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“My Gay Roommate”: Reloaded for a New Season | Kickstarter

“My Gay Roommate”: Reloaded for a New Season | Kickstarter

  The hit YouTube show is back in a brand new, re-imagined and expanded half-hour format with all new characters and story lines! Think about KICKSTARTING this project! All information at kickstarter.com Watch all episodes here on Youtube and find out what all the fun is about. My Gay Roommate is the story of two college roommates, one

“Cocks Not Glocks!” University of Texas Armed with Dildos to Protest Gun Laws | Video

    Roy Wood Jr. talks to students at the University of Texas who are carrying dildos to protest guns on campus for The Daily Show

ISIS Regularly Rape Gay Men as Punishment for Being Gay, Says Former Member

This cannot go unnoticed or ignored. Gay Star News reports: ISIS routinely murder anyone caught or accused of gay sex, often throwing them off buildings or stoning them to death. In just the last few months alone, a man in his 20s, a 15-year-old Syrian boy, and four men – including two of its own members – were killed for

“Sweat Represents Sex to Me!” | Short Films Explores the Essence of Sweat | Video

For the first instalment of the new series of Define Beauty, our series exploring the nuances of desire, Berlin-based director Matt Lambert delves into the sensual side of sweat. Here, the American filmmaker and photographer—known for his often-NSFW work exploring sex and intimacy—talks about his film asking: exactly what it is about our most-prevalent bodily fluid

“Hijra” | The Third Gender in India: Watch New “GAYCATION” Clip

Ellen and Ian meet with India’s latest pop sensation, The 6 Pack Band, comprised of hijras, who are identified as a third gender in their country. “India” airs Wednesday, Sep.14th at 10:30P on VICELAND. Find your channel HERE Video from VICELAND

Wentworth Miller Shares Powerful Video About Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

“Created for, with, and by some beautiful people. Thank you,” wrote Wentworth Miller Earlier this year, Wentworth Miller was confronted with a painful image – an Internet meme that struck such an emotional chord that the actor decided to open up for the first time about the depression he’d battled his entire life. “I was having a really strong emotional

2016 Iris Prize Montage of 35 Short LGBT Films Competing

Cardiff’s International LGBT short film prize supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation is the only short film prize in the world which allows the winner to make a new film. Iris is what film makers need – funding, support and guidance. Iris Prize Festival are pleased to introduce the 35 short films competing for the

Businessmen & Construction Workers’ Dance Battle is Epic | Watch Video

Which team do you choose as the winner? Watch the latest marketing stunt by U.K.’s Money Supermarket that has gone viral. The #EPICSQUADS campaign video features an epic dance battle between a troupe of businessmen in sexy jorts and high heels and a group of burly construction workers. Video from Adarlambion Adar moneysupermarket.com

Gay Guy Services Two Straight Men (Injuries) in the Park | Video

What goes on in your gay mind might be different than reality. Funny guy Michael Henry is back with a new video and shares his passion of servicing the public. Video from Michael Henry


Best Dressed Baby Zoo Animals Ever by Photographer Yago Partal

Barceloena-based photographer Yago Partal, who created a funny photo series called Zoo Animals, see a glimpse below,  has continued his series to include baby animals. Now this is what life is all about! More info: zooportraits.com | yagopartal.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram H/T Bored Panda

TONGA | Man Swims with Gentle Giants in 10 Minute Mini Documentary #WhalesUnderwater

In this 10 minute mini documentary, Thurston Photo takes you on the experience of a lifetime; swimming with the gentle giants of the sea in the beautiful archipelago’s of Vava’u, Tonga. Shot on assignment with Whales Underwater, Thurston tells the story of what it felt like to be that close to a wild humpback whale,

Folsom Street Fair 2016 Promo Gets Kinky Vintage Sitcom Twist | NSFW Video

Folsom Street Events is proud to present an episode of “Here Comes Helen!”, an undiscovered colorful vintage sitcom from times gone by. When sassy Helen and her brash husband Fred throw a cocktail party, no one expects that their vacation slideshow will turn into a most unusual look into the private lives of the hosts

NY Photographers Pay a Touching Tribute to the Late Bill Cunningham at New York Fashion Week

See, sometime people do good things, sometimes. “Yesterday at NYFW, over 75 fashion week photographers donned Cunningham’s trademark blue jacket in respect to their fallen comrade.”  #billcunningham 🙏🏻 In tribute to the late photographer, @imgmodels outfitted more than 75 photographers and videographers with iconic blue jackets in tribute to Bill Cunningham this morning at the Nicholas

