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PSA: Please Recycle Marshmallow Peeps on Conan | Video

PSA: Please Recycle Marshmallow Peeps on Conan | Video

“After Easter, millions of inedible Peeps pollute the environment. Do your part and reuse them today.” Team Coco


“Seed Money” | Documentary About Falcon Founder Chuck Holmes Premieres Friday

  Seed Money, the long-awaited documentary about the late gay porn pioneer and gay rights activist Chuck Holmes will have its world premiere at the Boston LGBT Film Festival on Friday. Holmes founded San Francisco’s legendary Falcon Studios in the early 1970s, then used his money and connections to fuel the gay rights movement of the 1990s.

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The Abbey in WeHo Serves Religious Freedom Cakes Benefitting Human Rights Campaign

  The Abbey Food & Bar, known as “The Best Gay Bar in the World,” announced today that it would start selling Religious Freedom Cakes benefiting the Human Rights Campaign and their efforts to fight LGBT discrimination nationwide.   “Everybody is talking about whether the baker can legally refuse to serve the LGBT community,” said

What Will Your Tattoos Look Like In 50 Years? | Video

  “It gets better with age” says BuzzFeed Video

Watch George Takei’s New Web Series “It Takeis Two” Episode 1: “Seriously”

  In this “reality”-series, actor and activist George Takei (Star Trek’s Sulu) and husband Brad Takei navigate their daily lives, from the internet and Broadway to jetpacks and human hamster balls. With a recipe that is one part optimism and one part pragmatism, this dynamic duo overcomes life’s obstacles, reminding us that any great enterprise

Stories of Homosexuals and Transsexuals in Iran on This Week’s Episode of HBO’s VICE

  In Friday’s episode of VICE, VICE Correspondent Thomas Morton follows the stories of homosexuals and transsexuals in Iran as they navigate a terrifying cultural landscape. Post-revolution Iran is notorious for its religiosity: when Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in 1979 he enforced strict Islamic custom that made homosexuality punishable by death. Surprisingly, though, the state treats transsexuals differently,

Spray Poop Trailer | 2015 SF Underground Short Film Festival Showcase of Bay Area Filmmakers & Performers

  I love poop humor more than life itself. Event Trailer by DANIEL MAGGIO Music by Richard Friend The 2015 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival With your hosts Peaches Christ & Sam Sharkey Special Guest Appearance by CARLETTA SUE KAY (Program 2) Friday, April 17th at The Victoria Theatre 2961 16th Street, San Francisco

Russian Court Authorizes Closure Of LGBT Teen Support Group’s Site

  We first reported on “Children 404″ – Gay Russian Youth Documentary: Indiegogo Project in October 2013. Below we have an update. Radio Free Radio reports: A court in St. Petersburg has authorized the government to block the social-network page of an online support group for LGBT teenagers in Russia. A lawyer for Deti-404 (Children-404), Maria

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Deaf Gay Man Comes Out, Overcomes Feeling of Isolation | Video

Note: If you don’t know American Sign Language, click the “CC” (Closed Captioning) button in the lower right-hand corner of the video to read the subtitles. Richard Mesich felt like the only Deaf Gay in the world. After coming out to his mom and his family, his gay uncles took him to his first gay


Elton John & Michael Stipe Call for Protection of Transgender Inmates

  Elton John and Michael Stipe are calling for the equal rights of transgender inmates following claims that a transgender woman was mistreated at a Georgia prison. “Transgender women in male prisons have an equal right to protection from violence and abuse in prison, and yet they continue to face horrific injustices,” according to a joint statement they released

Irish Company Turning Homophobic Messages into Confetti for Same-Sex Weddings | Video

At Daintree, paper is our favourite thing in the whole world. So when paper was used to spread some ugly lies in the run up to the marriage equality referendum we weren’t one bit happy. So we created ‘A Shred of Decency’. It’s confetti made from 100% recycled lies in support of marriage equality. Shred

Do You Extreme Pogo? Watch Video

Extreme Pogo Sticking + Trick Shots from Dude Perfect Youtuber.

