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Adorable Boy in New Barbie Commercial | Video

Adorable Boy in New Barbie Commercial | Video

Little by little chipping away at gender stereotypes. Video Moschino Official “Moschino and Barbie are thrilled to announce their partnership on the highly anticipated collector Moschino Barbie doll and accompanying exclusive eight-piece ready to wear Moschino collection, both available on and from November 9, 2015!”  


Prince Harry Looking Sharp in Uniform | Hair Ball of the Day

” Prince Harry stepped out with his grandfather Prince Philip on Thursday to honor fallen service members at Westminster Abbey in London. Harry, who looked handsome in a dark-navy uniform, laid a small cross among 100,000 others in the Field of Remembrance during a week of commemoration for the sacrifices made by the armed forces. Harry, who also met

Hair Ball of the Day | Beardy Surfer Luke Ditella Revisits New Jersey Coastline | Video

“In an age and an industry when the word ‘heritage’ seemingly gets applied easily, Swiss timepiece manufacturers Tudor may well be one brand that has a genuine claim to the concept. Reinforcing their hardy and rugged reputation, they journeyed to meet ex-pro surfer Luke Ditella on the North Atlantic coastline of Asbury Park, New Jersey,

Bobsledder Simon Dunn is Tempting Us With Locker Room Selfies

Please don’t ever stop taking selfies Simon. Beard or no beard, we want more. Want to see more? Follow Simon Dunn on Instagram Here  🐨Bobsledding for Australia 🍁Living in Calgary 🏉Rugby Player Ok maybe one more selfie! 😉 A photo posted by 🇦🇺 Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on Oct 23, 2015 at 8:13pm PDT What would you

Hair Balls of the Day | Gorilla Plays with Kittens Video

  Koko got her birthday wish this July 4th — not only did one kitten come to visit, but a whole litter. Koko fell in love with one, and the other fell in love with her. Koko has adopted these two kittens into her family, and it has energized her world. Not only have Koko’s


Hair Ball of the Day | Rescued Kitten Cassidy With No Back Legs Walks with wheelchair

Meet Tiny Cassidy. My heart can barely take how precious he is. AND you can Watch him LIVE 24/7 on Tinykittens Rescue Kitten TV: #MiracleKitten Cassidy lost his back legs shortly after birth, but he never lost his remarkable will to survive. Born to a feral mom and a dad that is someone’s pet, Cassidy spent his first nine weeks fighting

Michael Fassbender

Hair Ball of the Day | Impressive Shot of Michael Fassbender as the New Macbeth

Michael, Michael, Michael… thank you for not being shy and letting ‘it’ always hang out. Stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and director Justin Kurzel, talk about making a new screen version of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Michael Fassbender got our attention with the shot above from the film. In UK cinemas from 2nd October 2015. Us release date


Hair Ball of the Day | Marvel’s New Hercules Cover is a Hot Daddy

  Marvel tweeted out its Hercules #2 variant cover yesterday by artist Russell Dauterman. I’m all of the sudden interested.


Hair Ball of the Day | ANTM’s Nyle DiMarco Wins Our Heart, Teaches Us to Sign ” Wanna Be on Top”

Just because we love him so much. ANTM’s Nyle DiMarco teaches us to sign a few phrases: ‘Be On Top,’ ‘Smize,’ and of course, ‘Fierce.’ The end. Nyle DiMarco on Instagram GIFs: Stacy Lambe for Out

Pioneer Sergeant

Hair Ball of the Day | The Only Army Rank Allowed to Have a Beard on Parade #HubbaHubba

  For the love of beard! reports: Meet the Pioneer Sergeant, the holder of the only position within the British Army allowed to have a beard when on parade. Pioneer Sergeants have existed since the 1700s. The tradition began when every British infantry company had one ‘pioneer’ who would march in front of the regiment. He would wear

Hair Ball of the Day | William Arthur Musician • Model • Creator • Seeker • Total Babe

  Featured Model: w i l l i a m | a r t h u r  Musician • Model • Creator • Seeker • LA 🌴 🌴 🌴  • Represented by Wilhelmina •  All images from Instagram Sweet baby jesus this man is fine! buttoned up. all the way. #style A photo posted by w


Hair Balls of the Day | Tom Hardy & Dog Woody Rule the Blue Carpet

Now this is where Woof actually makes sense. Tom Hardy celebrated the premiere of his new movie Legend on Thursday with none other than his trusty dog by his side. With his wife Charlotte Riley also in attendance, the 37-year-old actor brought his Labrador mix, Woody, to the red carpet affair in London. Hardy, who wore a