Bondi Hipsters Visit a Vipassanã & Meditation Retreat #SelfishCunts | Video

Dom and Adrian go away on a vipassana mediation retreat. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you aren’t aware of the Bondi Hipsters, do yourself a favor and go spend some time watching their video on Youtube. Created by Nick Boshier, Connor Van Vuuren and Christiaan Van Vuuren Written and Directed by Van Vuuren

The World’s Most Public Sauna | “Welcome To Finland” #8

The more you know… “Sompasauna is a must-see in Helsinki for both tourists and locals. One dream of the core organizer group is that this model could be duplicated all over Finland and the world.” Video from Timo Wilderness Video summary: There’s over 2 million saunas in Finland. From sterile saunas of gyms to lonely shacks

Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Andy Samberg on Fallon | Video

Any day with Dave Salmoni in it is a great day. “Dave brings out a kangaroo, a panther chameleon, a golden eagle and a bison that all make Jimmy and Andy Samberg very uncomfortable.” Video from Jimmy Kimmel Live


National Suicide Prevention Week – September 5 – 11, 2016 | Become on Advocate

We often wait until tragedy to talk about the topics of suicide and prevention. After the loss of Robin Williams, suicide awareness was a hot topic for a hot minute, and faded from the headlines. It’s not sexy or cool but it is important to talk about it and to keep the awareness going for

Getting a Beard Trim at the Barbershop with Carlos Costa | Video

  “Ready for a beard trim, but nervous about putting your majestic man mane in someone else’s hands? Well today Carlos is walking you through his recent beard trim at Cut & Grind barber shop in the UK to hopefully show you how it’s done, and give you a bit more confidence about getting a

BenDeLaCreme Presents “Capitol Hill” Episode 17 Starring Jinkx Monsoon

Scandal ensues… BenDeLaCreme and Fred Hutchinson’s AMP Study present Episode 17 of “Wes Hurley’s Capitol Hill”. Tanya (Alexandra Tavares) and Dinky Pie (Jackie Hell) execute their sick and twisted plan against the Mayor. Anna Zhopova (Sarah Rudinoff) mentors Roses Smell about men. And Celeste (Jinkx Monsoon) sees an opportunity to re-envision her marriage. With AMP

“The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” Ep. 5 Tickles My Pink Bits! | Watch Here

This series is such a treat. “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” needs to be seen on the big scene. Watch all episodes HERE. Brian Jordan Alvarez is the new Jimmy Fallon. Video from Brian Jordan Alvarez

Watch Episode 1 of “Where The Bears Are” Season 5 | “Honeymoon Bears”

The guys from Where The Bears Are are back with season 5! “In the fifth season opener, Nelson and Todd take a long delayed honeymoon to a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs, but their much anticipated romantic getaway quickly takes a dark turn. Meanwhile back in LA, Reggie finds a surprise waiting for him at

James Corden Love Bacon Cologne by Kevin Bacon | Video

“James is excited to unveil the new advertisement for “Bacon by Bacon” – the only smell that captures the essence of both your favorite cured meat and favorite actor.” Video from The Late Late Show with James Corden


Beefy Dude at Dudeoir Beach | Photography by Tami

“Just when you thought was summer was over … The Dudeoir Beach Collection!” All photos by Artistic Photography by Tami. See more on Facebook

Watch “Gaycation” Season 2 Trailer | A Series We Should All Be Proud Of

  I loved Season 1 on Ellen Page’s series Gaycation, I binge watched it in one setting actually. Today I am happy to see that season two now has an official premiere date. Ellen Page and Ian Daniel set off on a journey to explore the multiplicity of LGBTQ experiences around the world, getting up close


Is “Finding Prince Charming” Everything We Hate About Our Community? I Puke in My Mouth a Little

  Lance Bass is what I call a watered down gay, a gay that is so bland that the American people can digest him. It’s a good start but we need better representation or at least more interesting people from our community in the media. So, there there is this new show called, “Finding Prince Charming.

