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Cats vs Zombies | Does The Kitten Live? Watch Video and Find Out!

Cats vs Zombies | Does The Kitten Live? Watch Video and Find Out!

Cats declare war on Zombies to save the survivor kitten! Video by Mr.TVCow  

“Trash Day” | NOT LOOKING Season 2 – Ep 4 With Friends Like This….

The newest episode  “Trash Day” of NOT LOOKING will lighten up your day and make you giggle. The show is always keepin’ it real. Watch the episode below unless you’re busy ‘dehydrating meats.’ By NOT LOOKING Season 2 – Ep 4 of 5 – NOT LOOKING – watch more funny videos

Michael Fassbender7

Michael Fassbender by Bruce Weber for New York Times’ T Magazine

Michael Fassbender photographed by Bruce Weber and styled by Joe McKenna, for the Fall 2015 cover story of New York Times’ T magazine.


Kim Davis Back to Work, Refusing to Have Her Name on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

MOREHEAD, Ky. — Rowan Clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday for the first time since being jailed for disobeying a federal judge and said she was faced with a “seemingly impossible choice” between following her conscience and losing her freedom over denying marriage licenses to gay couples. With her voice shaking, she said she

Tom Hardy Shuts Down Reporter Asking About His Sexuality Toronto International Film Festival | Video

  A reporter goes in a very roundabout way to ask Tom Hardy about his sexuality. Hardy sees right through the question and shuts reporter down. Tom Hardy was not best pleased when asked about his sexuality at a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend. Hardy attended the conference to promote his


Asia’s LGBTI ‘Hero of the Year’ Attacked in Malaysia with Iron Rods

    A prominent transgender activist was assaulted in Malaysia last week by two men with iron rods. Nisha Ayub was named Hero of the Year at this year’s Asia LGBT Milestone Awards and was a 2015 recipient of Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism. Ayub described Thursday’s (10 September) attack on Facebook. ‘First time in my

Missouri’s First Transgender Homecoming Queen

Landon Patterson has been voted her school’s 2015 Homecoming Queen, becoming the first transgender person to be selected for that role at her school – and quite possibly the whole state of Missouri. (Note to readers: Landon is Patterson’s birth name but she remains comfortable using that name for at least the present time.) Patterson

Taser Impacts on Bare Skin in Slow Mo | Ouch Video

I just have to ask, why!? But thanks because I royally enjoyed watching this. “Gav goes to Arizona to film a Taser being deployed at a human target in Super Slow Motion.” The Slow Mo Guys

“Triple Jointed” | Turf Bieber & Kidd Strobe | “BoneBreaking, Flexible Arm Contortion Dance” Video

    This hurts my eyes, just watching their armpits twisted in circles and facing backwards. This insane Arm Contortion Duo is back to showcase their amazing talent for 2015! Dancers: Kidd Strobe (IG @Frenchiebabyy) and Turf Bieber(IG@TURFBIEBE_) Video by StatusSilver

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Bryan Hawn “Just Had Sex” Strutting His Bubble Butt Under the Golden Gate Bridge | Video

Bryan Hawn has shared with us his new m-ass-terpiece, a parody video of “I Just Had Sex.” All fun aside, I really am curios if Bryan’s ass works as a floating device if lost at sea. I know what I’m grabbing for. #AssGuy Video by Bryan Hawn See out other features on Bryan HERE Original song by

The Iron-Assed Walnut-Cracking World Record Holder | Video

    His mom should be very proud. “Mr. Cherry is a Japanese man who holds 12 Guinness World Records for feats ranging from crab walking to crushing walnuts with his butt. VICE followed him in the run-up to his biggest record-breaking challenge yet.” Video from VICE


London | Iconic Gay Pub Royal Vauxhall Tavern Gets Listed Status, Protecting it From Redevelopment Plans

  Good news for a change. Pink News reports: Iconic gay pub the Royal Vauxhall Tavern has become the first gay venue in the UK to be granted listed status – protecting it from redevelopment plans. The RVT is known as one of the oldest gay venues in London, and is renowned as the place where Lily Savage, Paul O’Grady’s

Man Loves Star Wars BB-8 Toy, And Puppies Too | Video

    Star Wars BB-8 Toy is a thing, a really popular thing. Even for adults. And cute husbands. “Dizzy Heights Youtuber solidified his claim as Best Spouse Ever when he snuck a BB-8 droid into her unsuspecting husband’s suitcase. When he finds it, he transforms into an excited child. Be prepared to squeal along with him — and then


