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Cute Little Nugget Olympian Gus Kenworthy Stops by the Ellen Show #TEAMGUS

Olympian Gus Kenworthy detailed his experience posing naked for a photo shoot on the side of a mountain. Plus, the LGBT activist talked about his history-making commercial for Head & Shoulders. The silver medalist is heading back to the Olympics in South Korea, but LGBT activist Gus Kenworthy admitted to Ellen he thinks Vice President […]

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UK-Based Arts Charity Dedicated to Spreading Laughter and Smiles to Those in Need | The Flying Seagulls

Who/what are The Flying Seagulls? We run workshops, create music events, visit hospitals, orphanages, street centres, residential care units, and centres for disability. We aim to train! For staff in poorer areas, resources both financial, equipment, and support can be difficult to find. We aim to give full training to staff working with arts for disability […]

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Pussy Riot Announce Live Performances in USA

RUSSIAN ANTI-PUTIN FEMINIST ART COMMUNITY PUSSY RIOT ANNOUNCE LIVE PERFORMANCES IN USA A SUBVERSIVE MIX OF ACTIVIST ART AND LIVE SET Today, we’re announcing Pussy Riot’s first live music performance art tour through America. The feminist art collective protest against the re-election of Putin as the President of Russia earned them a long, fake trial […]

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Instagrammer That Makes Us Drool #ThirstTrap #InternetGold

Thirst Trap. You’re probably asking yourself, “How did I get here?” That’s easy and simple. We’re thirsty, and there is nothing wrong with that. Meet Instagrammer Andrew Leon. Straight up adorable, with a voice that makes me weak in the knees. To be quite honest, I have no knowledge that he has any particular talents or […]

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Growing Old Gracefully with Greg Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky offers 8 tips on how to grow old gracefully, keeping your mind, body, and beard healthy with each new year. Video Beardbrand Find ad follow Greg on Instagram      Other recommended videos from Beardbrand Why Do Young People Want to Go Grey? Dyeing Your Hair and Beard | Greg Berzinksy  Like Father Like […]

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Boxing – “WTF is Mike Doing Now!?” with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar | 2018 the Year of Adventure and Service

Mike Enders has decided that 2018 was going to be his year of adventure and service. He has set out to try new things, push his boundaries, get his ass off the couch and build community outside of the internet. Mike tells us that he sees far too many people only living life and communicating […]

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Adam’s Nest’s Collaborative “The AIDS Memorial” Tee is a Must Have | Benefiting Housing Works

Adam’s Nest: Warm, inviting, and a bit naughty; politically engaged with a social conscience. A collaborative t-shirt with The AIDS Memorial on Instagram and Zach Grear benefiting Housing Works.  25% of purchase price will be donated to Housing Works to support its fight for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS  have access to […]

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World’s Largest Queer Comic Con Announces Fourth Annual Flame Con | August 18-19, 2018

  Flame Con, created by the LGBTQ non-profit Geeks OUT, is announcing its fourth annual expo on Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19. After a record year of 6,000 attendees in 2017, Flame Con will be relocating to a new venue at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel to accommodate a larger exhibitor floor, panel […]

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Meet The Fake Pope Who Heckles Hate Preachers

VICELAND’s Jamali attends Southern Decadance and meets Leo, the fake pope who’s spent the past 12 years heckling homophobic extremist Christian hate preachers. Watch Hate Thy Neighbor in the US, Tuesdays at 10:00PM and in the UK, Wednesdays at 9:00PM. Check out the season premiere of Hate Thy Neighbor for free: vice.video  Give this man a […]

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NSFW | Noel Alejandro Releases “The End”, An Erotic Film on Love and Endings

  BARCELONA​ – A conscious portray of human ephemerality accompanies high-energy erotic scenes from Barcelona-Berlin based erotic director Noel Alejandro Since he began filming erotica, Spanish conceptual porn director Noel Alejandro has been blending arousing scenes with brimming emotional plots. For his latest video The End, Alejandro depicts mourning as a poetic composition for his protagonist Javier – an […]

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Why I Love Gus Kenworthy | Miranda Sings DIY Lipstick Challenge | “WTF is Mike Doing Now!?”

