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Naked Swamp Wrestling, Welcome To Finland | Watch Video

Naked Swamp Wrestling, Welcome To Finland | Watch Video

Well, I know that title got your attention. I just came across this Youtube Channel called Timo Wilderness and it’s a shit ton of fun. “Finland – The land of a gazillion swamps, swamp wrestling matches and swamp mummies.” Finland has the highest proportion of wetlands in the world. There’s at least ten words for swamp in

Hipster Cafe with the Theme “We’re Closed” is the Hippest | Video

I want to put these two inside a s’mores and eat them alive (not in a cannibal way though). Dom and Adrian have opened the most hipster cafe in the world, serving the most hipster coffees in the world. Video from Van Vuuren Bros

Chubbies Shorts Wants to Add Men’s Synchronized Swimming to the Olympics | Video

Seriously though… Video from Chubbies Shorts


Provincetown Carnival Week is “Back to the 80s” | Put Adam’s Nest on Your to Do List

With this year’s Provincetown Carnival theme being “Back to the 80s”, it seemed the only thing to do were the old Gran Fury t’s that were omnipresent during the early days of Act Up.  The message resonates as strongly now as then. In addition to these Adam’s Nest have added their “HIV÷”, “FRANKIE SAY GET PrEP”, and “This


Christian Groups Handing Out Creepy ‘Gay Cure’ Comics to Children

Don’t these people have jobs? Stop focusing so much on my dick and where it goes Christians, it’s creeping me out. Pink News reports: A Christian group has amended the Bible with comic books that support ‘gay cure’ therapy – and they’re giving them out to children. The American Family Association, which is strongly opposed to

People Take Acid and Build IKEA Furniture | Watch Video

This sounds nightmarish. #stoopid Giancarlo and Nicole try to build an Ikea dresser after both taking LSD. The acid complicates an already difficult task, but after hours of false starts, laughter and deep introspection, they just might be able to work together and finally complete “Step 1.” Video from Hikea Productions

Badass Grandma… Stealing Your Man Since 1928

Nothing to see here except for badass grandma. Do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram

Why Outing Olympic Athletes on Grindr is Not a Good Idea | Video by Matt Baume

Set it straight Matt! I mean gaywardly forward. “Shocking news: gay people are having sex at the Olympics. And now a reporter has outed some of them — with potentially serious consequences, since some may face persecution back home. Is there any chance we can turn this into an opportunity to do some good, by


Gay Olympian From ‘Very Homophobic’ Tonga, Slams Article Outing Gay Olympic Athletes Using Grindr

What a complete asshole move Daily Beast. I hope you suffer from the backlash you are getting! Via thegailygrind.com Openly gay Tongan athlete Amini Fonua issued a sharp condemnation on Thursday to a horribly irresponsible and exploitative Daily Beast story on athletes’ use of sex apps in Rio that might have outed gay athletes. Fonua, an


How The Deaf And Queer Communities Are Tackling Oppression Together

What a great feature from theestablishment.co: If you frequent queer spaces in certain cities, you may have noticed social media posts and flyers advertising American Sign Language (ASL) classes targeted towards queer and trans people. The casual observer may write these classes off as a curious but incidental pairing of two communities. Yet, these classes are

How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic Scientifically | ASAP Science Video

Some tips on how to minimize traffic, or something like that. Oh, and it’s an ad for Toyota too. Video from AsapSCIENCE

SFGMC - Tales of Our City with Armistead Maupin - 14th April 2016.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus To Perform For United States Navy’s Naming Ceremony Honoring Harvey Milk

Photo Credit: Gareth Gooch SAN FRANCISCO (August 9, 2016) – The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) and Dr. Timothy Seelig, SFGMC Artistic Director, announced today that the Chorus will perform the National Anthem at the celebrated USNS Harvey Milk Naming Ceremony on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 2:00PM, held by the United States Navy. The event will take place on Treasure


Flula Serenades Michael Phelps & It’s as Odd & Funny as You Would Think | Video

“Michael I am so glad you did Enjoying my Dope Serenading!” Flula


Evicted Tenants Fear For Future of Keith Haring Mural

  In 1983 or 1984, legendary graffiti artist Keith Haring painted a mural that winds through three floors of the Grace House, a rental building owned by the Church of the Ascension parish in Morningside Heights, New York City. Photo credit: DNAinfo.com/Ben Fractenberg DNA info reports: In the early 1980s, legendary street artist Keith Haring painted a

Magnitude Party Promo Video Has A Variety of Flavors to Quench Your Thirst | Folsom Street Events

