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Watch “A Road To Home” Trailer | LGBT Youths of the Ali Forney Center to Rebuild Their Lives

Watch “A Road To Home” Trailer | LGBT Youths of the Ali Forney Center to Rebuild Their Lives

Check out this new trailer for A Road to Home, about the struggles of some of the homeless LGBT youths of the Ali Forney Center to rebuild their lives. I’m thrilled that the film will be shown in festivals in Boston, Newport RI, NYC, and Miami in the coming weeks. Road to Home is a

The Day the Grindr Died | Watch These Guys Struggle Through It

This… “The day the Grindr died: a day that will live in infamy may just teach a few app-addicted guys how to live…” Director: Kevin Grant Spencer Written by: Matt Ludwinski Edited by: Kevin Grant Spencer Video from Cool Kid Adjacent

Logan McCree aka Philipp Tanzer Retires from Gay Adult Films to Become a Firefighter

  One of my favorite adult actors of all times, the very recognizable, Logan McCree aka Philipp Tanzer retires his penis from porn to become a firefighter. I’m totally fine with that. Logan has enough films made to last me a life time. And I say good luck Philipp, you live your life exactly the way you want to

YouTube sensation Olly Pike Releases Sweet Educational Gay Marriage Story for Kids | Video

“Prince Henry is set in a fairytale kingdom where no laws can stop anyone marrying the person they love” Gay presenter and performer Olly Pike, who has appeared in several West End shows, has quickly become an online hit and his latest educational video about gay marriage is no exception. Olly has created a series of LGBTI educational

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Mob Raids LGBT Event, Scares Off Riot Police | Video

Angry people. RT — Ukrainian riot police proved to be somewhat useless against a crowd of ultra-nationalists in the city of Lvov, as they failed to protect an LGBT gathering from harassment and did not arrest a single suspect after retreating from the confrontation with attackers. Amid a court ban on public Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,

30 Days Of Sex, Life Change | Dumb But Entertaining Video

  The poser nerdy couple with glasses are cute, yet so self aware of their nerdiness that it make them just hipsters not nerds. You feel me? “I feel like my dick is going to fall off…” Video by BuzzFeedBlue

Men Get Their Back, Sack and Crack Waxed | Video #Don’tDoIt

Just say No, No No Nooo… So, this again. These three fellas are quite cute, so that’s worth the watch. Video by Facts.


Gay Couple Burned Badly With Boiling Water by Mothers Hateful Boyfriend |Warning: Graphic Images

A gay couple in Atlanta suffered severe burns after allegedly being doused with boiling water in their sleep. (WARNING: contains graphic images)  Marquez Tolbert and his boyfriend, Anthony Gooden Jr., said they were sound asleep on the evening of Feb. 12 when they were jolted awake by the sensation of scalding hot water being splashed across their bodies.

5 Things To Know About Your Butt by Adorable Dude | Video

Hey ass-munch, listen up! “Butts are important, they are a crucial yet often overlooked part of our bodies, so today we’re covering: anal adventures! From butt beauty to butt sex, Gabe is here to break down 5 things you should know about your butt.” Video by FLAMA

See Malaysia Through the Eyes of Gay Travel Bloggers Nomadic Boys | Video

    Gay Star News shares with us –Hot gay travel bloggers, Nomadic Boys, have been taking the internet by storm since setting off on their worldwide adventure in 2014. From Russia to South East Asia, Stefan and Sebastien have seen it all and captured their journey, on camera, throughout. Our favourite video has to be

State Rep. Brian Sims Supports Medical Marijuana | Video

As if we needed any more reasons to love this guy. Pa. state Rep. Brian Sims outlines his support for allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed in Pennsylvania to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for the sick. Video by Pa. House Video

“Balls Deep” Goes Knee Deep in P-Town “Bears” March 16 on VICELAND | Watch Trailer

  BALLS DEEP “Bears” MARCH 16 at 11:00PM on VICELAND  Go bears (hand punched into the air with closed fist). “It’s Bear Week in Provincetown, when the burliest members of the gay community descend on Cape Cod to revel in their heft, hair, and heartiest homosexual hankerings. Will Thomas find love with one of the many

Watch “GAYCATION” Episode 2 in Brazil With a High LGBTQ Murder Rate | Full Episode Here

  Ellen and Ian arrive in Rio during Carnival to find out how Brazil’s queer community live in a place with the highest LGBTQ murder rate in the world. Video by VICELAND Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel, set off on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ cultures around the world. VICE Video | video.vice.com


“Medicare Mermaids” A New Progressive Political Satire

  The First Six Episodes Will Air Every-Other Monday on MedicareMermaids.com   With Six More Episodes Planned for the Presidential Election (Canarsie, Brooklyn NY – March 11, 2016) LB Zimmerman stars as “Rozzie Mendlebaum” and Susan J Sommer stars as “Sheila Rabinowitz,” the “Medicare Mermaids,” in the bitingly funny and satirical new political web-series which debuts on

