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The Warhol Announces Femme Touch Opening April 24, 2020

The Andy Warhol Museum announces Femme Touch, opening April 24, 2019. This museum-wide exhibition is centered around the women and femmes who were intertwined with Andy Warhol’s life and career. From transgender icons and stalwart members of the underground scene, to the artist’s mother and his radical would-be assassin, women and femmes in Warhol’s world played crucial […]

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Oliver-Kinley + Kyle Kupres Create Fireworks in Foxy Photoshoot (NSFW)

To say that we lust this man, Kyle Kupres, would be an understatement. We’d like to bottle his sweat and huff it like poppers during sexy times. Too much? These days you’ll find Kyle in front of and behind the camera. Here he has stepped in front of the lens for Oliver-Kinley for this exquisite […]

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Gay-For-Pay Porn Star Explores His Prostate LIVE

You had me at “gay-for-pay”. When you look like Markus Kage I could care less if he identified as a squirrel, I’m all eyes and ears. This is my first time hearing of him but you better believe I’ll be all up and down Google’s ass searching for him. Davey helps gay-for-pay porn star Markus […]

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MMA Fighter, Skateboarder, Jason Ellis Opens Up about Being Bi-Sexual

I’ve been seeing the story of MMA fighter, skateboarder & radio host Jason Ellis opening up about sex with men and being bi-sexual popping up all over my computer on all platforms. Completely intrigued, I immediately followed the links and fascinated at what I found. Beyond the obvious, Jason Ellis being a complete stud, he […]

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One Minute Sculptures – “PINOKIO GANG”

This should definitely be the next viral internet challenge. I have a hard enough time carrying my cereal bowl to the table without spilling milk to do this. #Campaign – Welcome to the Pinokio Gang Gallery. Out friends from Pinokio Gang unveiled their new campaign today. A tribute to Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures. Photographer […]

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Russian protest art collective Pussy Riot releases the song “Hangerz” (feat. Vic Mensa and Junglepussy). Listen to it HERE and video HERE. Earlier this week, they announced a 19-date headline tour across North America which is on sale now and benefits Planned Parenthood. Fronted by Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova, the group will kick off their month-long trek on March 13th in […]

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Igor Dewe – “Using My Body” Like the Very First Time – Music Video

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Igor Dewe is one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Igor has just shared a new music video for his song “Using My Body”. Something new, something fresh, for the very first time, using my body like it’s the last time. Get on it. […]

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(NSFW) Merry Sexy F’n Artsy- Fartsy Christmas Video

Genius Nik Dimopoulos, CREATOR, EVENT ORGANISER & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF TROUGH X Melbourne @trough_x / TROUGH Sydney / TROUGH London, has made some magic for us. Check out his newest holiday party promo below. Follow Nik Dimopoulos on Instagram and more joy Party info MORE

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We Got a Woody for the Men of Dr. Squatch Soap Company – Video

I too like to smell like pine cones, the sea, and spearmint from the garden! Dr. Squatch Soap Co. has made it possible. What grabbed me by the balls and got my attention first was Dr. Squatch’s knee slapping videos and beardy clad men in speedos. And no, this is not a paid shout out. […]

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Modus Vivendi Launches the Capsule Collection 2019

Mix & Match, play and discover your style! More fun designs and color combinations for pieces you love to wear. The capsule line is a collection of much loved underwear, sportswear and streetwear in bright new colors and designs that guarantee a fun winter.Choose between bold, modern and sport designs and enjoy thumbs up from […]

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“Under the Rain”, an Art Porn film by Noel Alejandro| NSFW

Four men occupy an old building to execute an artistic project. Mike, the photographer, leads the group while the three models perform in a session that seems to dilate out of the script and into their lives. As the scene evolves, the wounded artist Viktor will take an impassioned trip through his feelings of doubt, […]

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LGTBQ+ Rugby Team is Deconstructing Beauty Stereotypes in Greek-themed Naked Calendar

LGTBQ+ Rugby team is deconstructing beauty stereotypes by releasing a greek-themed naked calendar ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders, the only LGBT+ Rugby team in The Netherlands, presents their new naked calendar for 2020, with a particular spin: embracing diversity in a world dominated by stereotypes.  The goal of this calendar is to raise funds to participate in […]

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GOTHAM KNIGHTS RFC, NEW YORK’S PREMIER GAY/INCLUSIVE RUGBY New York, November 11, 2019: The Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club announces the official launch of their 2020 Calendar at an event hosted by the club at Industry Bar in Hell’s Kitchen on November 20th, 2019. The event forms part of their annual fundraising activities building up […]

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The Anarchist’s Skateboarding Utopia – Video

Okay, I just lost a few a few brain cells and got a boner watching this video. As it turns out Skatopia is a real place. Taji has always dreamed of visiting Skatopia, the skateboarding mecca in the middle of 88 acres of farmland in Ohio. Today his dream becomes reality. VICE Skatopia is a […]

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“Held in Israel, this year’s Eurovision found itself in contention with various quarters, not least of all in the unlikely Icelandic techno trio Hatari who felt more than inclined to put a spotlight on the continued occupation of Palestine. In one of its most talked about moments of this year’s musical event, Hatari gave the more straight-laced […]

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“I had waited and deflected and denied and waited more; I had held out until my chances of continuing to survive were zero,” writes Gabriel Mac in the August issue of GQ. In a personal essay, the author and three-time National Magazine Award finalist, details the road to his transition at age 37 and its […]

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Dating With Tourettes

Ok, I realize this is from 2017. But this is the first time my eyes have seen it and it’s worth the share. If I weren’t already married I’d be chasing down this totally adorable nurse with tourettes. All joking aside I can’t imagine how frustrating dating with tourettes must be. Damian deserves all the […]

