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BUTTWRAP Berlin: Use Your Butt for Something Bigger


We are a team of three friends and former colleagues: Wolfgang and Pinar from Berlin, and Joan from Barcelona. We all used to work in the fashion industry in the positions of senior buyers, designers and product managers. Now we have joined together to create aesthetic quality products with meaning – clothes that are a hot statement for playing an active role in shaping the 21st century.

Our objective is to integrate aesthetic appeal, quality and the drive to help create a better world. We want to show that fashionable lifestyle products belong together with the consciousness that there is more to life than aiming for maximum profit and giving a sh*t about others. That means we focus on real value and reach out rather than supporting the exploitation of people and nature. That‘s why we have our underwear produced in an exquisite family-owned business in Portugal using one of the best cotton qualities on the market and investing 50% of our profit into sustainable and social projects around the world – to give you a sexy and meaningful product.

Life is more fun with meaning and purpose. We feel the same applies to fashion.

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