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“The Seed” by Noel Alejandro | NSFW

BERLIN​ – The Seed, the new erotic film by Barcelona-born gay erotica director Noel Alejandro, brings the spotlight to Berlin’s daytime underground scene. Once again, Noel Alejandro uses the language of sex to debate the undisclosed demons of today’s society. With The Seed, he is willing to open a report on how easy and seductive is the drug […]

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Accidental Bear Helping to End the Abuse, Sale, & Trade of Big Cats World Wide | Visits Big Cat Rescue, Tampa

At the very beginning of starting my project Becoming An Animal Activist, I discovered  what a polarizing and political topic animal rights and activism can be. I immediately wasn’t sure if “activism” was the right term to use in the title of the project. I was quickly pressured into drawing a line in the sand. […]

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Red Hot heads to Muscle Beach, Los Angeles, bringing you America’s hottest ginger jocks from across the United States Now in its 6th year, the unstoppable Red Hot project heads to Muscle Beach, Los Angeles, bringing together America’s hottest ginger jocks from across the United States. Photographer Thomas Knights and Art Director Elliott James Freize […]

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“Home” A Queer Cooking Series | Watch Series Trailer

“Home is about about coming together, taking care of each other and sharing our stories. It seeks to create loving, human and honest images of queer people through something we all do each day. Food brings people together, it’s personal and creates intimacy,” says Michael Chernak. 31 Episodes. 6 Seasons. Queer Voices. Queer Home. The show […]

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Modus Vivendi Launches the Desert Line from Swimwear Collection 2018

Modus Vivendi is taking the hugely popular camo trend to the next level with a unique geometric print that is bound to become yet another best seller! Find your inner desert marine and be a tower of strength! Combine it with the Desert tanktop from the Fall/Winter Collection 17-18 and you have the perfect outfit […]

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“Artist Venfield8 Kills Model Brian Maier” NSFW

I Killed Brian Maier, ( 1-4 ), Luxury Violence series, 2018 We live in a society that glorifies Violence. We see it as entertainment. A way to relax. We subject our kids to it with frightening, and sometimes fatal, regularity. We are scared of Death, yet we love the kill. In American culture, male nudity […]

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Fila X Skim Milk

LA’s “art weirdo” brand, Skim Milk just dropped a shoe collaboration with Fila on the rehashed heritage series of The Mindblower. FuckingYoung Originally released in 1995, Skim Milk re-interpreted the shoe entirely in purple leather and foam and aptly called it, ‘Purple Reign’. The concept came from one of Skim Milk’s mantras which is, “there […]

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NSFW | “CRUISING AT BEACH 19” Salty Short Film by Antonio Da Silva

Ready for the 2018 cruising season! Waiting for sea, sex and sun on the beach to start again…. soon! After so many requests and positive feedback from the previous film BEACH 19 (2014), and the rise of people going to the beach of love in the past years, this is a remake with a new poetic representation of […]

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“Anarchy in the Philippines” – An Underground Community Living on the Outskirts of a Society | Video

A new Dazed doc exploring the war on drugs in the Philippines through the eyes of young rebel punks – an underground community living on the outskirts of a society where looking different is a courageous act. Check it out below. Directed by Jess Kohl Instagram: @jess.kohl Twitter: @jesskohlx Facebook

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“Ram Dass, Going Home” | Official Trailer

A poetic meditation on life, death, and the soul’s journey home. Since suffering a life-changing stroke twenty years ago, beloved spiritual teacher Ram Dass has been living at his home on Maui and deepening his spiritual practice — which is centered on love and his idea of merging with his surroundings and all living things. […]

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Gay Dude Wants to Help All Animals of the World | “Becoming An Animal Activist”

Those of you that have known me my whole life will not be surprised at all that I have chosen to dedicate my life to helping animals and to bring more awareness to some of the awful, and inhumane things mankind are doing to animals all over the world. Knowledge is power. Humans are responsible […]

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Gus Kenworthy Picks Up His Puppy He Adopted During the South Korea Olympics from Dog Meat Farm

For Beemo and 88 other dogs from a Korean dog meat farm, a better life begins in Montreal   Via humanesociety.org The 2018 Winter Olympics may be over, but for some of us the celebration of success continues. For Humane Society International, it was the closure of our 11th dog meat farm in South Korea, which […]

