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Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony: Watch Trailer

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I’m still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and ecstatically scream, ‘You’ve been Punked bitches!”

The ‘Bronies’ Documentary project has come on leaps and bounds since its crowdfunded origins, taking the brilliant people behind (and supporting) it across the world to record the Brony story. Now though, the picture is now locked, and we have a release date for the feature. The Digital Release is expected to hit the internet on 12th January 2013, with a Blu-ray copy hopefully distributed sometime in February. Of course, if you helped out with the Kickstarter, you’ll receive the code for the Download – otherwise, you can pre-order your download of the documentary right here for a pretty reasonable $12.99. The hard copy version will be ready to buy from the Bronydoc page or through Amazon in due course, although it’ll be a fair few months yet before the film gets out to iTunes, Netflix and other mediums.


They’ve also announced on their Kickstarter page that, alongside the best of Brony musicians, Tara Strong is providing the song for the credits – but not just singing along, she has actually created and recorded a completely original song for the documentary called ‘Take My Hand’, which is pretty damn awesome if I say so myself. If you do have recommendations for music that might not have as much prominence as other musicians, then you can send some suggestions through to the Music Director David O. What is for sure that this wait for the project is certainly going to be worth it!

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