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“Muscle Nerds” |2 Favorite Internet Crushes Together Photographed by Lee Faircloth

“Muscle Nerds” |2 Favorite Internet Crushes Together Photographed by Lee Faircloth

Two of my favorite internet crushes, Chris Jones and Francesc Gascó,  photographed by one of my favorite photographers, Lee Faircloth . Dreams do come true. Find Chris Jones (ginger) on Instagram Find Francesc Gascó on Instagram Find photographer Lee Faircloth (Quite the hunk himself) on Instagram and Facebook  

Amy Sedaris Giving Jimmy Fallon a Sprinkles Facial is the Only Thing You Need to Watch Today

  Amy Sedaris shows off her Fishs Eddy sprinkles and makes Jimmy help her demonstrate how she prefers to use them. Video from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out – Trans United Fund Video

Simple and beautiful… Moms are calling on all who dare to use the transgender community for dishonest and divisive politics: Meet my child. Politicians in 20 states have attempted to advance over 50 pieces of legislation attacking transgender people. These policies are a real danger to transgender people and hurt the most vulnerable, including America’s

RIP Tub Interviews… A Look Back at Some Bubbly Good Times Over the Years | Video

    My Tub Interviews have been a blast over the years but I’m putting that old clawfoot to rest. Scroll down for some memorable moments. Do check out and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Here Hundreds of videos and a lot more fun content coming! Think about becoming a patron to my Accidental Bear Patreon


Human Pup Play, Pup Names, Consent, Packs, Sexual Relationships? ….. Part 2 of Tub Talk with Gpup Alpha

  Part 2 of my interview with George Forgan-Smith aka Gpup Alpha. (See Part 1 Here) Pup communities, pup trending, handlers, bio pups, alpha pups, pup discipline, orange hanky, the very important word “consent”, puppy butt plug tails, and more How do pups get their names? Does a pup have to be part of a

Joe Manganiello Making Smiths Movie “Shoplifters of the World”

  Say it aint so! But I’ll totally be all over it, like flies on shit. Pitchfork reports— Joe Manganiello, the actor best known for his roles in Magic Mike,Sabotage, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, is working on a movie about the the Smiths, with Morrissey‘s approval. It’s titled Shoplifters of the World and takes as its inspiration an apocryphal incident from the late ’80s (that has

The Bear Naked Chef: Travel Edition | Episode 1 | “Albondigas en Salsa Espanola

I know some you have been anxiously waiting for this… so here you go, episode 1 of The Bear Naked Chef’s Travel Edition. “This first of 3, 10 minute episodes, I, Adrian De Berardinis, kick of my european culinary quest as I travel abroad to Madrid, Spain and prepare a popular and traditional plate called “Albóndigas


Europe’s First Rehab Center Opens for LGBTI People with Chemsex Issues

  Details about the unique program were revealed by former addict, DJ Fat Tony, at a chemsex panel discussion at Digital Pride in London Gay Star News — A long-running UK-based substance abuse rehab facility has launched program aimed at helping LGBTI people with chemsex-related addictions and issues. Its existence was revealed yesterday by London scene DJ

On Patrol with South Korea’s Suicide Rescue Team | Vice Video

  “South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world. In Suicide Watch we follow Hyung-Geun Suh who is the Captain of the Yeoudio Water Rescue Unit. His unit is responsible for rescuing people who are attempting suicide by jumping into the Han River. His team faces the stark reality of life and

AIDS Is Not Over – Broadway Bares Stripathon 2016 | Video

  AIDS is not over. Even with advancements and prevention efforts, HIV transmission rates in the U.S. remain the same today as they were in the ’90s. That’s why Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS unites the theatre community in the best way we know how: by donating our time and talents to raise money for friends

Gay Man Attacked While Walking Dog in Dallas, “Just Wanted to Get Out Alive, Plain and Simple”

  Shame. Attacks on gay men keep happening in Dallas at an unthinkable rate. KHOU DALLAS reports- Police are investigating the attack of a man in Oak Lawn that may be motivated by the victim’s perceived sexual orientation. Craig Knapp, 50, tells WFAA he was walking his neighbor’s dog early Saturday when two men approached

