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HBO Launches “Get Suited” Contest in Support of New Documentary #LGBTQYouth

HBO Launches “Get Suited” Contest in Support of New Documentary #LGBTQYouth



Trans Actress & Activist Launches Crowd Funding Campaign to Bring Her #manifestpussy Tour to North Carolina

  Transgender actress and activist Shakina Nayfack launches crowd funding campaign to bring her #manifestpussy tour  to north carolina this June   New York: With the recent passage of North Carolina’s HB2 Law aka “The Bathroom Law,” and its message of exclusion, high profile corporations and celebrities have spoken out, canceled events or threatened sanctions if the law

Watch “Les Animaux Sentimentaux” (Sentimental Animals) Trailer for Forthcoming Novel by Cédric Duroux

Check out this fascinating artsy trailer with scary or sexy animals masks, you choose.  Cédric Duroux tells me that the video and the song, by Scott Matthew, in it are some kind of extension of my forthcoming novel, “Les Animaux sentimentaux” (“Sentimental Animals”). Find out more at lesanimauxsentimentaux.com


Goat Triplets in Sweaters | Video

This… Sunflower Farm Creamery: “When the temp dropped below freezing on these kids’ first night we knew it was the perfect timing to pull out the amazing trio of sweaters which Stella, a farm follower from Tennessee sent us awhile back as a gift! They fit a Nigerian Dwarf newborn perfectly. So cozy and made

Pups, Otters, and Large Furry Men: Thomas Morton on the Slanguage of Bears

VICELAND’s Thomas Morton recalls some new slanguage he picked up during Bear Week in P-Town. I totally love this dude and his openness to explore and learn outside of the box. Video from VICE

Should You Swear More Often? | Video from AsapTHOUGHT

Food for thought… What’s the science behind why we swear? Video from AsapTHOUGHT


Moby’s Porcelain: A Memoir Out Next Month

  Moby has had a fascinating life: Singing in teenage hardcore bands, finding stardom on the early American rave scene, achieving a weird sort of crossover fame via critical respect and car commercials, providing the end-credits music for every Bourne movie. For many of us, Moby was the first vegan we’d ever heard of, and his Christianity


Gay Jehovah’s Witness Spills the Beans | “How I Escaped the Religion and Rebuilt My Life”

  Gay Star News — My upbringing was entrenched in religion, and distant, internalized questions about my sexuality: never the perfect combination. I wish my experience of growing up gay as a Jehovah’s Witness in the East Midlands area of the UK was a more positive one. But my story is what it is, and

Patrick Stewart in Drag, That’s All

We are use to seeing captain Picard in uniform, but check him out in drag and bedazzled. Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. pic.twitter.com/hhDTqOtBx5 — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) April 19, 2016 On Monday night Patrick Stewart headed out to an event in Hollywood to promote his new US sitcom Blunt Talk. Images: Chelsea Lauren / Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder at the Ralph Nader rally held at Madison Square Garden in new York City, 10/13/00.  (Photo: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect)

Pearl Jam Dedicates I Am A Patriot Song To “Soldiers In The LGBT Community” | Video

  Eddie Vedder delivered a powerful speech hours after Pearl Jam canceled their Raleigh, North Carolina concert to protest the state’s “bathroom bill.” “We thought we could take the money and give it to them and still play the show, but the reality is there is nothing like the immense power of boycotting,” singer says

Kasich to LGBT People: “Can You Just Get Over It?” | Video

Presidential hopeful John Katich (Yeah right) has advised people who are the victims of homophobia to just “get over it”. The Ohio Governor is the only remaining so-called ‘moderate’ in the race for the Republican nomination, trailing well behind ultra-conservatives Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Although he’s not opposing same-sex marriage any more, Kasich demonstrated just how lacking he still


San Francisco Symphony Announces Summer with the Symphony Concerts | July 4 – 29, 2016

  SAN FRANCISCO, April 18 – The San Francisco Symphony announces its annual Summer with the Symphony series, which runs July 4-29 at Davies Symphony Hall and at other outdoor locations throughout the Bay Area. Led by Director of Summer Concerts Edwin Outwater, Summer with the Symphony features a festive lineup of concerts and events for all ages, beginning with the

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo – Episode 3 is Modern Life in a Nutshell | Video

You must! I love every single frame of this series. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo is so rich is character and life, smells come to my mind as I watch, smells and sensations, good and bad. Is Caleb destined to be alone? Check out episode 3 below. Video from Brian Jordan Alvarez Catch up on

