Brain&Beast Fall/Winter 2014 Uses Splendid Model Choices for the Runway


I have two comments: Love the model choices! And 2, please somebody buy me the blue sweatshirt with the heart on it.

Brain&Beast presented its Fall/Winter 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entiled “ROMANTIK“, the collection is an “exercise in sensory memory that evokes past present and future, possible and impossible loves, a collection of memories, not for the indulgence of nostalgia, but in the pursuit of rekindling the pleasure evoked by a smell or a texture or simply, by your presence“. Fuckingyoung

Brain&Beast2 Brain&Beast3 Brain&Beast4 Brain&Beast5 Brain&Beast6 Brain&Beast7 Brain&Beast8 Brain&Beast9 Brain&Beast10 Brain&Beast11 Brain&Beast12 Brain&Beast13 Brain&Beast14 Brain&Beast15 Brain&Beast16 Brain&Beast17 Brain&Beast18 Brain&Beast19 Brain&Beast20 Brain&Beast21 Brain&Beast22 Brain&Beast23 Brain&Beast24 Brain&Beast25 Brain&Beast26 Brain&Beast27 Brain&Beast28 Brain&Beast29 Brain&Beast30 Brain&Beast31 Brain&Beast32 Brain&Beast33 Brain&Beast34 Brain&Beast35 Brain&Beast36

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