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Dealing With and Identifying Anxiety | Video

Dealing With and Identifying Anxiety | Video

Youtuber that goes by TheNotAdam gives us tips on dealing and identifying anxiety. Seeing that the holidays are right around the corner, ya’ll may need to bookmark this to check back to it a few times over the next few months. Well done  TheNotAdam “Are you dealing with anxiety? What even is anxiety? What about an anxiety disorder?

Straight Guy Anal Douches For First Time for Davey Wavey | Video

  Good, family entertainment right here. You’d be surprised at how many guys do not know how to douche because they’re to embarrassed to actually find out how and ask questions. Know your body. Video by wickydkewl


Gonorrhea Drug Losing Effectiveness, According to New Study

  One of the commonly prescribed antibiotics for gonorrhea is losing its effectiveness, according to a new study. The antibiotic cefixime is one of seven drugs used to treat the venereal disease. It is not usually the first choice — the feds still recommend ceftrixione — but it is still widely prescribed when ceftrixione is

“PrEP MYTHS – Be PREPared” | Video by Watts The Safeword

Smart, informative, fun, and incredibly adorable. That’s the way I like to learn. The men at Watts The Safeword Youtube Channel report, “The term “safe sex” is sometimes relative, especially considering the many options we have. One such option, that is still growing and newer to the gay scene is PrEP, the HIV prevention pill, and this

‘Straight Guys Are Studs, Gay Guys Are Sluts’ For Enjoying A lot of Sex | Pro PrEP Video

No more slut shaming. HIV Big Deal encourages and motivates gay men to make safer choices in their sex lives. Our video series feature relatable main characters in compelling stories who deal with dating, sex, HIV testing, disclosure of HIV status, and use of PrEP. HIV Big Deal was developed by Public Health Solutions in


One Injection Every 8 Weeks Surpasses Oral HIV Regimen, Study Finds has reported: An injection once every eight weeks of the investigational drugs rilpivirine (made by Janssen) and cabotegravir (manufactured by ViiV) can keep HIV at undetectable levels in people switching over from oral antiretroviral medications, a new study shows. Data released from the phase IIb study conducted by Janssen and ViiV showed that 95

7 Guys Perform a Testicular Self-Exam On Camera | SFW Video

Silly but important. Birch box Man writes, “As one of Movember’s official partners, we wanted to go one step further than our typical mustached efforts. So, we asked seven young guys to take their health into their own hands….literally. Since testicular cancer is most common in men between 15-30 years, we wanted these men to understand

Mark Ruffalo & His Nipple Bring Attention to Men’s Breast Cancer #InTheNipOfTime

  Mark Ruffalo’s nipple has tweeted, “Men get breast cancer too. I’m supporting @One4TheBoys #InTheNipOfTime campaign. Learn more: “ This campaign was born as a personal tribute from Sofia Davis (One For The Boys Founder) to her friend Simon and his brother, Ali. Inspired to do something to help Simon heal from losing his brother

8 Anxiety Tips That Actually Work | Asap Video

Mind and body, we each have one, and most likely neglect our mind. “Feeling anxious? We’ve got your back! “ Video by AsapTHOUGHT

Michael Lucas Supports the Use of PrEP in Short PSA | Watch Here

Michael Lucas asks for you to, “please share this video and help me continue to get the word out about this important and life saving method!” Lucas is talking about PrEP “Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a prevention option for people who are at high risk of getting HIV. It’s meant to be used consistently,

Bigorexia: Never Buff Enough, Extreme Body Image Disorder | Watch BBC Newsbeat Video

I would love for the televisions at my gym here in San Francisco to play this on repeat for a week and record people’s reactions and responses. “Thousands of men are living with an extreme body image disorder know as bigorexia. Experts estimate one-in-ten men training in gyms in the UK may have the condition.