Getting Naked to Talk About Gay Male Body Image | NSFW Video

In episode one of Daily Xtra’s new series Bare Naked four guys talk about what it was like to take off their clothes for the first time on camera. They were part of Egale Canada’s new m.bodiment campaign that is trying to get gay men to accept their bodies. For more information go to mbodiment.ca

3 Gay Men Living Together in a 3-way Relationship Explain How it Works

  Gay Star News —Triad; Threesome; Polyamorous relationship: Whatever you wish to call it, real-life examples of three men living and sleeping with one another in committed relationships remain pretty rare. Although many people may have dabbled with sex with more than one person at the same time, actually committing one’s self to two others is

Intersex Activists Handcuffed Themselves to UK’s Parliament Today | Video

  Gay Star News — Three intersex activists handcuffed themselves in front of London’s parliament today to fight for an Intersex Equality Inquiry. Watch how three brave activists are calling for an Intersex Equality Inquiry in the UK Artist Ela Xora, author Joe Holliday and his mother Julia Farmer stood in protest against the institutionalised abuse and


Accidental Bear Originals This Week: Photographer Georg Lester, Tattooist Micah Perry, & Accidental Bear Cruise!!

Accidental Bear Originals This Week. Oh what a week….. Guest: Photographer Georg Lester, Gay Model Poses, Aids/Lifecycle 2016 Vodcast #8 This Town Vodcast #8: This week’s guest is San Francisco photographer Georg Lester. Photo gigs, gay models “typical” go to poses, model no -nos, photographer etiquette, Yay or Nay, This or That Warm-up, SF Homeless

New Issue of TOH! Magazine is Out! Music, Fashion, Art, Stunning Male Models and Photoshoots

 Toh! is a bimonthly. It’s a web magazine. It’s about Music, Fashion, Art and all that matches with these worlds carefreely, easily and with no demands. www.toh-magazine.com Find TOH! Facebook

How Gay Men Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Semen | VICE

By Matthew Terrell for VICE It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when semen became the focus of so much erotic fixation in the gay community. Maybe it had something to do with AIDS activist Tony Valenzuelacoming out on the cover of Poz magazine in 1999 as an HIV+ gay man who enjoyed condom-less sex. “The unprotected sex … was beautiful, intimate,

“Don’t Look At Me”- A film by John Strong Including Vegetables, a Tub of Vaseline & Facebook Stalking | Walk

    “A romantic ode to the joys of grocery-bought vegetables, a tub of Vaseline and Facebook stalking.” Sure. Read the full article here on Dazed

Cruise with Accidental Bear! | Mardi Gras 2017 | Ft. Lauderdale – CocoCay, Bahamas – Cozumel – Grand Cayman – Falmouth

I am so excited to announce: The Accidental Bear Cruise! MARDI GRAS 2017 February 19th – February 26th, 2017 Ft. Lauderdale – CocoCay, Bahamas – Cozumel – Grand Cayman – Falmouth On the CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE: This will be a fantastic opportunity for followers, readers, and friends of Accidental Bear from all over the world to come together and

Meet Tattooist Micah Perry: Penis Art, Cruising LA, Golden Gate Park, Yay or Nay… |NSFW Video

Watch an all new “This Town: San Francisco” — A walk in San Francisco’s  Golden Gate Park with tattooist Micah Perry. Pissing in the woods, like friends do.We chat about Micah’s tattoo style, his erotic paintings of erections, dating/having sex with clients, hookers in Honolulu, tattoo laws, “hyper-masculinity”, gay guys who think being an ASSHOLE

Rapper Mac Miller To Donald Trump: “I Fucking Hate You” & I Agree | Video

  Can I get an amen up in here! Donald Trump supporters manhandle peaceful protesters, and Larry examines the art of political pandering with Mac Miller, Ricky Velez and Franchesca Ramsey. Mac Miller critiqued the Presidential candidate Trump on The Nightly Show.

Meet India’s First Gay Prince and Human Rights Activist Manvendra Singh Gohil | Video

“Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is an openly gay Indian royal family member who has been an inspiration for many Indians as well as people in abroad. Manvendra was disowned by his parents for his queer sexuality, yet he fought against the taboos and came out to the world with pride. He is a profound human

Black Bear & Brown Bear Cubs on Conan Are a Cute Overload | Video

Animal expert David Mizejewski brings in a pair of adorable bear cubs & Conan goes into cute overload. How cute is David himself! Video from Team Coco Find David Mizejewski on Instagram and at www.nwf.org/naturegeek  Media personality, naturalist, conservationist, author, blogger, animal lover, cook, geek, gardener, pro-equality. 