Why do I love and respect olympian skier Gus Kenworthy? Miranda Sings homemade lipstick challenge 22:20. Screaming Females “Shake it Off” and a whole lot of chaos! What happens when the thirst trap isn’t enough? Gay, but have to look outside the community for role models and target audience?     Join Mike and support […]

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Pro-Wrestler Mike Parrow: I Tried to ‘Cure’ My Homosexuality | Talks with Good Morning Britain

In a worldwide television exclusive, professional wrestler Mike Parrow speaks openly about his sexuality. He joins Good Morning Britain to talk about coming out as a gay athlete and how at one point, he tried to ‘cure’ his homosexuality using gay conversion therapy. (Broadcast on 19/01/2018) Mike Parrow got a lot of criticism from his […]

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Beastie Boys Book Coming This Year

  Stereogum have reported — The two surviving Beastie Boys members, Ad-Rock and Mike D, have been working on a memoir since at least 2013, and though there have been some vague updates throughout the years, not much concrete information has come out. Until now, that is. In a new interview with Beats 1 (via […]

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Watch Gus Kenworthy ‘Rescuing’ Stray Dogs with Steve O in New Series Called “Ultimate Expedition”

You go Gus! Proud to have you on my team. First off, Gus and Steve O together in one video is so unlikely it genius. There are a handful of other Youtubers involved in this new series “Ultimate Expedition,” the only one I recognize is Furious Pete. Ultimate Expedition is YouTube Red’s newest adventure competition series, […]

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Bareknuckle Boxing Meets Mixed Martial Arts in Bloody Florence for ‘Calcio Storico’ | Video #Brutal #Sexy

I have no idea why someone would freely participate in Calcio Storico, but to each is own. I think I’d rather throw myself in front of a moving train. In Florence, history is honored when fresh blood is spilled in an ancient game. Once every year in the heart of Tuscany, neighbors become rivals, and average […]

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Russian Cadets Under Investigation for Dirty Dancing in Their Undies Video

For shits and giggles, check this out. Cadets at the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) are under investigation for a video that appeared on YouTube which features them in cadet caps, leather straps and underwear, twerking and performing maintenance tasks (and suggestively eating bananas) to Benny Benassi’s 2002 hit “Satisfaction”.  Via Towleroad  Said Petr Timofeev, […]

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Watch Hateful Homophobes Try to Shut Down New Orleans “Southern Decadence” Festival, Fail Miserably

The more you know… In the season two, VICELAND, premieres, Jamali spends time with hate preacher Ruben Israel and his fundamentalist disciples as they attempt to disrupt the New Orleans “Southern Decadence” festival. Catch the new season of HATE THY NEIGHBOR on VICELAND: In the US: Tuesdays at 10:00PM, starting Jan 23 In the UK: Wednesdays […]

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LA | Inaugural Solo Exhibition of Josh Paul Thomas | “R e i n t e n t i o n s” (NSFW)

R E I N T E N T I O N S Josh Paul Thomas January 13, 2018 – February 24, 2018 Museum​ ​as​ ​Retail​ ​Space​ ​(MaRS)​ ​is​ ​pleased​ ​to​ ​present​ ​REINTENTIONS​ ​by​ ​Josh​ ​Paul​ ​Thomas.​ ​The exhibition​ ​shows​ ​photographic,​ ​drawing,​ ​painting,​ ​and​ ​video​ ​work​ ​in​ ​an​ ​immersive​ ​atmospheric installation. marsgallery.net “…when​ ​we​ ​call​ ​to​ ​mind​ ​the​ […]

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US Olympic Bobsled Team is Turning Everyone Into an Athletic Supporter

Spreading across my Facebook wall like a wild fire, this shot of the US Olympic Bobsled Team, is turning heads, and people on to the sport in which they may have never spent any attention to in the past. My question; Are they any good at bobsledding? I guess we’ll have to tune in next month […]

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This Gay Fitness Instructor Teaches Classes from his Wheelchair: ‘Disability is Not Inability’

We love this story and are fully inspired. Let us fill the internet with more stories like this in 2018.   Gay Star News reports — 20 years ago, Kris Saunders-Stowe was your typical gym-loving gay man and never thought he would end up in a wheelchair. Now 47 years old, he suffers from a degenerative […]

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We Love MILK

Milk, it does body good. I love how everyone gags when a drag queen is hot out of drag. They act like it’s a new world wonder. Keep your eyes out for Milk competing on Drag Race All Stars Season 3. Milk is one of the few girls brining something interesting to the game. Loving his club […]