Hair Ball of the Day |Gregory Patterson, Celebrity Hairstylist for Project Runway Season 14

  Hair! Did some one say hair? I’m thirsty for each new Season of Project Runway. Some years PR switch up and out new makeup and accessory sponsors. This year, Sally Beauty is mentioned at least one million times each episode. What has caught our eye this year though, is hairstylist Gregory Patterson. “Celebrity Hairstylist ,


Hair Ball of the Day | Shrek the Renegade Sheep

Bless his little heart. This is Shrek, the appropriately-named renegade sheep that escaped and avoided shearing for 6  long years. Read more at According to modern farmer, when Shrek was eventually sheared, there was enough wool to produce 20 men’s suits. And look at that smile! H/T modern farmer


Hair Ball of the Day | This Years Stand Out Hunk on ANTM, Model Nyle DiMarco

  I know I am late in the game to post about this year’s stand out hunk on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, Nyle DiMarco. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t a dickhead first. And as it turns out he’s a total charmer and sweetheart. Oh yeah, he is also deaf. Nyle DiMarco is

Hair Ball of the Day | Aydian Dowling “Men’s Health” Cover As “Ultimate Guy” Finalist

We’re rooting for our guy, Aydian Dowling. Men’s Health reports: From the very beginning of our Search for the Ultimate Men’s HealthGuy, the men on this list have impressed us with their personal stories of strength, perseverance, and success. They’ve outlasted the competition, proving not only their mental and physical chops, but their dedication to giving back

Hair Ball of the Day | 60-Year-Old Skateboarder Neal Unger on Getting Older and Skateboarding | Video

GILF “German brand Old Skateboards recently traveled all the way to California to talk to 60-year-old skateboarder Neal Unger about his approach to getting older and skateboarding. Although it’s been a while since we first saw Neal, it doesn’t appear he’s slowed down one bit. Titled “From Pines to Palms,” the short video captures Neal in his element, on four wheels shredding some

Photo courtesy of Ty Inc.

Hair Ball of the Day | Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby Sales to be Donated Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

  Ty Warner, the founder and chairman of Ty Inc., announced on Aug. 3, 2015, that he’d created the furry toy in response to the lion’s death. Beanie Baby Cecil may not be as majestic as the real Cecil was, but he sure is cute. According to Ty Inc., 100% of the profits from Cecil the Lion Beanie

Hair Ball of the Day | Who/What is Candy Ken?

A/B readers meet Candy Ken. He’s a lot to absorb so I will just leave this here for now and I’ll come back later so we can discuss. Bullet Media reports: Berlin-based model and promising rapper Candy Ken (aka Jakob Kasimir) is on-the-rise. His unusual obsession with Hello Kitty tattoo stickers and insatiable love for Barbie sets

Hair Ball of the Day | Hottie ‘Owns’ His Office and Gotz the Skillz to Pay the Billz | Video

Youtuber Jake H shares, “office layoffs. just me and that 6′ hoop for my final days.”

Brian Maier Working a 70’s Porn Stache by Venfield 8 | Hair Ball of the Day

 Accidental Bear exclusive: Internet gold, DJ/model Brian Maier captured by Venfield 8. Find Brian at Find more Venfield 8 at (NSFW)

Hair Ball of the Day | The Beardy Jump Rope Project by Austin Williams

Skills to pay the bills. Video from Austin Williams


Hair Ball of the Day | Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Flaunt Magazine

All photographs of Aaron Taylor-Johnson were taken by Michael Muller for Flaunt. See more images at


Hair Ball of the Day | Actor Jai Courtney

Photography by Craig Mcdean Read new interview with Jai in Interview Mag Here Be sure to follow Jai on Instagram for a good time.  


