“Candy Crush” | Art Film Starring Brooke Candy

“Candy Crush”  premiered on OUT  and it’s freaky just how I like it.

The Last Impresario Director Gracie Otto has joined forces with Australian photographer Thom Kerr to create a surreal short fashion film, Candy Crush, featuring “Opulence” pop performer Brooke Candy. The visual, shot at San Luis Obispo’s Madonna Inn, follows the story of a hotel employee wistfully musing about a young star (played by Brooke) before her rise to fame.

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“Brooke had always wanted to shoot at the Madonna Inn,” Kerr said about the Candy Crush’s campy, colorful setting. “I’d visited once for lunch on a road trip a few years back, so I was familiar with how kitsch and amazing the environment was.”

The film is set against a monologue, performed by Kerr in a deep country twang, which he wrote to complement Otto’s direction. “There’s always been something real strange about that girl,” he says, drawing out the word, “real,” as Brooke admires her reflection in a giant butcher knife, dressed like a queer Cindy Lou Who.


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