9th Grade Transgender Boy Writes Heartbreaking Letter to N.C. Governor

  The boy, Skye Thomson, sent it to the governor today and the National Center for Transgender Equality posted it on Twitter and Facebook moments ago. In his letter, Skye writes so earnestly about the way the law effects him that I think it really humanizes the issue. Skye spoke at a state Senate hearing

Mrs. Betty Bowers’ New Lesson Plan – History for Conservative Kids of Gun Laws | Video

Betty for President. “America’s Best Christian™, Mrs. Betty Bowers, presents a history lesson approved by the Texas School Board: Guns & Mr. Constitution.” Video from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian


Skinny Dipping Florida with the Guys from High On Life | Video

  If you aren’t already following the Youtube channel  High On Life, get on it. I could watch these guys all day and night. And lets get it out of the way, they are all total studs. Above and beyond that, if you can get past that, they are lovable, playful, and adventurous group, living

This Is Your Brain On Music | Video

What happens to your brain when you listen to music? Video from Life Noggin


Watch The Bear-Naked Chef Travel Edition Trailer

After the success and popularity of Adrian De Berardinis‘ Bear Naked Cooking series, it appears that the road is calling him. Watch this trailer for The Bear-Naked Chef: Travel Edition. Travel with Adrian to Madrid, Spain where he takes his cooking show on the road. Coming May 2016. Video from THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF Adrian De Berardinis Watch

Motivation | Classical Calisthenics by Al Kavadlo | Video

If you aren’t already following Al Kavadlo on Youtube go check him out HERE  He makes great fitness and motivational videos. And well, he’s a stud. Video from Al Kavadlo “Some highlights from one of my recent workouts at Tompkins Square Park in NYC, set to a classical guitar piece that I composed and performed.”


Gay couple Marries in the Ukraine, Looks for Acceptance

  Above photo: Zoryan Kis (L) and Tymur Levchuk (R) enjoy a walk in Taras Shevchenko Park in Kyiv on April 12. Photo by Kostyantyn Chernichkin kyivpost reports–Tymur Levchuk and Zoryan Kis got married on April 9 in Kyiv, after being in a relationship for four years. They’re the first gay couple to tie the knot in Ukraine, although

The Gay Agenda – Weekly Planner Full of LGBTQ History, People, & Ideas | Kickstarter

  What a fantastic idea. A witty, beautifully illustrated, totally serious, and just as ridiculous, weekly planner full of LGBTQ history, people, & ideas. About this project THE FINAL CREATION  An elegant, thoughtful, and practical personal planner spanning a full calendar year; 52 weeks minimum, maybe more. In addition to standard features, the distinguishing aspect

Capitol Hill Episode 13 Starring Jackie Hell is a Piece of Art | Watch Here

Uncle lover! Oh shit this is good, really good! John Waters would be proud. Over the years we have seem many filmmakers try to be John Waters and fail. “Capitol Hill” gives a flattering hat tip to Waters’ films and does it with major success. Well done! Watch the latest episode of “Capitol Hill” below. Alexandra Billings


22 Year Old LGBT Advocate Commits Suicide in Utah

Such a shame. Gay Star News reports: We have a heartbreaking news coming from Utah’s LGBT community. One of its youth advocates has committed suicide after nearly a decade of battling depression. Lincoln Parkin, 22, was found dead on Wednesday, April 6. Medical examiners are still investigating the case, though Lincoln’s father, Brent Parkin, believes

Head Exploding Look at the Extreme North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law | Video

It takes a little common sense to understand, but it shouldn’t make your head explode to figure out. Video from Goodnight Orchard Films “North Carolina made a law banning trans people from going to the bathroom as the gender they identify with. As you can see, there are some very real consequences.” Parody for the forward

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.49.35 PM

Cutie-Pie Gabe Responds to Butt Science & Latino Stereotypes in New Video

I love Gabe. When he speaks I see bubble hearts pop above his head and become a rainbow waterfalls. In this video Gabe responds to viewer comments about butt sciences & Latino stereotypes on TV, while politely sipping tea. Video from FLAMA Follow Gabe Gonzalez on Twitter  and if you have any naked pics of him please send them

Can You Speak Emoji? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios Video

Smiley face, thumbs up? “Is emoji a form of speech?” Video from PBS Idea Channel


Paper Bag Challenge – 15 minutes to Make a Look! Accidental Bear + Watts the Safeword = Good Times!

