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Cute Cub Makes Instagram Art on His Face and Pillow Called ‘And Then I Woke Up!’

Cute Cub Makes Instagram Art on His Face and Pillow Called ‘And Then I Woke Up!’

      ‘And then I woke up!’ by Bram Agoston. See more and follow Bram Agoston on Instagram HERE ‘And then I woke up!’ #andtheniwokeup #AnnieEndive #GroentelaGerda #endive #andijvie #green #vegan #vegetables #vegetarian #Amsterdam #Holland A photo posted by fabulousvongole (@fabulousvongole) on Sep 2, 2015 at 10:54pm PDT ‘And then I woke up!’ #andtheniwokeup #MoustacheMindy


Miley Cyrus Rides Her Cat & Shoots Dolphins Out of Her Breasts in New Video for Nowness In an interview with NOWNESS, creatives Reed and Rader revealed, “We originally had her riding Mister Wubba, who is a stuffed animal son of ours. She wanted to ride her cat Shanti though so we got a 3D model of Shanti made. If we’d had enough time we would have loved to have made

Artist Portraits of Caitlyn Jenner & Tom Daley Made Out of Hateful Tweets

Spreading around the web this morning are these portraits by artist Conor Collins. Collins used hateful, homophobic, and death threat tweets to create these portraits of Caitlyn Jenner & Tom Daley. Well done Conor. Follow Conor on Twitter   My portrait of @Caitlyn_Jenner made using the death threats and hate tweets she received after coming out

Wes Anderson3

NYC | The Wes Anderson Art Show: Pastels, Pastries, Bill Murray at the Joseph Gross Gallery

 The Wes Anderson Art Show with official title, “Bad Dads”, was hosted this past weekend at Joseph Gross Gallery. I will file this under “Who Knew!” Find out all information and see more of the art at


London | Tate Sensorium Makes Tasting and Smelling Art a Reality

Tate Sensorium is an immersive display featuring four paintings from the Tate collection. You can experience sounds, smells, tastes and physical forms inspired by the artworks, and record and review your physiological responses through sophisticated measurement devices. Tate Sensorium is open to the public from 26 August to 20 September 2015. Tickets are available for free


Artist Ai Weiwei Has Granted a 6 Month UK Visa, Attending His Own Retrospective Exhibition

  Artist you should all be paying attention to, Ai Weiwei. Find out more about Ai Weiwei and follow on Facebook Home Secretary Theresa May has ordered the Home Office to grant the artist his request and apologized for the inconvenience Ai Weiwei was denied a six month visa earlier this week by the British government. Originally, the authorities were

Brian O’Mahoney’s Todo el Mundo es Kitch at the Watermill Center benefit.

“Circus of Stillness: The Power Over Wild Beasts” | Watermill Benefit reports: This year’s Watermill Center Benefit, titled “Circus of Stillness: The Power over Wild Beasts,” offered performance art and installations from 24 artists around the institution’s wooden campus and a wide mix of celebrity guests such as Rufus Wainwright, Brooke Shields, and Roger Waters. The band Barr Shea Dahl jammed in a tiny cottage as artist Brian O’Mahoney

WTF Awesome Video of the Day | Marie-Caroline Hominal X Lukas Beyeler

  Artist Lukas Beyeler has stunned us in the past (See Here) with his out of the box original projects and he has done it again. I’m not sure what is going on in the video below, but I’m captivated. Video by Lukas Beyeler Artist Lukas Beyeler was born in Switzerland. He is graduated in Visual Arts from the

The Art of Looking | Biggest Penis Collection in the World | The Life and Treasures of Collector Charles Leslie

Have you ever heard of Charles Leslie? Best-selling author Kevin Clarke tells the incredible story of the man behind the museum, a life that reflects the major turning points of Gay Liberation from the 1950s until today. “Have you ever heard of Charles Leslie? Novelist and Nobel Prize-winner Thomas Mann pinched his butt. He has