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Adorable Cartoon shows Story of a Boy Finding his Forever Family with 2 Dads

A heartwarming tale of a boy called James, and how he finds happiness in his new home with his newly adopted parents Peter & James, and their cat Einstein. —- Created by Hopster Studios in partnership with Diversity Role Models, a UK-based education charity, ‘Rainbow Stories’ has been created to help nurture empathy and acceptance […]

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Jake Gyllenhaal Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

As if we needed any more reasons to love Jake Gyllenhaal. He stops by BuzzFeed Celeb stops by to play with pups while answering fan questions about everything from joining the MCU, to working with Tom Holland, to settling who would win a fight between Deadpool, Wolverine, and Mysterio…and plans a very special gift for […]

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Verasphere: A Love Story in Costume | Watch Here

‘Verasphere: A Love Story In Costume’ follows two San Francisco artists, David Faulk and Michael Johnstone, who fall in love at the height of the AIDS epidemic. While most of their community is overcome with grief and rage, David and Michael discover an unlikely joy through the creation of Mrs. Vera, an outrageous costumed character made […]

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David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness on Beard Trims, Self Care, Gender and LGBTQ Rights | Netflix

Yes to all of this! One of my favorite things I’ve watched this Pride Season so far. Breaking down barriers and educating the masses. “The host of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness walk into a barbershop… and anything can happen. While JVN attempts to trim […]

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Trans Dads Trystan and Biff Adopted Their Niece and Nephew. Should They Have Received Paid Time Off?

Food for thought. First off you two are rock star human beings! If you believe *ALL* dads should receive paid paternity leave, sign the Paternity Leave Pledge. Sign the pledge: #DoveMenPartner#PaternityLeavePledge

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Q&A with Singer Brian Justin Crum + New Music Video “I & U”

It’s peak World Pride Month so I was happy to grab a few moments with singer Brian Justin Crum. You may remember him from his jaw dropping performance on America’s Got Talent where he exploded into our hearts and onto our radar. Watch below his latest music video for “I & U” and check out […]

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Gus Kenworthy Got NAILED By Michael Henry – Watch Video

So, yeah. I’m not one that gets all worked up when I run into celebrities or get all fan girl. Much like my cruising technique. When I find someone hot, interesting and/or desirable, I tend to hardcore ignore them. Hey that’s my game, don’t judge.  I did pass Gus Kenworthy on the street in San […]

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Black, Transgender and Disabled Model Landed Her First Major Magazine Cover

Aaron Philip, the first black, transgender and disabled model to sign for a leading agency, has achieved another trailblazing feat: her first major magazine cover. Philip, who was born with cerebral palsy, is on the cover of Paper magazine for the first of its seven covers this week honoring Pride. The 18-year-old made history when […]

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Today, platinum-selling artist MIKA shares visuals to his latest summer anthem ‘Ice Cream’ out now via Republic Records / Casablanca Records.  Watch below: Directed by Francesco Calabrese and filmed in Barcelona, the ‘Ice Cream’ visuals see a carefree MIKA as vibrant as ever navigating his way through summer with dance routines, beach lounging and his trusty Ice Cream van. The summer bop was written by […]

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Must Watch – Elton John Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden

James Corden asks Elton John to help him navigate Los Angeles on a rainy day while the two sing some of his songs, including a Lion King classic and “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” Pure joy. James Corden endlessly amazes me with his talent. The Late Late Show with James Corden

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Matt Bomer stars in ‘Papi Chulo’ | Watch the trailer | In SF this Friday

After a newly-single TV weatherman (Matt Bomer) is put on leave following an on-air meltdown, he directs his energy into home improvement and hires a middle-aged Latino day laborer named Ernesto (Alejandro Patiño) to help. Despite a language barrier and having nothing in common, the two men develop an unexpected but profound friendship in this […]

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Writer / Creators Kyle David Pierce and Chris Salvatore have a new series in development centering around a 30’s gay male couple. The acting duo star in the series that takes a fresh look at gay marriage, parenting, and when two families collide. “We’re delving into modern relationship territory without stereotypes,” Kyle says describing the […]

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“For Nonna Anna” – Short Film About A Trans Girl And Her Loving Grandmother

As a young trans woman cares for her Italian grandmother, she discovers a tender bond in their shared vulnerability. “For Nonna Anna” is this week’s Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere. With:Maya Henry, Jacqueline Tarne, Anna Pecchia, Remy Barone On the inspiration for the film: “The idea for ‘For Nonna Anna’ came from my experience growing up […]

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“SEND NUDES” Photo Series Makes You Think (NSFW)

SEND NUDES is a series born from a reflection on current social media networks. Nowadays, through filters and apps, everyone has the possibility to control their image modelled from their icons. We can, in a few steps, remodel and enhance the image of our body to match the current criteria of beauty and desire. Indeed […]

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A World Naked Gardening Day with ‘Plant Geek’ Hunk

Michael has been involved with gardening and plants since he was just five years old. He is a self-professed Plant Geek, and was listed in the Sunday Times top 20 most influential people in the gardening world, thanks to his plant hunter role at Thompson & Morgan. Michael was responsible for new plant introductions such […]

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Unlikely, Untested, Unprecedented Presidential Campaign #Proud

Time reports – As Pete Buttigieg addressed supporters off a back porch in Marshalltown, Iowa, the Devil was whispering his name. “Pete,” the Devil hissed into a microphone. “You’re sooo smart, Pete.” Buttigieg ignored the heckler, plowing forward with his stump speech about American decency as his husband Chasten looked on. “Pete,” the Devil whispered. […]