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Signature Hot Dog Toppings Across America | Video

Signature Hot Dog Toppings Across America | Video

“Nothing says summer like an all-American frank, but there’s more than one way to top a dog. Across the country, cities have a signature hot dog topping as unique as the people who live there.” The Watercooler Animated by Alisa Stern and Alan Haburchak


Conor McGregor’s Crazy-Awesome Chest Tattoo on Conan

  You know Conor McGregor, Irish mixed martial artist who competes in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has got to be a beast in the bedroom. Get it ladies! “A lot of people get tattoos with stories behind them; Conor just got a tattoo because he thought it looked bad-ass.” Team Coco  

Calcio Storico3

The Calcio Storico, Most Brutal Sport on Earth Makes for Smoking Hot Pics

 I’m not a fan of activities of such violence, but damn these are some hot men with that convict-street trade look that really gets me hot and bothered. “The Calcio Storico – ‘historic football’ – is an ancient form of football from the 16th century, which originated from the ancient roman ‘harpastum’, and is played

Sports Stud Bryce Harper Lands ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue

 Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper spoke with reporter Stacey Pressman about expectations for the Nationals’ season, how he prepared this winter, and what it was like to take it all off for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. Look for the full issue online on July 6 and on newsstands July 10. All details at espn.go.com  

Red Hot Boys Models Assigned Their Month in the 2016 Anti-Bullying Calendar | Video

The Red Hot Boys are back with a little treat in this new promo video! The ginger models are assigned to their month. The 23rd July 2015 is the official worldwide launch of the RED HOT 2016 BOYS & GIRLS Calendars shot by Thomas Knights! Join us at the launch event – The Cuckoo Club,


Rally Around Defaced LGBT Mural Unites San Francisco Community: Video & Photos

Hundreds gathered Wednesday evening at the Galería de la Raza, in unity to rally for Chicano LGBT Mural by  Manuel Paul, that’s been repeatedly vandalized, but more importantly the entire Latino community. The most recent ‘hate-crime’ happened Monday June 29th around 11PM, when the mural covering the outside wall of Galería de la Raza was torched. What


Sexy Promo Video |Berlin Style Sneaker & Sports Fetish Dance Party During Dore Alley Weekend in SF

I’m a sneaker, you’re a sneaker, wouldn’t you like to be a sneaker too? Dore Alley weekend, July 25th, the boys from Polyglamorous bring you a Berlin style sneaker and sports fetish dance party. Featuring Jackie House (Honey Soundsystem) with Mark O’Brien and M*J*R $10 advance, $15 door http://sfoasis.com/event.cfm?cart&id=149231 Dress code strictly enforced- details to


SF Tonight! | Unity Rally for Chicano LGBT Mural That’s Been Repeatedly Vandalized

     Manuel Paul, part of the Maricón Collective, based out of Los Angeles, put up a beautiful-thoughtful mural  “timed in honor of San Francisco Pride Month and inspired by the dedicated work of Queer People of Color … celebrating achievement and strength in the LBGT community.” Sadly, The mural has been repeatedly vandalized. Spray paint


Grace Jones is about to Release “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs” in September

Grace Jones has said before that she will “never write my memoirs,” but has now decided to do it after all, because if she doesn’t then “somebody else will”. “Jones has chronicled her time spent at Studio 54, modelling with Jerry Hall, collaborating with Andy Warhol, acting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the impact that she has had across mainstream


Back on Board: Greg Louganis Premiering August 4th on HBO

I bet you didn’t know that I dove on my high school swim team. Greg Louganis was an idol of mine while growing up a little gay kid in Up-state New York, so I will be eagerly watching, “Back on Board: Greg Louganis,” premiering Tuesday, August 4th at 10PM, only on HBO. Video from HBO “Back on

“Bear City” Trilogy Goes to Camp | Help Fund Here on Indiegogo

  From the Indiegogo Page: “The 3rd and final hilarious installment of the award-winning BearCity Trilogy goes to camp!” We have a great script for the 3rd and final installment.  Bear nekked camping, a baby on the way… and of course, hot Bears. This will be the most fun, exciting and inspiring of the trilogy. You’ll get to know,