Gyrating Naked People Dance-Art | NSFW Videos

Today’s WTF mesmerizing moment found on the internet. Alias/Guilherme Botelho write about videos: To search unexplored, hidden and unusual angles: to go for a quest for what is left unsaid and to put in motion the inner debates. Dance, as a middleman between I and the world. To search for a jet of truth into improvisations,

Ikea Teams Up with Walter Van Beirendonck to Create Beautiful & Affordable Products

  Wow, when worlds collide. This has gotten my full attention! Starting June 2016, Ikea will sell a collection of interior design articles created by Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck, part of the famous Antwerp Six. He will be the first in a line of fashion designers that will collaborate with Ikea. “Create beautiful and affordable


Andy Warhol’s Drag Selfies Are Going up for Sale on Ebay

  Andy Warhol’s drag selfies are up for salevia ebay HERE Dazed reports: The King of Selfies’ portraits are up for grab as Andy Warhol’s drag Polaroids are heading for an online auction. Warhol’s Polaroid collection includes two sets of selfies of the artists, one of which features a collection where he is dressed as drag with various wigs and makeup.

Colby Jones

Artist Redefines Masculinity Through Sequin-Spangled Collages | NSFW

Blue is for boys. But is it? Asks artist Colby Jones. In a generation where you have the option to tick a lot more than just male or female, Colby Jones is deconstructing the modern meaning of gender with his fur-trimmed, sequin-lined photo-collages. Deeply inspired by the idea of altering appearance to fit personality, the Canadian-born artist uses


“Anger Is an Energy: My Life Uncensored” by John Lydon

    Anger Is an Energy: My Life Uncensored From the legendary frontman of the Sex Pistols, comes the complete, unvarnished story of his life in his own words. John Lydon is an icon—one of the most recognizable and influential cultural figures of the last forty years. As Johnny Rotten, he was the lead singer

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.39.38 PM

Watch The Naked Dance Video by Sean B. Cormack | NSFW

It’s just what it sounds like, a naked dance. The Naked Dance is a solo dance piece that explores my own relationship with my body. Since I was a child, I’ve been told that I am “Too skinny” or that “I need to eat more” because I am a naturally thin male. This definitely had


Artist’s Face is Half Beard, Half Art

  What’s not to love? From the Tumblr  H/T Become an Accidental Member Here!  


Artist Sieb Photographed by GUAIZINE for His Series “Mask”

GUAIZINE featuring artist Mr. Sieb from their exotic  “Mask” series Find out more about the model  Sieb at See more work by GUAIZINE at Become an Accidental Member Here


NSFW | “Rub Hair in the Wound” Photography by Andy Egelhoff

Take a looks at NYC photographer, Andy Egelhof’s  project “Rub Hair in the Wound.” The series is based on a short story by a Brooklyn author who goes under the pen name “Lonely Christopher.” The narrative chronicles the happenings of a seedy downtown nightclub, and mediates the conflicting emotions, fractured identities, and loneliness that can sometimes


Artist Spotlight | John Franzen: One Breath, One Line

  BIO John Franzen was born as single child in 1981 in Aachen, Germany. Both parents worked in a hospital. The constant change of residence in Germany and the lack of social connection,  led to a withdrawing in his creative inner world as a child. At the age of 6 years he moved with his mother to


LA | Embrace Your Fantasies: Bizarre Life – The Art of Elmer Batters & Eric Stanton | Taschen Gallery

Los Angeles – Last week the TASCHEN Gallery opened Bizarre Life: The Art of Elmer Batters & Eric Stanton. Benedikt Taschen and Dian Hanson hosted more than 500 VIP guests for a private preview of the second exhibition at TASCHEN’s newly opened gallery space.  Attendees included special guests from the art, film, fashion, entertainment and media worlds, and brought much deserved attention


Constellation Park: The 13 Rugged Outdoorsmen of the Zodiac | Illustrations

Wow I’m really turned on by these images. Amazing work by artist Michael Sanderson. “Constellation Park: The 13 Outdoorsmen of the Zodiac” is the Michael Sanderson debut print series; a provocative, witty and humorous collection of illustrations conceptualizing the 12 signs of the zodiac as rugged woodsmen. emphasizing the darker profile traits of each sign with


Manny & Bear, the Interspecies Couple & Uni the Unicorn Comic | The Corporeals

  The Corporeals The hysterical, prehistorical citizens of Bakersfied, Earth.  Art by Bill Ferenc  David Quantic, Creator “Bakersfield, Earth” Check more out HERE.