Is Masturbation Good For You? | Asap Science Video

How often should you whack the weed? Is it good for you to masturbate? If so, I must be one healthy guy. Video by Asap SCIENCE


100 % of Participants Taking HIV Prevention Pill Truvada Remained Infection-Free | New Study

Washington Post reports on new study: As far as emotions go, AIDS researchers tend to be a staid bunch who look skeptically at every new finding. But the results of a study released this week on an HIV prevention drug have many cheering. The study conducted at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco involved more than 600 high-risk


Op-Ed: Obama’s Plan Will Lead to the Eradication of HIV in this Country with the Help of PrEP

The president’s newest HIV strategy focuses in part of increasing use of PrEP. Here’s why that’s a good thing. by Carl Sciortino for Recently, HBO aired the documentary Larry Kramer inLove and Anger, a chronicle of the iconoclastic AIDS activist, playwright, and author who co-founded Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the world’s first AIDS service organization, and later,

A Look At The Promiscuity ‘Culture War’ In The Gay Community Via the Huff Post | Video

  A great “sex-positive” conversation happened over on the Huffington Post and I think it is an important one to keep going. “What’s going to happen next in terms of how gay men have sex is going to be very interesting.” Though the LGBT community proudly achieved federal marriage equality in late June, public opinion still

Watch This Spanish Hunk Put on Condom | The Video We Wish We Saw in Sex Ed Class | NSFW

  Now this is the type sex education video we were all hoping for in high school. Not a damn banana. Watch the proper application of putting on a condom in Spanish. The visuals will be enough for most of us. From Diversidad Brutal  Facebook Don’t forget to LIKE Accidental Bear on Facebook so you won’t miss


Gym Supplements Fuel Eating Disorders in Some Men, Study Suggests

This is such an important topic for our community. Too many men in ‘armor’ built of muscle and zero body fat take their own lives each year. What’s going on with their mental health? Unfortunately in my immediate friend circle I could point my finger at numerous men that fit the description described below. LA

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? | Video

I fucking love poop talk. “Some of you folks out there know first hand that a cup of coffee almost immediately means a trip to the bathroom. But what’s inside a cup of coffee that makes you have to go #2? Today on Reactions, we bring you the answer – to the best of our

What Does the Perfect Poop Look Like? | Video

I always love these type of videos that explain in detail my fluids and excrements. A BuzzFeed Video

How Broadway Cares Helps the Lives of People Living with HIV and AIDS | Video

Good work being done here. How does Broadway Cares help change the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS? Meet Hugo, a client of San Antonio AIDS Foundation in Texas. Without HIV medications or nutritious meals, Hugo’s health continued to decline. Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS   Broadway Cares supports AIDS and family service organizations

Stag Condoms Wants You to Protect Your Back Door | Video

What happens when you leave your backdoor unprotected? “Stag Condoms is The Original Gay Condom. Our condoms are extra-lubricated with silicone lube. We offer subscription delivery and donate 5% of all proceeds to our AIDS Walk Fund! ” Stag Condoms  

Eating Disorders 5 Times More Prevalent in Transgender College Students, Study Finds

  Via LGBT Weekly: A new article published in the August issue of The Journal of Adolescent Health, the official journal of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine finds the prevalence of eating disorders in transgender college students is far greater than any cisgender man or woman. Cisgender refers to people who identify their personal identity with

This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours | ASAP Science Video

“Your body is f***ing amazing!!!” Video by the awesome guys at Asap SCIENCE

Watch VICE’s “The Truvada Revolution” Full Length Video

We shared VICE’s 3-part series called “The Truvada Revolution” about month ago and it stirred up excellent conversation. VICE just released a full length video of the “The Truvada Revolution” episode and we think it’s an important to keep the conversation going and to share. Watch video below. “A drug called Truvada is the first FDA-approved means

Bill Nye Gets Horny After Talking About Sex | Video

  “Bill Nye’s at the Museum of Sex in New York to explain the evolutionary purpose of sex. ” National Geographic I totally have a thing for nerds and want to see Bill’s peen!

Watch “Blood Mirror”: 9 Men Protest FDA Ban on Gay Blood Donors | Film by Leo Herrera, Sculpture by Jordan Eagles

      Press release reads: In 1983, in an early response to the AIDS crisis, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented a lifetime ban on gay and bisexual male blood donors. Over 30 years later, on May 13, 2015, the FDA proposed an updated policy that would finally allow gay and bisexual


This Condom Will Tell You If Your Partner Has an STI

  The news comes just a day after Public Health England revealed that STI infection rate among gay men are soaring, despite falling around the country as a whole. The Independent reports: A condom that changes colour when it comes into contact with sexually transmitted infections has been invented by a group of school children. The

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“Sad Studs” – Sexy PSA to the FDA About Gays Giving Blood & Not Having Sex for a Year