Check out the playful promo video for Magnitude Party hosted by Folsom Street Events  Saturday, September 24 at 9 PM – 4 AM Sep 24 at 9 PM to Sep 25 at 4 AM Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Andy Bydalek (andybydalek.com). Co-Produced by Jed Bell. Starring Shannon Amitin, Joseph Barajas, Michael Tempesta and Scott Upper. Video from Folsom Street


“Hawaiian Lions” |The Lana’i Cat Sanctuary Is a Hawaiian Paradise | Video

Dude, did you know that there is a Cat Sanctuary on Lanai, Hawaii? Now you do. “The sanctuary is home to almost 500 cats (495 to be precise) and visitors are free to pet them all, providing they have a long enough vacation of course! Located on the small Hawaiian island of Lanai, the sanctuary covers

Coffee House Chronicles | Episode 9: “Seeking Same” #Ginger #Bait

The ninth episode of the web series Coffee House Chronicles, the Season 1 finale, has been released on YouTube. “Seeking Same” is the story of a gay man (Luis Selgas) who, at the urging of his straight roommates (Alex Genther, Dalila Ali Rajah), goes out with a handsome stranger he meets on an Internet hookup site (Max Emerson), only to be


Let’s Not Forget Brazilian LGBT Issues During Rio Olympics Coverage

Let’s not forget while we are busy bulge watching this Olympic Season, that life for our LGBT family do not have it easy in Brazil. GLAAD reports: As the 2016 Summer Olympics begin in Rio this week, GLAAD is calling on media outlets to include the many issues facing the LGBT community in Brazil while reporting

Nicolai Cebanhead

Inspiration | Wrestler Nicolai Ceban from Moldova is Steaming Up the Internet

Moldovan Wrestler Nicolai Ceban is inspiring us all different reasons at this years Olympics in Rio. At 6’1″ and 210lb, Ceban has already won Olympic gold and is ranked number 11 in the world. Somebody please give him a modeling contract ASAP, we will require a lot more of him in our newsfeed. Find out more


One Iowa Hosts Second Annual LGBT Senior Summit

  kcci.com reports: One Iowa, the state’s leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization, hosted its second annual senior summit at Grand View University Student Center on Saturday. Approximately 150 LGBT seniors, allies and service providers attended the summit to connect and learn about the challenges and opportunities LGBT people face as they age. Organizers said


Inspiration |Marine Redmond Ramos Conquers Life After Losing Leg in Afghanistan

Need a little inspiration to get your ass up off the couch and start living life? Here you go. Meet Redmond Ramos aka Doc Peg Leg Red. Redmond Ramos calls the day a roadside bomb in Afghanistan took his left leg below the knee the best day of his life. “After stepping on an IED in


Uganda Pride 2016 Postponed After Police Harass and Detain Participants

ACTIVISTS UNLAWFULLY DETAINED AND MISTREATED AS POLICE RAID 2016 PRIDE CELEBRATION IN KAMPALA “Again and again, Ugandan authorities show that they have no regard for basic human rights of LGBTIQ people and that they will even violate the Ugandan constitution in order to stop LGBTIQ people from exercising those basic rights.” – Maria Sjodin, Deputy

Ellen Page Talks with With Pulse Survivors in Upcoming Episode of “GAYCATION – Orlando”

In this special presentation from Gaycation, Ellen Page and pal Ian Daniel travel to Orlando in the wake of the massacre at Pulse nightclub and talk with survivors. GAYCATION: Orlando airs Wednesday, August 24th at 10P on VICELAND. Find your channel HERE Video from VICELAND

Comedians Discuss How They Feel About The Rio Summer Olympics

Do gays care about the Olympics? Comedians Claudia Cogan and Josh Zepps gab about all things Rio Olympics 2016 for Logo Tv. Will you be watching the games this year? What appeals to you about the games? Bulges? The sport? The patriotism?  