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HBO Explores What it’s Like to Be LGBT and Mormon

IMHO, friends don’t friends go to church. A schism is riling America’s conservative Christian denominations: The young and the old cannot agree on same-sex marriage. The disagreement is particularly apparent in the Mormon church. Although the church has softened its rhetoric opposing same-sex marriage since its support a decade ago for California’s Proposition 8 banning […]

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Olympic Winner Gus Kenworthy, A Gay Role Model We Should Be Proud Of

Becoming famous for actually having a talent, equals, amazing and unusual these days with. Most celebrities these day are becoming famous for absolutely nothing, other than being attractive. Well then, Gus Kenworthy, is a double whammy then. An olympic athlete and extremely easy on the eyes. More gay role models like this please.   Paper […]

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Never Lose Your Sense of Adventure Features Men of All Ages, Well Done Out Adventures | Watch Here

One thing that I have been preaching strong for the last year is living life the the fullest at any age. With our campaign #SmartSexyStrongSilver being a huge success this past year, it is great to see other LGBT targeted organization featuring men of all ages, enjoying, aging gracefully, and being a vibrant part of […]

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Happy Birthday AXXIDENTAL (Accidental Bear)! Cheers to 7 Years!

Happy Birthday to Axxidental (formerly Accidental Bear) that turns 7 years old  this week! What a wild 7 years it’s been! Somethings have worked, somethings have not. But I’m never afraid of trying new things, change direction, and pave my own path. That is one of the benefits of working for yourself. Axxidental is still independently […]

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Fetish Fight Club – Dating Site for Gay Men Who Fight Each Other for Sexual Gratification | Video

You do you, fuck everyone else. VICE enters the underground fetish wrestling community fueled by social media site, MeetFighters.com – a dating site for gay men who fight each other for sexual gratification. “Members of the site set up wrestler profiles and send out match requests to organise no holds barred fights in living rooms, hotel […]

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Punks of Pride in London | Video

This short film documenting the first punk float at Pride in London has struck a chord with me. How do we not have a Punks Pride float in our San Francisco Pride Parade? And how can I change this. If you are reading this and want to help get a SF Punk Pride float into reality, […]

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Meet 5 Large Men & the Little Dogs They Love | “Big Men, Small Dogs” Short Film

In Big Men, Small Dogs, meet five large men and the little dogs they love for #CBCShortDocs   Eric, Steve, Dax, Sean and Nate all attract attention when they walk their dogs. People stare, whisper, laugh, smile and even stop their cars to take photographs. Why? Because the men are over six feet tall and their […]

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Reggie Watts, Henry Rollins, & Moby Paint Shirtless with The Shirtless Painter | Video

Just because. This episode The Shirtless Painter is joined by the amazing musician, beatboxer, and comedian Reggie Watts. Together they paint an exquisite celebration, proving once again that anyone can paint and anyone can paint anything! Video from Funny Or Die   Ok, I just stumbled across The Shirtless Painter’s videos for Funny Or Die today. After some research […]

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How to Trim, Fade, and Maintain a Square Beard | Video

Beardbrand keeping us all looking sharp. Charlie Hubball shows us how to take a round and more natural looking beard and make it square and more defined.   ABOUT BEARDBRAND Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve […]

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San Francisco’s Santa Skivvies Run 2017 Was a Huge Sexy Success | Photos and Video

The Santa Skivvies Run is a festive fun run through San Francisco’s Castro benefiting San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This year, the sun was shining, and the turnout was a huge success. Runners (and party goers) drop trou, raised funds to fight HIVAIDS. You should already be thinking about joining the fun next year. All information […]

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Bay Area Weekend Event Picks: Zine Fest, Lolly Gaggers, Santa Skivvies Run, Fetish Flea Market & More

San Francisco’s Bay Area is a constant buzz of activities and events. If we could only clone ourselves we could make them all. Until then, here is our top event picks for this weekend Dec 9- 10, 2017. If you’d like an event added to our list in the future, don’t hesitate to message us […]

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Blondie and Joan Jett Team for Political New Video “Doom or Destiny”

“Doom or Destiny” features “nasty women” and a Trump sock puppet. Hell to the yeah! Blondie has shared a new music video for “Doom or Destiny” featuring there one and only Joan Jett. Inspired by the current political landscape, the satirical video was directed by Rob Roth.  “Doom or Destiny” is a track from Blondie’s latest […]