch. But seriously, if you are struggling, and do not have the money to watch his skin flick, here is the number where you […]

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Ginger is My Favorite Flavor Calendar | RED HOT 2019

It is calendar season, for those that still aren’t switched for a digital one. Each year, I cannot lie, I am always on the lookout for the new crop of ginger models used for the Red Hot American Boys Calendar. 2019 does not look to disappoint. Get your hands on  it here Red Hot is the brain-child […]

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“The Seed” by Noel Alejandro | NSFW

BERLIN​ – The Seed, the new erotic film by Barcelona-born gay erotica director Noel Alejandro, brings the spotlight to Berlin’s daytime underground scene. Once again, Noel Alejandro uses the language of sex to debate the undisclosed demons of today’s society. With The Seed, he is willing to open a report on how easy and seductive is the drug […]

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Accidental Bear Helping to End the Abuse, Sale, & Trade of Big Cats World Wide | Visits Big Cat Rescue, Tampa

At the very beginning of starting my project Becoming An Animal Activist, I discovered  what a polarizing and political topic animal rights and activism can be. I immediately wasn’t sure if “activism” was the right term to use in the title of the project. I was quickly pressured into drawing a line in the sand. […]

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Red Hot heads to Muscle Beach, Los Angeles, bringing you America’s hottest ginger jocks from across the United States Now in its 6th year, the unstoppable Red Hot project heads to Muscle Beach, Los Angeles, bringing together America’s hottest ginger jocks from across the United States. Photographer Thomas Knights and Art Director Elliott James Freize […]

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“Home” A Queer Cooking Series | Watch Series Trailer

“Home is about about coming together, taking care of each other and sharing our stories. It seeks to create loving, human and honest images of queer people through something we all do each day. Food brings people together, it’s personal and creates intimacy,” says Michael Chernak. 31 Episodes. 6 Seasons. Queer Voices. Queer Home. The show […]

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Modus Vivendi Launches the Desert Line from Swimwear Collection 2018

Modus Vivendi is taking the hugely popular camo trend to the next level with a unique geometric print that is bound to become yet another best seller! Find your inner desert marine and be a tower of strength! Combine it with the Desert tanktop from the Fall/Winter Collection 17-18 and you have the perfect outfit […]

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“Artist Venfield8 Kills Model Brian Maier” NSFW

I Killed Brian Maier, ( 1-4 ), Luxury Violence series, 2018 We live in a society that glorifies Violence. We see it as entertainment. A way to relax. We subject our kids to it with frightening, and sometimes fatal, regularity. We are scared of Death, yet we love the kill. In American culture, male nudity […]

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Fila X Skim Milk

LA’s “art weirdo” brand, Skim Milk just dropped a shoe collaboration with Fila on the rehashed heritage series of The Mindblower. FuckingYoung Originally released in 1995, Skim Milk re-interpreted the shoe entirely in purple leather and foam and aptly called it, ‘Purple Reign’. The concept came from one of Skim Milk’s mantras which is, “there […]

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NSFW | “CRUISING AT BEACH 19” Salty Short Film by Antonio Da Silva

Ready for the 2018 cruising season! Waiting for sea, sex and sun on the beach to start again…. soon! After so many requests and positive feedback from the previous film BEACH 19 (2014), and the rise of people going to the beach of love in the past years, this is a remake with a new poetic representation of […]

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“Anarchy in the Philippines” – An Underground Community Living on the Outskirts of a Society | Video

A new Dazed doc exploring the war on drugs in the Philippines through the eyes of young rebel punks – an underground community living on the outskirts of a society where looking different is a courageous act. Check it out below. Directed by Jess Kohl Instagram: @jess.kohl Twitter: @jesskohlx Facebook