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NSFW | ‘Love & Hip Hop’s Gay Rapper Milan Christopher Goes Full Frontal for Paper Mag

Got your attention. Ok, I’m a little late to the game for seeing this, but it’s too good not to share. Last year, ‘Love & Hip Hop’s gay Rapper Milan Christopher let it all hangout for Paper Mag. Feast your eyes below at the goods. Blurb from Paper Mag – “Milan Christopher has never been shy. The rapper […]

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Alec Nysten is Funny Sexy Beast You Should Get to Know ASAP | #InternetGold

Every once in while you come across someone online that makes you think, “Holy fuck” , or “Hot damn!” or “Hell yes!” or “Mmmm-hmmm” or you piss your pants laughing so hard because they’re hilarious. And sometime they are a combination of all of this things. I can’t remember how but yesterday, this fine ass […]

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In Lust with Mustached Porn Actor Nate Stetson | NSFW

I first stumbled onto porn actor Nate Stetson when someone on Twitter retweeted a tweet that he was tagged in. His mustached image jumped off the page at me and I followed the trail back to his profile. Let me just say that I was more than pleased with what I had found. Swoon! And then […]

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NSFW | “MACHOS” | New Film by Antonio Da Silva | Don’t Watch Unless You Like Lots and Lots of D

MACHOS by Antonio Da Silva In February this year (2017) Antonio Da Silva went to Mexico to produce the new film about Mexican men (MACHOS). Antonio Da Silva states, “Sex with Mexicans can be very exciting and dangerous. The macho attitude makes aggressive and rude sex to be common not just between gay men but with straight men […]

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#SmartSexyStrongSilver Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi is Burning Up the Internet Today

Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi has caught our attention before with his goofy dancing videos, check out his Instagram. Today he is burning through the internet like a fire in the wind. What can we say, some times we’re thirsty too. Nothing remotely interesting going on, just Gianluca enjoying a day at Miami beach with all eyes […]

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Faggotry | Bruce LaBruce Photographs 1990 – 2016 at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid

Do miss this if you are in or near Madrid: Faggotry: Bruce LaBruce Photographs 1990 – 2016 at La Fresh Gallery. The show will be up until June 23, 2017. Iconic filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s smut friendly work has a casual vibe of capturing the moment, not artificially creating the moment. I’m all about it. “From that heterodox New […]

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Frolicking Naked in Empty Parking Garage Never Looked So Good | Karlo Photographed by Dylan Kelleher

We’re back with another shoot of popular model Karlo Martinez. This time he had some naked fun running wild in what looks to be an abandoned parking garage. Oh to have been a seagull sitting on a light post watching these shenanigans would have been a treat. Photographer is Dylan Kelleher. Follow on Instagram  Follow […]

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Noel Alejandro’s New Erotic Film “Trivial” is Rock Solid | NSFW- Adult Content

As a connoisseur  of porn, I can say that Noel’s Alejandro’s beautifully and intimate shot films push all of my buttons to the very end, if you know what I’m saying. His newest erotic short, Noel’s Alejandro is rock solid. After watching I got a serious case of FOMO! BRUSSELS​ – Erotic film enthusiasts can already watch […]

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Hunky Chef, Franco Noriega Teases His Morning Glory #UGuysLoveD

 Now famous hunky Chef/underwear model, Franco Noriega, teases his fans with this Instagram story of his morning stiffy.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, you guys love posts about D. In a click driven business like a blog, D always wins, not going to fight it. See past features with Franco Noriega HERE Model/chef: Franco Noriega | Instagram | Youtube

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Men Improve Your Masturbation Game | Video

  Sure why not, it’s always important to learn new things and up your game. I was expecting to learn something from this Buzz Feed Video,  but as it turns out I must be a pro because this was nothing new to me, but… we are all at different levels of masturbation skills. Improve your masturbation […]

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Watch “Tarzan: A Gay XXX Parody” | Take a Peek Here at Some Steamy Pics | NSFW

And a Happy 4th of July to you! Presents: Tarzan: A Gay XXX Parody. Directed by Marc MacNamara. Starring: Diego Sans as Tarzan, Tobias, Colton Grey, and Luke Adams. Filmed on location in Costa Rica. SYNOPSIS: Stranded ashore a lush tropical island, Luke Adams and Colton Grey cope with surviving the jungle by exploring […]

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New Exceptional Film From Naked Sword’s NSFW Independent Film Division “Nova Dubai”

“This is a political film that isn’t shy about sex. … This is no time to self-censor.” NS Film Works Debuts Gustavo Vinagre’s “Nova Dubai” Vinagre’s sexually provocative festival hit tackles gentrification, sexuality and love in a rapidly changing Brazil landscape SAN FRANCISCO — NSFW, the independent film arm of, will debut Nova Dubai, the […]

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Tim Kruger Fucks a Pie & Cooked Turkey in Amazing Art Film |NSFW

Fascinating, odd, sexy, creative, food, and Tim Kruger, all of my favorite things in one  controversial video. Adult actor Tim Kruger has shared this new art film with me El cataclismo nos alcanzará impávidos, that he has starred in. Bet that has got your attention. “A pronkstilleven is set at the service of a profanation, of the strange, […]

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“Love-ism” | Art by Paul Sixta is Stunning |NSFW

Choreographer Mor Shani is working on “Love-ism”. Love-ism is a long term study inspired by the book “Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm. In this study Shani wishes to challenge the perception and liquidity of the agreed upon, the sublime and the condemned. He asks: “when do supreme ideas about love like care, mutuality and […]

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Trine Lindegaard Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook: Love & Freedom

“For SS14 Trine Lindegaard ran a workshop in collaboration with the charity Fine Cell Work in one of the UK’s biggest prisons. The prisoners were taking part of the whole creative process of developing the collection. The inmates were fantastically creative and took the FREEDOM brief to heart, which resulted in their thoughts and ideas being showcased […]

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A/B Naughty Bits: This Beard in Porn: Meet the Tasty Rich Kelly

  Blah Blah Blah…..<words>….Blah Blah… Rich Kelly’s beard …Blah Blah…. Someone actually wrote this paragraph below describing the  Rich Kelly’s in called Man, You Look Good. “Man, don’t these two hairy beefy hunks look damn good? Matt and Rich love to admire each other on the couch before they get to business. Both of these manly […]

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New Music: Gay Jewish School Boys on a Sensual Journey – Potpourri of Pearls’ “Island”

“Jewish boys on a sensual journey – “Island” First video from Potpourri of Pearls’ forthcoming album – Out winter 2014 Synthpop group, Potpourri of Pearls from Philadelphia can be described as: “Since its inception, Potpourri of Pearls has been a union of distinctly different artists committed to common goals. Bate, Brody, and Allingham each have separate interests […]