Food Art; Bompas and Parr Make Jelly Cathedral

Video | Bompas and Parr: Return of the Jelly Knights [youtube] Check out awesome video of these two handsome lads making Jelly art. CLICK Related Articles Royal wedding: Bompas and Parr’s giant marshmallow cake ( Sam Bompas & Harry Parr: ‘Arzak’s food was so good I almost proposed to my girlfriend’ (

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Well wax my ass and call me Judy. Not as much fashion, as slapping a mustache on to typical looking hot men. Mustache ride anyone? Would expect anything less from a Italian based Magazine? POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE ———————————————————————————– ITALIAN BASED POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE RAN SOME PREVIEWS OF THE MATISTACHE SHOOT…SORT OF A BEHIND-THE-SECNES WITH KAYLAN FALGOUST, FILIP […]


Bryan Nash Gill Relief Prints; Raw Beauty

How much could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? It takes a lot to excite me these days. Something fresh, something new, a marriage of wood and ink, beautifully bonded. ————————————————————————————– via I am extremely excited to welcome Bryan Nash Gill and to announce that we are offering his work at Ashes & Milk. As a […]


Gay Pornology; From Andy Warhol to X-Tube

Staples of life; food, air, water, coffee, cotton candy and PORN. My coffee table is getting full. ___________________________________________________ The sumptuous, 260-page potpourri of hot photos and concisely presented history Porn from Andy Warhol to X-Tube (Bruno Gmuender, hardcover, $69.99) is both a celebration and a funeral. Its author tells us what there is to know about the […]


All Eyes on John Arsenault Photography

True art, provokes emotion and thought. John Arsenault’s photography accomplishes just that. I am caught in a moment of curiosity, envy and touching base with sexual cravings. Inquiries & Bio Studio Gallery Representation ClampArt Gallery NYC 646.230.0020 Commissioned Work i2i photography contact: Frank Parvis 212.925.5410 John Arsenault b. 1971


Surreal Mash-up of New York’s Fashion, Art and Culture Crowd

RAD. AWESOME. TOTALLY TUBULAR. via thefashioninformer Monday night’s opening of the Steven Sebring Illumination exhibit at Milk Gallery was a surreal mash-up of New York’s fashion, art and culture crowd.  Seriously.  Where else would you find Reed Krakoff, Richard Chai, Catherine Malandrino, Victoria Bartlett, Irina Lazareanu and Nanette Lepore rubbing elbows with Lucas Haas, Roxanne Lowit, Donna […]

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Singapore Became the First Asian City to Host Men’s Fashion Week; You Go!

After years of dominance by Paris and Milan, Singapore became the first Asian city to host Men’s Fashion Week, showcasing top international and local designers such as Alexander McQueen, DKNY, Armani, Canali and Songzio. Read more: The Least important part of these shows are the garments. Theatrics, sex and bulge is where its at. Singapore, congratulations!

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All Shades of Crazy; Dirty, Rotten, Evil Gays

Classic crazy, goes after classic Paul Gaugain painting of two women. Evil does as evil sees. I see beautiful brush strokes, warm colors and beautiful women. That must make me beautiful. This nut job obviously hates the lesbian living in her. Poor thing, take some prozac and call me in the morning, doctors orders! _________________________________________________________ Woman […]


American Hunks 1860 to 1970

From homoerotic imagery used in American military recruitment posters and Nazi propaganda to shots of bodybuilders like Charles Atlas and Johnny “Tarzan” Weismuller, David L. Chapman’s American Hunks examines the packaging of the male physique in popular culture, movies, magazines, and ads from 1860 to 1970. For more information on American Hunks, visit Arsenal Pulp Press’s website. To […]


Bel & Bel Vespa Seats= WANT

Totally Rad! ________________________________________________________ Bel & Bel Vespa Seats Via We’ll assume that these Vespa Seats from Bel & Bel are made from dead Vespas rather than old frames that could be restored (I just feel better thinking that). These limited edition seats use old frames to form something new from the classic Piaggio forms. The […]