Headway | Magical Tight Rope Routine in Magical Jungel | Video

Video Louis Boniface

Star Wars Gets The Gay Bar it Needed, The Outer Rim | Fan Film Hits a Home Run

After the events of Episode VII, General Leia stops at The Outer Rim bar for a drink to help her forget all her problems. No luck with the men. Hmmm why could that be? This video was better then the movie! Amazing The Ryan and Amy Show. Off to watch it for the third time. Do

The New Wave of American Masculinity | Video

In my humble opinion, this is amazing and all men should be made to participate. Growth happens continuously through life until the end. Except and embrace it men. “VICE UK Correspondent Gavin Haynes has come to the United States to determine what masculinity means to the American man. Though stereotypically masculine acts like fraternity hazings,

“This Election’s Witch Hunt” by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian | Video

“Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™, is sharing this ungodly video with you so you can join her in laughing at the fact-obsessed libs.” Our government leaders are shameful and embarrassing. Video by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian


Prince Harry & The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in PSA to End Stigma Around Mental Health | Video

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry spearhead a new campaign called Heads Together in partnership with inspiring charities to end stigma around mental health. The campaign has the huge privilege of being the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year. Join us or run for Heads Together in the London

Satanic BDSM Babies Crash Anti-Abortion Protest | Video

The more you know…. “In response to a nationwide Planned Parenthood protest on April 23, 2016 members of The Satanic Temple of Detroit crashed the event dressed in bondage fetish wear, baby masks and diapers and engaged in group flagellation. The performers were then painted gold by adoring fetal idolizers. The action was intended to

Ithaca College Students See “Beyond Body” Images | Video

Ithaca College students share why they see “beyond body.” These clips are excerpted from longer interviews that will be released soon. C Beyond Body wants you to “Join Us. Tell your story #ICBeyondBody  www.icbeyondbody.com Little known fact, I was actually born and raised in Ithaca, NY. Video from IC Beyond Body by Dan Verderosa, A person’s worth is tied

These LGBTQ Homeless Youth are Getting Free Glasses

Mashable reports: When Clay Ferguson was jumped in a New York City coffee shop, his attackers stole his phone, his ID and his money. Then, they broke his glasses. Two weeks later, Clay is still jittery, blinking frantically as he looks anywhere but at me. As he recounts the night, he visibly winces at the

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Israel’s Hovi Star Hovi Star on Moscow Airport Homophobia | Video

While visiting Malta, Israel’s Hovi Star was asked about the homophobia he faced at the Moscow Airport. Hovi Star will represent Israel at Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with “Made of Stars”. Read more at wiwibloggs.com All that aside, what an amazing voice! That should be the worlds focus. Star said that during a recent trip to Moscow, airport

Brand Name vs. Generic, Save Your Money or Splurge? | AsapScience Video

What is the difference between brand name and generic products? Video from AsapSCIENCE  

Queer Couples Open Up About Body Issues | Video

The more we talk about body image issues, the more we learn about each other “There are a lot of…assets about you that I like…” Video from BuzzFeedYellow


Happy Birthday John Waters You Stud | Cheers to 70 More

The one and only, a true role model and icon, John Waters turns 70 today! I hope to bump into you riding your bike in P-Town this summer! Read a new interview John did with www.biography.com

Gay Men & The Need To Perform by Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey | Video

When do you turn it on and when do you turn it off? “Knowing how to take the mask off and live more authentically isn’t easy especially for us gay men who learned early on to fit in by being someone else. I talk to my close friend and comedian Jimmy Fowlie about how he’s


Prince Has Died at the Age of 57

  Legendary funk and rock musician Prince was found dead today at his recording studio, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, TMZ reports. He had been hospitalized for illness less than a week ago. He was 57 years old at the time of his death. This morning, the Carver County Sherriff’s department was called to investigate a death at Paisley Park. Earlier


Man Thrown Off a High-Rise Building by ISIS for Being Gay (Again!)

  This can’t be ignored however hard it is to see. Gay Star News shares: New shocking pictures have emerged of a man being thrown to his death from a high-rise building by ISIS for the ‘crime’ of being gay. The blindfolded captive is seen held on the precipice of a high-rise building in Iraq.

