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Atelier de l'Armée

Atelier de l’Armée 2014 Fall/Winter “Series” Lookbook

I want this life along with these clothes. “Amsterdam-based luggage and vintage menswear label Atelier de l’Armée presents its 2014 fall/winter lookbook. Tailor-made for the “everyday city cyclist, the outdoorsman, and the traveling adventure seeker,” the collection highlights durable outdoor apparel utilizing water repellant military canvases and deadstock cordura fabrics made in the Netherlands. The selection consists of

Beardy, Shirtless Book Club Reading | “Moritz & Ivahn”

 “Welcome to a new rubric here at KALTBLUT! We love books.. so let´s start a book club. Let me introduce you to the magic summer novel “Moritz & Ivahn” by the young author Christian Ludwig. “Moritz & Ivahn” is his 4th book and will be published 30.11. at Südblock, Berlin with a book reading and music by Earthkeptwarm. “Moritz & Ivahn” is published via Lieblingsempire.”

nonnative 8

Nonnative Spring/Summer 2015 – The “Melting Bazaar”

“nonnative look ahead to Summer 2015 with this latest lookbook, the “Melting Bazaar” collection inspired by a trip to Istanbul. Bringing together “east and west with old and new, representative of the diverse melting pot that is Turkey’s ancient capital” the line goes beyond passing reference, centering much of the collection around Turkish denims and dyed


Garbstore’s Fall/Winter 2014 “Headlands” Video Lookbook

Garbstore‘s second lookbook for the Autumn/Winter season is set in the historic headland of Dungeness, formed largely of a shingle beach on the south coast in Kent. It’s known for it’s looming Nuclear Power Station, the infamous acoustic mirrors (listening ears) and the oddly juxtaposed former home of Film Director Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage. Defy the


Old Joe Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

“Japanese label OLD JOE offers a series of revived European and American looks for its Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Sticking to a mostly earthy palette of greys, browns and blacks, with the occasional blue and red in soft hues, the collection stands strong with its layering and full body range, fit for the cold weather. The collection includes

Igor Dadona12

Igor Dadona Fall/Winter 2015

Clean, crisp, now… Igor Dadona presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Casa de Criadores in São Paulo.  The collection was inspired by the inmates and the prison feeling, a mixture of aggression and vulnerability. The prints were made by hand in partnership with illustrator Luan Mello. The scenario was signed by Edgard de Camargo and the masks developed in resin


Basic Standard for Fantastics Magazine

  All normcore aside, basics aren’t boring unless you wear ‘em that way. Maestro Mckenzie James photographs magnifico model Jon and James N styles him into classics from Lacoste, Gap, Levi’s and New Era. PHOTOGRAPHY MCKENZIE JAMES FASHION EDITOR Richard Reid STYLING James N MODEL Jon Sikkema


Tim Spring/Summer 2015 – Clever Cuts

“Long-time favourite Tim certainly do not disappoint with their latest collection, Spring/Summer 2015 cementing an already solid reputation. Cleverly cut classics, a great example of how the basics can be elevated to new levels by a simple play on proportion. Trouser lengths that inch shorter, tapered at the top, shirts that bit longer, collars wider and macs


LA | The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen At The World of Wonder Storefront Gallery Opening Night November 13, 2014 Hosted by RuPaul

  If you’re in Los Angeles and going to miss this, you are an idiot! World of Wonder Productions will exhibit the works of pre-eminent artist Mathu Andersen at its Storefront Gallery on Thursday, November 13th. Hosted by RuPaul, The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen will be Andersen’s first solo show after building a large following online to critical acclaim. Resonating through Andersen’s work are

IMG_1401 copy

Part 2 | DJ Brian Maier Photographed by Mike Enders

Photoshoots with me usually are just hanging out, shooting the breeze, talking story and snapping shots. Eazy, breezy, cover beard! Here we have Part 2 of my shoot with DJ Brian Maier. See Part 1 HERE Model: Brian Maier | Instagram | Photographer: Mike Enders | Owner and founder of Accidental Bear.


Leed’s Hip Store Release Their Winter 2014 Lookbook

“Based in Leeds, England, Hip Store release this spot-on lookbook showcasing the best of Fall/Winter 2014. Styled by shop owner Everton Campbell, boss man for almost thirty years, a slick selection of brands includes Converse ’70s, Paraboot, Universal Works, Norse Projects, LVC, Sanders, Barbour, Birkenstock, APC, Anonymous ism, Filson, Folk, New Balance and Redwing. Borrowing from smart, casual, sport


“Cooking with the Bears” Book Reveal Party in Italy | Exclusive Images for Accidental Bear by GUAIZINE

    Check out these exclusive pics for Accidental Bear, from the presentation of  “Cooking with the Bears” in Bologna, Italy. It is amazing to see this project, “Cooking with the Bears,”  that I was fortunate enough to write the foreword for come into fruition. Find out more about “Cooking with the Bears” and buy HERE Follow

Alan Charlesworth2

“Brotherhood of Bears” | Photographers NSFW Peek at Gay Bears (The Human Kind)

Featured on the Huffington Post today is Photographer Alan Charlesworth‘s series “Brotherhood of Bears,” and our attention has been caught. Huff Post reports: “Photographer Alan Charlesworth began questioning his sexuality growing up as a teenager in Philadelphia during the 1990s. Yet he had trouble identifying with (or lusting after) the stereotyped portrayals of gay men in mainstream pop culture, on


Québécois Circus Super Beardy Troupe, Cirque Alfonse | “Timber”

 The New York Time report: “Recently, NYU’s Skirball Center has made itself a prime venue for a very niche form of entertainment: contemporary circus arts from Quebec, whose legendary National Circus School has spawned not only the glitzily famous Cirque du Soleil but a slew of smaller, more DIY companies, such as Cirque Eloize, which performed at Skirball last