John Waters Will Show Sequel to “Pink Flamingos” Called “Kiddie Flamingos” at Marianne Boesky in 2015

By M.H. Miller for Art News Director John Waters, shown here in an over-Botoxed fake portrait, will screen a new 74-minute video at Marianne Boesky Gallery at his exhibition that opens there on January 9, 2015. Since Waters hasn’t released a feature-length film since 2004’s A Dirty Shame, this is basically the closest the master of camp has


Artist Uses Pubic Hair Paint Brush with the Scent of Vagina | I Can’t Make this Shit Up! | Video

Peter de Cupere made a proper pencil in which he replaced the hairs of the pencil by pubic hairs and as paint, the scent of vagina. The work received the title ‘The Paintbrush of Gustave Courbet’. In October of this year, olfactory artist Peter de Cupere proved it’s not only the sight of a woman’s privates that

Meat Magazine’s Issues 15 Video Trailer Looks Promising!

    Our friends over at Meat Magazine have just released this fun behind the scenes trailer for the Meat # 15 Issue. Video was filmed by the ever so talented McBabe. 65 blokes drop their trousers for Meat #15. That’s a lot of meat! You can pre-order meat fifteen now from or pick


Artists Dress as Nude Pandas for Fundraising Calendar

For its annual fundraising drive, Art F City looked to more creative means of getting donations. The New York-based art blog enlisted 12 artists – including Dazed favourite Molly Soda and GIF devotees Mike and Claire – to take off their clothes and pretend to be pandas for a glossy calendar. It is appropriately titled Nude Artists as Pandas.  AFC founder and editor Paddy Johnson


The Corporeals | New Webcomic Featuring Bear Couple, 1 Human Bear & a Real Bear

    The hysterical, prehistorical citizens of Bakersfied, Earth.  Check them out HERE.  Art by Bill Ferenc  David Quantic, Creator “Bakersfield, Earth”   Check out these t-shirts made of The Corporeals at :


Loverboy Magazine Issue #2 | Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair Owns the Cover | Pre-Order Here

  Get your print copy of the new issue of Loverboy Magazine. Order now to get your hands on this sexy beast. At Loverboy HQ they love a bit of dirt, a bit of trash and lots of gloss.  Bringing you exclusive, international content from the worlds of music, fashion, art, adult entertainment and Queer-culture,

Well Strung with SF Gay Men’s Chorus in “Dancers, Prancers & Vixens!” Dec 12-13 | Get Your Ticket Now!

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus presents DANCERS, PRANCERS & VIXENS! featuring the singing string quartet, Well-Strung   December 12 – 13 at Nourse Theater San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) Artistic Director, Dr. Timothy Seelig, announced the holiday performances for the 37th season, featuring Dancers, Prancers & Vixens! with special guests Well-Strung, the singing string quartet, for three performances, December 12 – 13 at Nourse Theater (275 Hayes St, San Francisco). As an iconic San


A Performance Artist Spends 2 Days Looking for a Needle in a Haystack at Palais de Tokyo

I could think of better things to do. “Performance artist Sven Sachsalber will be spending the next 48 hours searching for a small needle in an enormous haystack. The performance will take place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where a live feed has been set up to document the progress. Though the search should be completed by the end

L: Keith Haring, self-portrait, 1980–81. One of our Polaroids. Collection of the Keith Haring Foundation. R: Unknown photographer, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, c. 1983–1984. Polaroid. Collection of the Keith Haring Foundation

San Francisco | “Keith Haring: The Political Line” at the De Young | Nov 8 – Feb 16, 2015

