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Pornhub Cares Launches “Save the Whales” Fundraising Campaign in Time for World Whale Day

Pornhub Cares Launches “Save the Whales” Fundraising Campaign in Time for World Whale Day

  Funds to Benefit Washington-based Non-Profit Dedicated to Saving the Whales through Knowledge and Conservation NEW YORK, N.Y. (Feb. 9, 2016) – Today, Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced the launch of its newest initiative, Pornhub Cares’ Save the Whales campaign. Launching in commemoration for World Whale Day on February 13, the company’s latest philanthropic

Broad City – The BFFs Are Back | I Just Shit Myself with Excitement! | Video

These girl make me want to so badly be young jewish babes living in NYC. Broad City ladies have shared a preview of their new season. Tony fucking Danza, people! He is what wet dreams are made of. On February 17, Abbi and Ilana are back with new adventures, new special guests and the same

Daily Dose of Billy Eichner |Billy on the Street – “I Hate Art!” Video

  Daily dose of Billy Eichner. Like Tyler Perry, Billy hates art and is doing everything in his power to destroy it. Video by truTV Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner is a pop culture game show that follows unfiltered and unapologetic comedian Billy Eichner as he hits the streets of New


Nude Love Parade Happening in San Francisco This Saturday Feb 13th

San Francisco’s Nude Love Parade has been granted a permit by the SFPD. They will have a fully permitted parade with police escort. “Instead of bullying, assaulting, citing and arresting us the SFPD will be escorting us and blocking traffic for us!” mynakedtruth.tv Taub, San Francisco’s leading proponent of full-frontal public nudity, is holding a “nude

A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families

Above image: Jackie was homeless off and on for years after her Catholic parents cut ties with her for coming out. One late night at the end of her sophomore year of college, Jackie sat in her parked car and made a phone call that would forever change the course of her life. An attractive sorority

Society Labels Homeless Teens Criminals, Addicts, & Runaways; This Experiments Creates New Labels | Video

A stylish new store is now open for business, but these shoppers are shocked when they check the tags and learn the truth about youth homelessness. www.bellefairejcb.org via Bellefaire JCB


LGBT Seniors Face Issues That Others Don’t

Above photo: Dea Brasgalla, 82, was fired as a nurse when she came out in 1955. She is proud of who she is, but still hesitant to share her story with certain people. By Kathleen Allen for tucson.com Miki Odawa dreads the idea of an assisted living facility. “Extended care scares the death out of me,” says Odawa, 72 and


Ali Forney Center Reaches Fundraising Goal for Buying ‘Harlem Hate Church’

Pink News Reports: A New York LGBT homeless charity has reached a crucial funding target – ahead of a bid to buy an anti-LGBT church at auction. A court recently ordered that Harlem’s infamous ATLAH World Missionary Church – which has signs advocating the death penalty for gay people – be put up for auction


Are Gay Media Personalities Listening to My Vodcasts & Taking Notes About Being More than Sexuality? | Video

A topic that I am always nailing over the head with a hammer is, that I want “gay-lebrities” and gay media personalities to be more than just famous for their bodies. In my weekly vodcast This Town: SF,  I’ve recently talked about today’s ‘it’ men in the gay media. Several mentioned were Gus Kenworthy, Simon

Get to Know Donald Trump’s USA Freedom Kids | VICE Video

I’m just just going to put this down right here. This is highly entertaining and has the vibe of the movie “Best in Show.” The scary truth is that, this is real life. “VICE travels to Fort Myers, FL to spend the day with the USA Freedom Kids, a group of girls singing to spread

Billy on the Street Plays “The Meryl-Go-Round Truth” Game #PeedMyPantsLaughing

Billy Eichner plays his biggest game ever as a tribute to the one and only Meryl Streep. Which Meryl is your favorite? Video from truTV Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner is a pop culture game show that follows unfiltered and unapologetic comedian Billy Eichner as he hits the streets of New York

Gold Star Gays, “Faggots”, Fleshlights, Weed, Sharon Needles, Hanksy, Super Bowl 50 … This Town: SF Vodcast #6

Welcome to this week’s vodcast This Town: San Francisco Episode 6: Gold Start Gays, “Faggots”, Fleshlights, Super Bowl vs SF Homeless, Who would you rather?, Sharon Needles, weed, Bernie vs Hilary and much more nonsense. If you enjoyed the video think about becoming a supporter of my videos by making a pledge and giving a