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Become an Accidental Bear Member Now! Be Part of the Growing International Community | Video

Big news at Accidental Bear today! Become an Accidental Bear Member Now! For years people have asked me how they can contribute, be part of, or support Accidental Bear Website and all of the exciting original projects I do. Today I am rolling out a subscriber/membership option. If you enjoy and like what’s going on

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“The Greasy Hands Preachers” Film for Motorcycle Enthusiasts | Watch

This film explores the revival of manual work through the passion of motorcycle enthusiasts who have found their way to a happy life. Shot on Super 16, Greasy Hands takes viewers all over the world, with stopovers in France, the USA, Scotland, Spain and Indonesia. The cast is a roll call of big name builders:

The Four Worst Supreme Court Arguments on Marriage | Apr 6 | Marriage News Watch

    The more you know… “Michigan says that they don’t want to let gay people get married because that would be demeaning to gay people. Kentucky says that their marriage ban isn’t discriminatory, since LGBTs are free to get straight-married. Ohio wants to maintain its marriage ban out of concern for the people who

New George Takei Web Series Trailer | “It Takeis Two”

In this “reality”-series, actor and activist George Takei (Star Trek’s Sulu) and husband Brad Takei navigate their daily lives, from the internet and Broadway to jetpacks and human hamster balls. With a recipe that is one part optimism and one part pragmatism, this dynamic duo overcomes life’s obstacles, reminding us that any great enterprise Takeis

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Naked Dudes Covered in Paint Kissing Art Video | “The Love Lesson” | NSFW

  “The Love Lesson” Performance by Karl Lakolak in Christophe Combarieu apartment initiated by Yohann Grandsire, Vipa Gamage & PRIVATO “Shot & edited by Gaspard Carpenter Video posted Meton Atopik

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Accidental Bear on UK Radio ShoutOut| Mike Enders Talks About Tub Interviews, New Projects & More | Listen Here

Our very own Mike Enders was on UK radiao station ShoutOut yesterday . ShoutOut is Bristol’s LGBT radio show, airing on community station BCFM (93.2 FM in Bristol, streaming around the globe on www.bcfm.org.uk). Mike is asked about his popular bathtub interviews, Accidental Bear’s site content, the future of A/B, his new weekly vodcast “This Town,” and much more.

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David Letterman And Billy Eichner Loose of the Streets on NYC

    What an awesome pairing, like a fine wine and a fresh piece of meat. David Letterman And Billy Eichner loose on the Streets of NYC. Eichner and  Letterman leave the comfort of the Ed Sullivan Theater to ask New Yorkers, “What should David Letterman do next?” Billy on the Street season 4 — coming

How Good Is Your Eyesight? | Test Video

  Who do you see? Video from AsapSCIENCE

What’s the Point of Boycotting Indiana? Video by Matt Baume

Food for thought. “Why are we boycotting Indiana, if there are 20 other states with laws that are almost exactly the same? And is a boycott going to do more harm than good? Let’s discuss, with the help of our friends George Takei and Thomas.” Vide from Matt Baume

Watch Interview with Singer James Panther | “Desirable”, Portland, Riot Girl Moment | This Town Vodcast

  In this episode of “This Town” Vodcast, I get to talk with singer/songwriter from Portland, James Panther, as he swings through town to perform at San Francisco’s Martuni’s. We had a chance to talk about his new music video “Desirable”, bonding on being riot girls, reflect on the queer community, the use of the

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Get a Beard Weave with Beardbrand | Watch Video

I smell April fools. Beardbrand says, “Time for you to step up your game with some authentic beard weave from Beardbrand. This stuff is made out of real human hair and it comes in 6 colors to match your beard. It comes with easy clippy technology to attach to your beard and give you the instant

New Dry Humping Video from Bryan Hawn | NSFW-ish

Bryan Hawn is at it again in new new dry humping video. I couldn’t help but to post this because all of his videos get major traffic. See past viral posts HERE I can’t help to think that when the camera goes off, he starts cracking up himself. It appears that these crystal underwear he has on

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7 Useless Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had | AsapTHOUGHT Video

Your body is weirder than you think! Video by AsapTHOUGHT AsapTHOUGHT  on Facebook Let’s also address the fact that Greg’s hair is looking amazing.

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David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line for Hot Bodies

Love the sense of humor and the important message of self acceptance. Hot comes in all shapes and sizes. “Fashion icon and soccer legend David Beckham shares an exclusive sneak peek of the advertisement launching his new underwear line with James Corden (Not real). Just don’t look for it on shelves any time, ever. “ The


Gay Drama Series, “People You Know” Debuts on HERE TV on April 3

    Now that Looking is gone, what else is there on television about the lives of gay people except for funny or best friend side dish characters. Orchard Winfield Productions (OW Productions) announces that Here TV, America’s Only Gay TV Network, will premiere their sizzling new show, People you Know. Season One, Part One tackles the


Meet Mr. Gay Hong Kong Mass Luciano

I’m not quite sure how I feel about these “Mr. Gay” titles, my first reaction is gross. But like in the real world, every title holder has a story and just living his life like you and me. Many roads, different paths, all equal. With each title comes the responsibility of helping a cause and


