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BOOTY FARM WORKSHOP: Johnny Pearman & Body Equations, San Francisco CA 11/5-11/6

In the process of working with celebrity personal trainer Johnny Pearman (Johnny Pearman Fitness), we have reached out to the public, those on a fitness journey, and asked what they are most wanting to learn or improve with their physical body. An overwhelming, clear winner is, ” How do I get a better butt?” Because of the calling, Johnny and Body Equations Pilates Studio have put together a Booty Farm/Butt Development Workshop. The first workshop will be November 5-6. Sign up soon! Classes will be kept small and with everyone in search of the “perfect butt,” will most likely fill up fast.

For detailed information please contact Johnny Pearman at

You can also find him at :

This is a preview video for the “Better Butt Workshop/ Butt Development” happening on November 5th and 6th. It is a combo class split up into 2 days.

Butt Exercise Demos: TRX and Squats Broken Down

Butt Exercise Demos 2: The BOSU Ball

Butt Exercise Demos 3: Step Ups

Butt Exercise Demos 4: Bridges & Squat Variation

Butt Exercise Demos 5: Pilate Chair & Intro to the Ring

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