Survivor Are Not Happy That “The Eye Of The Tiger” Was Played at Pro-Kim Davis Rally Today, Considering a Lawsuit

This wench can’t stay of our newsfeed lately. Throwing Kim Davis’ ass in jail didn’t even shut her up. Today she was released from jail to a crowd of supports all while “Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger” blasted in the background #ThrewUpinMyMouth Band members of Survivor were not happy to hear the news and made some


The Benefits of Gusbandry Episode 1 “40 & Sporty” Looking Promising | Video

There are a shit ton of web series flinging themselves around these days and it’s hard to keep up. This newest, The Benefits of Gusbandry, looks really promising and has caught my full attention. Episode 1: “40 & Sporty” of The Benefits of Gusbandry A new comedic web series Created & Directed by Alicia J.

Gay Couple Held Hands at a Football Match in Portugal | Reaction Video May Surprise You

  These type of social experiment videos are not only important to gage homophobia world-wide but also to use as tool to start a dialogue on the subject. We recently posted a video where lorenzo and pedro went walking hand in hand in Portugal with an unexpected reaction of acceptance. Lorenzo and Pedro have shared a new video and

Andrey Guy shared is transition story on Australian TV.

Australia Welcomes First Trans TV Host Andrew Guy

Andrew Guy won contest to guest present national panel show  Australia’s first transgender TV host made his debut on The Project Monday (7 September) night. Andrew Guy, 33, won a nationwide radio competition to be a guest presenter on the Channel Ten panel show and shared his transition story with the other hosts. ‘I still used

State Secretary for Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, was part of the change.

Dutch Government Offers Good News to Russian LGBTI Asylum Seekers

Above photo: State Secretary for Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, was part of the change. The Dutch government has declared Russian LGBTI asylum seekers a risk group following a letter by the State Secretary for Security and Justice. In the letter Klaas Dijkhoff wrote to the Tweede Kamer der Staten-General – the Dutch House of Representatives


Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz Meeting with Kim Davis During a Rally Today

I guess they really don’t want to be president then. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Two Republican presidential candidates planned jailhouse meetings Tuesday with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, raising her conservative-hero status as she remains behind bars over her refusal to give marriage licenses to gay couples. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz each said they would meet

Björn Borg2

Björn Borg Launches a Fitness Lifestyle App for iPhone

    Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg launches its FW15 collection together with its first fitness app ever, Sprinter. The free iPhone app enables you to match with new workout buddies and improve performance by reaching goals together. A mission easy to complete through three simple steps – Sweat, Swipe and Socialize. The scientifically proven Köhler effect

Belstaff “Outlaws” Trailer Starring David Beckham

    Belstaff unveiled the trailer of its new surreal film “Outlaws“, starring David Beckham as the Stranger – a mysterious drifter and motorcycle stuntman. “Belstaff is a Legendary British Luxury Lifestyle Brand rooted in the Thrill of Racing. Drawing on influences from a unique British history and the spirit of adventure, Belstaff has created a refined fashion

“BATHHOUSE BEARS” Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 5 | Watch Here

  “The Bears bare all at a gay bathhouse in order to track down Honey Garrett’s ex-boyfriend Eduardo (Josef Arellano) who they suspect of serving Dickie Calloway the poisoned champagne at the wedding shower. Meanwhile, Nelson and Todd both worry about being monogamous once they’re married, Wood runs into his super hot Sporting Wood model

Gay Rugby Player Gareth Thomas Celebrated by Guinness Film “Never Alone” | Rent His House on Airbnb

In 2009 Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas came out of the closet to the world. The support he received from his teammates and world was overwhelming. “Gareth’s greatest fear wasn’t the opposition he faced on the pitch. This film celebrates the courage of Gareth and support shown by his teammates when he needed them most.” #madeofmore


Kentucky Record Store Clerk Jailed for Refusing to Sell Limp Wrist Records

When I first read the headline I thought this must be an Onion joke article. No one is actually this dumb, but I know better. thehardtimes.net have reported that kentucky has some bad shit in their water and another limp brained person is trying discriminate against the gays. But queercore band Limp Wrist? That’s actually cracking me up.