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How Russian Prisoners Are Using Tattoos To Protest Putin | Video

“The jailed brother of Russia’s opposition leader is designing tattoos from behind bars as an underground protest against Vladimir Putin’s certain reelection. Oleg Navalny was jailed on dubious charges of embezzling cash in 2015, while his brother Alexei was handed a suspended sentence which led to him to being barred from running in the presidential […]

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Boyfriends Test Their Masculinity in “Men Don’t Whisper” | Video

“After being emasculated at a sales conference, gay couple Reese and Peyton decide the only way to regain their confidence and prove their masculinity is to sleep with some women. When they meet fellow conference attendees and pleasure seekers Beth and Dominique, it seems like a perfect match. Unfortunately sealing the deal is easier said […]

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Super NSFW “CRUISING IN THE PARK” New Erotic Film by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes

Boys being boys…. CRUISING IN THE PARK by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes This film portrays the journey of a “straight” married man who has the habit of cruising in the park next to his work place during his lunch break. He is a hunter however he is also hunted. Mostly he plays with other discrete married man, […]

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Monetizing Thirst: The Life of the Instafamous | Glorifying the Hot

First of all, Monetizing Thirst, is a brilliant title. Ok, I’m trying to be a better person. My first thought is to projectile vomit. But this is the world today. As much of the gay media is trying to promote diversity and acceptance of all body shapes, sizes, and colors, we are still shallow as fuck. […]

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More HIV+ People Are Likely To Die From Lung Cancer | PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex | Video

Mike Enders has a casual chat in the bath tub with Damon L. Jacobs, Creator at PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex. Jacobs has made great progress with his group, as a resource for PrEP Facts, information, and awareness. He is now tackling a new mountain; More poz people now die from lung cancer than HIV. Vaping would change that. […]

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LACOSTE is Out to Save Endangered Species

For 70 years, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it. Through its SOS – Save Our Species partnership, IUCN is coordinating frontline projects worldwide in order to help ensure the long-term survival of threatened species, […]

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Daddy Issues Zine – Meet Me In The Flesh

Statement from Daddy Issues– Daddy Issues started as a small dance party in a sweaty basement club in East London in June 2016 and has now grown into a full on international queer brand. Founders OLLYWOOD and Borja Peña now manage the brand from opposite sides of the world. Borja running the parties in London (in a […]

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Varla Jean Merman Playing Rugby in New Orleans is Highly Entertaining | Watch

  This series hosted by Varla Jean Merman (in and out of drag), presents a wide variety of folks along the LGTBQ spectrum who call New Orleans home. Through interviews and funny adventures, we’ll follow Jeff, Varla and several locals to gain a deeper insight into who they are, and why they love New Orleans. GoNOLA

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NSFW | ‘Love & Hip Hop’s Gay Rapper Milan Christopher Goes Full Frontal for Paper Mag

Got your attention. Ok, I’m a little late to the game for seeing this, but it’s too good not to share. Last year, ‘Love & Hip Hop’s gay Rapper Milan Christopher let it all hangout for Paper Mag. Feast your eyes below at the goods. Blurb from Paper Mag – “Milan Christopher has never been shy. The rapper […]

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“Hot Air: The Greatest Luxury” Short Film Featuring Mykki Blanco | Video

Commissioned as part of the Radical Luxury campaign at Selfridges, The Greatest Luxury explores what luxury means in an era when the term itself feels hollow and banal. So how can we redefine this word for the next generation? And how do we make luxury exciting and meaningful again? In search of the answers, the […]

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Meet The 83 Year Old Gay ‘Porn Star’ | Video

At age 83, Norm is making his ‘porn’ debut in a beautiful scene featuring Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills on www.himeros.tv. Norm is a sacred intimate, advanced Tantrica, and minister of erotic education. To learn more about Norm and his ministry, you can go to www.edgeofthevillage.org I’m all ears! Join Davey’s erotic website: www.himeros.tv Watch […]

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R.I.P. AccidentalBear.com – It’s Been An Unbelievable 8 Years!