Paint on a Drum in Slow Motion by The Slow Mo Guys | Video

Gav and Dan, from the Youtube Channel The Slow Mo Guys,  make a split-second powder paint rainbow using an old drum. And let me tell you, this Mikey likes it. Video by The Slow Mo Guys


HBO Launches “Get Suited” Contest in Support of New Documentary #LGBTQYouth



Trans Actress & Activist Launches Crowd Funding Campaign to Bring Her #manifestpussy Tour to North Carolina

  Transgender actress and activist Shakina Nayfack launches crowd funding campaign to bring her #manifestpussy tour  to north carolina this June   New York: With the recent passage of North Carolina’s HB2 Law aka “The Bathroom Law,” and its message of exclusion, high profile corporations and celebrities have spoken out, canceled events or threatened sanctions if the law

Watch “Les Animaux Sentimentaux” (Sentimental Animals) Trailer for Forthcoming Novel by Cédric Duroux

Check out this fascinating artsy trailer with scary or sexy animals masks, you choose.  Cédric Duroux tells me that the video and the song, by Scott Matthew, in it are some kind of extension of my forthcoming novel, “Les Animaux sentimentaux” (“Sentimental Animals”). Find out more at lesanimauxsentimentaux.com


Goat Triplets in Sweaters | Video

This… Sunflower Farm Creamery: “When the temp dropped below freezing on these kids’ first night we knew it was the perfect timing to pull out the amazing trio of sweaters which Stella, a farm follower from Tennessee sent us awhile back as a gift! They fit a Nigerian Dwarf newborn perfectly. So cozy and made

Pups, Otters, and Large Furry Men: Thomas Morton on the Slanguage of Bears

VICELAND’s Thomas Morton recalls some new slanguage he picked up during Bear Week in P-Town. I totally love this dude and his openness to explore and learn outside of the box. Video from VICE

Should You Swear More Often? | Video from AsapTHOUGHT

Food for thought… What’s the science behind why we swear? Video from AsapTHOUGHT


Moby’s Porcelain: A Memoir Out Next Month

  Moby has had a fascinating life: Singing in teenage hardcore bands, finding stardom on the early American rave scene, achieving a weird sort of crossover fame via critical respect and car commercials, providing the end-credits music for every Bourne movie. For many of us, Moby was the first vegan we’d ever heard of, and his Christianity


Gay Jehovah’s Witness Spills the Beans | “How I Escaped the Religion and Rebuilt My Life”

  Gay Star News — My upbringing was entrenched in religion, and distant, internalized questions about my sexuality: never the perfect combination. I wish my experience of growing up gay as a Jehovah’s Witness in the East Midlands area of the UK was a more positive one. But my story is what it is, and

Patrick Stewart in Drag, That’s All

We are use to seeing captain Picard in uniform, but check him out in drag and bedazzled. Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. pic.twitter.com/hhDTqOtBx5 — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) April 19, 2016 On Monday night Patrick Stewart headed out to an event in Hollywood to promote his new US sitcom Blunt Talk. Images: Chelsea Lauren / Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder at the Ralph Nader rally held at Madison Square Garden in new York City, 10/13/00.  (Photo: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect)

Pearl Jam Dedicates I Am A Patriot Song To “Soldiers In The LGBT Community” | Video

  Eddie Vedder delivered a powerful speech hours after Pearl Jam canceled their Raleigh, North Carolina concert to protest the state’s “bathroom bill.” “We thought we could take the money and give it to them and still play the show, but the reality is there is nothing like the immense power of boycotting,” singer says

Kasich to LGBT People: “Can You Just Get Over It?” | Video

Presidential hopeful John Katich (Yeah right) has advised people who are the victims of homophobia to just “get over it”. The Ohio Governor is the only remaining so-called ‘moderate’ in the race for the Republican nomination, trailing well behind ultra-conservatives Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Although he’s not opposing same-sex marriage any more, Kasich demonstrated just how lacking he still


San Francisco Symphony Announces Summer with the Symphony Concerts | July 4 – 29, 2016

  SAN FRANCISCO, April 18 – The San Francisco Symphony announces its annual Summer with the Symphony series, which runs July 4-29 at Davies Symphony Hall and at other outdoor locations throughout the Bay Area. Led by Director of Summer Concerts Edwin Outwater, Summer with the Symphony features a festive lineup of concerts and events for all ages, beginning with the

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo – Episode 3 is Modern Life in a Nutshell | Video

You must! I love every single frame of this series. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo is so rich is character and life, smells come to my mind as I watch, smells and sensations, good and bad. Is Caleb destined to be alone? Check out episode 3 below. Video from Brian Jordan Alvarez Catch up on