  “Haring understood that art was for everybody—he fought for the individual and against dictatorship, racism and capitalism. He was no utopian, but he had a dream that ‘nothing is an end, because it always can be the basis for something new and different.’” – Dieter Buchhart, guest exhibition curator The Political Line will feature more


Celebrate 9 Year Anniversary of Antebellum Hollywood | Rick Castro: Masterworks | Nov 15th

  In celebration to Antebellum’s 9th Birthday, you are all invited to: RICK CASTRO:MASTWORKS, November 15th~ &pm till 9pm 28 YEAR RETROSPECTIVE of photography by RICK CASTRO curated by RUBEN ESPARZA Live performances by JEFFREY HUTCHISON COP JACK RAVEN SHADOWMOON November 15th – 7pm till 9pm on exhibit thru December 20th FACEBOOK EVITE  


Two Male Artists Kiss Buck Naked on the London Bridge reports: November 5 is a national holiday in the UK, commemorating Guy Fawks’ failed attack on the Parliament House, in London. But today, the British capital became the stage of a different kind of celebration. Displayed as a billboard-size image, the picture of Brooklyn-based artists Dan Colen and Kalup Linzy sharing


Lithuania Film Maker is Going Naked to Fund Film | “You Can’t Escape Lithuania”

  You Can’t Escape Lithuania is a feature film about a fictional version of me, a gay filmmaker from Europe. And I’m going naked for it. KICKSTARTER  We only get money if we reach $20,000. If we don’t, the money stays in your account. That in mind, please join our campaign and help out in any


MEN ADDICTED 02 | Collector’s Limited Printed Edition Available Now | Gay Art Magazine Focused Entirely on B&W Photography and Art

  MEN ADDICTED 02  Collector’s Limited Printed Edition. 1000 numbered copies worldwide MEN ADDICTED is the first stylish international Gay Art magazine focused entirely on black & white photography and art. Find at Facebook Page MEN ADDICTED 02 features contributors LeBeau Foto, Fabien Specklin, Nikola Djukich, Butch Dick, Rick Wezenaar, Anthony Mitchell, Rick Castro, Romald &

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.27.09 PM

Snoop Dogg Teams Up with Happy Socks and Makes Art | Watch Video

“Sometimes the music in my life don’t explain exactly what I’m going through, so [painting] is another piece of the puzzle,” he reveals in the film, while shirt-lessly throwing paint at the canvases across the room. Snoop’s instinctive artwork has a tangible feeling of spontaneity and an untamed, almost childlike, imagination, not too unlike the


“Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It” is Due Out in January 2015

  Big, Burly, Lascivious, and Soft Around the Edges Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It is due out in January 2015. We just got advance copies from the printer, and I’d love to send one your way for review or for a possible interview with the editorial team, Anne Ishii and Graham

Joan RiversXL

Star Studded Trash Tribute to Joan Rivers from Pop Artist Jason Mecier

Pop artist Jason Mecier just revealed his latest portrait made entirely out of trash inspired by the one and only legendary Joan Rivers! Believe it or not, many of the items were donated to the artist from other celebrities and female comedians! Highlights include Phillis Diller’s anti-itch creams, a bandaid and two Disney coloring books


24 Meter Tall Green Inflatable Butt Plug in Paris is Upsetting People

What can you say but, ” Sit and spin.” Looming above the Place Vendome in Paris is a seemingly innocuous 24 meter tall green inflatable Christmas tree, created by American artist Paul McCarthy. But the artwork, simple entitled ‘Tree’, has raised eyebrows in the French capital because of its uncanny resemblance to a certain type

New Short from Venfield 8 “MOONR8KR: The Fame” | Watch NSFW Video

    Check out the triumphant new short from the mysterious Venfield 8. MOONR8KR feels the fame, and bathes in it. Directed by VENFIELD 8. Cinematography and Editing by Olivier Labourg. Special thank you to Monsieur P and J. Spychalski. Music is Easy, by Son Lux Video by  V E N F I E L D