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‘BULLY’ Filmmaker: MPAA Rating Silences Bullying Victims’ Experiences

Priorities people! Will someone please site MPAA down and explain to them eye to eye the importance of such films. Use kindergarden language if necessary, just don’t swear!


Filmmaker Lee Hirsch talked with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts yesterday about his new documentary Bully, which has been given an “R” rating by the MPAA for the language it portrays. Calling the judgment “odd,” “heartbreaking,” and “infuriating,” Hirsch pointed out that “if you take out the language, you further minimize the experience that kids deal with when they’re bullied.” High school student Katy Butler has collected over 300,000 signatures — including at least 27 members of Congress — on her Change.org petitionto overturn the “R” rating. Watch Hirsh’s interview: VIA



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