How To Defeat Your Gym Nemesis ft. Bradley Martyn by Bro Science Life | Watch

  Can you relate? “Bro Science #75: Defend your title.” Video by BroScienceLife

Turkish Police Spray LGBT Protestors with Water Cannon, Create a Rainbow

  As we celebrate Pride here in the States, let us think of our brothers and sisters around the world that aren’t as fortunate as we are. Gay Star News reports: Turkish police fired water cannons and tear gas on LGBTI marchers during the 13th Istanbul Pride Parade on Sunday. The parade was scheduled but

Sexy Cock, Balls, Foreskin & Ejaculation Art Simulation For Australian Party TROUGH X

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a promo video for Melbourne’s party TROUGH X. And they never disappoint. TROUGH X XVIII MELBOURNE ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 SAT JUNE 27TH @ CLUB80 10 PEEL ST COLLINGWOOD ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 WITH DJS: KITI GAVIN CAMPBELL MISTY NIGHTS THAT FAHRI GUY LUKE AGIUS plus MORE ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰 ☁〰

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Chief Justice Roberts Wants Free Gay Wedding Cake | Video

“It’s time to invite the Supreme Court to your totally legal wedding! On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court affirmed the right to marry for all Americans and struck down marriage bans for same-sex couples across the country.” www.tietheknot.org

#MyNameIs Protests Facebook at SF Pride Parade

  Press release states: Campaign protests company’s contingent, says “dangerous and discriminatory” names policy harms LGBTQ people and other communities On Sunday, June 28, the #MyNameIs campaign—a coalition of LGBTQ people, Native Americans, survivors of domestic violence, and others whose accounts have been reported and blocked on Facebook’s—will march in the annual San Francisco Pride

“The Seduction of Bear” Part 2 Starring Ambrosia Salad | Watch Here

Come on Kitty! We’re all rooting for you! “Two years later, Ambrosia Salad, the pilled out creamy seizure salad ex-housewife of Kitty the Bear is breaking back into the dating scene after having her husbear stolen away by a sexy plumber, can she compete in a world full of slutty men? Will her drug addictions

Best Lines from the Marriage Equality Ruling | Video by Matt Baume

“It’s been less than 50 years since Stonewall, and now we have marriage equality from coast to coast. Here’s a look inside Justice Kennedy’s ruling: the key quotes, how he came to his decision, and the best arguments in favor of equality.” Matt Baume Follow Matt Baume on Twitter & Facebook

Supreme Court Victory: What You Need to Know | Video

Here’s why the Supreme Court had to uphold the freedom to marry, and what comes next. “The marriage equality ruling is as big a victory as we could possibly have hoped for. Now’s a good time for everyone to celebrate — the ruling is a win-win for everyone. It’s not like some couples won and

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian on Marriage Equality Scorecard | Video

“America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, breaks down who is on the side of the gays and who is on the side of conservative Christianity.” I so wish Betty were my mother! Video by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Supreme Court Just Ruled on Marriage. Result: Fabulous! | Video

“The Supreme Court just issued its ruling in the marriage equality cases, and it’s fabulous. Marriage is coming to all fifty states! Here’s what you need to know.” Matt Baume


Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide, Supreme Court Rules

  NBC News reports: The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday made marriage for same-sex couples legal nationwide, declaring that refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the Constitution. The landmark ruling will produce the most significant change in laws governing matrimony since the court struck down state bans on inter-racial marriage almost 50

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.16.56 PM

The Science of BACON! | ASAP Science Video

  The more you… Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon…. put it in me! Video from AsapSCIENCE

State Representative Brian Sims Speaks Out Against “Conversion Therapy” | Video

  Pa. state Rep. Brian Sims speaks out against so-called “conversion therapy” intended to change a person’s sexual orientation, which is still legal in Pennsylvania. Brian Sims is my modern day Superman, I mean look at him. Can’t you imagine him ripping off those glasses and kicking some serious Supreme Court ass? (In a cape

Funny or Die | South Carolinians Defend The Confederate Flag feat. Drew Droege | Video

  “Lindsey Graham may have changed his mind, but plenty of people in South Carolina want to keep the Confederate flag right where it is.” Drew Droege as Lindsey Graham, is featured in some damn good newscaster hair! South Carolinians Defend The Confederate Flag from Funny Or Die

Subway “Manspreading” Explained by “Doctors” Video

  “The REAL reason men spread their legs on the subway.” (Spoof) Video by markmalkoff


Conchita Wurst Gorgeous and Topless on the Covers of Rolling Stone Germany

Stunning on so many  levels. You do your thing Conchita! Gay Star News reports: Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Germany topless. The Austrian drag star’s cover shoot for the July issue of Rolling Stone’s German edition sent the press into overdrive when it was revealed on Wednesday, 24 June.

