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This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours | ASAP Science Video

This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours | ASAP Science Video

“Your body is f***ing amazing!!!” Video by the awesome guys at Asap SCIENCE

Watch VICE’s “The Truvada Revolution” Full Length Video

We shared VICE’s 3-part series called “The Truvada Revolution” about month ago and it stirred up excellent conversation. VICE just released a full length video of the “The Truvada Revolution” episode and we think it’s an important to keep the conversation going and to share. Watch video below. “A drug called Truvada is the first FDA-approved means

Bill Nye Gets Horny After Talking About Sex | Video

  “Bill Nye’s at the Museum of Sex in New York to explain the evolutionary purpose of sex. ” National Geographic I totally have a thing for nerds and want to see Bill’s peen!

Watch “Blood Mirror”: 9 Men Protest FDA Ban on Gay Blood Donors | Film by Leo Herrera, Sculpture by Jordan Eagles

      Press release reads: In 1983, in an early response to the AIDS crisis, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented a lifetime ban on gay and bisexual male blood donors. Over 30 years later, on May 13, 2015, the FDA proposed an updated policy that would finally allow gay and bisexual


This Condom Will Tell You If Your Partner Has an STI

  The news comes just a day after Public Health England revealed that STI infection rate among gay men are soaring, despite falling around the country as a whole. The Independent reports: A condom that changes colour when it comes into contact with sexually transmitted infections has been invented by a group of school children. The

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“Sad Studs” – Sexy PSA to the FDA About Gays Giving Blood & Not Having Sex for a Year

  Come the fuck on FDA, get a grip. CONTACT THE FDA and tell them your outrage: Video by thebatteryco    

What Does Your Pee Say About You? | Video

What colour should your pee even be? Video from AsapSCIENCE      


Drinking Coffee Will Give You a Stronger Penis & Fight Off Erectile Dysfunction

Who knew!? My dick must have the strength of Schwarzenegger then.  Men’s Health have reported, ” Guys who guzzled this beverage reported having stronger penises. Fill up a cup and you might enjoy the benefits, too.” Your daily cup of Joe keeps you up in more ways than one: Caffeine could reduce your likelihood of having erectile

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VICE Documentary Explores the Future of the Truvada & Its Revolutionary Impact on Ending HIV/AIDS

Silence equals death! Vice reports: A drug called Truvada is the first FDA-approved means of preventing HIV infection. If an HIV-negative person takes the pill every day, he or she is nearly 99 percent protected from contracting the virus. Controversy continues to surround the broad uptake of Truvada, but the landscape of safer sex and

New YouTube Series Answers Most Common HIV Questions | #AskTheHIVDoc

  Get to know the HIV doctors behind #AskTheHIVDoc – Dr. Demetre Daskalakis and Dr. David Malebranche. In a frank, no-nonsense style, they answer common questions from gay men about HIV and sexual health. For more info, visit: The more you know!  H/T

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How San Francisco Plans to ‘Get to Zero’ New Infections of HIV

  The more you know… An ambitious new plan in San Francisco aims to completely end the transmission of HIV, which infects about 50,000 people every year. And in a city where huge strides have been made in battling the epidemic that’s killed tens of thousands of people, public health officials, doctors and activists are

Beach Workout, Sweat, Sand and Speedos with Kyle Krieger | Video

Words not necessary just watch for some summer/spring 2015 fitness inspiration. Video from Kyle Krieger. Follow him on Instagram | Twitter |  Tumblr  Find his workout partner from this video Ben on Instagram | Twitter NEW VIDEO: Beach Workout x Sweat, Sand and Speedos w/ @bennyptweets LINK IN BIO. On my way to 10k subscribers! Thank youuu.❤️

Fitness Inspiration | Meathook Exercise Tutorial by Al Kavadlo

    We are big fans of Al Kavadlo‘s dedication. Read the accompanying article here:

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Hunky Workout at Home Inspiration Video by Kyle Krieger

Fitness inspiration, that you can watch while eating ice cream or not. “This video is my 20 minute Ab workout at home! Sometime I don’t have time to get to the gym. This is a perfect way to squeeze in some exercise when I don’t have a lot of time!” Kyle Krieger Check out more of Kyle