Tongue in a Mouse Trap – The Slow Mo Guys Video

Ouch! In this episode of “The Thlow Mo Guyth” a mouse trap lays the smack down on Dan’s tongue so fast that even our high speed camera struggles to keep up. There was no blood. Pants may have been soiled, though. Video from The Slow Mo Guys

Trans Athlete Lands On The Cover Of “Men’s Health” Magazine In Germany

  “My inside and my outside finally fit, and that’s why I’m not at all ashamed to finally talk about it.” A transgender man will appear as the cover model for the April issue of Germany’s Men’s Health magazine. Fitness model Ben Melzer opens up about his transition in the upcoming issue, and says he would like

“Beyond Love” Short Produced by Black Sheep Tel Aviv | Watch Video

What is your interpretation of this video? Screenplay: Konrad Piwowarczyk Camera & Editing: Koby Ben Shushan kobyphotography.com Make-up & Hair: Menahem Haluba Jewellery: SUDRA by Oriel Sudri sudrajewelry.com Based on the book “ŁUSKI” by Konrad Piwowarczyk Produced by Black Sheep Tel Aviv blacksheep.com.pl

4 Guys Talks About What It’s Like To Be Gay In The Military | Video

It is great to hear the perspective from those that have experienced being out in the military first hand. Video from BuzzFeedYellow

Dating: Tinder vs Grindr | Gay Skit Happens | Logo Video

Please someone get me on this show ASAP! “Tinder, Grindr, Scruff, Jack’d, J-Date, Christian Mingle, Farmers Only, Bumble, Ok Cupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel — Everyone has different priorities when it comes to dating and various outlets. Let’s explore the differences between dating on Tinder versus dating on Grindr. Gay Skit Happens premieres February 8th

David Williams

Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship | Book

 A subject I am qualified to judge. Photographer David Williams has given us this gem, Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship. The series contains over 75 images. And clearly, as ‘they’ say, cats rule and dogs drool. Order Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship at menwithcatsbook.tumblr.com Follow the photographer David Williams on Instagram.

What Gay Guys Do When Football Is On | Gay Skit Happens Coming to Logo | Video

What do you do when football is on? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to catch the premiere of Gay Skit Happens on February 8th. Video by Logo TV

Watch How “Rainbow Bagels” Are Made | Video

Rainbow bagles are making people lose their minds in Brooklyn. The Bagel Store has made these awesome multicolored bagels with Funfetti cream cheese for 20 years. More info at thebagelstoreonline.com Video from INSIDER

I’m Totally on Davey Wavey’s Side & Applaud His Voice in the LGBTQ Community | Video

As a fellow content creator I fully stand behind Davey Wavey and his voice in the LGBTQ community. After running a web site for years you learn what gets the clicks, shares and likes. We all want to think that our community chooses educational or politically charged articles over all else, but no, it is


Fat Shaming Gay Men | New Study

  I kind of want to start this post off by saying, Duh! “Fat Chance! Experiences and Expectations of Antifat Bias in the Gay Male Community” A recent study from the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity shows you’re not alone. According to researchers Olivia Foster-Gimbel and Renee Engeln, one-third of the gay men they surveyed reported experiencing

Russia Fines Gay Activist for Giving Advice to LGBTI Teens on Social Media

How do these people sleep at night? ‘Children! To be gay means to be a person who is brave, strong and confident in themselves.’ by Joe Morgan for Gay Star News Russia has fined a gay rights activist the maximum fine just for giving advice to LGBTI teens on social media. Sergei Alekseenko, director of the

Dreamboat Dave Salmoni Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live | Video

Raise your hand if you also are in love with Dave Salmoni. Let’s also give it up for Jimmy, he is working that scruff.  Dave brings out silky chickens, a bobcat and a Eurasian boar that all make Jimmy very uncomfortable. Video Jimmy Kimmel Live  


GLAAD Announces Nominees for 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

  Los Angeles – GLAAD, the world’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization, today announced the nominees for its 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, presented by Delta Air Lines, Hilton, Ketel One Vodka, and Wells Fargo. The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the LGBT community

Adorable Bros on “Surviving the Amazon” | Watch Video of “Dual Survival”

So, yeah, Dual Survival is a show on the Discovery Channel. “Find out the top 5 moments from Grady and Bill’s Dual Survival scenario in The Amazon.” Don’t miss new episodes of Dual Survival Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery: discovery.com