Sexy Promo Video for “Beardlandia” Promises Portland Will be the Place to be Oct 7th – 9th

Pogonophile √ Love of Portland √ This looks extremely promising √ Join Beardlandia Portland this Columbus Day weekend for Beardlandia! A fun beardy weekend of events showcasing what Portland and its community have to offer. Find all info here on the event’s FACEBOOK PAGE

Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill Draw a Nude Model | Video

I could whatch Jimmy Fallon do just about anything and it makes me happy. Jonah, you’re totally working that beard and your hot-o-meter just went way up. Video The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“Orlando: Gays vs. Guns” | New Video from FCKH8

“Armed with a new F-bomb-filled viral video campaign attacking pro-gun Republicans who have blocked assault weapons bans and gun control measures that could have prevented the largest mass shooting in US history, Orlando’s LGBT community and shooting survivors have come together personally vowing to make an assault weapons ban an issue in swing-state Florida this

Gay & Bears Are Super Hot Right Now |Put a Gay Bear on the California Flag

Cute, campy, handsome, fun…. I’m sure you have all seen this by now, but for those who step away from wifi from time to time, check this out. The California grizzly has been extinct for nearly a century. Which means the California flag is kind of a lie. Watch as a few California archetypes suggest

“DTLA Proud” Kicks Off First Annual Community Driven LGBTQ Event on Sunday August 7th

The Festival Will Tap into Downtown L.A.’s Diverse Mix of Talent, Community Groups and Local Businesses Los Angeles, Calif. — The recent revitalization of Downtown L.A. has been well documented, thanks in large part to the explosive growth in world-class restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and galleries. More importantly, there has been an unprecedented influx of

Apple Adds More ‘Gender Diverse’ Emojis & Finally a Rainbow Flag

Water pistol emoji? Cupertino, CaliforniaAugust 01, 2016More than one hundred new and redesigned emoji characters will be available to iPhone and iPad users this Fall with iOS 10. This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more


Watch New Smoking Hot Preview for Meat Magazine Issue #21

Meat Zine has teased us with this 17 second bite of their newest issue #21. That bite is all I needed to know that I want a mouthful (or something like that). The new issue of cult British gay pinup magazine meat features cover boy Egoitz, the winner of The Glory Block9 Meatpacker competition. He spills the beans on

Curved Cocks Talk in the Steam Room | Watch Video #bait

#Fluff #bait I know this got your attention Steam Room Stories asks, “Do you bend to the right, left, or have a cock that sticks up or down? It’s all good according to the guys in the steam room!” Video from Steam Room Stories  

Nude Dudes Candles Team Up with ‘Pay A Sack Forward’ | Watch Video

I introduced you to Nude Dudes Candles back in May, Nude Dude Candles’ Hunky Owners Get Real Cheeky | Check Them Out Here, and the post was quite popular. The guys from Nude Dudes Candles are back with a new charity project called Pay A Sack Forward. Pay a Sack Forward aims to support those experiencing homelessness in Australia through the distribution

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.51.03 AM

Representative Brian Sims Helps Us Understand “Philly Slang” | Words You Should know in Philadelphia | Video

  And, now you know. “Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims shares his favorite Philly words and phrases. Sims, who represents Philadelphia’s Center City, was at the fundraiser for Equality Pa., one of the many social events going on during the DNC.” www.pennlive.com In Brian Sims, we believe!

“Power Play” by HOLYCHILD x RAC is Totally Tubular

4 a good time watch this new music video from HOLYCHILD x RAC. totally tubular. HOLY CHILD writes, “U guys! I’m so happy with this video. A visual representation of my current obsession: industrial pop art on sale at the local mall. Directed by me and made in collaboration with my favorite Mexican film makers: Diego Espy, Hermino

Casual Gay Encounters at the RNC | Fuck You Republican Hypocrites Comedy Skit

Now this is a good laugh and probably more honest than anything said at the RNC. “After a grueling day at the Republican Nation Convention, a young Republican decides to take a load off. He logs onto Craiglist’s Casual Encounters for a little man on man action for anything that could be deemed conservative.” Video

Camping With Cats11

“Camping With Cats” Instagram is as Enjoyable as it Sounds

New favorite Instagram: Camping With Cats  “The meowntains are calling and I must go.” – Cat. Use #campingwithcats for a feature! www.campingwithcats.wtf See more pics and follow “Camping With Cats” on Instagram  

Liberal Redneck Recaps Donald Trump & the Republican National Convention

Keepin’ it real. This is pretty much what goes on in my head, but with a redneck accent. “The Liberal Redneck offers his sympathies to Cleveland after a week-long invasion from the Republican National Convention. Trae Crowder takes on speeches from Melania Trump, Ted Cruz and of course the Republican candidate for President himself, Donald


Artfully Pornographic New Film by Antonio Da Silva “Brazil Carnival” | Extremely NSFW

    BRAZIL CARNIVAL by Antonio Da Silva It is a film about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with bodies that dance, talk and get excited. The city becomes a jungle and everything is allowed. It is an explicit carnival with penises and butts dancing with the rhythm of samba. It is a film that


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