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Bruce LaBruce’s “Gerontophilia”: “Reverse Lolita” Relationship of 81 Yr old Man and 18 Yr Boy



Accidental recently had a correspondence with Bruce LaBruce who passionately mentioned:

So we’re finished shooting my new feature, Gerontophilia, but we could use your support! We have a great script, great cast, great DP and crew, the dailies are looking really cool, and I had a blast shooting again. But we’ll need more money to complete the film, especially in post, so it would be awesome if you could donate. Every little bit helps! Thanks! xxx Blab p.s Please help spread the word!

So, when when Bruce talks we listen! Find out how you can you help out HERE He also sent us some sneek peek pics. Below are a few Stills of Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, star of Gerontophilia.

IMG_0601 IMG_0715 IMG_1203



Night Charms reports:

Bruce LaBruce’s next film will be Gerontophilia, a love story of sorts — the director describes it as a “reverse Lolita” — between an eighty-one year old man and an eighteen-year-old boy. The old man, Mr. Peabody, lost the love of his life, Smitty, when they were both in their twenties in a swimming accident. Alone for most of his life, and finally abandoned in an assisted living facility, the old man succumbs to the cruelty of the institution where he is confined, overmedicated with psychotropic drugs and sometimes even tied down with restraints. Enter Lake, the eighteen-year-old, who has started a new job as an orderly at the facility, and who nurses a chronic case of gerontophilia — a sexual attraction to very old people.

So far, so Harold and Maude, except that in Gerontophilia, Mr. Peabody’s age is anything but an accidental presence in the movie’s unexpected love affair. Bruce LaBruce says that “this is the challenge of the movie: to make Lake’s sexual “affliction” seem, if not normal, then at least understandable and sympathetic”. READ INTERVIEW HERE

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