New Chloe Video “Model”

Oh how I have missed you Chloe. Chloe has a few hot tips for you. Starring Drew Droege. Directed by Jim Hansen. “SloYoRo” by Darryl Stephens. Video by The Orphans

Matt Baume Breaks Down the First Amendment Defense Act | Anti-Gay Law Would Punish Straight Sex Too | Video

“Well, we’re into the primary season, which means the candidates are going to be making lots of crazy promises. But let’s talk about one of the worst, a little thing called the “First Amendment Defense Act” that a bunch of the Republican candidates have signed a pledge to pass into law. It is bad news

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Tim Tebow as Rocky Balboa performs Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” | Lip Sync Battle

  For the record I’m bored as shit of Lip Sync Battle’s. But, it’s Tim Tebow as Rocky Balboa performing Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” And I’m a perv, and you guys are pervs, so here you go perv. This is the shit that get reblogged a million times. It’s what I call site filler, fluff. Lip

Ridiculous Relationship Advice by Ridiculous Hot Dude | Video

I could watch a video of Youtuber MBest11x just breathing and I’d be highly excited. He has just shared this spirited new advice video for ya’ll. I got my eyes on you MBest11x  See other posts of him HERE Video from MBest11x

The Bear Naked Chef: Episode 3 – Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas | Video

THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF Adrian De Berardinis is always a crowd pleaser and has just shared Episode 3 of his cooking series, “Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas.” “Adrian is back again cooking another delicious and simple delicacy, Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon and Peas, inspired by a dish from one of his favorite New York City Italian

Rocky Road to Coming Out as Gay to My Sikh Family and Community

“I was depressed and hated my parents. Now they and my local Sikh community love and supports me” by Manjinder Sidhu I was born into a traditional, conservative Sikh family, where neither of my parents spoke English very well. My home was troubled and violent. I discovered my sexuality at the age of 11 and


Ali Forney Center Fundraising to Purchase The Harlem Hate Church #HarlemNoHate

Support the #HarlemNoHate campaign aliforneycenter.org reports: The Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation’s largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth, announces that it is raising funds to attempt to purchase Atlah Church located at 36 W 123rd St, New York, NY 10027, which is being put up for auction due to unpaid bills

Trevor Project Benefit Art Auction & Party | Special Guest Andy Warhol Film Icon, Joe Dallesandro

  Andy Warhol Film Icon, Joe Dallesandro will be the guest of honor for this once in a lifetime art auction event . Each ticket at the door, also enters guests into a live raffle for autographed photos and memorabilia by  “Little Joe” Dallesandro.   Hosted bar.  Music. Film. Edibles and Performance Art . World

What is Community? What Makes a Community? #IWantToTalkAboutItDammit Vlog

New Vlog series #iwanttotalkaboutitdammit Each week I will present a topic or question for you guys to have a conversation about below. I will pick topics that may be uncomfortable or odd to bring up, but often thought about. Please leave your comments, give your ideas, and opinions in comments section under video on Youtube!

Show Some F*cking Respect to Old Gays | Video

Agreed. This is what I say all the time. It just takes a popular, young gay to make you listen. Video DaveyWaveyRaw

“transience” by Brit Fryer | Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To Revolutionize Trans Storytelling

Above photo Instagram: @britfry trans·ience is an exploration of how to fit trans selfhood into the coming of age genre. It draws on theoretical concerns of genre conventions in the coming of age genre, binary logic, abjection. Done for the Senior Comprehensive Exercise in the Fall of 2014 “This Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To

Troye Sivan On New Music, LGBT Acceptance & Adjusting To Fame with Larry King | Video

Australian singer Troye Sivan goes one-on-one with Larry, opening up about his coming out process and the future of LGBT acceptance. Troye also discusses what lies ahead for his budding music career & infamous YouTube channel. Some of King’s questions are dreadfully boring but I guess this is all the world can handle right now.

Slow Motion Colorful Skateboard Film | Video

Visual-gasm. Skateboarders did their tricks on boards covered in colorful powder. Watch the motion of the chalk flying through the air. Video from BeyondSlowMotion

This Boy Dances in Defiance of Those Who Call it “Girly” | Video

Keep being your wonderful self Sean! “Sean Varner long tried to hide his love of dance from his peers. But over time, he’s found a close group of friends who like him for who he is, and continues to use dance as a physical, emotional and creative outlet. Our Student Reporting Labs report as part