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Boxing – “WTF is Mike Doing Now!?” with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar | 2018 the Year of Adventure and Service

Mike Enders has decided that 2018 was going to be his year of adventure and service. He has set out to try new things, push his boundaries, get his ass off the couch and build community outside of the internet. Mike tells us that he sees far too many people only living life and communicating with their peers on the internet, with very little real life, in person interactions, including himself. He is encouraging people to get off the couch, get off the internet and be sure to live life in the real world. Do you want to look back on life and say, “I spent a lot of time on the internet!” or “Wow! I did a lot of cool shit!?” The decision should be easy, yet maybe not the most easy to accomplish.

In this episode Mike tries something that he has always wanted to try, boxing training. He meets up with San Francisco trainer Pablo Escobar. A lot of laughs, buckets of sweat were had. Check out Mike’s visit in video below. To keep up on Mike’s upcoming adventures and volunteering be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Youtube Channel Here so you don’t miss any videos!

Mike is also starting a new men’s health project called Get It! Men’s HealthJoin Facebook Group for Updates and details.

Find trainer Pablo Escobar here www.theparkgym.com,  www.exercistsf.com, and on Instagram .


Special Thanks to Park Gym for letting use use the space to film. www.theparkgym.com

Pablo’s Tee shirt by Korrupt Label (Find on Instagram)

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We did a photoshoot Pablo a few years ago and it is too good not to share again. Check out a sample of shoot below and see the whole shoot HERE