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Bryan Hawn Raised a Pet Spotted Hyena, Revisits Him at the Zoo! | Tearful Video

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I ‘work out’ to Bryan Hawn‘s parody videos normally. Bryan has shared his newest video with us and it’s first time I’ve cried during one of them. He has shared this very personal story of his friend Jake, the spotted hyena.

Bryan Hawn told me, “The song is “Locked Away” and is dedicated to my pet spotted hyena that I raised and had to give up to the zoo. In the video, I go into the untold story of me and Jake, and everything that has happened since our show on Animal Planet. “
And goes on to say,
“It has been an emotional journey, but the video ends with me seeing my hyena for the first time in over a year. The reaction is very moving and a beautiful example of how love has no boundaries.”
Tears all over the place.
Video by Bryan Hawn


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