  Come the fuck on FDA, get a grip. CONTACT THE FDA and tell them your outrage: Video by thebatteryco    

What Does Your Pee Say About You? | Video

What colour should your pee even be? Video from AsapSCIENCE      


Drinking Coffee Will Give You a Stronger Penis & Fight Off Erectile Dysfunction

Who knew!? My dick must have the strength of Schwarzenegger then.  Men’s Health have reported, ” Guys who guzzled this beverage reported having stronger penises. Fill up a cup and you might enjoy the benefits, too.” Your daily cup of Joe keeps you up in more ways than one: Caffeine could reduce your likelihood of having erectile

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VICE Documentary Explores the Future of the Truvada & Its Revolutionary Impact on Ending HIV/AIDS

Silence equals death! Vice reports: A drug called Truvada is the first FDA-approved means of preventing HIV infection. If an HIV-negative person takes the pill every day, he or she is nearly 99 percent protected from contracting the virus. Controversy continues to surround the broad uptake of Truvada, but the landscape of safer sex and

New YouTube Series Answers Most Common HIV Questions | #AskTheHIVDoc

  Get to know the HIV doctors behind #AskTheHIVDoc – Dr. Demetre Daskalakis and Dr. David Malebranche. In a frank, no-nonsense style, they answer common questions from gay men about HIV and sexual health. For more info, visit: The more you know!  H/T

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How San Francisco Plans to ‘Get to Zero’ New Infections of HIV

  The more you know… An ambitious new plan in San Francisco aims to completely end the transmission of HIV, which infects about 50,000 people every year. And in a city where huge strides have been made in battling the epidemic that’s killed tens of thousands of people, public health officials, doctors and activists are

Beach Workout, Sweat, Sand and Speedos with Kyle Krieger | Video

Words not necessary just watch for some summer/spring 2015 fitness inspiration. Video from Kyle Krieger. Follow him on Instagram | Twitter |  Tumblr  Find his workout partner from this video Ben on Instagram | Twitter NEW VIDEO: Beach Workout x Sweat, Sand and Speedos w/ @bennyptweets LINK IN BIO. On my way to 10k subscribers! Thank youuu.❤️

Fitness Inspiration | Meathook Exercise Tutorial by Al Kavadlo

    We are big fans of Al Kavadlo‘s dedication. Read the accompanying article here:

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Hunky Workout at Home Inspiration Video by Kyle Krieger

Fitness inspiration, that you can watch while eating ice cream or not. “This video is my 20 minute Ab workout at home! Sometime I don’t have time to get to the gym. This is a perfect way to squeeze in some exercise when I don’t have a lot of time!” Kyle Krieger Check out more of Kyle

This funduscopic image reveals the effects of late neuro-ocular syphilis on the optic disk and retina. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Ocular Syphilis In San Francisco And Other West Coast Cities Increasing

CBS Local News reports: SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)  — Health officials in California are warning primary care and eye doctors to be on the lookout for ocular syphilis, as clusters of the disease hit San Francisco and other West Coast cities. Ocular syphilis is a sexually-transmitted disease that can cause blindness. Symptoms included eye pain, seeing

The recent FDA approval was a major step toward the eventual goal of curing HIV. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

FDA Approves “Functional HIV Cure” for Human Trials

Medical Daily have reported: A possible “functional cure” for HIV has recently been granted FDA approval for further human testing. The method uses genetic modification to cause a specific mutation in the white blood cells of HIV patients which mirrors those found in the naturally immune. It has so far shown to be both receptive

“Unwrapping Truvada” | Short Film Featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, Scott Wiener & Michael Weinstein

Check out this new short film, “Unwrapping Truvada, “featuring Dan Savage, Cleve Jones, SF Supervisor Scott Wiener, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation head Michael Weinstein. nesde sac Youtube Page reads: Taking this pill could keep you from getting #HIV. So why is it so controversial? #Truvada Excellent piece! It was interesting to see the discussion unfold between

Alan Cummings Challenges Gay Men to be Celibate for 365 Days

Way to rip them a new asshole Alan! Sign GLAAD and GMHC’s petition at to pressure the FDA to screen all prospective blood donors based on risk, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The FDA recently announced that gay and bisexual men may finally be allowed to donate blood after being banned