Carl Hill, center, with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team prays with Ricky Padilla, left, and Nathan Watson, right, by a memorial for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting set up at the Orlando Health sign, Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. (Jacob LangstonMAGS OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT (Jacob Langston / AP)

Orlando Health, Florida Hospital Won’t Bill Pulse Shooting Victims #StillHope4Mankind

  There still may be hope for mankind after all. The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier: Orlando Health and Florida Hospital will not bill survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre for out-of-pocket medical expenses, officials announced Wednesday. Instead, the hospitals will write off an estimated $5.5 million or more in care. “The pulse shooting was a

“Are You a Bragging Patriot?” Asks Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian | Watch Video

“…don’t take this the right way…” Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™, has a few words for anyone who brags about being a “patriot” on social media. Video from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

tac cover photo

Check Out New Web Series “Three’s a Crowd”

Does living with your ex equal “Three’s a Crowd”? “When Evan and Patrick go on their first dinner date, their connection is immediate. But after hitting the sheets, their romantic bubble threatens to burst when Patrick reveals that he’s still living–platonically–with his ex-boyfriend (and best friend) of nine years, Brian. Is this romance doomed before it

ISIS Murders 4 Men, Including 2 of its Own Members, For the ‘Crime’ of Gay Sex

    WARNING: Extreme violent images emerge of ISIS killing two of its members for homosexuality. Yes this is hard to see. But we must see this because it is happening and we must use the rage that it makes us feel to make a change. Islamic extremists have murdered four men, including two of

Phil Ferguson

Crocheted Food Hats, They’re All the Rage

It’s all the rage! This is some serious commitment and talent going on here from Phil Ferguson from Melbourne who says, “Makes art, makes friends.” Follow him on Instagram and see much more!

Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as a Piano Ballad for Cancer Awareness

  Criss Angel directs video for Twisted Sister song to raise awareness for magician’s charity. Surprisingly emotional. Dee Snider has transformed Twisted Sister‘s rebellious Eighties anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” into a thoughtful piano ballad to help raise awareness for Criss Angel’s HELP (Heal Every Life Possible) charity. “Dee and I have known each other since the

“Pairs Project” Annual Magazine | No Make-Up, No Models, No Hair, No Digital, No Post Production, No Advertising, No Credits…

  “Pairs Project is an upcoming annual magazine com culture almanac. With a strict photography code taking inspiration from the filmmaking in adherence with Dogme ’95 taking out the saturated fats in fashion. It offers a new take on what’s happening now rather than looking to the future and waiting for trends to be confirmed while

100 Layers of Melted Chocolate Spread on Body Challenge | Watch Video

#ForShitsAndGiggles Why oh why? That poor chocolate. Please don’t waist all of this chocolate, mail it to me instead. Video lorenzo and pedro

Trans Men Explain Male Privilege in New Video

Some people still don’t think male privilege exists. So mtv braless talked to five transgender men who have experienced life on both sides of the gender divide. And they can all confirm that life is pretty different when everyone sees you as a man. Video from mtv braless


Week’s Mentionables Video: New Music, Naked Trump, Julie Ruin, Tegan and Sara, Asaf Avidan, Bottle Boys… and More!

Mentionables! Some things that may have passed by you this week while you were at your cubicle pushing papers at work! Featured: Bondi Hipsters, Asaf Avidan, Frankmusik, Tenderfoot, Tegan and Sara, Prinze George, The Julie Ruin, Titan, Bottle Boys, Naked Trump Statue and more! If you enjoy my videos and want to throw down a

Check Out Awesome Drone Video from P-Town’s Carnival 2016: Back to the 80s!

  Carnival 2016: Back to the 80’s It’s Carnival 2016: Back to the 80s! FOR FUN leave a comment with what city/state (or country) you live in so we can see how far this video travels. Check out Droning Provincetown for more aerial films. Many more to come this year! Video from Droning Provincetown Follow on Facebook

Artist Behind Naked Trump Statues “The Emperor Has No Balls” | Video

Taking the internet by storm today are these naked Trump statues popping up in NYC, San Francisco, Hollywood,  Cleveland, and Seattle so far. The project is called “The Emperor Has No Balls”and created by the artist that goes by “Ginger.” More info at thisisindecline.com Artist: Ginger   Someone responded on my Facebook feed with an image of


“El Canto Del Colibri” | Latino Immigrant Fathers Discussing Acceptance of Their LGBTQ Children | Watch Trailer

    San Francisco, CA — Marco Castro-Bojorquez’s Award-Winning Documentary EL CANTO DEL COLIBRI wrapped up its major festival tour at Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival last month, with Tony Award Winner Sara Ramirez, a proud advocate of the LGBTQ community who portrays lesbian Callie Torres on ABC’s GREY’S ANATOMY, introducing the film.

Best Beard Style for Face Shape | Watch Video

  The more you know… “How do you find just the right beard style for your face? Fear not, beardsmen – Clayton is here to help, and it’s all about the face shape.” Video from Beardbrand

Is The Internet a Public Place? | PBS Idea Channel Video

Hot damn smart people are sexy! Watch video for proof. “Why you CAN’T say whatever you want on the web….” PBS Idea Channel