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Brazil: Francisco Hurtz Criticizes the Model of Masculinity in “Locker / Room” at the Cultural Epicenter



I am loving everything about these. Nudity that’s not gratuitous, although there is nothing wring with that. These images intrigue me and provokes questions and conversation.

Francisco Hurtz criticizes the model of masculinity  in “Locker / Room” at the Cultural Epicenter

The artist Francisco Hurtz presents his solo exhibition “Locker / Room” until February 28th, 2014 in Cultural Epicenter in Sumarezinho in São Paulo (Brazil). In the artshow, which began in December/2013, paulistano (native born in São Paulo) artist discusses social codes that legitimize masculinity and its restricted range of conduct that is ‘approved’ by the look of society.

anima – test from Francisco Hurtz on Vimeo.

The chosen title shows his criticism. Locker / Room, subversion of the English word for locker and words Locker (cabinet lock and key or subject / thing that locks) and Room (an environment such as physical space or territory). In the show, a series of drawings, paintings and engraving in traffic sign, where the artist explores a man’s world through groups of boys in locker rooms, baths, ‘fooling around’ and even an intimate moment of a uniformed individual plate is presented.

“The figure of the man is a social construction. The model of masculinity is passed on for generations by small daily rituals that mostly go unnoticed”, says the artist.

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Francisco Hurtz
Born in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1985, where he lives and works. Through the use of lines and empty space in the pictorial artist uses decontextualized images and rearranges within your search. His work covers everything from the collecting of images, through erotic issue until the research of relations between bodies in space.

Hurtz has participated in exhibitions at Carreau du Temple in Paris (France), Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts d’Aix-en-Provence in 2005. Shows “10 +20”, “Room of Wonders” and other by Emma Thomas Gallery, shows “Gardens and Delights”, “Explicit Content” and “The Relationship Between Bodies and Spaces I” 2011) and “ANTI-BODIES” (2013) both presented at Mezzanine Gallery. His pieces were also at the exhibition “Mirror Reflected – Surrealism and Contemporary Brazilian Art” (2012) at Municipal Arts Center Hélio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro, and several other shows and international publications.

solo exhibition Locker/Room by Francisco Hurtz
what: drawings, paintings and engrave in traffic sign (19 pieces)
period: Until Feb 28th, 2014 (Tuesday to Saturday from 2PM to 8PM)
where: Epicentro Cultural – rua paulistânia, 66 l sumarezinho l são paulo l sp
(subway station Vila Madalena – Green Line)
phone: 55 11 3938.6096

how much: free

age rating: 14 years old

Credits: Francisco Hurtz

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 Vernissage + Interview by silvana garzaro

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