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Catch Up on Where the Bears Are Episodes: “Go Go Bear” & “Bear to Dream”: Videos

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After interviewing the DJ at the Faultline leather bar, Reggie learns Elliot’s campaign manager was having secret meetings with a hot personal trainer (Shannon Ward), which could be a lead in the Elliot Butler murder investigation. Meanwhile, Nelson (Ben Zook) drinks too much after hearing Todd’s confession about his past and winds up on a pole wearing nothing but a jock strap in an embarrassing attempt to upstage Todd’s ex-boyfriend Ivan (Howard Skora).



After having a nightmare about Cyril busting out of prison to exact his revenge on him, Nelson (Ben Zook) is horrified to discover that the crazed killer actually did escape and has been on the lam since last Christmas and that Reggie may know more that he is admitting about why Cyril may have come back to Silver Lake.



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