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Uber to Deliver Adoptable Kittens to Offices Across the U.S. Today in Honor of National Cat Day

Uber to Deliver Adoptable Kittens to Offices Across the U.S. Today in Honor of National Cat Day

In celebration of National Cat Day today, October 29, Uber is once again offering kitten delivery to (preferably) offices throughout the United States. Users can request kittens from 11AM to 3PM tomorrow through the Uber app (a a reminder notice is available) and for $30 the lucky recipients will get 15 minutes of warm fuzzy snuggles with adoptable kittens. All proceeds from this project will go to

Why Do Stormtroopers Have Bad Aim? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios Video

Why Do Stormtroopers Have Bad Aim? Question  answered by PBS Idea Channel

Carrie Brownstein Chats About New Book on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“Carrie Brownstein is a rocker, a comedian and now an author, so Stephen naturally wants to know if she’s cool.” The Late Show with Stephen Colbert   Brownstein also appeared in an extra, backstage skit, titled “Somber Grrrl”. “Playing in Sleater-Kinney has been a great opportunity for me,” she says in the clip, “but sometimes I

Jason Sudeikis Bros Out with Billy on the Street & Tailgate Wicked | Video

  Bro Billy rocks. Jason Sudeikis and Billy Eichner bro out on the streets of New York to make sure they’re all good with New Yorkers. Watch the full episode with more Jason Sudeikis Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on truTV. Video by Billy On The Street


Porn Star Jerec Wentworth Jailed for Blackmailing Millionaire

Jerec Wentworth was jailed for six years for extorting hundreds of thousands from a Republican millionaire. He should be very popular. Gay Star News: Gay porn star Jarec Wentworth was jailed for nearly six years in a federal prison for blackmailing a wealthy telecom executive out of $1.5 million in cash and property. The 26-year-old


Gay Man Dies After Doctors Remove 20% of His Brain, After a Homophobic Attack

Operation was necessary after a homophobic attack, the killer only spent 11 months in prison Gay Star News reports: A gay man has died after a homophobic attack left him with a brain hemorrhage. Mikhail Pischevsky, 33, was attacked after he had left a gay party in a Minsk nightclub in May 2014. His attacker,

The Boys of Autumn by Cheap Undies | Video Feat. Colby Melvin

  Who doesn’t love Cheap Undies?  www.cheapundies.com


New Law Would Make It Illegal To Come Out As Gay In Russia

  If two Communist Party lawmakers have their way, it will be illegal to come out as gay in Russia. Communist Party MPs Ivan Nikitchuk and Nikolay Arefyev have proposed legislation that would make “public expression of non-traditional sexual relations” illegal, punishable with fines ($64-$80) and up to 15 days in jail. Specifically, any “demonstration of one’s


Olympian Gus Kenworthy Opens Up About Why He Waited to Come Out Until Now

Olympian Gus Kenworthy, slopestyle silver medalist, took the media by storm last week as he came out publicly in an article with ESPN (Read Here) He told the Chicago Tribune why he waited until now to come out and what has weighed on his mind since Sochi where he won his medal. When Gus Kenworthy

Making Donuts with Big Dipper in NYC at Dun Well Doughnuts | Video

Dipper does donuts, naturally. Rapper Big Dipper visits Dun Well Doughnuts in Brooklyn and is given a play by play on how to make donuts by Christopher. This could be dangerous, because Dipper REALLY like donuts. Watch how his visit goes in video below.  Brooklyn’s Dun Well Doughnuts at dunwelldoughnuts.com Follow Big Dipper at bigdipperjelly.com Featuring Big Dipper and


Leslie Jordan Returns to Feinstein’s at the Nikko with His Brand-New One-Man Show, “Not in My house!”

    SAN FRANCISCO (October 26, 2015) – Feinstein’s at the Nikko is thrilled to welcome back Emmy Award winner, Leslie Jordan, for two performances of his brand-new one-man show, Not In My House! – Friday, November 13 (8 p.m.) and Saturday, November 14 (7 p.m.). An active supporter of the LGBT community, Jordan was inspired to create his new show after a headline-making confrontation

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Bobsledding Hunk Simon Dunn Shares “I do (HO)MOvember” Video

You cannot deny that the camera loves out bobsledder Simon Dunn or his charm. Simon just shared a new video on his Youtube Channel, declaring that he will be participating in this year’s Movmeber activities. He is personalizing the name to more fit him, “(HO)MOvember.” Please donate to Simon’s campaign page here:  http://mobro.co/bobsleighsimon Follow Simon on Facebook,

Meaty Legs for Days | Porn Star Landon Mycles’ Leg Workout Advice | Video

Are you a leg guy? “Wanna have pornstar legs? Here’s some workout advice from Landon Mycles!” Video by Men.com

Daniel Tosh Showers with Carrot Top in Parody Video of “Good For You” | Video

  I feel dirty and turned on. What!? “The same couch, the same location, a much different Selena Gomez,” says Daniel Tosh Original song “Good For You” ft. A$AP Rocky by Selena Gomez.

