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Brendan Maclean Shares Intensely Personal Music Video for “Never Enough”


I have sang my praise and love for singer Brendan Maclean, from the highest buildings, for years now. Today he has shared a new masterpiece, his video for “Never Enough.” So many top performers are 90% gimmick and maybe 10% talent. Brendan is 100% talent.

I spoke with Brendan this morning and asked him about the new video. He responded, “Never Enough was always my dramatic baby. It’s a change for me vocally, I think my voice is sounding more like “me” than ever. Finding that balance in pop for a male vocalist is tricky – while everyone is basically talk singing or warbling through the roof I desperately was searching for the song that let me sing like myself without going to musical theatre. With a bit of synth inspiration (“synthspiration” anyone?) from when I was listening to Robyn and Royksopp’s Do It Again, perhaps this song is the most authentic and strong I’ve ever felt. Certainly in terms of my own songwriting – nothing really comes close to what this track, and indeed this video, means to me. What that is exactly, I’ll leave up to you.”

Brendan Maclean the artist that needs to be on your radar ASAP. His work is undeniable and superior to those topping the charts today. World take notice.

“Never Enough” is the record “Funbang1 Find on iTunes and Bandcamp

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