Why Opinion Changed So Fast on Gay Marriage by Matt Baume

  The more we know… Public opinion on marriage equality has completely flipped since the ’90s, faster than just about any other social change in the last century. So what happened? To answer that, we’ll need to spend a little time in the 90s. Matt Baume

San Francisco Pride 2015: Free Things to Do & A/B’s Top Picks | Pride is More Than a Dance Party

  While doing a little research on things to do during this years San Francisco Pride 2015, I discovered that most things are pretty expensive ($20 – $250 <) and revolve around booze or a dance club. What about those that don’t have the funds or no interest in spending their pride in a bar

Stop Destroying your Beard | Beardbrand Video

Dude talk about your beard. I’ve given a guide on how to grow and maintain your beard from the positive side; now on the inverse – what are the worst things to do for your beard. Really it comes down to physically touching your beard in a bad way. Work on adjusting your habits so

Shirtless Hunk in this Dollar Beard Club Video Will Flood Your Basement

  Move over Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club is in town! Sign up today at www.DollarBeardClub.com

Thomas Knights5

Preview Red Hot 2016 Calendar By Photographer Thomas Knights

It’s getting hot in here, Red Hot! It’s not quite calendar season yet, but we are really getting excited about the Red Hot 2016 Calendar by photographer Thomas Knights. The Red Hot Ginger project hit the world like a storm in 2015. Preview some of the new images for 2016. Things are looking up. Or

#GayIsOK | What if Your Love Was Illegal in 76 Countries? | Video

All out states, “We are starting a global conversation about the cruel laws in 76 countries that make it a crime to be gay. We are reaching millions of people with one simple message: #GayIsOK. “ Share this video using the hashtag #GayIsOK and help build the buzz. Description In 76 countries it is a

“Monster” by Unique Hughley |Powerful Spoken Word by Brave New Voices

“This video was made as a part of The Bridge Exchange, an exchange program for young artists between VidCon and the Brave New Voices Festival to bridge the spoken word and online video communities.” More about The Bridge Exchange: www.indiegogo.com

Love is Welcome Here: AirBnB Shares #HostWithPride Film | Watch Here

As we celebrate Pride and strive for a world where we all can belong anywhere, we made this film with our friends at Molecule. We look forward to helping create a world where all love is not only accepted, but welcomed, everywhere we go. Airbnb

Matt Alber Live in San Francisco with Special Guest Armistead Maupin June 25th! | Watch Trailer

Must see show! Coming up tomorrow night San Francisco, Thursday June 25th, the one and only, Matt Alber will hit the stage at the newly renovated The Swedish American Hall. His show has a line up of special guests, including Armistead Maupin, Matt’s brother Bryce Alber, and his boyfriend Aaron Curry of The Lonelies. Tickets on sale at: www.ticketfly.com Facebook

What’s the Definition of “Traditional Marriage”? | Matt Baume Keeping it Real!

Raise your hand if you love Matt Baume as much as we do (All hands should be in the air!). Check out the newest video from Matt where he keeps things real and factual. “Traditional marriage isn’t the “one man, one woman” story you’ve always heard. It’s changed countless times over the last 4,000 years,

Fight Club for Kids with Chuck Palahniuk | Video

Chuck Palahniuk reads an excerpt from a new children’s book version of ‘Fight Club,’ and tries his best to stay kid-friendly. Written by Max Knoblauch and David Sidorov Directed by David Sidorov Animation by Alisa Stern Filmed by Armand Valdes

Le1f is Dropping in on SF Pride! Learn His Moves & Show Your Pride | Video

For 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade, we’ll be dancing all the way down Market Street with rapper, producer, LGBTQ advocate, and our guest performer, Le1f. Of course, we want you join us in learning these moves so we can do the moves together! Practice in the mirror along with Le1f and we’ll see you out

The Craziest Parts of NOM’s Marriage Pledge | Marriage News Watch

“We’re down to the last few days before the Supreme Court rules on marriage. In the mean time, the National Organization for Marriage is asking all of the GOP presidential candidates to sign an anti-equality pledge. Let’s take a look at just how crazy this pledge gets.” American Foundation for Equal Rights