New York Giants Team up with You Can Play Project, Leave Out the Words “Gay,” “LGBT” or “Homophobia” in Video

The New York Giants team up with You Can Play in support of inclusion for LGBT athletes, coaches and fans. Oddly enough though, “Tim Buzinski at OutSports notes that the video doesn’t include the words “gay,” “LGBT” or “homophobia,” so those unfamiliar with the You Can Play Project may not know what it means.”  You Can Play Project reports:


Nigel Owens Becomes First Out Gay Man to Referee Rugby World Cup Final

Gay and keeping things straight!   Rugby is one of the toughest, roughest and ‘masculine’ sports in the world, and for the World Cup final it will be officiated by a gay man for the very first time. Welshman Nigel Owens will referee the final between New Zealand and Australia on 31 October. Selector Grant

How Much Pain Can You Handle? | New ASAP Science Video

  The AsapScience guys put themselves through a lot of pain for science! They have just premiered, The LAB, their new series where they take your questions and turn them into experiments! Have a cool idea for the show? Let them know use the hashtags #TheLAB and #TWIST Video from AsapSCIENCE


“ECOSEXUAL” Hunk Masturbates in Nature with Aloe Vera by Antonio Da Silva| NSFW Video

Film maker Antonio Da Silva, is back and skating the line of art and porn, again (Thank you). That is just where I like to hangout. He just shared with me his newest film, ECOSEXUAL, featuring Rowland who we have all fallen in love with in past films of Antonio Da Silvas. Find and follow Rowland on Instagram. Rowland

How To Glitter Your Beard Video by The Gay Beards

Every beardo needs to know this. Video from The Gay Beards “Are glitter beards magic?! Are fairies responsible?? Find out in this week’s video where we show you how to glitter beard!!”

An Acehnese man convicted for "immoral acts" is lashed by a hooded local government officer during a public caning at a square in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, on June 12, 2015. AFP PHOTO / Chaideer MAHYUDDIN        (Photo credit should read CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Tourists Could Now Be Beaten with a Stick for Being Gay in Indonesia

Need to know world LGBT news. PinkNews reports: An Indonesian province has introduced a harsh new law that re-introduces caning as a punishment for homosexuality – and it also applies to foreign tourists. The Aceh – the only part of the Asian nation which enforces Islamic Sharia law – has autonomous control over crime and punishment.

What Will Humanity Look Like in 1000 Years? | Asap Science Video

  “What will humanity look like in 1000 years? Watch as we cover some cutting-edge innovations happening today. ” AsapSCIENCE

Bobsledder Simon Dunn is Tempting Us With Locker Room Selfies

Please don’t ever stop taking selfies Simon. Beard or no beard, we want more. Want to see more? Follow Simon Dunn on Instagram Here  🐨Bobsledding for Australia 🍁Living in Calgary 🏉Rugby Player Ok maybe one more selfie! 😉 A photo posted by 🇦🇺 Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on Oct 23, 2015 at 8:13pm PDT What would you

Listen to Neko Case & John Grant Chat

   A little tickle in my ear told me that Neko Case and John Grant had a chat. Listen in to what they gabbed about via NPR “John’s latest record is called Grey Tickles, Black Pressure and Neko will release Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule on November 13, a career-spanning vinyl box set featuring her entire solo discography remastered.” Source: NPR  

Musician Without Arms Plays a Mean Guitar Using Only His Feet | Video

Mark Goffeney is a musician living and playing in San Diego California. Oh, and he was born with no arms. Watch the short film below titled “Hands Free.” Directed and produced by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales. Shot and edited by Ross Harris. Location audio and mix by Stanley Gonzales. Color grade Jeremy Ian Thomas. rossangeles.net bigtoerocks.com

Naked Warwick Rowers New Video, Talk About Gay Fans | NSFW Video

The world’s most famous naked athletes, the Warwick Rowers, are back with their seventh calendar for 2016. When asked about how they feel about their gay fans, they replied, “We don’t even understand the question. Why would we mind.” Take a peek behind the scenes at our naked photo shoots on glamorous locations in England

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“CHEMSEX” | The Use of Drugs in a Sexual Context | Official Trailer

Chemsex: the name given to the rising phenomenon which refers to the use of drugs in a sexual context. Often referring to group sex that can last for days, the allure of chemsex has lead to many young men being trapped in a vicious circle of sex, addiction and dependence. This powerful and potent film

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Kink Date Gone Wrong | True Dating Stories: Jesse | Video

