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Underwear 101: Jockstrap | Video

Underwear 101: Jockstrap | Video

What do you know about the jock? Besides the guys being a total fox and and SEXY voice, I actually learned a few things from the video. Video from The Underwear Expert


“Hard Decisions” to Launch in the Fall of 2015 | Watch Teaser Video

Drag Queens, Dress-up, Alien Invasions, Tinfoil Hats, and MORE. The highly-anticipated gay-themed, choose-your-own-adventure movie HARD DECISIONS is coming to YouTube in the Fall of 2015. Written and directed by Eli Rarey (The Famous Joe Project, Outfest 2012 and That’s Fashionz!, Oaxaca Film Festival 2012) this interactive movie is sure to reach and entertain a variety


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Laura Jane Grace on Caitlyn Jenner “She Hasn’t Got a Clue!” | Listen to Podcast

  Dazed has reported in on the wannabe trans queen Caitlyn Jenner and add wise words in podcast below. Caitlyn is like an empty envelope, nothing to put inside to qualify her as the trans spokesmodel. When Caitlyn Jenner had the most glamorous coming-out moment of all time via the cover of Vanity Fair, it marked a historical moment for many reasons. Not

Angelo Garcia Pops Up on Episode of Tosh.0’s CeWEBrity Profile | Video

  Former member of Menudo, Angelo Garcia, plays the lead in Daniel’s new LGBT-friendly musical. Video Comedy Central

“Mentionables!” New LGBTQ Music, F**k Mayor Lee, Rentboy.com, Video Recap

    Check out this week’s video Recap of local and national LGBTQ news and featured LGBTQ musicians, new music and videos! Hosted by Mike Enders. News: San Francisco mayor Ed Lee wants homeless people to go away during the Super Ball festivities. Rentboy.com gets raided. Musicians featured this week: Tom Goss, Peaches & Kim

Kentucky Clerk Defies Court Again, Turns Away Same-Sex Couple a Third Time

    This officially makes no sense and we live in a lawless country. It is beyond me that they are not dragged out of there. There MUST be some law still protecting them as they so arrogantly refuse to give out marriage licenses to gay couples. This morning for the  third time, Kentucky couple James

Luigi Brugnaro has banned Pride in Venice

Venice Mayor Says Pride Not Welcome, Calls it a ‘Joke, the Ultimate in Kitsch’

  Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has called it a ‘joke, the ultimate in kitsch’ Pride is not welcome in Venice, says the mayor. ‘There will be no gay pride in my Venice,’ Luigi Brugnaro has said, describing the event as ‘farcical’ and ‘kitsch’. He is still claiming he is not homophobic, saying he has friends who


Gender-Neutral Title Mx Added to Oxford Dictionary

    Oxford Dictionaries has added the gender neutral title Mx, as well as ‘pwnage’, ‘butthurt’, and ‘awesomesauce’. The honorific of Mx, given to those who do not want to be referred to as Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs, was added to reflect ‘today’s more thoughtful conversations about gender identity’. It is defined as ‘a


Antigay Kentucky Clerk Loses in Federal Court Again

    Some Kentucky county clerks are still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but one suffered a major blow in her legal fight today, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Advocate reports: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit rejected Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’s request for a stay of the federal

Transgender in America

Dr. Drew “Transgender in America” Tonight and tomorrow at 9 pm on HLN

    Tonight and tomorrow at 9 pm ET, HLN will present “Transgender in America”, a special two night event with Dr. Drew examining issues facing the transgender community. With a studio audience comprised entirely transgender people, things get emotional as Dr. Drew about their lives, loves and discrimination. Drew’s guests tonight include trans comedian and “Transparent” actor Ian Harvie, Dr. Marci


Justin Bieber “Look-Alike Who Went Missing Found Dead in Hotel Room

  Yikes! Whatever the circumstance, sad. TMZ have reported: Toby Sheldon — who became famous for spending more than $100k to look like Justin Bieber — has been found dead … TMZ has learned. We’re told Toby’s body was found in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley on August 21. He has been reported missing since

Straight Educators for LGBT Students #SE4LGBTS | Video

  It takes a village to keep all of ‘our’ kids safe. Video from Nicholas Ferroni

Rentboy CEO: “I Think We Do Good Things for Good People” | Video

    The CEO of Rentboy.com has been charged with “conspiring to violate the Travel Act by promoting prostitution,” acting U.S. Attorney Kelly T. Currie said. Read story we posted yesterday here: RentBoy CEO and 7 Workers Arrested in Raid of Escort Service and at What the Rentboy.com Scandal Means for Sex Workers


What the Rentboy.com Scandal Means for Sex Workers

  An interesting read. Press release from US Attorney in rentboy.com  Raid: http://ge.tt/7Yx7ToM2/v/0?c  By Siouxsie Q wrote for the SF Weekly: Just days after five of the country’s top LGBT advocacy organizations echoed Amnesty International’s recent declaration of support for the decriminalization of prostitution, seven employees of the popular gay male escort advertising platform, rentboy.com, were arrested this morning in New York