Whenever I spend time with Amp from Watts the Safeword crazy fun times are had! I made up a new challenge for us to try. I knew he would be game! New challenge: #PaperBagChallenge Take the challenge, make some looks, use #PapaerBagChallenge and tag us! Mystery… where did Mike put his penis??? Magic! Challenge: 5

Could You Outrun A Fart? | Video

  Things you never need to know but want to know. Can you actually run away from a fart? Video from AsapSCIENCE

Tyler Oakley Learns Flirting in Sign Language from Nyle DiMarco | Video #WeAreAble

I’ve never been more jealous of Tyler than right now. I’d rather meet Nyle DiMarco over Mrs Obama any day. Be part of the #WeAreAble Campaign: http://dsorg.us/1SJkt4s What’s your best ability? Text NYLE to 38383 or go to http://dsorg.us/1SJkt4s to join Nyle and DoSomething.org and reduce the stigma around disabilities. Print out your own #WeAreAble sign and use the

Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan & Paul Rudd, So Much to Feast Your Eyes On | Video

Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan & Paul Rudd visit Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about the new Captain America Civil War. It is clear these men became close during the filming process and no doubt had a lot of laughs. In true  Jimmy Kimmel  style the men play some fun during their visit to set. Watch the fun

Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper Get Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame

    It came as no surprise that when it came time to give Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, their stars would be located in front of the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. That’s where Kinky Boots, the Broadway musical that won both stars Tony Awards, opens this


Homeless Dog Found in Garbage Becomes a Beautiful Lion

When German photographer Julie Marie Werner found a scruffy homeless dog hunting for scraps of food in her garbage in Spain, she fell in love with him immediately. While other people saw nothing but a homeless mutt, she saw a brave little lion, and she now wants the world to share her vision with this


Elder LGBT Allies Dressed As Angels To Protect Teens Attending A Queer Youth Formal

  This makes my heart melt from joy. A group of LGBT “elders and allies” dressed up as angels and lined the entrance to a dance for LGBT youths on Saturday night in response to threats that a protest would be held at the event. Buzzfeed The formal for same-sex and gender-diverse youth, which was

1 Man + 70 Years Of Bollywood Fashion | Video

One man transforms into iconic film actors throughout Bollywood history. What a cutie. Video from BuzzFeedVideo

Joel McHale Makes Impromptu LGBTQ T-Shirt & Donates All Proceeds to LGBTQ Center

Looking scruffy-licious, comedian Joel McHale ripped North Carolina legislators last night at his show at the Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham, NC, announcing that “every single dime I make tonight” would go to the LGBTQ Center as a show of protest against the anti-LGBT law passed there earlier this month.  Check out the LGBTQ t-shirt he

Gay Man Says He Was Attacked and Beat Leaving Bar in West Hollywood | Video

    An employee of a popular West Hollywood bar said he was the victim of a violent hate crime that occurred early Friday morning after he had left work and was walking to his car. Kimberly Cheng reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 p.m. on April 8, 2016. Chris De La Cruz

Brief But Spectacular: Billy Eichner Himself is the Most Difficult Person He Knows | Video

My hero. “We were filming recently and someone yelled out from across the street ‘Billy, please harass me,’ which is a really strange request.” You may know him as Billy On The Street, but there’s more to comedian Billy Eichner than meets the eye. Watch Eichner, star of Billy on the Street on TRU TV

Matt Alber Live in Austin With Strings Attached! April 17, 2016 | Get Your Tickets Here

The amazing and lovely, singer/songwriter, Matt Alber Live will be performing live in Austin, TX with Strings Attached. If you are anywhere close, do not miss the show! Sunday, April 17th ~ 8pm The North Door (east 5th & Brushy) A full concert featuring The Austin-Bound String Quartet Tickets now on sale at: northdooraustin.queueapp.com Portland-based singer/songwriter

6 Reasons Why Touch Is Amazing | Video

Why do back rubs and bear hugs feel so good? Video from AsapTHOUGHT

50 ft Flamethrower in Slow Motion from The Slow Mo Guys | Video

We all have a little bro in us…. Gav and Dan discover that often, some of the most beautiful things in life are the same things that will take your face right off. Play with fire, you will get burned. Video from The Slow Mo Guys