Uh-oh! Jesse meets a guy on a dating app that’s into kink, and they agree to meet… Real people tell their funniest, wildest and most embarrassing dating stories while hilarious recreations bring them life. Jesse – Alex Tindal Jesse’s Date – Murray Urquhart Want to be on the show? Tell them your True Dating Story by emailing truedatingstories@gmail.com

Song Lyrics Inspire Queer Man to Come Out | Video

After Jerome Bwire broke up with his girlfriend in college, his girlfriend sent him some song lyrics that acted as the catalyst that put him on the path to a life of honesty and happiness. (Queer | Coming Out | Music | Nevada) [TV-PG] www.imfromdriftwood.com aims to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people


Penis & Vagina Emojis, Enough Said

Veins, girth, and pubes oh my! Find here www.flirtmoji.co   

What Are Your Balls Really Thinking? | Fantastic Acted Out Videos Explain | Video

  Take a sneak peek at life inside your undies. My balls are big talkers, glad to finally know what they are saying. Videos from Bonds Australia Bonds undies and clothing are the kind of stuff you live in, lounge in and play in. It’s casual wear for work and lazy weekend days. At bonds.com.au you’ll


Gay ‘Vampire’ on Trial in Stockholm for Slitting Boyfriend’s Throat and Drinking His Blood

  Killer claims ‘threatening voices’ in his head told him to carry out horrific crime. Gay Star News reports: A gay ‘vampire’ is accused of killing his boyfriend by slitting his throat, drinking his blood and then painting a pentagram on the wall. The 23-year-old Swedish man was charged with murdering his 32-year-old lover at

“The Ten Commandments” by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian | Video

“Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™, presents a video on how the Ten Commandments are the basis for all American laws. Or not. Special Guests (in alphabetical order) are God, Sarah Palin, and George Washington.” Video from truth talker Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Hollyween promotion

LGBT Halloween Charity Costume Ball Moves to San Francisco from NYC

The newest hotel to hit San Francisco, Hotel Zephyr, just opened in June 2015 and has officially partnered with Passport magazine this year as sponsor for their annual Hollyween charity costume ball. The event, which raised more than $100k last year, is typically held in NYC but this year the Passport team has decided to

Todrick Hall on LGBT Youth “I Want to Be a Beacon for Those Kids” | Video

Openly gay artist Todrick Hall wears many hats. He got his start in Hollywood as an American Idol finalist, performed on Broadway, and ultimately garnered over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel and a hit show called “Todrick” on MTV. The show follows Hall and his team as they create YouTube videos with their

“Gays in Prison” – Trailer Features Latrice Royale of RuPaul’s Drag Race | Video

  Gays in Prison is a documentary featuring Latrice Royale, popular star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as she reveals her own experiences in jail and explores the stories of other former and current LGBTQ prisoners, who face special challenges, violence and discrimination in the criminal justice system. The film is directed by Christopher Hines and


The Great Rainbow Bake-Off is Back for UK’s Anti-Bullying Week

  Students are being encouraged to make a noise about LGBTI bullying by baking a selection of loud cakes in time for the UK’s Anti-bullying week Educate & Celebrate, the UK-based organization that helps schools to become LGBT-friendly, in conjunction with Gay Star News, is asking pupils and students to take part in its ‘Edu-cake

A Day in the Life of Two Gay Dads Will Melt Your Heart | Video

Gay Star News reports: The simple pleasures of family life have been captured in a beautiful new video. The ‘day in the life film’, created by Gays With Kids, a network offering support for gay dads and men considering fatherhood, showcases the average Sunday routine for a New York family, Corey, Rocco and their son Forge.


Taiwanese LGBT Activists Unroll Giant 100kg Rainbow Flag in Support of Same-Sex Marriage Bill

The unfurling of the flag, a gift from Taiwanese pop diva and LGBT rights advocate A-mei, was also to mark Taiwan’s National Day Gay Star News reports: Hundreds of LGBT rights supporters in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan unfurled a giant rainbow flag to mark Taiwan’s National Day on Saturday. The 100kg, 60-meter by 30-meter rainbow flag, was unfurled


14 Yr Old Trans Boy, Fourth Trans Teen Suicide in San Diego this Year

A 14-year-old boy has become the fourth transgender teen to die by suicide in San Diego County since March. Emmett Castle took his life at his father’s Mission Valley home last Saturday (3 October), KGTVreported. Emmett came out as transgender last summer and was quickly accepted by his parents. However, misgendering by classmates hurt him and


Three Gay Bars & Men in Dallas Vandalized Overnight

Gay Star News reports: Three gay bars on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas were vandalized overnight. The three — Woody’s, Jr’s Bar and Grill, and the Mining Company — had their front doors smashed, according to NBC News. A spokesperson from Caven Enterprises, which manages the three bars, says it doesn’t believe it to be a hate