Beverly Hills Cowboy is honored to introduce the first installment of an ongoing collaboration with Bob Mizer Foundation, featuring Mizer’s barrier-breaking photography.

Under the creative direction of Esteban Prado, Beverly HillsCowboy was granted unrestricted access to the archives of Mizer’s photography to select imagery for the collection. Beverly Hills Cowboy x Bob Mizer consists of eight t-shirts, nine underwear and two sweatshirt styles inspired by Mizer’s work – which both reflected and skewed American ideals of masculinity. The photographs were selected from Mizer’s Bondage, Shower, Adonis, Sailor, Cowboy, and Surfer series as well as directly referencing Mizer’s film titles and graphic language.

Beverly Hills Cowboy x Bob Mizer perfectly blends Cowboy’s queerstreet-style sensibly with Mizer’s sexually liberated body of work. Both collaborating partners’ created their work in Los Angeles – an epicenter in the shaping of contemporary queer art and culture.

Techniques used in the creation of this collection include multi- layered silk-screen printing, free-form stitched embroidery, and heat pressed vinyl applications.

Beverly Hills Cowboy x Bob Mizer launches worldwide July 2019 at 90210COWBOY.COM and TOMOFFINLANDSTORE.COM


Most well-known for his self-published physique quarterly: PhysiquePictorial, Bob Mizer catapulted into infamy in 1954 when he was convicted of the unlawful distribution of obscene material through the US mail. The material in question was a series of black and white photographs, taken by Mizer, of young bodybuilders wearing what were known as posing straps — a precursor to the g-string.

In the span of his near 50-year career, the prolific photographer behind some of the most iconographic homoerotic physique imagery built a portfolio, estimated at nearly one million different images and thousands of films and video tapes, containing photographs of unique cultural figures including action star and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Warhol’s muse Joe Dallesandro, and contemporary artist Jack Pierson.

He may not have received the acclaim he is due, but then the real Bob Mizer, the multi-faceted photographer with a keen eye for color and composition and a truly unique vision of American masculinity, has yet to make his debut…