It is the ending of an era. As of today I will be shutting the doors, turning out the lights, to my baby AccidentalBear.Com (AXXIDENTAL). It has been an incredible 8 years. Thank you all for your support and love. The site’s Instagram Page will stay active for fun, sexy, artsy crap. My Youtube Channel […]

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10 Team USA Hotties Get Half-Naked and Roll Out Gold Medal-Worthy Pick-Up Lines | Video

Cute! (but super white). Sure, the Winter Olympics are fun and all, but they’re not nearly as naked as their summer counterparts. So in order to help you get to know Team USA better, we asked a bunch of Olympic hotties to deliver their best (sport-adjacent) pick-up lines. Video from Cosmopolitan.com

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“Becoming An Animal Activist” with Mike Enders | Video

So excited to be entering into a project with all of my heart and passion! “Becoming an Animal Activist” I have committed to 2018 being the year I become the best animal activist as possible. But it’s not that easy. Posting kitten videos on Facebook all day is awesome but I feel as if I […]

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BROTHERS: Web Series about Transgender Male Friends

“It is critical that stories like this be seen by both the people represented and by those who are not in touch with these experiences as it helps to “normalize” what being transgender means.  It turns an “other” experience into something relatable.” – Creators Emmett Lundberg and Sheyam Ghieth BROTHERS, the critically acclaimed web series […]

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Cute Little Nugget Olympian Gus Kenworthy Stops by the Ellen Show #TEAMGUS

Olympian Gus Kenworthy detailed his experience posing naked for a photo shoot on the side of a mountain. Plus, the LGBT activist talked about his history-making commercial for Head & Shoulders. The silver medalist is heading back to the Olympics in South Korea, but LGBT activist Gus Kenworthy admitted to Ellen he thinks Vice President […]

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UK-Based Arts Charity Dedicated to Spreading Laughter and Smiles to Those in Need | The Flying Seagulls

Who/what are The Flying Seagulls? We run workshops, create music events, visit hospitals, orphanages, street centres, residential care units, and centres for disability. We aim to train! For staff in poorer areas, resources both financial, equipment, and support can be difficult to find. We aim to give full training to staff working with arts for disability […]

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Pussy Riot Announce Live Performances in USA

RUSSIAN ANTI-PUTIN FEMINIST ART COMMUNITY PUSSY RIOT ANNOUNCE LIVE PERFORMANCES IN USA A SUBVERSIVE MIX OF ACTIVIST ART AND LIVE SET Today, we’re announcing Pussy Riot’s first live music performance art tour through America. The feminist art collective protest against the re-election of Putin as the President of Russia earned them a long, fake trial […]

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Instagrammer That Makes Us Drool #ThirstTrap #InternetGold

Thirst Trap. You’re probably asking yourself, “How did I get here?” That’s easy and simple. We’re thirsty, and there is nothing wrong with that. Meet Instagrammer Andrew Leon. Straight up adorable, with a voice that makes me weak in the knees. To be quite honest, I have no knowledge that he has any particular talents or […]

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Growing Old Gracefully with Greg Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky offers 8 tips on how to grow old gracefully, keeping your mind, body, and beard healthy with each new year. Video Beardbrand Find ad follow Greg on Instagram      Other recommended videos from Beardbrand Why Do Young People Want to Go Grey? Dyeing Your Hair and Beard | Greg Berzinksy  Like Father Like […]

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Boxing – “WTF is Mike Doing Now!?” with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar | 2018 the Year of Adventure and Service

Mike Enders has decided that 2018 was going to be his year of adventure and service. He has set out to try new things, push his boundaries, get his ass off the couch and build community outside of the internet. Mike tells us that he sees far too many people only living life and communicating […]

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Adam’s Nest’s Collaborative “The AIDS Memorial” Tee is a Must Have | Benefiting Housing Works

Adam’s Nest: Warm, inviting, and a bit naughty; politically engaged with a social conscience. A collaborative t-shirt with The AIDS Memorial on Instagram and Zach Grear benefiting Housing Works.  25% of purchase price will be donated to Housing Works to support its fight for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS  have access to […]

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World’s Largest Queer Comic Con Announces Fourth Annual Flame Con | August 18-19, 2018

  Flame Con, created by the LGBTQ non-profit Geeks OUT, is announcing its fourth annual expo on Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19. After a record year of 6,000 attendees in 2017, Flame Con will be relocating to a new venue at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel to accommodate a larger exhibitor floor, panel […]