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You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party; Dedication to those Fighting for SF Eagle

via www.ktvu.com SAN FRANCISCO — A popular bar in San Francisco is about to change ownership, but patrons at the venerable establishment weren’t taking the move sitting down. The Eagle Tavern at 12th Street and Harrison is one of the city’s older gay bars and the gay community is furiously rallying to save it. About […]

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Uh-oh, Galliano Gets a “Fucking racist!” Welcome in LA

Galliano Taunted at LAX By Advocate.com Editors Disgraced designer John Galliano received the opposite of a warm welcome when he arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday. A photographer screamed, “Fucking racist!” at the former Christian Dior designer when he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport. Galliano is accused of hurling racist and anti-Semitic statements at […]

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GLAAD Awards; Dolly Remains, Publicly, Heterosexual

No last name needed, Dolly steals the show. Big hair, enormous ta-tas and even big gay fan base. Does anyone really care about her lesbian rumors? Not me, her music make me cry, gives me goose bumps and makes me soar with joy (self-confessional). ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dolly Parton‘s Pseudo Coming Out At The GLAAD Awards [youtube […]

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Thunder from Down Under, the Gayest Thing Ever

I am so confused, these are straight men, putting on a sexy dance performance for an audience of supposedly of women? In my most “queened out” moments have never danced this gay, wore my hair this gay or gyrated my hips this gay. Help me understand. You go, Girl ? ________________________________________________________ Recommended for adult audiences. […]

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George, I Agree,”People aren’t so individual any more”

Boy George is right on the money. This may be a case where, the younger gays won’t understand because they only know the “now”, but being slightly older (coughs), comparing the late 80’s and early 90’s to now, today people are homogenized. We don’t really have any Boy Georges, Cyndi Laupers,Graces Jones etc anymore, although […]

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MC Hammer, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Accidental Bear Join ‘Hands Across California’

Ok, who’s got our back? I didn’t hear you, LOUDER, Accidental Bear is there for your local reporting. With my super human instincts, my knee’s ache and ears twitch, telling me, there’s a story needing coverage. Next I need to come up with a super hero outfit. Any suggestions? This  afternoon involved surreal circles of hand […]

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First Gandhi, now… Malcolm X’s Gay Life

I am not going to touch this one, but remind me, is it, innocent before proven guilty? or, guilty until proven innocent? ______________________________________________________ Bio Details Malcolm X’s Gay Life A new biography discusses slain civil rights leader Malcolm X’s “early homosexual relationship with a white businessman.” By Advocate.com Editors First Gandhi, now Malcolm X? A […]

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All Shades of Crazy; Dirty, Rotten, Evil Gays

Classic crazy, goes after classic Paul Gaugain painting of two women. Evil does as evil sees. I see beautiful brush strokes, warm colors and beautiful women. That must make me beautiful. This nut job obviously hates the lesbian living in her. Poor thing, take some prozac and call me in the morning, doctors orders! _________________________________________________________ Woman […]

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Finally; Red Meat – A Monthly Party for Gay Redheads and the Men Who Love Them/ SF CA

A monthly club night for gay redheads and the men who love them… The 2nd Saturday of each month beginning May 14th, 2011   Address : 1151 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 · Get Directions Phone: 415-431-1151 Website: http://www.facebook.com/redmeatsf Hours: Sat 9pm – 3am Related Articles Redheads Anonymous (ourpoetrycorner.wordpress.com) Why redheads feel more pain (imryanhouston.wordpress.com) Top 5 with […]

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New Social Science Textbooks to Include a Study of the Role and Contributions of LGBT Americans

  California lawmakers fight over bill to teach students about gay people’s contributions By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Sacramento — As the battle over same-sex marriage makes its way through California’s courts, another gay rights fight is smoldering in the Legislature. Democratic lawmakers have revived a plan to require state schools to […]

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Are the Stakes to High To Head Up San Francisco Pride? So Sad

Don’t start dusting your pride flags and floats just yet. SF stil needs to find out, Who’s the Boss? No one is raising their hand and the room is presently at a stand still. ___________________________________________________ Does Nobody Want To Head Up San Francisco Pride? Ever since San Francisco Pride‘s executive director Amy Andre announced she was […]

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Reichen Lehmkuhl, Hush Little Sleep Face, Don’t Talk

Reichen, Shut the fuck up and just be pretty to look at. That strategy will take you further than filming yourself cracked out, sleep eyed, in bed praying to something that doesn’t exist, god. ________________________________________________________ This Is An 8-Minute Video Of Reichen Lehmkuhl Saying His Catholic Prayers Before Bed via Queerty “This gonna be the […]

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Great Loss; 15 yr old, Jumped to his Death

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, may need to be updated. I cry in my coffee this morning. ______________________________________________________ Schoolboy, 15, jumped to his death after rumors he was gay via www.pinknews.co.uk A Gloucestershire teenager jumped to his death after rumours circulated that he was gay, an inquest has heard. […]