Hair Ball of the Day | Dressed to Ill’s Rob Mangano in Blade + Blue Tee Looking Handsome

Model: Rob Mangano. Follow dressed to ill on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr Blade + Blue: Follow Blade + Blue on Facebook | Instagram | Source:


Hair Ball of the Day | Zach & His Bike Prepare for the AIDS/LifeCycle 2015

Model: Zachary Davenport Photographer: Mike Enders I was pleased to get to spend a day with Zach and hear the excitement in his voice as the race approaches.   Check out and support Zachary’s AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraising Page Here 

Hair Ball of the Day | Male Model Dennis Olsen

Male model Dennis Olsen represented by Unique Models | See More at


Hair Ball of the Day | Happy Birthday Keith Haring, Today Would Have Been 57

Never forget! Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and was raised in nearby Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He developed a love for drawing at a very early age, learning basic cartooning skills from his father and from the popular culture around him, such as Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney. Upon graduation from

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.29.28 PM

Hair Ball of the Day | Casey Spooner Photographed by Kristiina Wilson

Casey Spooner from FISCHERSPOONER photographed by Kristiina Wilson and styled by Gia Seo, for Fucking Young! Online. Make-up: Jessi Butterfield Hair: Clay Nielsen    

Tom Hardy 2

Hair Ball of the Day | Tom Hardy in Details Mag Shirtless and Scruffy

From the May 2015 issue. Read Details’ interview with Tom Hardy at INTERVIEW BY DANIEL PERES, PHOTOGRAPHS BY  GREG WILLIAMS

Sergio Garcia

Hair Ball of the Day | Jason Models Sleek & Wavy Hairstyles For Sergio Garcia Shoot

Model Jason Fitzgerald at Callidus Agency, connects with photographer Sergio Garcia for an inspiring new shoot. Linking up with grooming artist Rick Flores, Jason shows off a pair of chic hairstyles. Short and wavy, then pulled back for the ever popular man bun.    

Hair Ball of the Day | Dude With 200-Pound Turban | Video

This dude is one bad ass mo-fo. “Baba Avtar Singh, a Sikh who lives in Northern India, is known for wearing one of the largest turbans in the Punjab. If the (often misunderstood) turban is a symbol of Sikh pride, his is an all-out celebration. Using 2,460 feet of fabric and weighing in at over


Hair Ball of the Day | Toronto Cop Dyes Hair Pink to Take Stand Against Bullying and Homophobia

    And damn, he looks fine in pink as well! This Toronto cop is taking a colorful stand against homophobia and bullying. Luke Watson dyed his hair hot pink to fight LGBT discrimination, and he’s letting Twitter users choose how long he keeps the new ‘do. Watson promised that for every 1,000 retweets of


Hair Balls of the Day | Joe Manganiello & Pee Wee Herman’s Bromance on Set of “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday”

  Odd, wonderful combo, Joe Manganiello & Pee Wee Herman. Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike XXL, True Blood) has joined the cast of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. Starring Paul Reubens as the beloved fun-loving hero of TV, stage and film Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday will premiere exclusively in all Netflix territories.  A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman

Romain Coupry by Mateo Armand 11

Hair Ball of the Day: Male model Romain Coupry Photographed by Mateo | NSFW

Model: Romain Coupry | Tumblr | Instagram Photographer: Mateo:photographie | Facebook | Instagram Via    

Brian Powers9

Hair Balls of the Day: Gay Love On A Montana Ranch By Photographer Brian Powers

  All photographs are by Brian Powers from his interview with Huffington Post.  Read the interview HERE “Love is a big part of who I am,” Powers told The Huffington Post. “It is what drives me, inspires me and keeps me up at night. I knew that the best way to share their love with

Dale Fraser

Hair Ball of the Day | Scruffy Dale Fraser Photographed Naked at the Beach by Wong Sim | NSFW

    Just going to put this right here. The stunning  Canadian model Dale Fraser photographed by Wong Sim. Location: Bali, Indonesia Grooming: Angie Anggoro See more photographs by Won Sim at H/T Homotography


Hair Ball of the Day: The Man Who Loved Flowers

Model: Terence Williams Photographer: Brandon Stanciell. 21. Flower enthusiast. | H/T Sissydude 

Chris Brinlee

Hairball of the Day | Scruffy Ginger Chris Brinlee Jr Adventurer – Storyteller

Inspiring! The journey’s of others push me to explore more. Found this hunky chap, Chris Brinlee Jr.  adventures floating around the internet. From Chris Brinlee Jr’s Tumblr: Stories, however, are not best-told from inside the walls of a cubicle. So in August 2014, Chris left his behind – quitting his fancy advertising art director job to go

David Williams2

Adorable Photos Of Men And Cats | Hairballs of the Day

Are Cats are really guys best friends? Little known fact: Cats love BPR #NottrueImadethatUp “Dogs are, as the saying goes, man’s best friend. Cats, however, are often aligned with a feminine owner, however unfairly. Photographer (and cat enthusiast) David Williams set out to prove that expressing your masculine side and embracing your adoration for felines are not