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Body Image, Self Acceptance and More in Part 2 of Hot Tub Interview with Modern Bears: Watch

Getting real with the lovable Travis Smith and Chris Bale of Modern Bear.

On a lovely stroll through the lovely San Francisco, you never know what you may run into. Fortunately on this day, I avoided any homeless junkie hookers and managed to dodge every steaming pile of human feces I came across. To my delight I stumbled across Chris Bale and Travis Smith from Modern Bear Media, while they were soaking in the hot tub like fine pieces of meat stewing in a crock pot. I was invited to join them in the water for a casual chat of who, what, why is/are Modern Bear, exciting updates and much more.

See Part 1 videos of the Interview HERE

Modern Design + Bears + Retro + Beefcake = Modern Bear!
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In Part 3 we discuss: Media, Labels, Porn Furniture, Bearody Videos, BMB, beefcake and more!


In Part 4 we discuss: Body image, health, self acceptance and More!

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