How To Flower Your Beard & More | For A Good Time… The Gay Beards | Video

    The more you know. What freaking adorable and talented men. And I can read all of your dirty minds. You want to make love to his crystal blue eyes. Subscribe to their Youtube Channel here The Gay Beards       For a good time follow the Gay Beards on Instagram Pretty Please! With sprinkles

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Pornstars Read Mean Comments Part 2 | Video

    I just want to lay down next to Danny D with my head on his chest, and do finger circles around his nipples playing with his chest hair. No harm in that. Video from 4YallEntertainment “After nearly 4 million views and counting on the first installment, Pornhub and Brazzers have teamed together with Brampton-based YouTube


Glenn Danzig to Appear on “Portlandia” Season 6

 My prayers have been answered. Ok, maybe not one of them that was at all high on the list. In fact I was probably high when I added it to the list, Glenn Danzig will appear on “Portlandia,” Season 6. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are currently filming the sixth season of “Portlandia”. Today, Brownstein revealed that none other than Glenn Danzig is


Gay Men Recount the Horrors of Life Under ISIS

  “In a landmark step and world first, gay refugees from territory controlled by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) have recounted the horror of living under the extremist group’s regime to the United Nation Security Council.” Subhi Nahas, who fled from Syria to Lebanon before moving to Turkey, appeared before the Council at a closed-door,


Oh Snap! RentBoy CEO and 7 Workers Arrested in Raid of Escort Service

  Am I naive to think that the service provided by RentBoy.com were legal? Updated 12 mins ago….abc7ny.com reporting: NEW YORK (WABC) — Authorities carried out a major prostitution sting targeting a website in Manhattan Tuesday morning, raiding the company headquarters and arresting seven people accused of selling sex and laundering money.The CEO of Rentboy.com, Jeffrey Hurant,

Britain’s Underground Muslim Drag Queen Community | Video

Narrating the film, Sir Ian McKellan, told reporters the experience left him “in awe” of the cast and the many struggling with this fight. “I’m ashamed how little I know about drag and trans and areas of being gay that I have not been part of,” he said. “It makes me begin to understand what

Burning Man: The Musical | What Have You Heard About Burning Man? | Watch Video

  I’ve been watching fights, debates, and stories about bugs on the Playa lately on Facebook. This came across my screen today and I have to admit, I watched it. I was hoping it was going to be more like Hair the Musical. From the trailer it looks fun and cheerful, like a Target Ad.

NOT LOOKING Season 2 Premiere Ep 1 is a Hoot | Watch Here

  Ladies, gentlemen, and those of you who are gender fluid, I present you awesomeness, Not Looking Season 2 Episode 1. “Four gay friends continue to Not Look for dreams or love in the City of Angels.” Season 2 – Ep 1 of 5 – NOT LOOKING – watch more funny videos

“MASK4MASK” Deviants Adult Arcade | The Official Closing Party of Folsom Street Fair Video

  Filmmaker Aron Kantor rolled out his official SF Folsom Street Fair promo video last week and it spread through the internet like a wild fire. Kantor has just released a new video “MASK4MASK” for DEVIANTS Adult Arcade, The Official Closing Party of Folsom Street Fair. I feel like Kantor even toped himself here, I hear some people


“Dirty Kids” | “Documenting Homeless Teens in Hippie Communes” Watch Trailer Video

    This should be very fascinating. Growing up myself as a runaway transient teen, I have never seen a  story that showcases teens the way I lived as a runaway; usually in communes of other runways aka squatters.   Alice Stein spent two years filming Dirty Kids, a group of “runaways, outcasts, and train-hopping

Cyndi Lauper Opens an LGBT Homeless Center in NYC, Floor Plan Revealed | Pics

  Why do I have this feeling in my gut that I always new that Cyndi Lauper’s hit “True Colors” was going to have a much bigger impact on the world than just filling some of the empty space in my sad teenager years? “40 percent of homeless youth in the city identify as LGBT” Next

Provincetown Carnival 2015 “Candy Land” Video Will Give You a Sweet Tooth

  I’ve never made it to Provincetown for Carnival but have heard only amazing stories. Maybe next year I’ll have to shift my P-town schedule and move on from Bear Week and change it up with Carnival. Bos Guy has shared this Provincetown Carnival 2015 video photo collage and it looks like a blast! Video from Bos Guy where he states,

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aka My Hero: LGBT Discrimination Video

    This is one of the best things circling around the internet this week. You have to love the passion John Oliver has for all of the topics he chooses to highlight. John Oliver aka my new hero. “This year’s gay marriage ruling was a milestone, but LGBT discrimination is still surprisingly legal. John Oliver explains