London’s Men’s Rugby Team Strip to Fight LGBT Domestic Violence | NSFW

www.roarnews.co.uk   Way ahead of the official naked/benefit calendar trend season, King’s College London’s Men’s Rugby team and student newspaper Roar News have teamed up to shoot a naked calendar to raise money for charity. roarnews.co.uk: The calendar sees the Men’s 1st team posing totally naked with only cleverly placed objects hiding their dignity.  All the

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Christians Get a Big F@%k You in Fantastic Parody Video about “Religious Freedom”

Thank you for this Youtuber, Wayne Besen. Simply brilliant   Wayne Besen writes, This is Truth Wins Out’s second video in its “Religious Freedom Farce” campaign, which highlights the real-world consequences of laws that purport to protect religious liberty, when in reality they only promote exclusion. In our new video, we show how such laws can open

Maricielo, from the series Virgenes de la Puerta

“Virgenes de la Puerta” Focuses on the Transgender Women of Lima | Kickstarter

  From the Virgenes de la Puerta Kickstarter Page by About this project from Welcome to our Kickstarter Page! Here you’ll find further reading about the project, sketches and images of work in that’s in process, as well as what’s to come. You’ll also find images and information about the exciting and unique offerings we have as an

Photo by Mike Enders

Margaret Cho is Back Helping San Francisco’s Homeless & Making a Documentary About It #BeRobin

    We posted back in November when Margaret Cho hit to the street, busking, to help bring funds and much needed awareness to San Francisco’s epic homeless problem (See video below). Cho’s movement has it’s own hashtag #BeRobin, where she has emotionally stated about Robin Williams death, “that many people did not know what

Emotional Last Dance – Gay Short Dance Film | Video

  “When a dancer loses his partner, he goes to the studio to work out his grief. What happens next will touch your heart.” Starring: Tom DiFeo, Jonathan Breton Director: Brian Pelletier Video by OutliciousTV

#twitterlieder: 15 Tweets in 3 Acts | World Premiere by San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus | April 1 & 2, 2015

#twitterlieder: 15 Tweets in 3 Acts – World Premiere This Spring, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus presents “Passion,” at Davies Symphony Hall. The concerts include the world premiere of “#twitterlieder:15 Tweets in 3 Acts,” a brand-new song cycle by James Eakin III (music) and Charles Anthony Silvestri (words). #twitterlieder chronicles an entire life with a

What Happy Pigs and Bigoted Weasels Have in Common by Matt Baume

  Food for thought. Nice sweater Matt. Last week, Senator James Lankford (Oklahoma) and Representative Randy Forbes (Virginia) jumped on the fact that Chipotle suspended a pork supplier for failing to provide proper animal care. Then they twisted that news through a tangle of logic until it was sly justification for businesses to refuse service

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Foreskin Sculpture | “HUFO – The Missing Piece” Kickstarter Project

I’m just the messenger. All information listed is from the Kickstarter Page: Revealing the True Cost of Male Circumcision About this project Never before in history has the loss due to circumcision been actualized… until now. After 2 years of work, from conception to reality, Vincenzo Aiello presents America’s censored body part: HUFO – The

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The Science of Awkwardness | Video

  Food for thought. Youtuber,  Michael Stevens from Vsauce shared this video on the science of Awkwardness and the E E E…. Watch below. I have such a wicked crush on this man and his brain.


Lucha libre Mask Wearing Piggyback Taxi Service in South Africa

  Move over Uber, ZANG is in town. Well, if you are in South Africa. Oh, it a chocolate ad actually. “Giving the public a pick me up in more ways than one, the new caffeinated chocolate brand ZANG is launching the world’s first piggyback taxi service, with wrestlers as vehicles.” www.zangchocolate.com


SF Comics Fest Puts Out a Call for Artists! | May 2015

From the SF Comics Fest website: The San Francisco Comics Fest wants Bay Area artists to help promote us in our inaugural year. Join them! We’re looking for illustrations that convey the vibrancy and diversity of the San Francisco comics scene, past and present, to use on the SF Comics Fest website and in promotional materials

Funny Or Die Announce Outside Lands 2015 Lineup in Hilarious Video

  Outside Lands has revealed its 2015 lineup. The three-day music festival takes place August 7th – 9th at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. Elton John, Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys, and Kendrick Lamar headline this year’s festival. Other notable acts include Sam Smith, Wilco, Tame Impala, D’Angelo, St. Vincent, Ben Harper and