Life is Hard on “NOT LOOKING” | Watch Episode 3 of Season 2 | Video

  I wish there were already 10 seasons of NOT LOOKING because I just want to call into work sick and binge watch all day. In the meantime Season 2 Episode 3 has just been shared and it definitely tickles my pickle. By NOT LOOKING Danton trains for his new job. Shane delves into the dark


Ghana’s Presidential Candidate Will Kill Gay People by Firing Squad If Elected

A Ghanaian politician fighting to be president has said, if elected, he would have all gay people killed by firing squad. George Boateng has vowed to unseat President John Mahama in the National Democratic Congress party’s presidential primaries in November. And in doing so, has already started making pronouncements about what he will deliver if


Trans Women in India Beg for Mercy Killings Rather Than Lives of Discrimination

‘If we can’t sustain our livelihood with dignity, then let us die with dignity’ Three Indian transgender women have begged for mercy killing rather than live lives of discrimination. Frustrated with the government assistance and job opportunities, Grace Banu, Living Smile Vidya and Angel Glady submitted their petition to Tamil Nadu state on Friday (4 September). ‘If we are considered


London | Vicious Anti-Gay Attack, Man’s Eye Socket Broken

Police are investigating after a man was assaulted by two males, breaking his eye socket, in a homophobic attack in London. Jean Michel Touche, 40, was hospitalized after the two young males robbed him off his iPhone 6 while shouting homophobic slurs. The attack occurred on Barnes Common at approximately 5.30pm yesterday (6 September). As

Poop Talk| Public Restrooms Around the World | Video

  Cut Video sent their producer Blaine around the world to capture footage of public restrooms. Yikes and wow! Video from Cut Video

New Pot Noodle Advert Will Make You Dream Big | Video

  Have dreams, dream big. “New Pot Noodle advert will have you in stitiches Pot Noodle you bloody geniuses – this new advert is GOLD.” Video from The Daily Star

Daniel Radcliffe8

Daniel Radcliffe Turning into Quite the Fox by Paul Wetherwell for Cover of GQ

Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of GQ Style Germany, photographed by Paul Wetherwell.

Rowan County Clerks Begin Issuing Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses

  I am so happy for these two. What would make me happier is if James Yates and William Smith, Jr.  could throw a pie in Kim Davis’ face.   ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – After weeks of waiting, same-sex couples are now allowed to get marriages licenses in Rowan County. The first couple walked in on

How to Make Work Better (Or at Least More Fun) | Video

  “A few life hacks to help you in the office.” Joking aside they have some great ideas. Video from Tripp and Tyler

How To Be A Crossfitter by 2 Hilarious Stunning Beardos | Video

  Ok, I officially want a bromance ASAP with Mat Best and Derek. Who do I have to blow, I mean sign up! Find these guys on Facebook: Mat Best | Derek Bro do you even lift!

Former Army Ranger Stud Wants a Date to the Marine Ball Too, Looking for Freedom Fighting Hunk | Video

Youtube star and former Army Ranger Mat Best learned that MMA Champ Ronda Rousey had accepted a date to the Marine Ball, and decided he wanted to go and join the fun. Mat is, by all accounts, straight, but as he says, he “has no rules.” I’m sure there are several Marines that would throw

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 6.14.21 PM

Chris’ Story – AIDS Resource Center Ohio | Video

  How does Broadway Cares help change the lives of people just diagnosed with HIV and AIDS? Meet Chris, a client of AIDS Resource Center Ohio. As a critical care nurse, Chris has always been focused on helping others. But A one-time weekend high on crystal meth quickly turned into a daily addiction. A year

#SpeakOutHIV: Ambassadors Make Their Voices Heard! | Video

In September 2014 Greater Than AIDS and partners brought together 25 gay men ages 25 and younger to record their personal #SpeakOutHIV stories. The videos they created offer an intimate and revealing look at HIV that is not often seen. The young men’s passion for change is inspiring. #SpeakOutHIV is a social media campaign from

Steve Grand Says Yes to be Marines Date to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball | Video

Adorable Marine asks singer Steve Grand to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball, and Steve said yes. Watch his Youtube video reply below. See video from Marine Tanner White pops the question HERE An interesting addition to story is that Tanner calls himself “Your favorite positive (HIV+) Marine.” Check out his other videos and subscribe to his Youtube Channel HERE Tanner White has


Kim Davis Jailed for Contempt in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute

  Just because this evil witch, who I have named Cunt- Face Kim Davis is off to jail for harassing the gay community while being paid on the job by the government, her case represents the much larger problem that bigots and alive and well and will go to great lengths to obey the voices


“Wank Bank” | Happy Ending Massage Taught in a Collingwood Pub by Artist

The more you know… And where do I sign up? Vice reports: In an upstairs room at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood, along with a bunch of other girls and gays, I am pretending to jerk off a carrot. “You want to engage the heart, mind and genitalia,” says Adam Seymour, the ginger-bearded teacher of