This funduscopic image reveals the effects of late neuro-ocular syphilis on the optic disk and retina. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Ocular Syphilis In San Francisco And Other West Coast Cities Increasing

CBS Local News reports: SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)  — Health officials in California are warning primary care and eye doctors to be on the lookout for ocular syphilis, as clusters of the disease hit San Francisco and other West Coast cities. Ocular syphilis is a sexually-transmitted disease that can cause blindness. Symptoms included eye pain, seeing

The recent FDA approval was a major step toward the eventual goal of curing HIV. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

FDA Approves “Functional HIV Cure” for Human Trials

Medical Daily have reported: A possible “functional cure” for HIV has recently been granted FDA approval for further human testing. The method uses genetic modification to cause a specific mutation in the white blood cells of HIV patients which mirrors those found in the naturally immune. It has so far shown to be both receptive

“Unwrapping Truvada” | Short Film Featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, Scott Wiener & Michael Weinstein

Check out this new short film, “Unwrapping Truvada, “featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, SF Supervisor Scott Wiener, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation head Michael Weinstein. nesde sac Youtube Page reads: Taking this pill could keep you from getting #HIV. So why is it so controversial? #Truvada Excellent piece! It was interesting to see the discussion unfold between

Alan Cummings Challenges Gay Men to be Celibate for 365 Days

Way to rip them a new asshole Alan! Sign GLAAD and GMHC’s petition at to pressure the FDA to screen all prospective blood donors based on risk, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The FDA recently announced that gay and bisexual men may finally be allowed to donate blood after being banned

Short Film “Je suis acculé” (I am cornered) Feat. Model Matthieu Charneau

Male model Matthieu Charneau stars in short film called “Je suis acculé” (I am cornered). He is interrogated at what appears to be a health clinic where he is concerned about a recent sexual encounter, where a condom was used and not used. Video from Nicolas GOERGEN Follow Matthieu Charneau on Facebook un film de Nicolas Goergen avec: Claire Traxelle &


The HIV Shower Selfie Challenge Raises Awareness and Funds Towards Ending AIDS #weareALLclean Could this be the HIV equivalent to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? We think so. The concept is the brainchild of well-known HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth who has partnered with Moovz, the leading global gay social app, to launch the project. It’s genius in its simplicity. We are now a selfie-obsessed culture and Mackenroth urges everyone

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“Testicular Cancer: A New Chapter In My Life” – Furious Pete

Honest, straight talk from popular Youtube Furious Pete about his recent Testicular Cancer diagnosis. Furious Pete Talks Check yourself men! Educate yourself here

5 Things Men Should Know About Their Bodies | Morning Erection and More | Video

Why do you get morning wood and other body functions. Video by Buzz Feed Video

Scruff Introduces Free Ad Space for Non-Profits to Reach LGBT Community | Benevolads Ads

Great work men! SCRUFF, one of the world’s largest Gay social networking apps, today announced the launch of Benevolads™ – SCRUFF’s new in-app global advertising platform to connect non-profit organizations that work with the LGBT community with SCRUFF’s worldwide base of more than 7 million members. Benevolads ad space is free to non-profits and community

The Science of Depression | An Asap SCIENCE Video

What’s going on inside of a depressed person? Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Video by AsapSCIENCE


Vloggger Weighs in on Truvada Conversation| Will Truvada Work? HIV Prevention | Video

Vlogger Kinda Gay Blog writes: Truvada claims to help reduce the risk for HIV transmission – but the long-term side effects and cost of the drug have me questioning if it’s really better than a good old-fashioned condom. I can see how it may be beneficial for a couple where one partner is HIV negative and


Wildwood Fall Men’s Festival |Guerneville, CA | Sept 18-21

Registration Opens for Wildwood’s Fall Men’s Festival  The Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center will be hosting its 9th Annual Fall Men’s Festival Thursday, September 18 through Sunday, September 21, 2014. Wildwood, located in the hills above Guerneville, California, is a non-profit sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need? & Tips to Combat Sleep Deprivation | Videos by Asap SCIENCE