Where The Bears Are Season 4 Premiere “Celebrating Bear” |Episode 1 Video

The men of Where The Bears Are are back with season 4 Premiere. Each year they get big, better, and more badass. Well done men. No more words here, just watch. “In the fourth season opener, the Bears throw a wedding shower in their backyard to celebrate Nelson and Todd’s upcoming nuptials, but things go south

Dave Grohl Explains Why the Foo Fighters Rickrolled the Westboro Baptist Church | Video

  After we posting that the Foo Fighters Rickrolled the Westboro Baptist Church and they have gotten a standing ovation from the LGBT community, lead singer Dave Grohl explains why they did what they did. Later that night, during the actual Foo Fighters show, Grohl commented on they-who-will-not-be-named before launching into “My Hero.” “You can’t just sit there and do nothing,


Grace Jones Queen of it All at Afropunk Festival, Brooklyn | Video

  Grace Jones told fans they better “dress to impress” for her Friday night performance for the 11th annual  Afropunk Festival, Brooklyn Brooklyn. And she wasn’t messing around! “Jones, 67, wore white paint and flesh-colored bottoms – as well as a hula-hoop, a mask and cape and two pieces of headwear – for her show at the Afropunk

Feminists vs. Photoshop | Real Women Stand In Their Underwear to Stand Up to Sexist Beauty Standards

  FCKH8 never fucking around. They speak my language. “Real women stand in their bras and underwear to stand up to the sexist and unrealistic beauty standards imposed on women by the fashion industry. Proving that real women are beautiful in all colors, shapes, sizes and ages, these powerful women show it all to show

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.19.24 AM

What’s it Like Being LGBT in Japan? Watch Interview at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 | Video

“There’s a lack of awareness that LGBT people exist normally,” he says. “Not all the people understand that LGBT people are right next to them.” Video by That Japanese Man Yuta H/T NewNowNext    


Berlin Performer Ms Dwayne Photographed by Ralf Rühmeier | Things Get Wiggy

Photographer Ralf Rühmeier told me this when asked about the shoot: “I am a photographer, based in Berlin. For business I do event documentations. For “hobby” I do pictures of man. I always say “I am looking for my interpretation of men”. A muscled body is nice – but a great character is more important. Ms Dwayne is

Best Dad of the Week! Unconditional to Son Who Chose a Little Mermaid doll

  Now this is what unconditional love looks like. Cheers to a well adjusted future generation. Mikki Willis took his son Azai to the toy store to exchange a duplicate present he received for his 4th birthday. A Little Mermaid doll was the replacement toy Azai chose. Dad and sons film reaction video in their car in parking-lot. So

Gingers Get Spray Tans For The First Time | Video

  “I’ve never seen a tan red head in the wild before.” But Buzz Feed Yellow is determined to see what it will look like. Personally I like my gingers with the pasty skin they were born with.

Do All Kids Need a Mother and Father? by Matt Baume | Video

“You hear the claim all the time from anti-gay groups: children deserve a mom and a dad. But is it true? What does the science ACTUALLY say about same-sex parents? How do they compare to straight parents? And are they as statistically likely to have embarrassing taste in music?” Video by the awesome Matt Baume  

Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis speaks to a gathering of supporters during a rally on the steps of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort Ky., Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. Davis spoke at the rally organized by The Family Foundation of Kentucky on Saturday afternoon. The crowd of a few thousand included churchgoers from around the state. Davis has been sued by The American Civil Liberties Union for denying marriage licenses to gay couples. She says her Christian faith prohibits her from signing licenses for same-sex couples.

Thousands Rally for Cunt-Face Kentucky Clerks Denying Gay Marriage Licenses

Above photo: Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis speaks to a gathering of supporters during a rally on the steps of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort Ky., Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. Davis spoke at the rally organized by The Family Foundation of Kentucky on Saturday afternoon. The crowd of a few thousand included churchgoers from

Auditions for Cheap Undies Underwear Models: Summer 2015 Video

Boys will be boys. And now that everyone has a camera we get watch. Video Cheap Undies “This video is what happened when we let the cameras roll while we auditioned models in Los Angeles, California!” Cheap Undies  


“A Sinner in Mecca” | Openly Gay Filmmaker Risks Life in Saudi Arabia to Share Story

Above photo: Parvez Sharma’s second movie is “A Sinner in Mecca” and features extensive and rare footage inside the holy city. Also, he’s openly gay, which is a big no-no in Saudi Arabia. The daring new film from the director of A Jihad for Love “For a gay filmmaker, filming in Saudi Arabia presents two serious

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Foo Fighters Rick Roll Westboro Baptist Church | Video

My heros! “The always-awesome Foo Fighters are no stranger to taking the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church to task, but they may have topped themselves this time: Buzzfeed reports that Dave Grohl and Co. rickrolled the religious organization, which was protesting their Kansas City, Missouri show on Friday night, by cramming into the back of a pickup truck and