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BE@RBRICK x Happy Socks: Totally Stoked to Make this Discovery

BE@RBRICK x Happy Socks In this collaboration, Happy Socks have designed an exclusive, creative and a colourful sock. The BE@RBRICK toy is designed as wearing this exclusive Happy Socks, and this exclusive collaboration is sold as a set ( BE@RBRICK sock and the collective toy). Happy Socks were approached by Japanese legend, Medicom Toy Corp to design its […]

Art Health

Knock a Pair of Testicles Back and Forth: Interactive Website Encouraging Folks to Get Tested for HIV

This gives a whole new meaning to AMAZEBALLS! Thank you Unicorn Booty for making my entire summer by turning me on to this. Kevin Farrell at Unicorn Booty said it best, ” Hot DAMN. The French are infinitely hipper than Americans. Need proof? Check out this absolutely incredible interactive website encouraging folks to get tested for HIV […]


It's for Real, 'A Clockwork Orange,' The Musical

In my earlier days, with my “fuck you” attitude and bad punk hair to go along with it, the idea of Stanley Kubrick‘s Clockwork Orange as a musical would have made my stomach turn. But now in my ripe old age, I am intrigued. AB (via Songs written by author Anthony Burgess for a […]


Cornucopia of New Bay Area Artworks: SF CA

Bay Area Now 6, the triennial exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts devoted to regional artists who work across disciplines from performance to visual art, to film and video, brought Out There toYBCA last Friday night for the show’s opening event. The 18 Bay Area-based artists or artist collectives included were chosen by YBCA curators […]


“Scanwiches” Book: Product of a two year love affair with sandwiches

Jon Chonko, a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and unashamed foodie, brings his popular blog to print this November through powerHouse Books.  The product of a tw0 year love affair with sandwiches, Chonko’s ode to the delicious versatility of all-things-between-bread runs the gamut from tea sandwiches to the mighty muffaleta. Hitting cafes, delis, and markets, Chonko’s journey delivers […]


Stand With Planned Parenthood ProChoice Hanger Necklace – All Profits Go To Planned Parenthood

 Wow, powerful message to wear around your neck. I fully support!  The hanger has sadly become a symbol of the pro-choice movement, reminding us of the horrors women endure when abortion access is restricted.With the purchase of this necklace, all profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood where it will be distributed to wherever the […]

Art Fashion

Leather Hand Carved Wallets by Salvation Nation

Imagine it, 1978, tight bell bottoms, striped turtle necks and fantastic leather belts. I remember having a huge brown belt that hugged my tiny 6 yr old frame and carved into the leather was an eagle and a sunrise. Where is that belt know, I wonder. I will give up the idea of coming across […]


Monday Warm-up Videos: Tour de France 2011 Crash, Tales From The Kitchen: Hyperfuse & More

Tales From The Kitchen: Hyperfuse [youtube] Get Real, Get Right Animated and directed by Sufjan Stevens. [vimeo 26125187 w=400 h=224] Lee Boroson: Lunar Bower May 26, 2011−May 27, 2012 [youtube] Tour de France 2011 Crash – Flecha & Hoogerland hit by a car [youtube]  

Art Fashion

“The Elements of F*cking Style” Book

Cool Hunting points us at a new book that looks to refresh your knowledge on grammar and the proper use of the English langues. The Elements of F*cking Style out now, looks to make the lessons and reminder a fun affair. “The truth about English is that it can get pretty boring. Dangling modifiers, gerunds, punctuation marks–it’s enough […]


Is Andy Warhol More Alive Now Dead Than When He Was Alive? Interview Mag Talks with Vito Giallo

(via Interview) Each new generation of New Yorkers hungers to shape the city. Andy Warhol‘s New York City: Four Walks Uptown to Downtown (The Little Bookroom) reveals how Warhol did just that; the book provides walking directions and information about some of the most important landmarks in his life. Accompanying text by Warhol expert Thomas Kiedrowski provides […]


