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Candy Ken has shared  his new video “BIGGA”

MY Size might Be small But MY dick IS BIGGA
You got a good Job But MY life IS BIGGA
Ur holiday looks nice but my jacht is BIGGA
Ur girlfriend sucks ur dick but she wants it BIGGA
Ur Michael kors is cute but ma baby’s bag is BIGGA
U studied 10 years law I studied bitches BIGGA
I look so cute but my attitude is BIGGA
You think you got a point but my argument is BIGGA

Directed by Shukri Lawrence, shot in Jerusalem. Produced by JABID. Photos by Marineh Yacoubian and Shukri Lawrence. ”Ur boyfriend is so sweet but ur daddy is BIGGA” 

Video from CANDY KEN


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Photos by M
arineh Yacoubian  and Shukri Lawrence 

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