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BULK: The Bear Web Series Second Episode Released “Fourteen Months”

“Because we need to get out of the apartment and socialize, even if it kills us.” Been there? Check out and see what the result of leaving your home nest might be in this new episode of BULK! Click HERE to watch episode 2 “Fourteen Months”

Bulk: The Series is a dramatic new web series following Leo Durán as he returns to the NYC Bear scene after a devastating break-up. Leo encounters old friends and the possibility of a new romance, but his ex seems determined to stop him from moving on. J.Julian Christopher and D.R. Knott wrote and produced the series using money raised from their Facebook campaign. Most of the donations were from members of the Bear community.

Christopher and Knott are longtime collaborators who met as students at a Catholic high school on Long Island. Christopher is a playwright and 2009 Public Theater Emerging Writer’s Group Fellow. He is a proud Bear and stars in the series as Leo. Knott is a screenwriter and graduate of Columbia’s film program. She directed about half the episodes in the series. Both producers were excited to work with talented actors who are in the Bear community: CirrTone, Patrick Johnson, Jim Noonan and Robert Valin.

Click HERE to watch episode 2 “Fourteen Months”


Bulk: The Series has a fan page on Facebook with the latest updates and will exhibits episodes on the website


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