Food for thought served up by Asap SCIENCE Are you over or under sleeping? Some tips to combat sleep deprivation! These two cuties have some great advice. Listen up. AsapTHOUGHT


Fabulous Fruits vs. Evil Syphilis – WehoLife Gaymation | Watch

  Keep it covered. Dare I say cute? Hell yes, healthy penis’ are super cute! Four guys from West Hollywood transform into three pieces of fruit…and a bear cub…to take on Evil Syphilis in the second video from WehoLife Gaymation.  Video after the jump. When you don’t have the Fabulous Fruits around to save the


Watch HIV Stigma Video – “I Have Judged… Other People are Going to Judge Me” by the HIV Foundation Queensland

The first step in ending HIV is to address the stigmas that are currently associated with it. MediaCom on behalf of the HIV Foundation Queensland has launched a series of short films titled “There Is Something I Want To Tell You”, highlighting real Queenslanders and their loved ones who are living with HIV.  HIV Foundation CEO, Tony

Should You Hover Or Cover The Toilet Seat? Watch ASAP Science Video

Food for thought. Is the toilet seat all that dirty of dangerous? AsapSCIENCE

Matthew J. Dempsey on Gay Men and “Body Image” : Watch Video

  Food for thought. Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey talks about common issues with body image and goes on to describe how it can specifically play out in the gay male community. Find more on Matthew J. Dempsey at


CDC Launches New HIV Campaign: Watch Videos

    Never stop talking about ways to protect yourself and your partner from HIV. Start Talking. Stop HIV., CDC’s national campaign created by and for gay and bisexual men, promotes open communication about HIV prevention among sexual partners and encourages men in all types of relationships to talk about: HIV testing, their HIV status,

20 Guys Get Their Balls Waxed to Bring Awareness to Testicular Cancer: Watch Video

How do you get young guys to expose their balls and check them regularly for testicular cancer? Host a party and challenge them to get waxed to bring the issue into the broad light of day. A collaboration between Crush and BBDO, the resulting reactions are both hilarious and effective. Testicular cancer is the most

Does Sex Affect Athletic Performance? Watch Video

  Food for thought. Should you be ‘getting your game on’ a night early? Asap SCIENCE   Use the hashtag #ScienceSays to share your burning Olympic questions! Special thanks to the CBC for supporting this series. SUBSCRIBE!


A/B Health 2014: Ep. 3: SF Trainer Pablo Escobar Turns Up the Heat! : Biceps, Abs, and Accountability Oh My!

“Biceps, Abs, and Accountability Oh My!” Accidental Bear kicks off the year with a brand new health series. First up to bat is San Francisco Personal Trainer Pablo Escobar at Alex Fitness Castro. Trainer Pablo teaches me the proper way to do exercise that I have been doing (wrong) my whole life. This is our

“Farts, the Sound of Effort” : Ep. 2 Getting Physical with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar

“Farts, the Sound of Effort!” Accidental Bear kicks off the year with a brand new health series. First up to bat is San Francisco Personal Trainer Pablo Escobar at Alex Fitness Castro. We will be meeting on a weekly basis and checking in each week on progress, questions and video demos. In Episode 2 we

A/B Health 2014: Getting Physical with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar: Ep. #1 “Numbers Don’t Lie”

  “Numbers Don’t Lie” Accidental Bear kicks off the year with a brand new health series, connecting mind, body and spirit. We don’t like the word resolution, so we’ll call it our  yearly re-set or check-in. We will be touching base on many different health modalities throughout this series. First up to bat is San

Shirtless Men Want You to Enroll in ObamaCare: Watch Video

Out2Enroll is a coalition of organizations who want to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people stay healthy by making sure that one of the major benefits of the Affordable Care Act — access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance coverage — reaches LGBT communities. Get Enrolled is a holiday parody, produced by our friends at

Your Brain on Crack Cocaine: ASAP Video

  Is crack really whack? Video by Asap SCIENCE

Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey on Gay Men and “Sex”: Watch Video

Food for thought. Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey says sex is good. We say sex with Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey would be REALLY GREAT. “Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey talks about common issues with sex and goes on to describe how it can specifically play out in the gay male community.” Video by Matt Dempsey