Melissa Haslam “Kigurumi”| Unveiled July 15th, 2011

On July 15, 2011 LeBasse Projects will unveil the first major solo exhibition from Australian artist Melissa Haslam. Haslam, who has shown in group shows throughout the United States, will share paintings exploring her fascination with the Kigurumi seen. Participants in Kigurumi fashion themselves as living stuffed animals, wearing what they call “disguised pajamas.” Haslam, […]


Markus Kayser Builds a Solar-Powered 3D Printer that Prints Glass from Sand and a Sun-Powered Cutter

Industrial designer and tinkerer Markus Kayser spent the better part of a year building and experimenting with two fantastic devices that harness the sun’s power in some of the world’s harshest climates. The first he calls a Sun Cutter, a low-tech light cutter that uses a large ball lens to focus the sun’s rays onto a surface that’s […]


Advocate Magazine Spotlights Artist Alexei Biryukoff: Banned for obscenity in Siberia

Banned for obscenity in Siberia, Biryukoff’s large-scale male figure paintings are like landscapes of expressive strokes and earthy color. By Christopher Harrity at Alexei Biryukoff was born in Kyrgyzstan, later lived in Kazakhstan, and moved to Russia in 1990, the year before the Soviet Union fell apart. Since 2011 he has been living and working […]


Welcome To The Dollhouse: Looking Back At The Films Of Todd Solondz

“Dawn, Are you a lesbian?” A screening of Welcome to the Dollhouse at the Book Club last week prompted Yasmeen Khan at to reflect on Todd Solondz‘s unique and compelling body of work. “Fuck family. Fuck motherhood. Fuck the kids. I just don’t care any more,” says Alison Janney’s Trish, holding a post-coital cigarette two-thirds of the […]

Art Queer News

LaBruce Talks to Press at Frameline 35 | SF CA

 Bruce LaBruce was one of my personal most scary interviews because I admire the man, his work and his ability to stay out of the box but mostly his sense of mystery. I really believe he could be an out-of-this-world character from one of his films. I enjoy reading other writers who have played with […]


Inside Out at WWA Gallery; I Art You

Via Seen above, Jim Darling’s Tank installation makes up a small portion of Inside Out, an exhibition featuring new work by Jim and his partner Tina. Together, the artists explore the idea of home and the various places people choose to live. Jim focuses on semi-sculptural work, while Tina excels at delicate water color and ink works. […]

Art Music

Henry Rollins Interviews Dinosaur and Dodges Boots: Can of Ass-whoop Opened

Ok gays, put your Britney aside for a moment and soak up the glory of what is Mr Rollins. Henry Rollins hits the stage and has an intimate chat with Dinosaur Jr. and dodges boot toss. Henry Rollins Interviews Dinosaur Jr 6/23/11 Terminal 5 Dinosaur Jr playing “Bug” in it’s entirety on this handful of […]


Celebrating the Hideous: World’s Ugliest “Dog”

Pride is all about celebrating diversity, the good, the bad and the down right drag through the mud and hit in the head with the ugly stick pathetic looking. I mean we lie to ugly kids all the time and tell them that they are cute. World’s Ugliest Dog of the Day: Yoda, a 14-year-old Chinese […]

Art Queer News

I’m Walking as Straight as I Can – A Memoir By: Geri Jewell

Born with cerebral palsy, Geri Jewell inspired a generation of young people when she became the first person with a disability to appear in a recurring role on prime-time television, with her groundbreaking character, Cousin Geri, on the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. The book’s title — I’m Walking As Straight As I Can […]


Want Some Candy My “Beautiful Darling” |Castro Theater 6/30 SF CA

DIRECTOR James Rasin PRODUCER Jeremiah Newton WRITTEN BY James Rasin CINEMATOGRAPHY Martina Radwan EDITOR Zac Stuart-Pontier RUNNING TIME 82 Minutes Beautiful Darling chronicles the short but influential life of Candy Darling who was a major part of Andy Warhol’s entourage and was one of the inspirations for the Lou Reed song “Walk on the Wild Side.”