A Song For Those Who Like the Pole & The Hole aka Bi-Sexual | Video

Watch the full hilarious music video for “Getting Bi” from Pete Gardner on the television show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Monday nights at 8/7c on The CW. “….But this has changed with the introduction of one of the most remarkable characters on TV – for he is normal.” Gay Star News  The character Darryl on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is a middle-aged

The Weirdest Objects You Can Eat | Video by AsapSCIENCE

What are the weirdest objects you can eat? Food for thought. Video from AsapSCIENCE


Gay 80’s in San Francisco Captured by Photographer Thomas Alleman | “Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws”

These photos make me simultaneously happy and sad. “Photographer Thomas Alleman moved to San Francisco from Michigan in 1985. A year later, he began working for the San Francisco Sentinel, a “scrappy, very design-y, very political” gay weekly. During the early days of the AIDS epidemic, Alleman worked for multiple gay publications that decidedly focused their coverage

Let’s All Respect JD Samson’s Mustache | Video

Respect the mustache. “What is the one thing that sort of bugs you about your appearance? Come on, we all have something. Too tall, too short, hair too straight, hair too curly, too many muscles, not enough muscles, nose too long, nose too short blah, blah, blah. STOP. Now, listen to artist/musician/dj/human, JD Samson, as

Cartoonist Sina Grace to Launch “Self-Obsessed” Web Series | Watch Trailer

LOS ANGELES, CA –  Cartoonist Sina Grace will debut a web series based on his 2015 Image Comics graphic novel Self-Obsessed on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Directed by friend and longtime collaborator on the hit comic series Burn the Orphanage, Daniel Freedman (Undying Love), Self-Obsessed is a comedic look at the life of a gay LA-based cartoonist who struggles to find

Peaches Will Appear on “Orphan Black” Season 4

  Peaches has confirmed on Instagram today that she will appear on an upcoming episode of the sci-fi TV show “Orphan Black.” Her role has yet to be revealed, but Exclaim! reports that she will perform in the episode, which was filmed at the Bovine Sex Club, a bar in Toronto. Check here to see a photo of Peaches with the show’s

Michael Phelps Returns for One Last Olympics, Looks Like a Total Stud | Video

Michael Phelps is one tall drink of water in promo video for Under Armour “Legacies like his are built over a lifetime like this. Michael Phelps returns for one last time.” When Michael Phelps and his fiancée Nicole Johnson caught their first glimpse of his new Under Armour ad, it reduced them to tears. It is no

Conchita Wurst at Twitter Australia Answers Questions | Video #RainbowRoom #ConchitaAnswers

Casual time with the adorable Conceit Wurst as she answers questions via Twitter. All video answers from the Twitter Q&A were recorded at Twitter Australia’s #RainbowRoom during #MardiGras on 4 March 2016 in Sydney. Video from Conchita Wurst

Hooking up on Manhunt is Faster Than Ordering A Pizza | Watch Cute Promo Video

“Cut to the chase with Manhunt, the fastest, most discrete way to meet the hottest guys (Says Manhunt).” Try it out for free: www.manhuntnow.com Produced by Dirtyglitter | www.dirtyglitter.com

Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse PSA Featuring Hollywood Actors | Video

  1 in 6 men are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The new NO MORE PSA from Joyful Heart Foundation, Viacom and 1in6 invites survivors and those who care about them to visit 1in6.org for help. Share the word that the 21 million men who are survivors are not alone by visiting thesocialpresskit.com. Video from Joyful Heart

New Vodcast #8: Guest: Photographer Georg Lester, Gay Model Poses, Aids/Lifecycle 2016, Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry and More! | Watch Video

This Town Vodcast #8: This week’s guest is San Francisco photographer Georg Lester. Topics: Photo gigs, gay models “typical” default poses, model no -nos, photographer etiquette, Yay or Nay, This or That Warm-up, SF Homeless Jane Warner Plaza, and my STRONG DISLIKE for Hollywood medium Tyler Henry, and much more! And of course my classic sweaty

SNL’s Racist “Voters For Trump” Ad Takes a Dump on Trump (Thank You) | Video

Perfection. Now eat shit Donald Trump and go away. “Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they’ll be voting for Donald Trump.” Video from Saturday Night Live

Alan Powdrill16

“Covered” and Uncovered: Photo Series Exploring The Realities of Heavily-Tattooed People

Above: “Me mum wasn’t happy at all about the swallow on my hand so I said ‘Look mum it’s not like I’m on the street doing heroin” by Anna Randal Tattoos are not a trend nor an addiction, tattoos are a way of life. A tattooed person carries the responsibility that goes with the ink, the

Chloe Has An “Emergency” PSA About Litter | Watch Video

Chloe has discovered an Emergency! She always has her finger on the pulse. Video from The Orphans