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Bring Change 2 Mind Gets Men Talking about Mental Health with its New PSA Featuring Brandon Marshall, Ben Scrivens, Wayne Brady, and Michael Angelakos


January 21, 2015 – Bring Change 2 Mind is excited to launch its groundbreaking new PSA campaign, #StrongerThanStigma, to encourage men to normalize conversations around mental health. Produced in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s Project 375, this campaign features four men who have each made mental health advocacy a part of his platform. We invite you to be a part of this significant opportunity to talk about the harmful and pervasive stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness.

“It’s so important for us to continue this fight on the stigma placed on Brain Health. What most don’t realize is this affects all of us. I love this PSA because it penetrates to the root of our men’s problems, and that’s asking for help and letting them know it’s okay to talk about it. Let’s paint this world lime green.” – Brandon Marshall

Over the past thirty years, the rate of suicide among men has been three to four times that of women. Traditionally, however, men have shied away from talking about their feelings as it is viewed as negative and weak. In addition to a reluctance to seek help, men have higher levels of isolation, and of drug and alcohol misuse; are at a greater risk for homelessness; display more externalized and destructive behaviors; and are more involved with the criminal justice system. One in four adults experiences a mental illness in a given year. Yet, nearly two-thirds do not seek treatment. Especially men. And, stigma is often to blame. It’s time to talk about mental health.

Brandon Marshall is an All-Pro wide receiver for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL). A physically gifted player, Brandon holds two of the top three single game reception records. He also lives with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In 2011, Brandon and his wife Michi formed The Brandon Marshall Foundation, now called Project 375, to use his story to encourage others suffering in silence to seek treatment.

Ben Scrivens is a goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL). In 2014, Ben set an NHL record for the most saves by a goaltender in a regular season shutout, and the Oilers record for the most saves in a game. He also embarked on a mental health campaign with the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta that turned his facemasks into a canvas for the messages of four Edmonton artists living with Schizophrenia. Additionally, Ben partnered with the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation and local mental health non-profits to create Ben’s Netminders, a community program that hosts youth living with mental illness for ten Oilers games during the 2014 – 2015 season. Ben first became interested in combatting the stigma surrounding mental illness while earning an undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

Wayne Brady is an award-winning actor, singer, comedian, and television personality. During 2014, a year that marked his 1,001st episode as the host of Let’s Make a Deal and his second season on the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wayne experienced a breakdown on his 42nd Birthday that inspired him to speak publicly for the first time about his Depression. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner, he detailed his secret battle and the stigma that had prevented him from speaking up sooner. Since identifying these barriers that kept him from seeking help, Wayne is using his story to inspire others to start talking about mental health.

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Michael Angelakos is a singer-songwriter, composer, record producer and the front man of the indietronica band Passion Pit. In the summer of 2012, after Passion Pit’s second studio album, Gossamer, debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, Michael posted on the band’s website that they would be cancelling their upcoming tour dates so that he could continue to work on his mental health. After years of hospitalizations and medications, Michael had publicly acknowledged that he lives with Bipolar Disorder. The support that Michael received in response to his honesty and transparency inspired him to use his publicity to humanize the concept of mental illness and to advocate that it is treated as any other health concern. Michael is currently working on Passion Pit’s third album, which is to be released in 2015.

Bring Change 2 Mind is a national non-profit organization established by Glenn Close in 2010 after her sister Jessie was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and her nephew Calen was diagnosed with Schizoaffectve Disorder. Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) is working to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness through widely distributed public education materials and programs based on the latest scientific insights and measured for effectiveness. BC2M also acts as a portal to a broad coalition of organizations that provide service, screening, information, support, and treatment of mental illness. BC2M’s first PSA, directed by Ron Howard and filmed in New York’s Grand Central Station, has been seen by more than 800 million people. As one of the leading voices in stigma reduction, BC2M has an active and growing community on its social media platforms and website. BringChange2Mind.Org

Project 375 is a non-profit organization co-founded by Brandon and Michi Marshall in 2011 after Brandon was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Project 375 is committed to ending the stigma attached to mental illness, advocating for unprecedented awareness, connecting those suffering to resources, and painting the world lime green. Project375.Org

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