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Campaign Portrays Guys on PrEP as Heroes | Call to Action, Be Part of the Campaign #PrEPHeroes

From the website Volttage Buzz :

Housing Works Community Healthcare just launched a new multimedia campaign, drawing attention to the use of PrEP (Pre-­Exposure Prophylaxis) as an effective HIV prevention tool. With nine individuals serving as spokesmodels, the campaign exists to highlight the heroism of those who protect themselves as well as their community from HIV infection through the use of PrEP.

Art Direction: Jack Mackenroth
Photography: Mike Ruiz 
Make Up: Genavieve Helene White
Lead Hair: Khris Wilson
Hair/make-up swing: TJ Romeland
Video: Adam Khan

At the time of the shoot in May, the nine men in the newly launched, on-line social media campaign were taking PrEP, the FDA-approved pre-vention agent indicated for individuals at risk for HIV infection through sexual exposure. Each is presented with a uniquely defining look to echo the diverse voices of the community.

“For the art direction of the campaign, I was given the instruction by Housing Works SVP Andrew Greene: ‘I want twisted, edgy superhero looks,’” notes AIDS activist Jack Mackenroth “So I brainstormed with stylist Nick Putvinksi and sketched out looks for each guy. I didn’t want to be literal with masks and capes so I used make-up and more of a Mad Max vibe for the costumes. They evolved into something incredible. Everyone who worked on the campaign is extremely talented and it all came together magically.”

Read more and find out all information at volttagebuzz.com

For more information about the campaign, including digital social media resources and behind-the-scenes videos, visit www.prepheroes. org For more information about Housing Works, visit www.housingworks.org

Follow Housing Works Community Healthcare on Facebook/ HWCommunityHealthcare and Twitter.

JACK MACKENROTH writes, “Take a selfie that exemplifies your version of a hero–it could be related to PrEP or HIV or something totally unique. Then post it on social media with the hashtag #PrEPHeroes and #showusurhero. Then call out 3 of your friends to do the same!! Pass it on!!” “I took this one this morning with bed head!!”

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